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"Are they Nice?"

 — Indulging her husband's taste for shoes. by FootnoteFetish07/29/164.22

"Oops, Sorry," Dean Flashes Wife #4

 — Confessing secret, sexual fetishes in exchange for sex. by SusanJillParker04/17/144.16

"T" is for Tied Teased Tormented

 — An episode in the life of Chantelle Super Sub Slut. by chanstevens02/14/063.88

"You're Mine, Too."

 — Little decides to surprise her daddy after a rough night. by iuvh0bruise02/18/154.18

'Death' by The Naughty Poet

 — A man seduces a naughty woman and then leaves her. by ticklechambers01/01/113.53

(S)hair Trader

 — Oral pleasures of a wanton trader. by belab07/02/023.71

... And You Wonder ...

 — Why I love the wild and the crazy!! by theWIFEWatcher10/23/154.01

... And You Wonder ... Pt. 02

 — Why I love the wild and the crazy!! by theWIFEWatcher10/27/154.46

1,200 pound orgy

 — So many fat girls! by adrenaline6193801/22/14


 — A balloon fetishist and a phone sex line that blows him away. by blowhyoooge08/13/184.30

10 Layers

 — He completes a kinky dare. by buzbybdsm07/03/062.99

100 Confessions of a "Straight" White Male

 — Stubborn Racist Details/Defends BBC Addiction & SPH Fetish! by Enterracial01/26/173.42

1001 Nights

 — The Diplomat and the Harem Girl. by torquedtales09/17/073.66

12 Days of Christmas Panties

 — 12 days of Sexmas fun. by DrLit12/25/134.39


 — I always liked a man in uniform. by blackcoffeerealist06/08/104.06


 — Jane was crazy. But I wanted her to pee on me. by cerection08/07/093.37

2 Men 1 Cup

 — Two porn actors perform a classic scene. by expressiveness03/18/093.32

2 Size Queens and a Large Pepperoni

 — Small cocked guy meets hot size queens. by smally11/07/063.29

2010 Mustang

 — I drove a bright blue, brand spanking new Ford Mustang. by Middleagepoet11/18/094.06

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 03

 — Our Honeymoon. by Longjohnsilver3003/23/154.11

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 04

 — Life after the honeymoon for the Chastity belted husband by Longjohnsilver3003/25/154.40

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 05

 — Patrick becomes reacquainted with Rebecca. by Longjohnsilver3003/27/154.40

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 06

 — Off to Paris. by Longjohnsilver3003/28/154.37

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 07

 — Sunday is fun day. by Longjohnsilver3003/31/154.08

2199 Pt. 01: Kumi and Shay

 — Training of Courtesans in the Year 2199. by thewayofphi06/13/184.45

2199 Pt. 02: Ken, Evie and Jace

 — Courtesan Training in the year 2199. by thewayofphi06/16/184.70HOT

2199 Pt. 03: Ken, Evie and Jace

 — Courtesan Training in the Year 2199. by thewayofphi06/17/184.20

2199 Pt. 04: Riley

 — Courtesan Training in the Year 2199. by thewayofphi06/18/183.91

2199 Pt. 05: Orientation

 — Courtesan Training in the Year 2199. by thewayofphi06/19/184.29

2199 Pt. 06: Orientation - Unicorn

 — Ken meets his groupmates but is singled out for a surprise. by thewayofphi08/05/184.00


 — Hu Cow program. by Andromeda707/17/134.08

22 Ch. 02

 — The Sow Meadow. by Andromeda707/22/134.23

22 Ch. 03

 — Time for the Dip. by Andromeda708/02/134.25

22 Ch. 04

 —  . . . . we continue. by Andromeda712/29/134.43

22 Ch. 05

 — The vet makes a call . . . . by Andromeda701/10/144.16

3 AM: She Finally Comes Home

 — A sissy's wife returns from her date. by siscuc05/15/163.87

3 Good Friends

 — Two women dominate him with feet, tickles, and bondage. by CFNMtickledguy09/20/124.11

3 Good Friends Ch. 02

 — A FF/M threesome. by CFNMtickledguy09/28/124.23

3 Little Pigs (a Retelling) Pt. 01

 — A 'modernized & kinky' retelling of a classic fable. by JelliaJam06/19/184.39

3 Little Pigs (a Retelling) Pt. 02

 — Part 2 of a 'modern kinky' fable. by JelliaJam06/21/184.36

3 Little Pigs (a Retelling) Pt. 03

 — A 'modern kinky' fable part 3. by JelliaJam06/22/184.19

3 on 1

 — 3 girls get what they want from one guy. by cby202/03/094.29


 — Master returns to hotel room for bathroom break. by irishblackgirl02/25/093.74

30 Days or Bust: Day 01

 — Lisa hires a milk-man. by l8bloom07/12/094.04

30 Days or Bust: Day 02

 — He sucks her tits outdoors. by l8bloom07/13/094.11

30 Days or Bust: Day 03

 — He sucks her tits after church. by l8bloom07/14/094.33

30 Days or Bust: Day 04

 — He sucks her tits in an apple orchard. by l8bloom07/15/094.49

30 Days or Bust: Day 05

 — A misunderstanding. by l8bloom07/16/094.37

30 Days or Bust: Day 06

 — He sucks her tits in the bathtub. by l8bloom07/17/094.48

30 Days or Bust: Day 07

 — He sucks her tits in a ladies’ room. by l8bloom07/18/094.48

30 Days or Bust: Day 08

 — He services someone else. by l8bloom07/19/094.36

30 Days or Bust: Day 09

 — He sucks her tits in her office. by l8bloom07/20/094.45

30 Days or Bust: Day 10

 — He catches her masturbating. by l8bloom07/21/094.53HOT

30 Days or Bust: Day 11

 — Another woman wants him. by l8bloom07/22/094.40

30 Days or Bust: Day 12

 — Lisa measures herself. by l8bloom07/23/094.51HOT

30 Days or Bust: Day 14

 — He milks her at last. by l8bloom07/25/094.57HOT

30 Days or Bust: Day 15

 — Love interrupted. by l8bloom07/26/094.42

30 Days or Bust: Day 18

 — A happy rear-ending. by l8bloom07/29/094.62HOT

9 Stone Cum Queen in the Suburbs

 — The Queen makes a husband come in his wife's face. by 9StoneCumQueen07/05/084.58HOT

A Twist in His Sobriety

 — A wild night of drugs and sex. by jjsharshaw08/05/024.15

A "Holistic" Doctor's Visit

 — She has a thorough physical exam. by Carl the Dane12/20/073.71

A "Milky" Present

 — She discovers a breast pump with a kinky twist... by AmethystMare03/14/184.42

A "Seeding-ly" Close Encounter

 — Girlfriend came close to being "seeded" by her boyfriend. by vantan03/01/174.33

A ''Skirted'' Man with Two Assholes

 — A moment of ultimate truth is coming for Paul. by thechangedone04/13/113.24

A 'Stocking' Situation

 — ...not just for women. by gadgetgrrl10/22/094.26

A 50s Tryst

 — Vintage prostitution. by necronyms10/09/103.45

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 18

 — Sisters orchestrate a secret fantasy. by Wm_Sexspear10/21/024.47

A Bad Day at Work

 — How I made your day much better. by big_time_gamer9201/01/164.55HOT

A Bad Day Gets Better

 — Secretary/slut give the boss relief. by Hubee10/17/104.28

A Bad Man and a Good Decision

 — He likes short hair, she doesn't. by clipperdreams10/14/153.71

A Balmy Evening Footjob

 — Enjoying a warm evening, with a fine girlfriend and a footjob. by morgan_6901/02/104.21

A Barbecue

 — The reeducation of an MCP. by drsalt09/17/023.96

A Barely Acceptable Portrait

 — Community leader poses without her stylish dress. by Francine-frcxa08/30/024.19

A Bath and a Shave

 — Pleasing Ms. R. by do4ualso07/13/144.07

A BBW & Her Drain Problem

 — Removing the block was just the start. by JCBMAN10/22/013.40

A BBW and Her Nightgown

 — An old friend shows her that he loves her new body. by PhilaBBW11/06/094.36

A BBW For My Birthday

 — BBW call girl surprises birthday boy. by NiceGuyInVa10/18/054.24

A Beautiful Computerfold

 — Double Elimination's Ron Webber continues his story. by eightballbum07/09/064.53HOT

A Beautiful Delivery

 — A surprise delivery makes his day. by 4SWEETCHEEKS05/15/094.22

A Beginner's Guide To Domination

 — Your man has dreamt of being dominated? Here's how. by 4nickeightor12/22/113.83

A Bet on My Self-Control

 — I try to resist my teasing Asian coworker. by ddoteeem11/20/154.50HOT

A Bike Ride to Remember

 — Erotic Story. by girlsweet4200605/23/173.59

A Birthday Present Ch. 02

 — Ella and Jaime's experiment continues. by PhaedraLovesKnives07/09/073.93

A Birthday to Remember

 — Wife dominates him like never before. by TwistedPlayr03/02/054.41

A Bit of Leather

 — She takes him on wild journey into pleasure & pain. by Damon Knight11/02/003.86

A Bit of Roleplay

 — Gonna spice it up a little with a professor & student. by GreenDemonGurlie09/29/083.33

A Bloody Fuck Ch. 01

 — How did he get there? by BillBlack06/21/082.79

A Bloody Mile High Club

 — Old acquaintances bump at each other on a long haul flight. by dmagiknumero05/12/114.43

A Blow to Remember

 — So master was it a Blow to Remember... by Denuglepez08/02/184.00

A Boy's New Calling Ch. 01

 — Our story starts out with a small game of cat and mouse. by Isou11/24/174.17

A Breakdown of Inhibitions Ch. 01

 — A girlfriend helps open new horizons for her man. by bassstack08/10/124.26

A Broken Marriage Redefined

 — A couple is heading for divorce until Gina exposes a secret. by Robert_Anthony06/24/174.34

A Brother's Memories Part 4

 — Richard gets his first taste of women's clothes. by RichandSis12/10/014.54HOT

A Brother's Memories Part 5

 — Richard/April enjoys an afternoon with an exotic Asian beauty. by RichandSis12/19/014.38

A Bukkake Finale

 — 19 year old girl answers ad for many men to cum on her. by Brittni4u12/15/174.70HOT

A Bus Ride With April

 — Dylan meets an attractive but mischievous bus companion. by JeremyBeach07/06/153.52

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 01

 — Nick has to check in for work with a full bladder. by Nowthisisunbelievable_12309/28/163.92

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 02

 — Nick struggles to control his bladder at work. by Nowthisisunbelievable_12310/03/164.04

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 03

 — Nick's work calls for zero bathroom breaks. by Nowthisisunbelievable_12304/11/173.64

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 04

 — Nick is granted a brief moment of relief. by Nowthisisunbelievable_12305/26/173.80

A Business Arrangement Ch. 1

 — Woman fulfills needs at office. by Isabella Thorne10/22/004.09

A Business Arrangement Ch. 2

 — She plays slut to couple. by Isabella Thorne10/22/004.21

A Business Arrangement Ch. 3

 — Eesabella submits to kinky young computer executive. by Isabella Thorne03/28/024.51HOT

A Busride to Remember

 — A pee fetish. by JohnDo04/09/124.31

A Case of Misbehavior

 — Stepdaughter is punished for misbehaving. by falcon2910/25/024.35

A Catfight with Amy

 — A "friendly" catfight turns out pretty unfriendly. by Teresa71109/28/103.86

A CFNM Wedding Ch. 02

 — Office Chastity. by aaronhenry1711/24/123.89

A Change in Our Relationship

 — A woman decides to make a fundamental change. by WillieTurner07/19/153.71

A Change of Heart

 — Girlfriend changes her mind on dominating him. by d_fantasy10/14/044.31

A Change of Pace

 — He ties her up in the lake house. by Damian08/27/003.96

A Changed Man Ch. 1

 — A submissive husband is feminized by his domme wife. by sub500001/11/024.43

A Changed Mother

 — Valerie gets an easier life, but her son suffers. by hardleo05/27/173.57

A Changed Relationship Ch. 01

 — A week that led to a loving female-led relationship. by MarthaD07/24/094.35

A Changed Relationship Ch. 02

 — A week that led to a loving female led relationtionship. by MarthaD07/25/094.65HOT

A Changed Relationship Ch. 03

 — A week that led to a loving female led relationship. by MarthaD07/26/094.67HOT

A Child for the Queen

 — A women dominated society uses the males to breed the queen by JimGumby09/15/143.88

A Chocolate Covered Cherry

 — Valentines day dinner party; chocolate covered foot fetish. by rogereyes02/14/104.33

A Christmas Cuckold

 — A cuckold gets a Christmas present. by cuckytoher12/20/093.90

A Christmas Fetish Pt. 01

 — Mom's friend adds some sole to Christmas. by jdnybk07/16/154.33

A Christmas Fetish Pt. 02

 — Mom's friend adds sole to Christmas. by jdnybk07/17/154.19

A Christmas to Remember

 — Cuckold servers her girlfriends nude. by MistyMorgan05/27/034.22

A Class of Her Own

 — Teacher submits to blackmail. by LizInTrouble05/16/174.30

A Clean Bill of Health

 — Johnny gets an unusually thorough physical examination. by JamieLadywood07/03/184.41

A Clean Mouth

 — Mistreating a maid...what could go wrong? by Namazuros05/08/114.07

A Clean Mouth is a Happy Mouth

 — Man with cavities obsesses over dental hygienist. by kgmorgensen11/27/013.43

A Clean Pair of Heels

 — Serious shoe fetishist gets intimate with his favourite pair. by noisymother09/20/084.46

A Cloudy Dream

 — Sometimes willful ignorance is best. by xinycep05/18/174.26

A Cock and Ball Story Ch. 01

 — Jennifer realises her Fetish by storyfella02/02/184.19

A Cock and Ball Story Ch. 02

 — Jennifer's first Glory Hole session. by storyfella02/21/184.44

A Cock and Ball Story Ch. 03

 — A Bukkake party leaves Jen very satisfied... by storyfella12/24/184.72HOT

A Cock and Ball Story Ch. 04

 — Jen repays her host properly, with some help from Linda. by storyfella01/06/193.50

A Coffee Morning with the Girls

 — A visitor raises the pulse and a rope raises the hands. by Cookie502/07/113.63

A Collector

 — He collected his items at the laundromat. by MungoParkIII12/31/073.54

A College Professor's Discovery

 — Anthropological research launches her strapon practice. by escriterra09/22/094.72HOTContest Winner

A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 02

 — Miss Victoria continues tutoring Sherrie in strapon practice. by escriterra10/31/104.77HOT

A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 03

 — Dr. Sherrie Mathison's third strapon tutoring session. by escriterra06/20/124.77HOT

A Coming of Age

 — Young man turns household robot into fetish fembot. by soleful02/11/023.91

A Coming to Terms

 — A Christian woman indulges in pee fun. by steve2580501/07/143.83

A Company Man

 — Jack wonders, 'Aren't there easier ways to be promoted?' by John41inTX12/01/014.09

A Company Man Ch. 2

 — Jack's continued progress as the company's 'man'. by John41inTX12/06/014.20

A Company Man Ch. 4

 — Jack & Karen are married. by John41inTX12/15/014.19

A Company of Women

 — Forced foot worship. by byronbgeo04/05/144.21

A Conference Legacy Ch. 01

 — A three-day conference turns into a full scale LegFest. by barelegs08/03/094.22

A Conference Legacy Ch. 02

 — Preparing for the Conference - in more ways than one! by barelegs08/06/094.38

A Conference Legacy Ch. 03

 — The final rehearsal. by barelegs08/12/094.50HOT

A Conference Legacy Ch. 04

 — A new girl enters the picture. by barelegs08/14/094.58HOT

A Conference Legacy Ch. 05

 — An incredible journey. by barelegs08/30/094.62HOT

A Conference Legacy Ch. 06

 — Getting Down to Business. by barelegs08/31/094.33

A Conference Legacy Ch. 07

 — Surprise! Surprise! by barelegs09/01/094.41

A Consenting Adult

 — Lindsay decides to be an outright bitch. by LankM678211/02/123.50

A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens

 — Cuck-queens talk about cucking the guys that love them. by LynnGKS06/13/104.21

A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens Ch. 02

 — Cuck-queens talk in front of the cucks that they love. by LynnGKS06/18/104.33

A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens Ch. 03

 — Cuck-queens talk in front of the cucks that they love. by LynnGKS08/15/104.28

A Cops Day Out.. And In.

 — The taste of Honey! by Sally_Mae07/26/103.67

A Country Blackmailing

 — Sharon is Blackmailed by higher Co-Worker. by Bustertaker09/14/113.52

A Country Posting

 — Nurse treats a traffic victim. by exaltau08/05/034.08

A Country Posting Ch. 02

 — Country nurse provides special treatment. by exaltau04/20/044.06

A Couple's Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 01

 — John and Danielle's cuckold fantasy comes to fruition. by flash32105/29/154.24

A Couple's Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 02

 — John gets both himself and Danielle ready for her date. by flash32105/30/154.32

A Coupling

 — A cuckold story. by cuckytoher09/03/103.97

A Cowboy's Fantasy

 — City girl yearns for a man in a Stetson. by penguindance05/12/024.28

A Crappy Holiday Get Together

 — A strange, intimate and embarrassing holiday get together. by Jjonest11/26/184.81HOT

A Creampie Amongst Friends

 — Two best friends meet a beautiful cum loving girl. by cpluver06/27/074.66HOT

A Creampie Request

 — Girlfriend wants equal treatment. by cpluver09/12/064.43

A Creampie Revisited Ch. 01

 — Creampies, Snowballs and growing older together. by cpluver01/17/104.46

A Creamy Birthday Present

 — Neighbours help her give a creamy present to husband. by DiggerDave10/26/074.69HOT

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