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Something Special on Friday

 — Widower and visiting nurse attend each other's needs. by AutumnWriter10/01/064.54HOT

Something to Write Home About

 — A sexual exploration. by riverboy12/08/154.86HOT

Sometimes, Love Finds You

 — Love comes to a lonely woman who's given up on finding it. by komrad115612/31/154.67HOT

Sometimes, Things Just Happen

 — Fireworks erupt between Estelle and her son's best friend. by trigudis12/19/174.34

Somewhere In Between

 — An older man and an unattractive woman. by BANJAR01/04/074.58HOT

Somtimes It Works

 — Ever ask a strange woman if she wants to fuck? by Troglodite4504/17/044.22

Son's Friend

 — Celia's unstoppable seduction. by qualitywheat12/25/104.41

Son's Friend Ch. 02

 — Celia's unstoppable seduction. by qualitywheat12/30/104.15

Sons and Lovers

 — You have mine, and I'll have yours! by Alex De Kok09/08/104.56HOT

Sophia and Joshua

 — Older woman, younger man's love affair. by Satin and Lace01/25/084.41

Sophia Teaches Me How To Love A Woman

 — A Milf teaches a young guy to love. by whitecottonlover05/20/124.40

Sophie Ch. 04-05

 — Thursday (Missing) & Friday Part One (Return) by teachgirl198002/25/104.43

Sophie Ch. 06

 — Friday continued (The Test) by teachgirl198003/01/104.59HOT

Sophie Ch. 07

 — The Twins (Part One). by teachgirl198003/07/104.56HOT

Sophie Ch. 08

 — The Twins (Part Two). by teachgirl198003/20/104.70HOT

Sophie Ch. 09

 — Doc's struggle. by teachgirl198004/02/104.65HOT

Sophie Ch. 10

 — Doc is confused. by teachgirl198008/25/104.64HOT

Sophie Ch. 11

 — Doc has a dream? by teachgirl198010/02/104.82HOT

Sophie's Choice

 — Young woman shows a man that turning forty isn't that bad. by a_gray_fox4u11/10/094.17

Sophie's Last Night Out

 — Fiancé's father seduces bride night before wedding. by The_shadow_rising12/09/054.51HOT

Sophie's Room

 — Older woman finds romance at a company affair. by pullmepushyou09/02/014.52HOT

Sophomore Slave Auction

 — A professor buys a student at a "Slave Auction." by Baxter7209/14/084.35

Sorority Mom Friend

 — He gets close to his mother's old sorority friend. by nickatnight06/09/033.99

Sorority Rule

 — Dad walks in on daughter's friend & must obey rules. by oraldave3905/27/064.54HOT

Sorority Sunburn

 — Sexy lessons from both sides of the desk. by tickled_red09/02/094.03

Sorry We Lost, Coach

 — The head cheerleader feels terrible that the team lost. by HBuunsch03/18/143.63

Sorry, I Misplaced My Hammer

 — Wannabe actor's new experience. by bginner08/13/044.00

Sorry, Prof...

 — Prof meets an ex-student on the first day back at college. by dr_thom_french09/26/124.38

Sorry, Prof...

 — Prof meets an ex-student on the first day back at college. by french_prof05/17/134.52HOT

Sounds Good Ch. 01: Intro

 — The start of something between a MILF and her young neighbor. by plushpeach11/08/184.62HOT

Sounds Good Ch. 02: The Neighbor

 — Diane invites Peter over to play out a fantasy. by plushpeach11/19/184.55HOT

Sounds Good Ch. 03: The Teacher

 — Diane encourages Peter to get his grade up. by plushpeach11/29/184.57HOT

Sounds Good Ch. 04: The Librarian

 — Diane and Peter take a break from their usual recordings. by plushpeach12/16/184.66HOT

Sounds Good Ch. 05: Mother-in-Law

 — Diane gives Peter a lesson in satisfaction. by plushpeach12/31/184.51HOT

Sounds Good Ch. 06: The Restaurant

 — Diane gets a mouthful when she and Peter get a bite to eat. by plushpeach02/09/194.55HOT

Sounds Good Ch. 07: The Mermaid

 — Peter helps Diane with a rather unusual fan request. by plushpeach05/09/194.35

Sounds Like a Plan

 — Man and younger woman enjoy each other. by Balrog07/19/184.63HOT

SoundTek Systems Inc.

 — Mark and Vesta meet the Sex Nazi. by claretwine03/01/064.45

SoundTek Systems Inc. Ch. 02

 — Vesta challenges Miss Mari Maccord. by claretwine03/02/064.65HOT

SoundTek Systems Inc. Ch. 03

 — The Sex Nazi takes a fall. by claretwine03/08/064.54HOT

SoundTek Systems Inc. Ch. 04

 — The Sex Nazi confronts Vesta. by claretwine03/09/064.57HOT

SoundTek Systems Inc. Ch. 05

 — The Sex Nazi traps Mark and Vesta. by claretwine03/15/064.68HOT

SoundTek Systems Inc. Ch. 06

 — The Sex Nazi is finally defeated. by claretwine03/16/064.61HOT

Southern Retirement

 — Another opportunity to find love. by LucOuarm10/04/024.59HOT


 — Getting more than a lousy t-shirt from this summer vacation. by RejectReality08/27/104.73HOT

Soybean Summer

 — Young farmer meets neighbor's divorced niece. by ronde07/19/034.79HOT

Spanish Holiday Mum

 — His friend's mum became his new game. by falselove03/23/083.65

Spanish Holiday Mum Ch. 02

 — Rewards for taking the risk. by falselove05/12/104.03

Spank My Old Ass

 — He meets his older wife's needs. by JustinNickThyme10/04/064.00

Spanked & Wanked

 — Spanking mature woman and a young man. by welshspanker03/28/124.09

Spanked & Wanked Ch. 02

 — The torment continues. by welshspanker04/10/124.36

Spankings; But Not On My Ass

 — Light bondage and titty spanking. by lioness_7111/26/124.24

Special Maid 01

 — A plump young woman discovers her true self. by Perceval2110/24/123.96

Special Needs Tutoring

 — Retired teachers with a college student. by moreandmore05/19/184.42

Special Pendant

 — Wife boldly reveals husband has been a cuck. by msm86511/08/143.60

Speed Dating

 — He wants it dirty and nasty, she delivers. by suziesdad02/16/154.51HOT

Speed Dating:Sexy

 — Emily finds herself having a bit of fun at a dating service. by Overthetop3108/17/123.98

Spencer's Canyon

 — Student takes a summer job for a semester, and gets much more. by ilikeithot630802/02/184.71HOT

Spoils of Victory

 — Older woman enjoys a younger lover - again. by Alex De Kok02/29/044.52HOT

Spoils of Victory: Epilogue

 — The weekend continues. by Alex De Kok08/12/044.62HOT

Spoils of Victory: Prologue

 — A bet leads to pleasure - for both. by Alex De Kok03/07/044.67HOT

Sponge Bath

 — Her stay in the hospital takes a pleasant turn. by hafnium1001/12/104.20

Spring 1971: Carol's Mom

 — A mundane visit becomes an adventure. by davidwatts03/24/054.31

Spring Break

 — His hospitable roomie has a MILF. by Goldeniangel02/27/054.50HOT

Spring Break "Shifting"

 — A young library aide is seduced by his sexy librarian boss. by UnderworldWolfman04/18/064.67HOT

Spring Break & the Single Dad

 — An unlikely couple comes together over Spring Break. by AliceInWonderland7904/06/064.07

Spring Break at the Office

 — Her customer service is top notch during spring break. by MJStone07/01/174.23

Spring Flowers Bring Spring Showers

 — A spring day brings the discovery of a new lover. by angel_6910/11/104.66HOT

Spring Trash Pick-Up Birthday

 — Mr. Marcus comes to the aid of Bree's mother. by HarveyMarcus08/17/024.53HOT

Spur of the Moment

 — Sometimes things just work out. by magmaman08/07/094.24

Spying on Anthony's Mom was Hot Ch. 04

 — My best friend's mom enjoys being exhibitionist and more. by JRob02/14/134.49

Spying on My Girlfriend... Ch. 01

 — He watches a middle-aged man seduce his girlfriend. by Starman234502/02/084.61HOT

Spying on My Girlfriend... Ch. 03

 — Young Leigh allows the balding lecher another opportunity. by Starman234503/26/084.62HOT

Spying on My Girlfriend... Ch. 04

 — Leigh is clandestinely observed being molested. by Starman234505/29/084.62HOT

Squaring the Bar Tab

 — Sexy old bar owner takes bill out in trade. by milfleglover07/16/144.24

Squeezing in Mary

 — A trip in the kitchen and he sleeps with his mums friend. by unique_cabelas11/08/144.13

Squirting Hot Cougar & Her Sexy Cub

 — Sexy Cougar Squirter and hot younger man have hot sex. by SultrySamy03/07/104.30

St. Valentines Day

 — She needed an escort for the evening. by patuk5411/22/024.48

Stable Boy

 — Betrayal leads a beautiful older woman to true love. by komrad115604/19/174.73HOT

Stacey's Mom

 — Hearing the song provokes a strong memory of Brad's youth. by JudeWrites05/18/104.61HOT

Staci in Paradise Ch. 01

 — Staci's early adult years; from ugly duckling to losin' it. by staciliv11/08/074.36

Staci in Paradise Ch. 02

 — Staci's new job has some unexpected perks. by staciliv11/13/074.22

Staci in Paradise Ch. 03

 — Staci gets revenge. by staciliv11/20/074.33

Staci in Paradise Ch. 04

 — Staci runs into - and over - an old friend. by staciliv11/21/074.63HOT

Staci in Paradise Ch. 05

 — Staci and Maria become more than friends. by staciliv11/29/074.48

Staci in Paradise Ch. 06

 — Staci gets what she so richly deserves. by staciliv11/30/074.73HOT

Stacy's Taunt

 — A taunt too far. by ISawYourMommy08/05/054.39

Stalking My Friend's Dad

 — Young chick brings an old rooster back to life. by KellyP04/19/084.18

Stand Tall

 — A young jockey stands tall for the older woman he loves. by komrad115612/20/174.79HOT

Stanford Sex Challenge

 — Four Friends Embark on a Sex Challenge... by CelticLion10110/19/184.23

Stanley's Last Laugh

 — Even at the end Stanley is a winner. by greenfly10/14/104.03

Starr Summer Academy

 — A new teacher is initiated by faculty and students. by LadyKaren5007/11/124.42

Starry Starry Night

 — Campfire desires. by hissexydisaster01/16/153.68

Start My Fire

 — A newly divorced lady meets a younger man. by redkissy01/25/184.43

Starting Over

 — Widower discovers new friendship after a terrible event. by HOM195409/06/134.47

State of Grace

 — A young woman finds comfort/hot sex with best friend's dad. by vegasokie0310/05/154.62HOT

Staying Late with Miss R

 — Young college student finds love with his teacher. by Roland_Decker01/29/094.32

Staying Out of Trouble

 — Oil guy seduces the sexy Mrs. Whitnell. by OldBlackDog902/25/014.20

Staying with Mrs. Wentworth, Day 01

 — Mom makes him spend week with former teacher. by softspokenstephen07/26/134.22

Staying with Mrs. Wentworth, Day 02

 — Mrs. Wentworth takes Stephen on a date. by softspokenstephen08/11/134.50HOT

Staying with Mrs. Wentworth, Day 03

 — Stephen helps Mrs. W and she's grateful. by softspokenstephen09/23/134.52HOT

Stealing a Few Moments in the Shower

 — She spends time alone. by DieDieMyDarling06/20/113.85

Steamy Sauna

 — Things get steamy with a Yoga Instructor at job; a local Spa. by TheTrueBigBoss10/04/11HOT

Steamy Sauna Ch. 02

 — Robin and Logan continue their fun. by TheTrueBigBoss04/03/124.52HOT


 — An unexpected tryst with my best friends' lovely daughter. by gapster701/23/194.77HOT

Stella Days

 — She was 36, worldly; he was just 19, obsessed, by SamScribble08/29/124.41

Stella's Situation

 — Her parents' hot friend Kevin comes to stay. by barabajagal00110/02/113.84

Step Mom Steps In

 — Sharon catches Jeff a few too many times. by Felixcabin05/24/034.26

Step Mom Steps In Ch. 02

 — Sharon wants more of what she got. by Felixcabin07/15/034.40

Step Mom Steps In Ch. 03

 — Nothing much Step Mom can do. by Felixcabin07/16/034.28

Step Mom Steps In Ch. 04

 — Would Sharon leave Jeff with a stiff? by Felixcabin07/26/034.39

Step Mom Steps In Ch. 05

 — Guess who steps in when Dad's gone by Felixcabin09/10/034.39

Step Mom Steps In Ch. 06

 — Step Mom introduces Donna to Jeff. by Felixcabin09/23/034.18

Step Passions Lessons in Luv

 — Horny stud receives sex lessons from hot Step Mom. by darkkrayvn10/21/144.31

Step-Daddy's Little Girl

 — Thomas cannot get his wife’s sexy daughter off of his mind. by Big Gunz05/05/094.50HOT

Stepdads Best Friend and Katie

 — Stepdads best friend and his daughter have a moment by katiebug2250006/01/144.06

Stepdaughter's Best Friend

 — He finds her drunk and naked in the den. by sirhugs08/17/074.55HOT

Stepdaughter's BFF Ch. 01

 — Encounter after New Year's party proves entertaining. by sirhugs01/04/154.53HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 01

 — Lit reader enjoys my story, and shares her life with me. by TysonsHome09/10/124.50HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 02

 — Adventure with Steph continues, I learn about the girls. by TysonsHome09/14/124.62HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 03

 — Surprise visit from Kelly. by TysonsHome09/17/124.58HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 04

 — Lane comes over with Stephanie. by TysonsHome09/20/124.69HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 05

 — Tammy does an overnighter. by TysonsHome09/24/124.72HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 06

 — "The Talk", and Kelly visits the office again. by TysonsHome09/28/124.64HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 07

 — The Long Weekend. by TysonsHome09/29/124.79HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 08

 — Abby joins the club, and Lane tried something new. by TysonsHome10/11/124.78HOT

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 09

 — Lane gets her wish, and the girls meet my neighbors. by TysonsHome10/22/124.79HOT

Stephanie Ch. 01

 — I save a young woman, and get rewarded as her 'hero' by canuckCD10/14/134.68HOT

Stephanie Ch. 02

 — Stephanie sneaks out and spends the night with me by canuckCD11/03/134.58HOT

Stephen and the Girl

 — A young woman makes an old man's day. by Patchwork12/29/084.52HOT

Stephen and the Girl Ch. 02

 — The man yearns for another encounter. by Patchwork01/02/094.75HOT

Stephen's Ride to Heaven

 — His bus ride to pleasure was just the beginning. by lovelyladyfaire02/27/164.39

Stepmother's Needs

 — Horny Marge can't wait. by harddavey08/13/074.08

Stepping Out in the Suburbs Ch. 06

 — I give a young neighbor a ride. And then we ride each other! by InsatiableSteve08/03/184.51HOT

Steps of Sexual Learning Book 01

 — Callie learns about sex from older man. by gentletouch196010/13/144.41

Steve and the Widow Laura

 — 20-something guy gets it on with a sixty something widow. by bucksilver07/22/094.52HOT

Steve and the Widow Laura Ch. 02

 — Steve gets engaged and keeps the widow. by bucksilver09/12/094.49

Stevens and Ms. Wu Ch. 01

 — Stevens meets with his former high school counselor. by DoesIsCanCant12/11/184.28

Sticky Ch. 01

 — Old flames discover internet messaging. by Harry_6406/23/094.16

Sticky Sweet

 — Two coworkers get it on. by StaciHunter12/23/034.13

Stiletto Spree

 — Buying some hot shoes & clothes makes Mattie a new woman. by BrettJ09/14/134.38

Still Eating Nana's Cookies

 — 58 years old and oh-so-horny. by bruce4905/21/084.38

Still In Love with Sophia

 — A husband finds himself with a dilemma. by dsoul11/14/094.08

Still In Lust With You

 — Grandma and grandpa are still at it. by Svenskaflicka11/27/034.40

Still Irresistible

 — She just won't stop.... by SecondCircle08/11/134.62HOT

Still Sex at 70

 — Single seniors find each other. by ainu08/07/064.66HOT

Still Shy?

 — First time affair with Islander woman. by OzDave03/31/054.36

Still Shy? Ch. 02

 — Beautiful Maori girl excites shy older man. by OzDave09/18/054.43

Stolen Moments

 — She tells of having you then adding another female. by Harleypoohus09/01/104.50HOT

Stories With a MILF

 — Helping the MILF across the street starts something great. by Secretlit77703/26/144.34

Storm, Snow, and Sex

 — An Indian woman has sex with her younger employee. by Cute Breasts12/30/084.47

Stormy Weather Ch. 01

 — Jack and his landlady spend a weekend on a stormy coast. by vanillaalways09/08/133.81

Stormy Weather Ch. 02

 — Jack and his landlady spend a weekend on a stormy coast. by vanillaalways09/14/134.14

Stormy Weather Ch. 03

 — Jack and Cynthia reach their destination. by vanillaalways09/15/134.36

Stormy Weather Ch. 04

 — Jack and Cynthia return to the hotel. by vanillaalways10/02/134.53HOT

Stormy Weather Ch. 05

 — A guest arrives. by vanillaalways10/19/134.44

Stormy Weather Ch. 06

 — The Journey Home. by vanillaalways10/19/134.53HOT

Story Of Denise

 — A taxi driver picks up a hot fare. by shyguy195309/07/084.15

Story Time

 — His lessons in sexuality from a beautiful mentor. by johnnieblue4405/18/084.46 the Racer's Edge

 — Setting a goal leads an unhappy women to the love she needs. by komrad115604/07/164.58HOT

Straight, Gay or Bi...?

 — A trip to the beach with another couple - and I do mean trip. by 1mbibry03/21/174.34


 — Heavy snow in Denver alters a younger man's plans. by komrad115612/19/164.78HOT

Stranger Among Us

 — He may have been a pretty face, but he was deadly... by U_Guessed_It03/17/153.37

Stranger in a Strange Town

 — Older lovers meet and mate. by Silverstag08/30/054.58HOT

Stranger Things Happen at Sea

 — Mature Women recounting sexual nautical memories. by micjammusic11/30/174.57HOT


 — She finally meets her online lover. by SxyRn200004/19/013.80

Strangers on a Train

 — Not quite Hitchcock. by Annainthesky03/20/154.16

Strangers On The Bus

 — She lets older men touch her on the bus. by SubmissiveVirginSlut10/05/044.47

Strawberried Phone Conversation

 — Mr. Johnson catches up with Rebecca on the phone. by pinkdasie12/20/044.57HOT

Strawberries, Marianne Picks John

 — Marianne introduces John. by Libertine11/15/114.47

Strawberries, Marianne Tutors John

 — The last night fuck involves all the girls. by Libertine11/18/114.51HOT

Strawberries, New Women for John

 — John widens his experience with Beth and Barbro. by Libertine11/21/114.54HOT

Strawberry Lips

 — Daphne makes herself at home, but is she alone? by wafflecone11103/30/124.25

Strawberry Tarts

 — He always had a thing for redheads...and he hit the jackpot! by Swampcooler09/06/174.77HOT

Strawberry-Blonde MILF

 — A strawberry-blonde and her lover rock each other's worlds. by Irish Moss01/23/114.22


 — "Mom! Are you two...?" He asked. by magmaman07/12/114.62HOT

Strict Old Principal

 — A young man if forced to submit to his former principal. by FantasizeAndRealize10/15/154.34

Strict Old Principal Ch. 02

 — A young binds himself to his retired high school principal. by FantasizeAndRealize11/06/154.55HOT

Strict Old Principal Ch. 03

 — A young man serves an old woman and her boyfriend. by FantasizeAndRealize01/29/164.43

Strictly Physical

 — One-night stand with the ex. by PoeticAvarice11/21/142.89

STRIP Ch. 03

 — Family and friends get swept into the sexual vortex. by HarveyMarcus10/15/104.62HOT

STRIP Ch. 05

 — Cassi meets a stranger on the train. by HarveyMarcus11/10/104.42

STRIP Ch. 06

 — Dick juggles a house full of horny young adults. by HarveyMarcus11/24/104.60HOT

STRIP Ch. 07

 — Lots of pretending, and then it gets real. by HarveyMarcus12/08/104.57HOT

STRIP Ch. 08

 — Simultaneous two-household swap. by HarveyMarcus01/02/114.63HOT

STRIP Ch. 09

 — Mr. Marcus has two close encounters and survives. by HarveyMarcus06/18/114.65HOT

STRIP Ch. 11

 — Dick picks up the dry cleaning and another almost conquest. by HarveyMarcus09/08/114.62HOT

STRIP Ch. 15

 — Quinn comes to visit after Rod dumps her. by HarveyMarcus07/06/144.64HOT

Strip Club

 — Get some pussy on a bar stool in a strip club. by theoldone07/19/122.91

Stuck Again, Again

 — Brian meets Amy's Mom. by Pudmeister10/10/084.37

Stuck in the Lift with Vera

 — Office manager seduced by an older co-worker. by phobosuk10/15/124.33

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