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War of the Pezzimentis

 — The second time she cheated, he activated his plan. by Softly04/19/073.74

Wardrobe Malfunction

 — Juvenile hijinks lead to very adult naughty wife fun. by L0tsaluck02/24/154.36

Wardrobe Malfunction Pt. 02

 — An Exhibitionist Emerges. by L0tsaluck05/13/154.34

Wardrobe Malfunction Pt. 03

 — Beyond Exhibitionism. by L0tsaluck06/17/154.46

Wardrobe Malfunction Pt. 04

 — Obsession: MILF gets exposed again and again. by L0tsaluck09/19/174.43

Wardrobe Malfunction Pt. 05: Surrender

 — Final outing as a hotwife. by L0tsaluck12/30/174.19

Warehouse Whore

 — Kathy finds out just how much of a slut she is. by The Archer11/29/023.92

Warming Her Up with My Cum

 — I think she wants to cuddle to stay warm, but I was wrong... by transboy177603/26/173.80

Warmth in the Snow Pt. 01

 — A night full of surprises for two colleagues. by JustWritingANov01/13/174.53HOT

Warmth in the Snow Pt. 02

 — Complications. And more complications. by JustWritingANov01/20/174.48

Warmth in the Snow Pt. 03

 — People are never who you think they are. by JustWritingANov04/29/174.43

Warning Miss

 — It's her first time behind the wheel. by Albatross05/18/024.24

Warning Signs Pt. 01

 — Bob starts noticing warning signs about his new life. by KingBandor04/09/183.79

Warning Signs Pt. 02

 — Rose & Bob go boating and all hell breaks loose. by KingBandor04/22/183.92

Warning Signs Pt. 03

 — Final - Bob & Rose make it out and plan their response. by KingBandor04/23/183.44

Warren Butterfield Pt. 01

 — The story of Warren's struggles with work and marriage. by K.K.02/20/084.41

Warren Butterfield Pt. 02

 — Warren's story continues. by K.K.02/21/084.50HOT

Warren Butterfield Pt. 03

 — Warren's story continues. by K.K.02/22/084.60HOT

Warren Butterfield Pt. 04

 — Conclusion. by K.K.02/23/084.56HOT

Warts & All Ch. 01

 — Just your everyday, garden variety wart. by itmgr201006/25/104.72HOT

Warts & All Ch. 02

 — Just your everyday, garden variety wart. by itmgr201007/03/104.74HOT


 — In 1969 a WW2 veteran deals with a wife's infidelity. by Rhein107/16/123.82

WAS a Virgin Bride

 — She never han anyone besides her husband, until... by luvs2watchher09/01/014.08

Was He Guilty? Ch. 02

 — We got married and made a big mistake, sharing. by DG Hear07/28/114.46

Was He Guilty? Ch. 03

 — Jeff talks about the murders. by DG Hear07/29/114.51HOT

Was He Guilty? Ch. 04

 — Jeff tells his gut opinion. I play Devils advocate. by DG Hear07/30/114.57HOT

Was He Guilty? Ch. 05

 — The final Chapter and my opinion. by DG Hear07/31/114.52HOT

Was It All Worth It?

 — To every action there is a reaction, some arn't so nice. by Slirpuff05/18/104.58HOT

Was It Cheating?

 — Was what his wife did considered cheating? by DG Hear12/22/053.97

Was It Ever True?

 — A nerd's transformation. by BlBones09/03/074.26

Was It My Wife?

 — Brian hears a disturbing story about his wife. by thecelt04/21/064.54HOT

Was It Really Her Fault?

 — Wife succumbs to trickery by a friend. by Britease07/07/084.27

Was It Worth It?

 — The story of his wife and her business career. by CaseyEdwards02/23/074.42

Was Once Enough?

 — Wife experiences a big cock with Husband's business partner. by PeoriaDan02/15/174.22

Was She Ever My Wife?

 — Husband finds out about wife's other life. by curious2c12/23/054.32

Was She or Wasn't She...My Daughter?

 — Our daughter was in an accident and I found out... by BaMuoiBa04/23/184.09

Was the Bitch that Stupid

 — Revenge. by eagle16603/18/174.29

Was the Cost Worth the Benefit

 — A wife closes a business deal, but there were strings. by Sfbullrider04/21/164.24

Was This Really Going To Happen?

 — Chris and Nicole finally meet. by bigred78m12/05/142.94

Wash Away the Pain

 — She comes to him in the shower. by hotfunpen305/24/123.89

Wash Cloth

 — My name is Ken Spencer... by jakewho6911/30/123.18

Washing Dishes

 — Who knew washing dishes could be so much fun? by jayellfields11/02/094.05

Wasn't That A Party!

 — Everyone's fantasy is fulfilled. by Foxe-Male09/04/024.17

Wasted Years

 — Twelve years destroyed by 5 minutes of lust. by KingBandor04/24/183.71

Watch Me Squirm

 — Husband watches wife's first with another woman. by budsrus08/23/054.15

Watch The Game

 — I've invited some friends to watch the game. by Ashson10/10/133.81

Watch The Game Ch. 02

 — Kelly meets a friend in the garden. by Ashson10/19/134.10

Watch This, Honey!

 — Shedding of inhibition as wife masturbates for hubby. by frustratedpoodle02/29/044.18

Watcher in the Woods

 — Who knows what evil lurks in the night. by dragonmann7212/22/173.55

Watchers Get It All

 — Two new couples experiment with voyeourism! by loui01/20/034.39

Watchers Join In

 — Two watchers end up getting it all. by loui01/20/034.11


 — Erotic play in a hotel room. by bi_doc10/20/063.70


 — A fantasy of watching my wife with her lover. by paula and bob03/03/084.16


 — Wife lets her husband watch her have sex with another man. by Machu_Gamesmas06/07/143.81


 — Man watches his wife in a club. by BP197810/31/173.69

Watching & Being Watched

 — Wife watches another couple and takes control. by northernman4612/16/123.89

Watching Anna

 — Husband watches wife cheating at party. by dan0903/31/093.81

Watching Another's Wife

 — She asked him for a favor. by Just Plain Bob12/23/064.05

Watching Ch. 02

 — The aftermath of Watching. by BP197811/04/173.25

Watching Cindy

 — Couple acts out a sexy fantasy. by randdude02/04/054.46

Watching Cindy Ch. 02

 — The "other man's" story. by randdude01/25/064.18

Watching Donna in the Sauna

 — Chad the poolboy joins the fun. by sirhugs06/13/034.20

Watching Donna Play

 — Wife plays while hubby is at resort conference. by sirhugs06/19/023.74

Watching Heidi

 — A man's soon to be bride puts his fantasy into motion. by BenFitzhume03/29/104.18

Watching Her

 — An alternative marriage for adventuresome couples. by 2small4her09/05/124.14

Watching Her Bloom - Some More!

 — 30-something wife teases even more. by Hopebeach01/18/104.42

Watching Her Bloom! Ch. 01

 — He loves watching his wife learn to tease!! by Hopebeach12/20/094.40

Watching Her Boss Fuck Her Silly

 — Our sex life needed some stirring. by forbesmermaid01/04/113.60

Watching Her Get The "BIG ONE"!

 — He catches her with a Big Guy. by superdog4610/03/063.56

Watching Her Is My Fantasy

 — Husband watches wife seduced by lady masseur. by ktriniii10/02/114.24

Watching Her Is My Fantasy Ch. 02

 — He watches as a group of guys trap her at a bar. by ktriniii10/13/114.31

Watching Her Is My Fantasy Ch. 03

 — Wife is groped on a crowded train in front of husband. by ktriniii10/24/114.33

Watching Her Is My Fantasy Ch. 04

 — Husband takes his wife to a strange bar. by ktriniii02/04/124.46

Watching Her Is My Fantasy Ch. 05

 — Dance floor turns into a hotbed of action. by ktriniii03/24/124.49

Watching Her Is My Fantasy Ch. 06

 — Husband watches as wife gets bent over a table. by ktriniii05/18/124.38

Watching Her Submit

 — First time watching my wife with another man. by spousepeep01/03/154.30

Watching Her Submit Ch. 02

 — Watching wife fuck my friend continues. by spousepeep02/22/154.21

Watching Her The First Time

 — She fulfills his dream of seeing her touch another man. by lrwriter08/05/084.14

Watching Her With A Friend

 — She enjoys a friend of mine while I watch. by lrwriter07/06/094.36

Watching Her with James

 — I secretly arrange to tempt my wife into being unfaithful. by Quietoldie11/21/123.69

Watching in Person

 — Being cucked in person has an eroticism all its own. by cuckedlife03/22/183.31

Watching Lea: Greenvale Reservoir

 — Two men take sexy wife in a park. by Just2happy08/06/044.06

Watching Lea: The Beginning

 — The first time he watched his wife have sex with someone. by Just2happy06/29/043.99

Watching Lea: The Pool Guy

 — His wife surprises him once again. by Just2happy02/07/063.91

Watching Lea: The Restaurant

 — Another erotic night watching my wife with another man. by Just2happy07/05/044.01

Watching Lea; Lea's Story

 — Wife explains why she has sex with other men. by Just2happy07/02/093.61

Watching My Husband

 — Reverse cuckold; she's turned on by watching her man. by theunknown200004/16/094.33

Watching My Sweet Wife

 — His shy wife and a stranger's cock. by hubbydoug06/07/044.24

Watching My Wife

 — He plans trip out of town to spy on cheating wife. by Rico Suave10/01/023.33

Watching My Wife

 — He watches her get all she can take on a photo shoot. by Woody Woodwood03/27/054.21

Watching My Wife

 — Finally discovering what I was meant to be - a cuckold. by KingofCucks06/25/104.23

Watching My Wife

 — Needed a spark and Jim gave it to her! And I watched! by KansasFun09/14/164.09

Watching My Wife

 — My wife decides it's time for us to full swap. by dashthirty02/26/183.62

Watching My Wife Being Taken

 — My fantasy of seeing my wife with another man comes true. by cheekybrit07/21/094.07

Watching My Wife Ch. 01

 — My wife's old boss makes a cuckold of me. by cuckoldtony02/14/124.07

Watching My Wife Ch. 02

 — The photo shoot continues. by Woody Woodwood04/06/054.53HOT

Watching My Wife Ch. 02

 — My descent into cuckoldry continues. by cuckoldtony02/16/124.01

Watching My Wife Ch. 03

 — Another shoot, another adventure. by Woody Woodwood04/13/054.51HOT

Watching My Wife Ch. 04

 — He watches on a hot photo/video shoot. by Woody Woodwood05/10/054.45

Watching my Wife Fuck my Friend

 — A hot wife takes it in every hole from hubby's best friend. by MickNeighbor10/18/104.31

Watching My Wife On The Boat

 — Wife takes care of everyone on the boat. by fathertime0807/10/123.61

Watching My Wife With A Young Guy

 — Hewatches his 51 year old wife with a young guy. by markodynamo08/03/084.26

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 01

 — My wife thinks bout seducing the electrician. by gibson198409/07/183.90

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 02

 — I catch K on camera playing with the electrician. by gibson198409/11/184.04

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 03

 — I come home to find out my wife really did fuck him. by gibson198409/12/183.54

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 04

 — K denies doing anything, then meets Adam again. by gibson198409/14/183.53

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 05

 — I confront my wife and Adam and receive a reward. by gibson198409/15/183.28

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 06

 — My wife tells me what happened that first day with Adam. by gibson198409/16/183.64

Watching My Wife with Adam Pt. 07

 — Adam uses my wife in front of me. by gibson198409/22/183.41

Watching My Wife!

 — Cuckolded husband watches for the first time. by limpjake06/04/123.47

Watching Rachel

 — Husband wants to see wife with a stranger. by Benedick10/17/004.39

Watching Susan Submit

 — Husband watches wife submit to friend. by steverl07/07/164.29

Watching Tanya Ch. 02

 — Watching the tapes, husband finds more than expected. by Rick_N_Tanya05/11/074.20

Watching the Clouds

 — He just doesn't care anymore. by stev224412/01/154.49

Watching the Ice Queen Melt

 — All it took was someone else to push the right buttons. by Bakeboss12/07/113.52

Watching the Wife

 — My wife brings one of her lovers home for a good time. by CHKnight403/10/164.24

Watching Wendy Clean

 — House cleaner succumbs to wife and husband's advance. by Globaldon6908/05/104.22

Watching Wife Cheat

 — Wife with permission to screw around is caught 'cheating' by Rico Suave09/22/023.38

Watching Wife with Questions

 — A stupid funny thing happened. by prinnavea03/09/183.25

Watching with My Best Friends Wife

 — She thinks I am asleep but finds out just how awake I am. by nevermindthefalling11/18/174.34


 — Be careful what you put in your mouth. by radk06/25/124.46

Water Heater

 — Repairman fixes more plumbing than planned. by Phil Aeschio06/03/054.10

Water Men Deliver

 — Delivery guys take my wife while I watch. by Like2Watch05/18/014.30

Watercolors Ch. 01

 — Why did Joe yell at her? by johngalt4711/20/084.04

Watercolors Ch. 02

 — Can she love two men? by johngalt4711/25/083.80

Waterway Wet Work

 — Waterway adventure sparks wife's wild side. by Jbrassmonkey02/19/154.26

Waterway Wet Work Ch. 02

 — A short sequel, the adventure continues. by Jbrassmonkey02/21/154.24

Way over The Line...

 — Consequences suck. by Jckpnsvg11/16/183.42

Way Too Much Information Ch. 01

 — Steve finds out that his wife's not satisfied in bed. by Slirpuff07/27/094.32

Way Too Much Information Ch. 02

 — The Carol and Steve story concludes. by Slirpuff07/28/094.22

Wayne & Sandy & Their First Adventure

 — Wayne talks Sandy into fucking his friend. by Jerrycurious10/21/104.42

Wayward Ellen

 — A straying wife is put back into line. by gunhilltrain12/02/183.25

Waywardness Revisited

 — How my husband guided me back to my immoral ways. by avaT05/12/183.46

WBDP - Morris and Marcia

 — An April Fool's Day to remember. by Thors_Fist03/06/174.70HOT


 — Husband watches his wife with her friend, and more... by Chasecuriosity11/04/153.79

We Actually Swapped

 — My wife and I find a black couple. by wfm196903/18/083.99

We Add a 3rd

 — We enjoy my wife’s coworker and I get to watch. by fl_mike03/03/094.22

We All Watched Each Other

 — Her husband's outside - we're inside. by JustLikeEwe01/13/103.80

We Are All Animals

 — You can't fight your nature. by 1Thinkingman01/22/133.39

We Are in the Lifestyle Now Ch. 1

 — Wife teaches hubby about swinging. by Horny in the South03/12/014.34

We Are in the Lifestyle Now Ch. 2

 — In the back door. by Horny in the South04/05/04

We Are in the Lifestyle Now Ch. 3

 — Melissa helps Stacey experience Double Penetration. by Horny in the South05/10/05

We Are in the Lifestyle Now Ch. 4

 — Wife's tale of an anonymous fuck at a costume party. by Horny in the South07/15/06

We Can Work It Out

 — Angry husband leaves... for 2 years! His return is unusual. by Harddaysknight09/08/094.58HOT

We Fell In This Time

 — Couple's 4th time at the swing club. by nighttown12/14/033.91

We Find Our Groove in the Big Easy

 — A man and his wife explore their wild sides in New Orleans by tamciv8106/04/144.24

We Find Something New

 — I bring a coworker home to meet my hubby. by WayneGibbous10/23/114.43

We Had it All

 — The marriage falls apart. by fawguy8809/27/124.26

We Had It All - Aftermath

 — A follow up to We Had It All - Debbie's Story. by fawguy8810/18/123.54

We Have To Talk

 — By the time we did, it was too late. by murphy62110/23/133.09

We Have to Win!

 — How far will this couple go to win a costume contest? by CharlieGG10/07/124.33

We Help Our Friend

 — A college student's sexual adventure with his wife. by w.b.p.10/13/044.27

We Just Went to Watch

 — ...but stayed for more. by glide3309/26/044.26

We Love Margaritas & Barbeques

 — Couple tries another cookout. by spyman06/21/034.24

We Made A Really Big Mistake

 — Some times you can't even control yourself. by Slirpuff12/06/094.11

We Made Love -- Three of Us

 — She gives into his fantasy and loves it. by capecouple08/05/024.33

We Meet Mr Right

 — She finally gets the 'really big one'. by 07/17/014.18

We Meet Them In The Sauna Ch. 1

 — Married couple enjoy another pair. by thinkerdoer02/01/024.31

We Meet Them In The Sauna Ch. 2

 — Evening with Swedish couple continues. by thinkerdoer07/22/024.27

We Meet Them In The Sauna Ch. 3

 — He's get serviced by man & 2 women. by thinkerdoer06/13/044.19

We Need to Separate... 01

 — His discovery of her cheating. by mikoli576310/13/134.01

We Need to Separate... 02

 — The next day after discovery. by mikoli576310/24/134.11

We Need to Separate... 03

 — Dealing with her affair. by mikoli576311/09/134.12

We Need to Separate... 04

 — Starting over, the two of us. by mikoli576311/14/134.14

We Need To Talk

 — My version of the four famous words. by BigGuy3306/19/164.49

We Need To Talk - Now

 — Marital misunderstanding all ends in tears. by Britease09/09/154.38

We Need To Talk - Take It or Leave

 — Short scene from a marriage. by Britease04/15/154.24

We Need To Talk About Last Night

 — She got fucked and her husband wants to talk about it. by zeke8107/06/093.56

We Need to Talk Ch. 01

 — Empty nesters fight dirty. by tennesseered06/22/184.04

We Need to Talk Ch. 02

 — Myra's boyfriend causes trouble. by tennesseered06/29/184.39

We Need to Talk Ch. 03

 — The cops pay a visit. by tennesseered07/06/184.15

We Need to Talk Ch. 04

 — A weekend at the lake house. by tennesseered07/13/183.49

We Need to Talk Ch. 05

 — Spanking games. Affair partner Claire Haskell returns. by tennesseered07/21/184.11

We Need to Talk Ch. 06

 — Jillian Haskell meets her dad. Letting go of the past. by tennesseered09/29/183.82

We Need to Talk Ch. 07

 — It all comes together for the lovers. The final chapter. by tennesseered11/17/183.35

We Need to Talk Dave

 — A revenge too far. by Britease11/04/134.45

We Need To Talk Honey

 — My wife's announcment. by Britease04/28/094.57HOT

We Need to Talk Kate

 — Problems with my marriage. by Britease11/14/114.14

We Need To Talk Tony

 — A simple wrong number? by Britease12/27/104.25

We Need to Talk!

 — Got rid of a cheating wife! by lakelover06/28/124.30

We Need to Talk, Darling

 — Not the result she expected. by Britease04/04/114.42

We Need to Talk, Jim

 — A short interlude in a marriage. by Britease12/31/104.36

We Need to Talk, Sweetheart

 — My wife has some news for me. by Britease07/03/094.44

We Need to Talk, Vic

 — A startling admission. by Britease12/19/133.65

We Need To Talk, You Bastard

 — Wife's ploy fails. by Britease10/17/124.21

We Needed the Money

 — Wife gets a job at a strip club. by wifelvrman03/31/163.71

We Own a Legal Brothel! Ch. 01

 — Chantal's trip from innocent wife to prostitute. by irxgbr07/12/054.43

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