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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — A chain story between intense lesbian lovers. by Katrulia05/22/104.43


 — A work out at the gym leads to fun in the locker room. by SexxKitten6901/27/034.28

Panties Pitch

 — A product presentation quickly becomes hot and steamy... by domineelepen05/11/194.31

Panting Blue

 — A quick fix for two girls in love. by Sadean12/05/084.40

Panty Trade at JFK

 — College girl trades panties with executive woman at the gate. by Miss_Marianne04/16/074.67HOT

Panty Trade at JFK Ch. 02

 — Marianne and new girlfriend get it off. by Miss_Marianne07/01/074.63HOT


 — Kelsie doesn't let Rebecca's pantyhose get in the way. by shaketramp1703/20/184.64HOT

Pantyhose Wrestling One on One

 — Sam issues a challenge. by Becky_pantyhose_wrestler07/24/184.40

Pantyhose Wrestling Payback

 — Sam sets up my match. by Becky_pantyhose_wrestler08/07/184.55HOT

Pantyhose Wrestling Redemption?

 — A chance to settle a score. by Becky_pantyhose_wrestler03/14/184.67HOT

Pantyhose Wrestling Tag Team

 — Me and my sister team up. by Becky_pantyhose_wrestler04/25/194.37

Paperback Writer

 — A lesbian sorceress tattoo artist practices her skills. by JukeboxEMCSA12/12/114.42

Paradise By The Bathroom Light

 — Valerie falls in love with her manager. by FLAMINLESBO696901/17/023.79

Paradise Found

 — Two women discover themselves – and each other. by Redlotuspetal6808/18/103.74

Paradise Island

 — Vacationing woman enjoys lovely Polynesian girl. by Tawny T07/18/004.21

Paradise Lost

 — The Kingdom of Silence: Saudi Princess, Japanese Lover. by Scheherazade8804/24/143.83

Paradise of Lust Ch. 01

 — My first romantic encounter with one of my guests. by dark_roxy_6901/31/133.78

Paradise of Lust Ch. 02

 — I encounter a guest who like pink. by dark_roxy_6906/08/134.00

Paradiso Ch. 13

 — Sara gets her own massage, and more. by SlyKink09/04/144.43


 — Kyra has a few too many cocktails. by JukeboxEMCSA01/25/124.24

Paramour Cove

 — Two lovers adrift in a cove on a balmy summer night. by hardtimes686908/22/124.21

Parasite Ch. 01

 — A young woman is struck down by a demanding parasite. by MissLisaJones12/07/134.59HOT

Parasite Ch. 02

 — Is there any end to the parasite's hunger? by MissLisaJones12/08/134.61HOT

Parent Meeting with Mrs James

 — Sexy milf and young female teacher fuck in the classroom. by flickingthebean12/27/164.32

Parent-Teacher Confluence

 — Indian mother and her son's racist teacher battle. by Rivals_Rapture09/01/18


 — A stewardess and an older woman. by Katherine-T10/08/033.97

Paris in the Spring

 — Young student in Paris meets her dream girl. by Liv Blake10/13/004.56HOT

Parisian Chaperone Ch. 02

 — Sarah and Lily meet up, their relationship goes up a level. by sexharvester04/13/114.25

Park Ch. 01

 — Seduced by a dominating woman. by SweetJosie109/29/064.46

Park Ch. 02

 — She goes to visit mistress. by SweetJosie109/30/064.52HOT

Park Romp

 — A little discreet masturbation becomes a public sex show. by Lia Monde01/05/17HOT

Parking, or How to Spend...

 — Not having their own place doesn't slow these girls down. by britster07/20/014.34

Parlour Games

 — Aristocratic and sadistic Hannah humiliates her beloved maid. by AlessaChambers04/02/114.12

Part One of A Fruit Trilogy: Persephone Returns

 — Her lover keeps her promise to return. by lacorbeau05/15/014.22


 — They become more than just on the job partners. by Ann Douglas10/11/174.79HOT

Partners In Crime

 — Office girls accused of theft. by curious2c06/17/023.77


 — Birthday girl finds there's more than one way to party. by Lillyflower7209/07/013.85

Party Crasher Ch. 01

 — A surprise first-time visit. by jenyes12/24/054.42

Party Crasher Ch. 03

 — Pleasing her another way. by jenyes12/26/054.54HOT

Party Crasher Ch. 04

 — No good deed goes unpunished. by jenyes12/27/053.97

Party Dare

 — One dare equals a whole lot of skin time. by tlmx1804/04/133.14

Party Favor

 — Dory gets a parting gift from Jane the Magificent . by NotReallySure03/14/044.34

Party Favor Pt. 01

 — An aspiring starlet signs on with a mysterious agency. by davybyrne11/16/184.76HOT

Party Favor Pt. 02

 — Michelle, full of questions, gets ready for her first party. by davybyrne11/21/184.79HOT

Party Favor Pt. 03

 — Michelle wants the one thing she can't seem to get. by davybyrne11/29/184.79HOT

Party for Three

 — Threesome fun after a party. by hotnspicey01/09/034.07

Party Foul Pussy

 — Best girlfriends discover meaning of drunken hookup. by emoguise08/06/054.10

Party Games

 — Bethany's dream of being on top is fulfilled. by Maeten08/25/104.04

Party Girl

 — Her first lesbian love. by jacqui_hills_uk08/03/054.22

Party Night

 — Two friends haven't seen each other, meet up at a party. by KKILOEPPS08/26/062.06

Party Night

 — Two girls party enjoy Miami. by ShyGirl5209/18/044.24

Party Time

 — She takes two straight girls home from a party. by Milene06/26/054.74HOT

Party Time

 — She attends a private party and meets the unexpected! by Brookell03/23/134.62HOT

Party with a View

 — Lesbian couple recruits a third and a fourth. by That_Guy7104/19/174.37

Pas De Deux

 — She poses for artist and has life changing experience. by smj54ap09/13/064.49

Pas de Deux Ch. 01

 — A ballerina oversteps the line. by softbite07/24/074.36


 — Kat from the wars returning ... and what then? by VMKane07/05/134.60HOT

Passion and Politics

 — Talk show hosts clash, and then become lovers by TE99903/29/084.56HOT

Passion Fruit

 — A love consummated, in such a sweet warm way. by DanseParc12/24/074.41

Passion's Weekend

 — Two women share a sexy weekend. by hentaijack06/16/104.49

Passionate Buildup

 — College friends finally act on their lust for each other. by mckennamakeme01/03/133.51

Passionate Kisses

 — The recently divorced Monica discovers new pleasures. by bustybibbwbabe04/11/084.42

Passionate Survival

 — Two teams compete, but all will be winners. by CHEWEY02/15/024.07

Past Due

 — Friends share lusty adventure in college library. by DaphneX01/02/034.59HOT

Past Perfect

 — Jacqui isn't as in control as she believed. by Alessia Brio03/18/124.38

Past Times

 — Old friends rekindle a long lost flame on a camping trip. by RedSoop09/28/154.49

Patient and Dr. Help Each Other

 — Female patient helps doctor find her true feelings. by Braz10/09/094.34

Patricia and Sandra

 — A Love Story. by Mymantoy99911/21/164.59HOT

Patti Pussy Pleaser

 — Pussy is Patti's passion. by LustyLee7708/13/084.40

Pattty: More Patty Jenkins

 — Patty returns with more team play and for more "coaching". by caprine08/15/064.08

Patty & Jo Fulfill a Fantasy

 — A vacation week together. by jodt09/16/084.15

Patty & Jo Fulfill a Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Jo and Patty talk, then more. by jodt09/27/084.42

Patty & Jo Fulfill a Fantasy Ch. 04

 — They continue to have fun. by jodt09/30/084.55HOT

Patty & Jo Fulfill a Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Patty & Jo make it a threesome. by jodt10/09/084.65HOT


 — Linda loves Paula; Paula loves sex. by rkm1002/17/074.13

Pavlovian Reaction

 — Therapy sucks... and licks and moans and... by EmzC05/14/184.86HOT

Pawn of the Living Dead

 — "I lost control of my body at 5:46 p.m." by Anna_Malia7510/14/104.47


 — A lesbian sundae. by hotnspicey11/27/023.44


 — We all know that payback is a bitch. by britster06/05/044.30

Payback Ch. 01-02

 — Read to find out. by Baylor_love11/13/154.00

Payback Ch. 03-04

 — Read to find out. by Baylor_love11/17/153.72

Payback Ch. 05-06

 — Read to find out. by Baylor_love11/19/153.71

Payback Ch. 07-08

 — Read to find out. by Baylor_love11/20/154.29

Payback Ch. 3

 — Two drop-dead gorgeous girls in extreme heat. by Fitofjealousy09/01/024.70HOT

Payback Ch. 4

 — One Blonde. One Oriental. Both very hot. by Fitofjealousy05/10/034.63HOT

Payback is a Bitch

 — She's surprised by sexy neighbor. by kross08/29/034.69HOT

Paying the Price

 — A busy career woman visits a massage spa. by MarkCane12/13/164.23

Paying the Price Ch. 02

 — Caroline Masterson experiments with massage spas. by MarkCane12/21/164.04

Paying The Rent

 — They do whatever it takes to keep their apartment. by CiaraRyan08/07/123.77

Paying Their Way Ch. 01

 — Jessie & Lizzie must find creative ways to pay for college. by sexy_jessie10/06/043.98

Paying Their Way Ch. 02

 — Jessie and Lizzie meet Hannah and continue to escort. by sexy_jessie06/08/084.46

Paying your Dues

 — A new inmate has to pay her dues. by Sean Renaud08/26/094.22


 — Attraction leads to one thing only...why wait. by Kiwilass01/19/144.31

Peaches and Honey

 — Heartbroken teen finds love again with tiny office hottie. by PacoFear09/17/094.83HOTContest Winner

Peaches and Honey Ch. 02

 — Petite beauty's heart takes two to mend. by PacoFear10/29/094.75HOT

Peaches Ch. 01

 — Middle-aged woman is used & humiliated by sexy Puerto Rican. by soccermomcheryl07/03/064.55HOT

Peaches Ch. 02

 — Middle aged woman gets used and humiliated Puerto Rican. by soccermomcheryl07/09/064.51HOT

Peculiar & Precious Pansy

 — From innocent to slut. by LustyLee7708/21/084.31

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 04

 — A first time lesbian experience. by leaky_one08/23/074.24

Peep Show

 — Hidden lesbian desires return. by duanep10/04/104.47

Peeping Tom

 — Samantha and Nicole punish their peeping Tom. by eroticawriter_109/21/044.25

Peer Pressure: Jenn's First Story

 — 18-year-old Jennalyn gets pressured into a lesbian threesome. by random8312/01/074.38

Pegging Peter's Women Ch. 01

 — One shy virgin and three hot women. by KenJames08/14/184.10

Pegging Peter's Women Ch. 02

 — Shy teen virgin's first anal. by KenJames09/28/184.15

Pegging the Coyote

 — A lesbian couple engages in power play... by AmethystMare11/25/174.26

Peggy Does Hamburg Ch. 02

 — Her flight was delayed. by hamburgerhelper03/14/044.68HOT

Peggy Revs Her Engine

 — Three car models give Peggy a test drive. by jt302/27/043.93

Peggy’s Treasure Box

 — A middle-aged woman expands her sexual horizons. by RonDixen09/15/104.17

Pen Pal

 — Erotic story author and fan meet for the first time. by Maeve3106/22/184.46

Penelope And The Woman Of Her Dream

 — Lesbian romance. by Perfideous07/07/144.31


 — Penny deals with a distraction in the lap-dancing club. by crialia02/04/134.72HOT

Penny and Jilly

 — Jilly begins to touch herself; her lover soon joins her. by Etunicorn03/28/083.88

Penny and the Lingerie Party

 — Penny is invited to a lingerie party for larger size breasts. by Anabelle_W06/23/154.37

Penny Meets Susan

 — Penny is initiated by five women at party. by Aussie_Teacher04/28/05HOT

Penny Wants To Experiment: Ch. 01

 — A woman fantasizes about women and makes it a reality. by redkissy08/24/174.33

Penny's College Years - First Semester

 — A girl moves in with an Alpha roommate and learns to serve. by CopyCat1311/26/164.25

Penny's First Time

 — Penny gets seduced by another Lady. by Aussiescribe3806/04/134.24

Penny's Lesbian Awakening

 — Penny goes to a pool party with unexpected results. by Nikkiejanes02/03/194.47

Penny's Passion & Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Penny learns about her bi-sexual desires. by RedHairedandFriendly08/09/054.64HOT

Penny's Passion & Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Penny's lingerie party is invitation to more learning. by RedHairedandFriendly08/18/054.64HOT

Penny's Sexuality Takes a New Turn

 — Penny's cousin awakens new feelings and desires. by Cleevedreams04/12/194.54HOT

Penny: Model And Coach Ch. 01

 — Penny is forced to accept a lesbian service job. by stacey_lynne07/04/064.31

Penny’s Initiation

 — Bi-curious woman is seduced by four lusty friends. by Christina Samuels12/23/084.54HOT

Penthouse Dungeon

 — A mistress vents her demons on her slave girl. by Sunamoon3708/02/104.30

Percy & Bea

 — Percy is dominated by her best friend. by BlueEvans01/22/184.07

Percy & Bea Pt. 02

 — An anniversary surprise from Bea. by BlueEvans02/03/184.57HOT

Peregian Beach

 — Mature married women make love for the first time. by Wanderer4911/05/094.56HOT

Perfect Complements

 — A chance meeting changes two lives. by manyquestions12/12/084.45

Perfect Gem

 — Maxine finds higher beauty in this jewelry store. by ShionAsha08/24/094.41

Perfect Harmony

 — Two gorgeous strangers make beautiful music together. by Stephanie_Rose02/28/084.46

Perfect Lover

 — Finding the perfect lover is hard to find. by Nomansland6908/21/094.18

Perfect Matches

 — Confirmed bachelorette encounters the unexpected. by JordonLynn01/05/054.54HOT


 — Girls' night out turns out to be a meeting of old friends. by MungoParkIII12/31/074.17

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