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Pleasures of the Flesh

 — She loves her husband's surprises. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/09/034.45

Plenty of Fish - Cuckold

 — MILF wants to cuckold. by Rebyal3503/21/183.17

Plunder That Booty

 — Warning: Extremely Graphic Content. by TheGreyKnight07/08/153.74

Poolside (for James)

 — A romp beginning poolside and ending up in your car. by BellaPrincesa06/04/133.73

Porn Music

 — An original musical composition inspired by lusty movies. by Dillinger12/06/013.43


 — You've taken her over. by asian_princess03/20/064.52HOT

Post Cam

 — She sends a sexy message to her friend serving in Iraq. by milf_ink06/02/09HOT

Pounding into You

 — Listen to me tell you how much I need to pound you. by jaymasters4509/27/184.38

Praise Junkie

 — Feeding your addiction... by BoyfromEngland04/03/154.68HOT

Pretty in Pink

 — Submissive wife is restrained and used all dressed in pink. by Louboutins10/02/134.37


 — Spanking. by TheGreyKnight12/22/153.92

Primal Urge, Audio Intrepretation

 — Oh, what I find when I'm not looking! by theravenfox05/04/104.09

Primary Care

 — Someone has to take care of you, and who better? by notwhorosethinks03/09/194.42

Prince and Princess

 — He's taking his bride to her castle. by SomeAussieGuy03/09/104.00

Princess Day

 — It's your day, you're in charge. by TheGreyKnight10/30/154.55HOT

Private Car

 — Want to go for a train ride? by TheGreyKnight10/30/153.94


 — You have been a distraction in class. by Mirage12/21/114.40

Professor Catches You

 — See what happens when the professor catches you. by cameramike06/29/154.04

Professor Snape

 — Is there more to Snape? by ChickadeeLittle11/22/184.23

Proper Way to Start a Monday

 — A very very early monday morning masturbation session. by funluvinaj04/27/164.62HOT

Property of Mine

 — You become pride of place in my world x by BoyfromEngland10/20/164.57HOT


 — She gets a special proposition from a husband and wife. by Clohi10/05/044.53HOT

Protect and Serve

 — Daddy takes care of you a way only he can. by notwhorosethinks02/02/194.48

Psuckology 101 with Prof. Eve

 — Joined by Ohrabbit! and Trinity_x from GWA. by Eves_Garden02/25/154.43

Pt. 01 - Doctor: I Love You

 — I'll take of you, Doctor. In every way. by Xyta_Midnyte01/17/193.86

Pt. 02 - Doctor: I Want You

 — I have you now, doctor. Don't worry, no one will disturb us. by Xyta_Midnyte02/02/194.64HOT

Pt. 03 - Doctor: I Need You

 — This is the only way, Doctor. I'll end it. For both of us. by Xyta_Midnyte02/07/193.94

Public Game 01

 — Listen while wearing headphones in public. by TheGreyKnight06/29/153.97

Public Game 02

 — Head phones, in public, alone. The game continues. by TheGreyKnight07/08/154.52HOT

Public Game 03

 — The game heats up. by TheGreyKnight07/16/154.11


 — He thinks of you while using a penis pump. by pantyshot10/11/073.87


 — My boss helps out when I misplace my breast pump. by LushinLace01/10/194.35

Pumping From Behind

 — Nothing better than her perfect ass meeting my thrusts. by neno1306/22/102.97


 — You've been a very bad girl... by Mirage07/02/134.50HOT


 — What did I do wrong? by ChickadeeLittle11/08/184.64HOT


 — You've been a bad girl... by British Filth08/15/134.53HOT

Punishment for a Disobedient Slave

 — Prepare to be punished. by RoyalBrain09/28/174.36

Push It Back

 — A simple request evoked by a talented seductress. by AlwaysHungry4u12/03/143.80

Pussablywet Returns

 — Listen as I pleasure myself by straddling a dildo. by pussablywet10/22/144.39

Pussy Examination and Inspection

 — Lie back on the warm towel and let me fully inspect you. by BoyfromEngland01/22/154.32

Pussy Tease and Torment

 — For girls, Hypno-erotica, Spanking, Light BDSM. by Sandman_Nightmares01/22/154.02

Pussy Tease and Torment 02

 — For Girls, BDSM Hypnotic-Erotica, Orgasm Inducing, Master/slave. by Sandman_Nightmares03/04/154.33

Put me in, Coach!

 — Debating the merits of “Cuckolding” leads to orgasms. by Tempest_Wolfsong03/30/194.50HOT

Put on a Show for Daddy (Audio)

 — Audio; guided masturbation for women; made for the bedroom. by daddyblue06/07/184.51HOT

Queen of the Demons

 — That beautiful demon wasn't a dream last night. by theangeloftemptation10/20/174.07

Queen of the Sisterhood Pt. 01

 — You will answer me, spy. I know I can persuade you. by Xyta_Midnyte12/07/173.96

Queen of the Sisterhood Pt. 02

 — I will break you, spy, if it's the last thing I do! by Xyta_Midnyte01/18/184.04

Queen of the Sisterhood Pt. 03

 — The spy fights back . . . with devastating results. by Xyta_Midnyte04/27/184.14

Quick & Dirty

 — I really want to get off with you. by Mirage07/19/124.43

Quick & Dirty Pt. 02

 — I want to use your mouth. by Mirage04/02/134.56HOT

Quick & Dirty Pt. 03

 — For those times you just want to get to it. by Mirage11/20/144.55HOT

Quick & Dirty Pt. 04

 — I watch you get used by two men. by Mirage09/15/164.54HOT

Quick BJ

 — Listen in to my night with my neighbor's girlfriend Shelly. by princebreed06/06/143.69

Quick Call

 — Let's get together again tonight. I can hardly wait. by PepperMenthe04/05/113.98

Quick Come 001

 — You best ready yourself... can you keep up? by Dr_Impervious05/11/113.88

Quick Introduction

 — She's new to the community and just wanted to say hello! by Danij03/16/174.54HOT

Quick Me Time

 — Needed to step away from visitors to scratch that itch lol by CarmelDlx107/05/183.84

Quick Pleasure

 — Quick recording of me pleasuring myself. by jlincoln01/09/143.79

Quick Study

 — You have something I want, I have something you need. by notwhorosethinks01/24/194.58HOT

Quick Suck

 — He's jacking off while thinking of you sucking his cock. by pantyshot01/29/083.57


 — My wife forgot to hang up the phone... by lumbercue02/05/132.52


 — I stroke my cock while imagining fucking you hard and fast. by jaymasters4502/01/184.32

Quiet Spooning

 — Some quite midnight screwing. by InMyHands07/19/184.49

Quinne Gets to Work Early

 — Quinne's in for a surprise when she shows up to work early. by PlayingPeter03/29/112.91


 — Mother Nature set the tone. by yblack505/25/174.14

Rain Cleanses The Soul Loved One Pt. 01

 — Warm summer evening rain and a loving clap of thunder awaits. by BoyfromEngland08/27/154.40

Rain Cleanses The Soul Loved One Pt. 02

 — A soothing, cleansing afternoon break from study. by BoyfromEngland08/28/154.27

Rain Cleanses The Soul Loved One Pt. 03

 — Night Time Rain before bedtime. by BoyfromEngland08/29/154.82HOT


 — The heat finally breaks. by redhotbothered07/23/134.21

Rainy Day

 — A rainy day sex fantasy. by Mirage04/23/144.22

Rainy Day

 — Rainy day, needy girl. by K_2310/20/174.28

Rainy Day Sunday

 — It is never too late... by Tara_Neale12/03/143.70

Raspberry Tart

 — Sexy, sensual fun in the kitchen... by Mirage05/07/154.60HOT

Raven Fox's 2018 Truth and Dare

 — Let's start the year off with a BANG! by theravenfox01/18/184.59HOT

Read, Listen, Cum

 — Transcontinental masturbation with my Irish Lass. by Aqua_Lune04/12/114.02

Reading Melissa Her Rights

 — Brutal woman cop cuckqueans cutie on a call. by SizeQueenSupreme12/20/184.45

Real Man

 — Showing him how a real man fucks. by ChickadeeLittle07/21/174.22

Real Talk: Energy

 — Topics: Health, life, the “succubus” fantasy and energy play. by Tempest_Wolfsong04/25/194.58HOT

Real Talk: Squirting

 — Squirting... sexy or just messy? by Tempest_Wolfsong04/25/194.62HOT

Real Talk: The Comment

 — An honest reaction to a fan comment and why I do what I do. by Tempest_Wolfsong04/18/194.44

Real Talk: Trans Fantasy

 — The Perfect woman may need a little extra something... by Tempest_Wolfsong05/02/194.52HOT

Real Talk: Whispers and Orgasms

 — Can’t cum loud lest I wake the house... but I NEED to cum! by Tempest_Wolfsong05/16/194.55HOTNEW

Real Talk: Wild Thoughts

 — Thoughts on D/s fantasies, particularly one MMFF scene. by Tempest_Wolfsong04/18/194.67HOT

Real Wood

 — Babysitting or cock-sitting? by notwhorosethinks02/07/194.23

Rear Entry

 — An encounter with Rebekka's Master. by RebekkaBrown01/23/134.21

Rebekka and Callahan - No. 01

 — An unexpected encounter in the library. by RebekkaBrown03/16/104.07

Recipe to Ward Off the Chill

 — Cooking for you leads to a different kind of heat. by justjohn101305/21/134.06

Red Callum, Sweet Cate

 — A night in the crypt? What could possibly go wrong? by Bramblethorn10/21/144.69HOT

Red Eats Wolf

 — You're so delicious and I always want more. (two-voice audio) by redhotbothered03/13/153.93

Red Gloves

 — Hot little whore gets shared with the Room Service Attendant. by Louboutins04/25/134.57HOT

Red Riding Hood

 — An erotic re-telling of the classic story. by Mirage07/05/184.38

Red Rock Canyon Night 02

 — Intriguing fireside game of Truth or Dare insues. by LuciousBi-Writes4U04/07/063.50

Red Sky

 — A loving wives story: he returns to find her with two men. by Kaishaku06/07/113.71

Relax and Cum

 — Relax with AJ and explore your body and orgasm. by funluvinaj01/28/143.97

Relax with a Story

 — He tells how she came home to relax with an erotic story. by cameramike05/21/083.86


 — After a long day of work... by Mirage12/03/144.49

Release the Tension

 — Tingling naked stress relief. by InMyHands11/30/174.32

Relieving Her Stress

 — He brings her to orgasmic bliss with his hard cock. by neno1302/02/103.79

Reluctant Swapper

 — Spouse swap orchestrated by an older couple. by audiodiva06/01/114.30


 — Remembering fun times at work. by luckygirl1803/05/13

Response to 'My Little Secret'

 — My view of how Angel's story would have played out. by livingforfun08/30/112.95

Restaurant - Dessert (Irish Accent)

 — Let's lie here together while I reassure and care for you. by AttractiveGeek11/23/174.72HOT

Restaurant - Main Course (Irish Accent)

 — Strip for me, and watch in the mirror as I toy with you... by AttractiveGeek11/16/174.69HOT

Restaurant - Starter (Irish Accent)

 — You're impatient for my cock. I decide to tease you about it by AttractiveGeek11/02/174.61HOT


 — She ties him down, then plays - with another girl. by asian_princess11/13/054.43

Return of a Needy Slut

 — Meandering story from masturbation to gang bang. by funluvinaj12/19/144.42

Return to Fap - A Gentle JOI

 — A sensual audio for anyone ending NoFap. by Eves_Garden04/27/164.51HOT


 — It's been four long, hard years . . . but she's come again. by yourcockismine08/02/184.25

Reupload - First Time (Short)

 — Me jerking it somewhat quietly whilst people are home (shh) by ThatOneBloke01/04/184.33

Reupload - Late Night Description

 — Just me describing some things and stuff. by ThatOneBloke01/04/184.35

Revealed (audio)

 — In passion, Margarete and Lise swear an oath. by golden smog08/29/144.40

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Wet

 — A woman's life is destroyed by the local mean girl. But her by PinkCanaloupe10/26/174.22

Reverend Takes Confession

 — Rev takes midnight confession from two horny girls. by asian_princess02/19/064.52HOT

Reverse Cowgirl on the Couch

 — I finger you, then you ride me in your sundress on my couch. by jaymasters4501/18/184.35

Rewarding My Pet

 — A leisurely session with my pet. by aslygrin11/20/134.24

Ride 'em Cowgirl

 — Listen in as a hot wife explodes while riding her husband cowgirl style. by larson6705/15/133.52

Ride Me

 — I want you to ride me. by Endless_Roads10/29/154.52HOT

Ride Me

 — You horny girl. Morning Quickie. Ride Me. by InMyHands09/14/174.34

Riding Lessons

 — Cowboy Jack is going to teach you how to ride, girl. by TheGreyKnight06/29/154.41

Riding Red

 — Forget lions, tigers or bears. I got myself a wolf! AHROOO! by theravenfox02/26/164.51HOT

Rimming Daddy's Good Boy

 — Enough talk: let Daddy eat your ass, boy. by tarkustrooper05/17/184.27

Rise and Shine

 — Morning oral. by TheGreyKnight10/30/154.14

Road Trip Picnic

 — A tasty picnic of you and me. by InMyHands08/09/184.12

Roadside Quickie

 — Roadside masturbation session. by Babygirlmindy01/17/194.30

Robbie Lite

 — A ranch hand's first time with the boss lady. by theravenfox06/02/094.54HOT


 — Cowboy Jack's rope academy is in session. by TheGreyKnight05/07/154.16


 — Wife takes husband on a ride he won't soon forget. by VanillaDreams12/27/114.14

Room 431, an Audiostory

 — He looks out of the office window... by battleaxe_babe02/05/133.68

Room 431, Out in the Country

 — Alone in a country hotel, Theodora entertains herself. by battleaxe_babe07/10/134.14

Room Service

 — A sexy cougar orders room service delivered by a cute cub. by sensualsharon04/13/103.91


 — Unexpected late night fun between two friends... by British Filth11/05/134.50HOT


 — Two roommates enjoying each other for the first time. by Mirage12/19/144.38

Rough and Quick

 — I need you fast and hard. by TheGreyKnight06/18/153.88

Rough Day at Work

 — Long day at work and my baby wants to help daddy relax. by princebreed12/14/174.38

Rutting Anal Whore

 — She's got a filthy mind and a dirty mouth. by YourGirlGracie01/07/153.87

Rutting Anal Whore 02

 — Warning!: Nastier and filthier than first audio... by YourGirlGracie01/22/153.35

Samhain Night

 — The Succubus Returns. by Tempest_Wolfsong11/08/184.54HOT

Samhain: Ritual of Lust

 — Pagan sex...take me, my king! by Eves_Garden11/12/154.52HOT

Sandman's Parallax Pt. 01

 — Sci-Fi Thriller - Window To The Soul. by Sandman_Nightmares02/25/15HOT

Sandman's Parallax Pt. 02

 — Sci-Fi Thriller - Elevator to Hell. by Sandman_Nightmares03/13/15

Sandman's Parallax Pt. 03

 — Sci Fi Thriller - Say goodbye to your body. by Sandman_Nightmares04/03/15

Santa Stuffs My Stocking

 — Holiday hotness with a naughty taboo twist. by theravenfox12/05/124.30

Santa's Cumming (to Town)

 — Naughty or nice? by Mirage12/14/174.14

Saturday at the Office

 — I seduce you in your office. by RedMoon8612/16/09

Saving the Sexy Parts: Anal

 — Nina experiences anal sex for the first time. by steves_mom12/24/144.24

Saving the Sexy Parts: Classroom

 — Prof. Miles and his student do it in the classroom. by steves_mom07/08/153.74

Saving the Sexy Parts: Snooping

 — Nina discovers Charlie's secret. by steves_mom12/24/144.29

Saving the Sexy Parts: Spanking

 — Nina discovers that pain brings pleasure. by steves_mom12/24/144.28

Say You're Sorry

 — All characters are over the age of 18. by TheGreyKnight11/12/153.90


 — You don't want anyone to know your secret. by Mirage11/16/114.46

Secret Garden

 — Fuck me in our secret garden... by Eves_Garden12/09/164.38

Seduce Me, Master Pt. 01

 — A dream is a wish your mind makes! by Sandman_Nightmares05/07/154.47

Seduce Me, Master Pt. 02

 — Orgasm on Command for your Master! by Sandman_Nightmares05/25/154.34

Seduce Me, Master Pt. 03

 — Master trains your clit to respond to Nipple stimulation. by Sandman_Nightmares06/29/154.70HOT

Seduce Me, Master Pt. 04

 — "Anything for Love", Mind Bending Journey. by Sandman_Nightmares09/04/154.56HOT

Seduce Me, Master Pt. 05

 — "ADDICTION: Love for cock." by Sandman_Nightmares01/18/164.52HOT

Seduce Me, Master Pt. 05 Sneak Preview

 — A sneak preview to tease and torment your pussy! by Sandman_Nightmares12/21/15

Seduced by the Shadows

 — Taking you into a supernatural MMF fantasy by devlinwylde05/03/184.49

Seducing the Tutor

 — You want to learn a few things from an older woman. by RoyalBrain01/18/184.06

Seduction of a Repairman

 — Horny wife seduces a repairman. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/09/034.39

Selfish Geek (Irish Accent)

 — I love that you get turned on by turning me on... by AttractiveGeek12/14/174.63HOT

Selling Her Talents-Audio

 — You are MINE to share. by InMyHands08/02/183.84

Sending You to Work with a Smile

 — I help you get a 'head' start on your day. by LushinLace07/26/184.30

Sensual and Experimental #01

 — Pop in your headphones/earbuds & enjoy my latest experiment. by Xyta_Midnyte02/01/184.10

Sensual and Experimental #02

 — Another yummy experiment . . . with added moans ;-) by Xyta_Midnyte02/22/184.34

Sensual and Experimental #03

 — Moans, whispers and anal . . . what more could you want? by Xyta_Midnyte06/07/184.16

Sensual and Experimental #04

 — If I could get my hands on you, girl, just what would I do? by Xyta_Midnyte06/21/183.86

Sensual Interlude

 — She turns my boredom into excitement by SexyChele03/11/034.40

Sensual Reading of a Sensual Story

 — My narration of a breathtaking, burning, growing sexy story. by StardustGal10/29/154.45

Server Room Rendezvous

 — An evening throwdown in the server room. by Cortado10/04/184.27

Session 01

 — Guided relaxation and guided masturbation. by SecretDreamer07/28/094.01

Session 02

 — Guided masturbation; a quickie. by SecretDreamer08/25/093.16

Session 03

 — Teasing myself with my sex machine for a long time. by SecretDreamer11/23/103.16

Session 04

 — Guided masturbation; he teases you until you explode for him. by SecretDreamer12/07/103.34

Session 05

 — For the guys. Guided masturbation, he guides the guys! by SecretDreamer12/17/132.70

Session 06

 — Venus and Electro. by SecretDreamer01/09/142.85

Session 07

 — Loud and Quick! Venus forces him to be very loud.. by SecretDreamer01/09/143.31

Session 08

 — Some machine sex with the Venus 2000. by SecretDreamer07/28/162.81

Session 09

 — Slow session with an amazing feeling and lots of cum. by SecretDreamer07/28/163.15

Sex Dreams

 — Payment for words played from a sexy woman. by Pretense02/09/104.21

Sex in the Moonlight

 — We share a passionate night under the stars. by RedMoon8602/23/10HOT

Sex in the Woods

 — I will take you to a blissful place. by GingerStClair06/01/10

Sex Magick 101

 — Teaching you the beauty of Sex Magick via demonstration. by Tempest_Wolfsong12/07/184.52HOT

Sex Magick 201

 — A Sex Magick Ritual for personal healing. by Tempest_Wolfsong01/10/194.56

Sexual Frustration and Starvation

 — You make my bed squeak hard for you honey x by BoyfromEngland07/14/164.28

Sexy Forest Jerkoff

 — He enjoys a nice release in the middle of the forest. by netmaster5k11/12/08

Sexy New Glasses

 — I'm so glad you like my new glasses.... by LushinLace04/27/174.60HOT

Sexy Surprise Visitor

 — I wasn't expecting you, but I'm so glad you came... by LushinLace04/27/174.32

Sexy, Right?

 — Of course it's sexy! by dischargeqwerty08/09/182.47

Shake That Ass for Me

 — Oiling you up and making you tease me so I can take you. by tarkustrooper11/03/164.10

Shared with My Husband's Friends

 — Autobiographical audio about being shared with other men. by KJLarson10/27/164.50HOT

Sharing Cock

 — Let's pick up a guy to fuck together... by British Filth09/03/134.43

Sharing His Slut

 — He describes how he and Isaac use you for their pleasure. by DickUnderwood10/12/113.62

Sharing Sara

 — Mina meets Sara in Las Vegas for a mff threesome. by Mina2401/17/124.42

Sharing Whispers and Pleasures

 — He desires to share an intimate moment with you. by MrWhisper01/07/134.08

Shaved, Not Stirred (Audio)

 — Audio version: Valentine's Day Eve. by NickPaga02/25/153.40

She Can't Resist

 — Lonely coed can't keep her hands off her pussy. by yourcockismine10/23/084.07

She Cums For Him

 — She makes up for a lost cum with you. by anonymosity7802/23/104.43

She Goes Big and I Go Home

 — Chinese girlfriend is setup, but she gets the last laugh. by wideyes09/20/183.35

She Had a Request

 — A recording for my lover on her request. by NewEnglandLovers08/30/184.00

She Loves to Cheat on Me

 — My wife has no idea that I know, but it gets me so hot! by lumbercue12/27/123.71

She Loves to Watch

 — You think you're alone, but she's there... by CherryPirate01/26/104.06

She Made a Mess

 — She always makes a mess, and I always oblige the clean up. by yblack505/25/174.67HOT

She Needs a Montage

 — Love, gay werewolves & the elusive female O (audio). by theravenfox03/02/114.78HOT

She Plays with Ginger

 — Female listener masturbates with a Lit audio clip. by rj0109/09/103.84

She Wants You

 — She just wants to come for you. by coolina11/06/123.90

She wants...Ice Cream

 — Give it to her, please. by iscream_luvr06/04/133.61

She'll Cum Around

 — It might take some coaxing but eventually, she'll cum around. by LushinLace06/01/174.52HOT

She's Got a Sybian to Ride

 — Silkenvoice talks about her Sybian--and then rides it. by KR11/12/084.50HOT

She's Home Alone

 — Coed is alone - and lonely. by yourcockismine09/22/094.01

She's in Bed Alone

 — I'm thinking of you and it's driving me crazy. by coolina12/12/123.92

She's On Top

 — Coed rides you on to a very satisfying finish. by yourcockismine01/05/104.14

Shhh Keep It on the Hush

 — You and EZ sneak away from the party to play. by EZCollegeGrl09/22/164.50HOT


 — You are so tense, so stressed out. And I want to help you... by AuralHoney09/07/174.48


 — We have to be quiet, we're in a library. by Babydoll65532107/30/144.55HOT

Shifting Gears

 — Sometimes her body shifts gears before she knows it. by Selena_Kitt12/16/084.58HOT

Shooting My Cum

 — I jerk my cock and imagine shooting my cum up inside you. by jaymasters4504/25/193.65


 — You've been caught. Whatever am I going to do with you? by British Filth03/05/134.43

Short and Sweet

 — Long time listener, first recording, just enjoying myself. by BuxomBlossom01/03/194.29

Short and Sweet in Stalkings

 — Playing in a garter-belt and stalkings. by Tempest_Wolfsong04/18/194.36

Short Skirts and Quickies 01

 — An appetite whetted by a first meeting finally gets sated. by justjohn101304/26/114.12


 — We fuck and sleep on piles of cash. by notwhorosethinks05/09/194.62

Show Off Your Slutty Toy

 — You like how they watch your sexy little Angel. by theangeloftemptation10/26/174.26

Shower Massage

 — He showers with you after a long night of lovemaking. by cameramike08/17/083.90

Shower Sex

 — Soft, sweet and soaking wet. by TheGreyKnight07/24/154.34

Shower Talk

 — Shower sex with you feels amazing.. by Kruzayneeds02/22/183.67

Shower Time

 — She savors playtime in her shower. by milf_ink07/14/09

Shower Time

 — A beefy gym rat puts a twink in his place in the showers. by funwithdpp04/27/164.52HOT

Showerhead Orgasm Denial

 — Her Master trains her in orgasm denial. by ditto7911/06/12

Showing of Erotic Self

 — He loves watching your nipples beneath your shirt. by cameramike08/13/074.13

Showing the Guys Your Girlfriend

 — You make a video of your girlfriend for the guys at work. by LushinLace12/21/174.56HOT

Shy Intimacy

 — Loving her out of her shell. by yblack503/16/174.24

Shy Voicemail Asking for Anal

 — I'm so glad you didn't answer! by theangeloftemptation01/03/194.66HOT

Sibling Phone Sex

 — Brother and sister have phone sex. by dirtyjoe6908/06/063.56

Silent But Deadly - A Man Cums

 — Why are you reading this?! Just click, it's free! by dischargeqwerty02/04/153.50

Silent But Deadly - Cums Again

 — Hear my cock respond to you. by dischargeqwerty02/25/154.07

Silent But Deadly 01

 — No talking - just jacking off. by dischargeqwerty12/31/143.34

Silent One

 — Moans and cock stroking. by dischargeqwerty10/08/153.85

Silent Stroking

 — hehe... by dischargeqwerty06/14/183.42

Silent Three

 — Moans and Cock Stroking. by dischargeqwerty12/21/153.79

Silent Two

 — More moans and cock stroking. by dischargeqwerty10/29/154.05

Silk Scarf

 — Tied up and displayed before me...I finally make you cum. by sloeburn02/25/154.43

Simon Says: Use Me

 — A FemDom visits a very naughty pilot in his hotel room. by Silkenvoice09/14/104.34

Sinfully Beautiful: Crystal

 — Sinfully Beautiful is for BBWs & their admirers. by Erotica_Writings05/18/043.38

Sinfully Beautiful: Monica

 — Short stories from Sinfully Beautiful Collection. by Erotica_Writings06/14/043.60

Singular Fun

 — Horny lady enjoys time alone. by Tinypaws05/24/074.10

Sir Bondage and the Amazons

 — One tale from the Adventures of Sir Bondage Grey. by Cinner09/27/124.46

Sir's First Challenge

 — A challenge I gladly accepted. by Prcious111/02/17

Sir's First Punishment

 — I administer my own punishment as you watch Sir. by Prcious101/25/183.53

Sissy's First Voice Lesson

 — Tark's gonna show to moan like a girl. by tarkustrooper03/30/194.31


 — I need it, please... by Panthera_Amur03/30/194.24

Slave Night

 — Complete submission to her husband cures Anita's stress. by zenmackie04/05/184.54HOT

Sleeping Beauty

 — She loves the morning most of all. by WarmMilk09/21/104.57HOT

Sleeping Beauty

 — I wake to find you home and asleep. by Rav3nknight09/15/153.71

Sleepover: The Feisty One

 — Hey, stop drinking my booze...or you'll have to pay for it. by Xyta_Midnyte10/04/184.31

Sleepover: The Pretty One

 — So, pretty girl, you have fantasies about me? by Xyta_Midnyte09/06/184.31

Sleepy Sex

 — You're asleep. I'm horny and need to feel you inside me. by LadyJackie09/29/164.16

Sleepy Slutty AJ

 — I wake up horny and needing... and take care of things. by funluvinaj01/15/144.49

Slow Tease

 — To warm you up...more to come...would love feedback... by sloeburn12/11/144.36

Slow Tease

 — The rev up on the drive home. by TheGreyKnight07/16/154.09

Slow Trip Over The Edge

 — Let him help you get yourself off, baby! by Slowly_Gliding_In_And_Out03/02/173.23

Slut Play

 — She brings a slut home for the both of you to play with. by litjosie02/25/094.42

Slut Wife Maureen

 — Listen as wife takes on four guys at once. by Clayton W07/01/033.74

Slut Wife Maureen Ch. 02

 — His sexy wife's further adventures. (pics & audio) by Clayton W07/28/033.86

Smoke Session Vol. 01

 — Cloud 9 lovin' after his hard day (two voices - male/female). by yblack505/25/174.30

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Eight

 — You broke Daddy’s Rules! Now you have to pay the price... by smotp09/20/183.80

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Five

 — Daddy takes His Girl out and shows everyone how Dirty she is. by smotp08/31/184.05

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Four

 — Show Daddy just how much his Dirty Girl wants to please Him. by smotp08/30/184.17

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Nine

 — Daddy spent the night. You wake up first, what will you do? by smotp09/27/184.06

Smotp Daddy Phile's: One

 — You make a mess and get spanked by Daddy. by smotp07/26/183.82

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Seven

 — Daddy uses his Naughty Girl outside, so exposed, in an alley. by smotp09/13/184.38

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Six

 — Daddy makes His Naughty Girl be Very Dirty in a coffee shop. by smotp09/06/183.81

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Ten

 — Remember how you first met Daddy? What is your purpose…? by smotp10/25/183.43

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Three

 — Daddy gets his Dirty Girl all clean and then all Dirty again. by smotp08/23/184.00

Smotp Daddy Phile's: Two

 — Daddy teaches you to be his Special One. by smotp08/09/183.87

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 01

 — 5 audio fantasy experiences to help you masturbate. by smotp05/24/184.31

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 02

 — An Orgasm a Day keeps the blues away. by smotp05/25/184.24

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 03

 — Fantasy Audio experiences to help you masturbate by smotp05/26/184.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 04

 — Audio prompts and fantasy experiences to help you climax. by smotp05/27/184.38

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 05

 — Created for #30DayOrgasmFun, audios to climax with! by smotp05/28/183.50

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 06

 — Daily Orgasm Prompt for Women. by smotp05/31/183.53

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 07

 — An Orgasm a day; better than an apple! by smotp06/01/183.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 08

 — An orgasm every day, in every way. by smotp06/02/183.71

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 09

 — Come for Me while I watch? by smotp06/18/183.30

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 10

 — Come a little closer and climax for Me... by smotp06/04/183.78

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 11

 — Watching Me by smotp06/07/183.67

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 12

 — Tasting delicious... by smotp06/08/183.50

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 13

 — Short but very sweet. by smotp06/09/183.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 14

 — Time for a change of pace - DENIAL by smotp06/10/183.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 15

 — You have held go for it! by smotp06/14/183.50

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 16

 — I'm back watching you...very closely by smotp06/15/183.60

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 17

 — Short, sharp and to the point...just cum by smotp06/16/183.29

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 18

 — ...Good Girl, you are sooo open now... by smotp06/17/183.62

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 19

 — ...That was sooo good, you want to do it again don't you... by smotp06/18/183.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 20

 — ...push up with your knees...and sit on my mouth... by smotp06/19/184.09

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 21

 — ... draw your knees up, show Me everything... by smotp06/20/183.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 22

 — ...look at open, so ready to cum, so wet... by smotp06/21/183.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 23

 — ...bring yourself for me, right now, while I watch... by smotp06/22/182.20

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 24

 — Bathing you, touching you, exploring you... by smotp06/23/184.36

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 25

 — Taking you to dinner and you're not wearing any underwear... by smotp06/24/183.50

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 26

 — In My car, My fingers touching you...there... by smotp06/25/182.82

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 27

 — Your hand is My hand...your fingers are My fingers... by smotp06/26/182.58

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 28

 — Mutual tasting ... reverse cowgirl 69... by smotp07/03/184.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 29

 — Bound and helpless...just they way you want... by smotp07/04/184.00

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 30

 — You made it to the end, claim your reward... by smotp07/04/184.29

Snake Bite (Cowboy Jack)

 — I need you to suck the poison out. by TheGreyKnight08/06/154.02

Sneak Away for a Quickie

 — I need you and can't wait till we get home from the party... by Endless_Roads05/25/154.45

Snipy 01

 — A solo male gets it on. by dischargeqwerty01/22/153.87

Snipy 02

 — Ponderings of a Horny Man; I am having fun, are you? by dischargeqwerty03/13/154.28

Snow Day

 — Young teacher enjoys unexpected day off with her partner. by howwonderfullifeis04/27/174.31

Snowed In

 — Australian guy & a new lady friend get snowed in at a cabin. by SomeAussieGuy04/14/094.53HOT

Snowy Morning

 — Listen to me cum with some wet solo play. by meowkitty12312/31/154.21

So Good

 — More of his excellent oral skills. by luckygirl1801/07/13

So I Fucked a Zombie, So What? (Audio Book Version)

 — Audio version: sometimes a girl just needs to lower her standards. by Dream_Operator04/06/173.78

So Much and So Little

 — She speaks to me in the most subtle ways. by yblack506/08/173.92

So Owned

 — Girl turned into a whore for her boyfriend's buddies. by audiodiva06/01/114.48

So Owned Pt. 02

 — Female sub continues to act as a slut for her boyfriend. by audiodiva06/28/114.45

So Owned Pt. 03

 — Female sub with boyfriend and friends. by audiodiva07/19/114.21

So Wet

 — Listen to how wet I am when I play for you. by pure_bliss05/09/134.31

So You Want To Be My Bitch? #01

 — Seeking pathetic 'lil fuck boy to be my bitch. Is that you? by Xyta_Midnyte08/02/184.17

So You Want To Be My Bitch? #02

 — Let's see what you've got for me, bitch. by Xyta_Midnyte08/09/184.17

So You Want To Be My Bitch? #03

 — Make. Me. Cum. Now. by Xyta_Midnyte08/16/184.56HOT

So You Want To Be My Bitch? #04

 — Take it for me. Accept the pain. For me. by Xyta_Midnyte08/23/183.71


 — Try her - you'll like her. by Emmalin_Caproni02/10/094.45

Solo Session

 — Got bored one afternoon so decided to pass the time... by AmeliaCharles07/12/184.14

SomberRose and Her Magic Wand

 — SomberRose plays with her vibrating magic wand. by SomberRose07/31/123.95

Some Real-Life Fun

 — You finally meet up to do all you've talked about. by Young_Dream0401/10/054.54HOT

Some Thoughts

 — Just another fantasy. by pure_imagination09/27/114.34

Somebody I Used to Know Pt. 01

 — My first story. After re-kindling an old friendship. by donush06/13/121.50

Something Dirty

 — A woman talks to her husband late one night. by Cinner06/11/134.19

Something for Lunch

 — Chloe savors Jake's cock. by wigglybum08/29/054.08

Something Lost

 —  It should have been a gift, but it left him troubled. by MSTarot02/26/143.76

Something Sweet

 — Quiet whispering and love making. by EZCollegeGrl10/27/164.51HOT


 — Listen while I get myself off with my favorite toy by meowkitty12309/15/154.55HOT

Sometimes All I Want

 — Sometimes, a man just needs it. by SpanishManNWranglersI06/29/174.22

Somewhere Under the Arch

 — An attractive older woman says, "Show Me". by RichardHardy04/13/104.31

Sorority Girl Fucks Stranger

 — ...while her Sorority Sisters watch. by theangeloftemptation09/06/184.54HOT


 — Caught doing something I wasn't supposed to... by NerdyTalk02/07/193.94

Sounds of an Intense Male Orgasm

 — I just could not hold back; I was holding back a week worth. by neno1310/09/123.00

Southern Hospitality

 — A voicemail to thank her lover for dinner - and dick. by wife2hotblk07/21/093.20

Spank Me

 — Can you give her what she so totally needs? by KatrinaluvsU12/27/114.25


 — Punished by Daddy. by ChickadeeLittle09/27/184.21

Spankings and More

 — She enjoys being spanked. by luckygirl1809/27/12

Spanks for a Naughty Girl

 — Naughty girls need spankings. by InMyHands09/07/174.40

Special Alone Time

 — Nori plays with herself as she thinks about you... by Norilangdon04/08/144.32

Special Delivery

 — A delivery man makes up for a lost package. by LushinLace11/09/174.37

Special Friend

 — An audio for my special friend. by jedimindtrik06/19/143.82

Spoiled Fruit

 — He'll always regret this! by velvetpie01/18/053.81

Spoiling Xmas Dinner

 — We spoil Xmas dinner by fucking over/on the counter instead. by DickyUK12/21/174.14

Sport Bar Romp

 — You meet a woman at a bar.... by EZCollegeGrl10/20/164.72HOT

Spread 'Em, Baby

 — Just let my tongue have its way with, bend over. by tarkustrooper01/22/154.26


 — She explores her exhibitionist side on a lovely spring day. by WarmMilk05/28/144.59HOT

Spring Break Hookup

 — EZ and her friends hookup with some guys. by EZCollegeGrl07/01/164.11

Springtime and Rabbits

 — Enjoying the first day of Spring with an orgasm by Tempest_Wolfsong03/30/194.72HOT

Squirting For You

 — I squirt for you during a sexy Sunday morning in bed. by Graces_Grove03/30/174.60HOT

Squirting Solo

 — A brief description of what MILF sounds like when she plays. by Lilredangel12/17/134.19


 — Following the steps in progressively increasing intensity. by spacemanspiff_1101/29/074.57HOT

Stand in My Office

 — Guiding afFIRMation. by TheGreyKnight07/08/154.05

Stay Wet for Me

 — For the ladies who love listening to a horny man. by domain07/09/074.21

Steam Room

 — Rebekka's encounter at the gym. by RebekkaBrown09/27/124.27

Step into My Office

 — He teaches the office slut a lesson. by YourFavoriteVoice03/21/133.94

Step Sister Play

 — Adult step-siblings enjoy each other's bodies. by chateneau04/26/164.44

Stolen Kisses

 — tender awakening when sub & her Master first meet. by Harley_Quinn_199903/08/054.30

Stop! Don't... Stop!

 — AJ can't make up her mind when a lover makes his move. by funluvinaj05/20/144.40

Storytime with AJ

 — AJ shares some scenes she wrote and plays by funluvinaj10/20/164.98HOT

Straddlefuck Me On The Couch

 — I suck on your tits while you straddlefuck me on the couch. by jaymasters4506/21/184.23

Straight Dick

 — Honest talk, honest cum. by TheGreyKnight10/30/154.30


 — You watch while I invite a stranger in... by redhotbothered09/08/164.61HOT

Strap-on Fantasy

 — Fucking the one I love for the first time. by Bellatrixie01/17/124.18

Strawberries and Lust

 — Both married, but desire takes over ... by DKmermaid05/24/123.80

Stress Relief

 — A way to relieve stress at work. by MungoParkIII12/28/072.06

Stress Relief

 — I need to get the stress fucked out of me. by K_2311/17/164.58HOT

Stress Relief

 — Showing the softer side of a Dom. by Paradoxxxical01/03/194.68HOT

Stress Relief to Sleep..

 — I talk about what I would do to help cure your insomnia... by jennywanted11/05/134.49

Stretch My Ass Out

 — I know you are the perfect person to help me. by theangeloftemptation11/30/174.25

Stretching Her Pussy

 — Can you feel her - wet and stretched around you? by yourcockismine05/26/093.65

Strip Search - Swim Coach 7

 — Coach's trip to Las Vegas is more than she bargained for by LushinLace08/03/174.41

Stroke For Me

 — Sexy English girl wants you to touch yourself. by victoriajayne02/03/093.92

Stroke it 4 Me

 — She forces guy to masturbate while she watches. by rydia5712/28/074.16

Stroke it for Me - Swim Coach V4

 — Will coach give her husband the reward she promised? by LushinLace06/01/174.48

Stroking While Listening To You

 — Stroking my cock while listening to your audio. by jaymasters4502/16/173.92

Stroking Your Hair

 — Cum for me while I play with your hair. by TheGreyKnight04/16/153.87

Study (fuck) Buddies

 — Shy guy and cool girl. All characters are over 18. by TheGreyKnight06/18/154.12

Studying Jay

 — She likes to watch. by rydia5703/29/054.43

Submissive Secretary

 — After a bad performance review, she beg the boss to fuck. by sensualsecrets05/13/164.50HOT

Submissive Wife

 — See the ropes hanging from the bed? He's got a treat for you... by violenceaddicted10/27/163.09

Submissive's Tape 01

 — Listen to this to become a slave! by ksdominant11/20/123.72

Submit a Video Story to LitTV!

 — How to submit your very own video story to LitTV. by LitTV04/19/17

Subtle Love

 — A solo exploration in experimental erotic audio. by Dr_Impervious06/16/093.82


 — She tells of how he receives a sexy visitor in the night. by agrh11/30/104.38

Suck Me While He Fucks Your Ass

 — Part two of your MMF fantasy. by TheGreyKnight06/18/154.17

Suck My Clit

 — Listen in as a husband pleases his sexy wife. by sdcouple0301/06/092.78

Sucking and Moaning

 — EZ wants to suck and moan over your cock. by EZCollegeGrl08/04/164.46


 — Hot summer day...sucking on popsicle ; ) by DKmermaid08/08/124.08

Summer Seduction

 — You tease and seduce your best friend's father. by Mirage04/27/124.45

Summer's Secrets

 — Amber gets her secret affair off her chest. by Wicked-N-Erotic09/14/034.12


 — A young sorcerer attempts to summon a lust elemental. by AuthorNobilis02/12/084.00

Sunday Afternoon

 — Listen in as they come hard together. by LittleMissMami04/02/133.83

Sunday Afternoon Fun

 — Sucking on my dildo and playing with myself. by Beachy_08/06/154.10

Sunday Drive

 — Come take a ride with me by redhotbothered10/08/143.86

Sunday Fun!

 — My first submission. by luckygirl1809/05/12

Sunday Morning Pleasure

 — Playing this morning, and wanted you to listen. by mollyisme203/11/094.20

Sunday Night Pounding

 — Listen in as two lovers have explosive orgasms. by IWD4U12/19/143.96

SuperPussy - Episode #01

 — Eliza & AJ talk about threesomes - things get silly & heated. by funluvinaj05/07/144.48

SuperPussy - Episode #02

 — Eliza and AJ talk best experiences and... by ElizaRichards05/07/144.59HOT

SuperPussy - Episode #03

 — AJ & Eliza are back and get down to business. by funluvinaj06/12/144.56HOT

SuperPussy - Episode #04

 — ...Eliza, AJ and Guest talk giggles, moans and whimpers. by ElizaRichards06/12/144.41

SuperPussy - Episode #05

 — AJ & Eliza … Beginnings & Endings by funluvinaj06/19/144.55HOT

SuperPussy - Episode #06

 — Eliza and AJ wonder:Would You or Wouldn't You... by ElizaRichards07/02/144.18

SuperPussy - Episode #07

 — AJ & Eliza discuss the ins & outs of masturbation. by funluvinaj07/15/144.31

SuperPussy Episode #08

 — Eliza & AJ Return w/ Emma and discuss what gets them going. by funluvinaj09/25/144.61HOT


 — She has a very mysterious & sensual surprise for you. by agrh11/30/104.42


 — I meet him at the door...and then... by subslut4008/16/113.33

Surprise at Work

 — I come to your office to give you a surprise at work. by SomeAussieGuy08/25/094.37

Surprise Skype Call

 — A surprise Skype call leads to a little show... by MaryBellows197901/17/194.14

Surprise! (Audio Version)

 — A welcoming surprise goes wrong. by passion_fruit05/25/154.10

Surprise, Cum Slut

 — Daddy's bringing you home a special treat... by British Filth03/21/134.45

Surprise, Surprise - Swim Coach V6

 — Coach promised her husband a surprise when he got home. by LushinLace06/29/174.50HOT


 — Directed Erotic Visualisation© audio experience for Women. by smotp10/28/153.92

Susan and Her Son Pt. 01

 — Counseling helps a mother and son become lovers. by Endless_Love02/02/173.76

Sway (Audio)

 — After I push, you Sway. by TheGreyKnight04/03/154.15

Sweaty Beat Fuck

 — Man takes his woman aggressively. by black_stallion66605/17/182.43

Sweet Afternoon Release

 — He tells of a how sexually aroused housewife seeks release. by chateneau03/29/163.44

Sweet Buttercup

 — Sometimes all I need is your sunshine glow. by BoyfromEngland06/05/154.41

Sweet Degradation

 — Verbal abuse fused with doting affection. by TheGreyKnight07/08/154.14

Sweet Dreams

 — When you dream, anything is possible... by yourcockismine08/23/124.29

Sweet Little Kitten Seductress

 — Making me phone in sick for you so you can enter my bed. xx by BoyfromEngland08/05/164.66HOT

Sweet Morning Fuck

 — Fucking my wife and her riding me. by Gorgeous_George10/02/133.57

Sweet Shibari

 — A romantic night of Shibari. by Endless_Roads05/07/154.45

Sweet Soft Breaths

 — She brings herself to a hot cum. by shameless_wanton01/26/114.11

Sweet Surprise

 — I come home early form a business trip and surprise you. by SomeAussieGuy07/07/094.25

Sweet Sweet Taboo

 — Son and Mom yearn for each other. by dirtyjoe6907/24/064.06

Sweetest Taboo

 — Bound by cuffs, ready for your orders in this sweetest taboo. by Prcious107/12/184.23

Swim Coach 12 - Subbing In

 — Coach prepares the substitutes for Nationals. by LushinLace10/04/184.52HOT

Swim Suck - Special Edition

 — Consequences for female swimmer who misses practice. by LushinLace07/13/174.49

Swimming Lessons

 — Daddy and his girl get wet. All characters are over 18. by TheGreyKnight07/16/154.14

Switch Bitch

 — Wife emerges as strong partner in kinky marriage. by wislbleur12/16/093.18

Switched Pt. 01

 — Sometimes fantasies can come true. by Bellatrixie12/21/114.47

Symphony of Oh

 — A year's worth of orgasms set to binaural beats. by OhSheBops03/09/194.47

Taco Bell Excursion

 — Proxy Frank takes a public pussy ride by ditto7912/05/12

Take It, Rub It...

 — She wants you to put it inside her. by Selke8306/02/094.01

Take Me Out...At The Old Ball Game

 — She loses a bet, put pays off willingly. by RichardHardy05/19/163.64


 — A day at the beach has a dark turn as the night falls. by Bethyboo10/04/113.83


 — She is taken by a stranger. by Forsakenpremiummediagroup.ru12/12/124.28


 — Touch yourself for me, and let's cum together. by SweetSam4204/08/144.31

Taken by Wolves

 — Dom watches his date at the centre of attention. by InMyHands07/21/174.12

Taken Teacher 01

 — Suspended student is not happy with you... by Mirage12/09/164.01

Taken Teacher 02

 — The tale continues... by Mirage02/16/174.45

Taken Teacher 03

 — Despite your best efforts, another encounter occurs. by Mirage05/11/174.43

Taken Teacher 04

 — Your student graduates and visits you one last time. by Mirage07/07/174.36

Taking Care of You

 — Just sit back, relax and let me take care of you. by K_2301/19/174.44

Taking My Pet's Virgin Ass

 — You finally agree to get pegged. I make you bend over. by RoyalBrain02/21/194.36

Taking My Virginity

 — You're my brothers best friend, I'm begging for it. by theangeloftemptation03/29/183.88

Taking One For The Team - Swim Coach

 — Are there any lengths she won't go for her team? by LushinLace05/25/174.51HOT

Taking Over

 — Touch yourself and let my voice take you over completely. by AuralHoney08/16/184.31

Taking The Edge Off

 — Stressed baby? Don't worry, I'll make it better. by Xyta_Midnyte05/17/183.96

Taking You

 — He's waiting as you step from the shower. by wdelander10/04/054.33

Taking You

 — After a bad day at work, I get you off. by southernDraw07/10/13

Taking You...

 — You took I'm taking you.... by Eves_Garden09/15/154.30

Taking Your Ass

 — A first time pegging story by Tempest_Wolfsong05/16/194.40NEW

Tales of Cyprus Falls Ep. 01

 — A married couple's first encounter in Cyprus Falls. (m/f voices) by Afterdarkaudio11/13/153.52

Talking Dirty During Missionary

 — I talk dirty to you as I thrust in & out. by jaymasters4510/26/174.38

Talking You into the New Year

 — Some verbal assistance for women. by firewithin01/06/094.29


 — Your first time doesn't have to be bad. by notwhorosethinks02/15/194.73HOT

Tark is a Nasty Girl

 — So, can I lick you...there? by tarkustrooper01/07/154.45

Tark the Flirty Campus Floozy

 — She's got you in her sights; you're not going anywhere. by tarkustrooper11/12/154.00

Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 01

 — Tark dominates her lovely pet. (collaboration 2 voices m/f) by tarkustrooper07/24/153.62

Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 02

 — Tarkie tantalizes her sexy Scottish boy toy (2 voices). by tarkustrooper08/06/153.54

Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 03

 — Tarkie makes her good girl beg for her cunt. (2 voices/FF) by tarkustrooper08/27/154.13

Tarkie and Her Magic Wand

 — Relieving the tension after hours of writing sexy scripts. by tarkustrooper04/16/15

Tasting You

 — I love the taste of me on you... by meowkitty12307/14/164.54HOT


 — Something special just for you. by yourcockismine03/21/124.56HOT

Teach Me

 — Please teach me how to hold and caress you. by Prcious101/18/18

Teach Me How to Squirt

 — I always thought having a squirting orgasm was a myth! by JennyKinkAudio04/08/143.76

Teach Me The Meaning of Autoerotic

 — He calls when I'm driving and wants to play. by anonymissygwa10/30/154.35


 — Keeping my good boy after class. by ChickadeeLittle02/15/184.19

Teacher's Pet

 — Hey, I'm trying to teach here . . . turn that oooooooff! by Xyta_Midnyte05/31/183.97

Teacher's Sex Pet

 — Student shows sir how much she lusts for him. by asian_princess01/10/054.54HOT

Teacher's Sex Pet - Plus One

 — Why have one student when you can have two? by asian_princess04/05/054.46

Teacher's Sex Pet Strikes Again

 — Teacher and it again. by asian_princess01/25/054.47

Teaching Carol Ch. 01

 — Young student teacher learns the joys of submission. by zenmackie08/22/054.29

Teaching Carol Ch. 02

 — Student teacher continues her submission training. by zenmackie08/29/054.32

Teaching Carol Ch. 03

 — Young teacher learns more about her submissive nature. by zenmackie09/05/054.60HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 04

 — He writes a letter to Carol, who makes a breakthrough. by zenmackie09/12/054.64HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 05

 — Sexual intensity draws submissive teacher to Him. by zenmackie09/19/054.59HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 06

 — Carol returns to him for more games. by zenmackie10/04/054.44

Teaching Carol Ch. 07

 — He takes Carol shopping. by zenmackie10/11/054.59HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 08

 — Carol learns more about submission in her classroom. by zenmackie10/23/054.59HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 09

 — Carol learns the arts of photography & anger management. by zenmackie10/31/054.56HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 10

 — A hot day, a cold popsicle. by zenmackie11/13/054.51HOT

Teaching You How To

 — [M4F] [Beginner JOI] Hi, I'm Cardlin. by Cardlin05/09/184.64HOT

Teaching You How To Touch Me

 — I teach you how & where to touch me while stroking for you. by jaymasters4507/21/174.43

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