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Parents and Siblings Ch. 01

 — Family sex in the morden world. by Lust4Sex200803/22/084.15

Parents and Their Siblings

 — Indian son catches his parents with their siblings by sahil_ahmedabad07/21/104.05

Parents are Gone Ch. 01

 — Sister is presented with an opportunity. by NawtyNympho04/29/034.12

Parents Aren't In

 — Sister decides to fulfill older brother's desires. by DevilDodger04/11/154.00

Parents' Dinner Party

 — Birthday party becomes a family orgy. by Rck7Card01/28/054.54HOT

Paris Conference

 — Businessman meets up with his charming niece. by The English Gent11/27/004.47

Paris TX Ch. 01

 — An accident in the night between siblings. by fahrenheit10103/27/064.49

Paris TX Ch. 02

 — His sister asked him to buy condoms. by fahrenheit10104/05/064.49

Paris TX Ch. 03

 — Does somebody know about my sister and I? by fahrenheit10104/13/064.56HOT

Paris TX Ch. 04

 — Cat begins to tell her side of the story. by fahrenheit10104/24/064.53HOT

Paris TX Ch. 05

 — She tells how she lost her virginity to her stepbrother Andy. by fahrenheit10110/05/064.46

Park at Your Own Risk

 — Fender-bender spices up couple's sex life. by ParkHere11/28/004.30

Park Interlude

 — Mom and son find love in the park after dark, in the shadows. by hotwifeandhubby03/28/174.24

Park Interlude Ch. 02

 — It's raining but never let that stop a hot date with my son. by hotwifeandhubby04/01/174.48

Parking Lot Encounter Ch. 02

 — They bring Sally's Sis into the fun. by CharlieL03/31/094.21

Part 2: It Wasn't Just Him

 — New year's party and a dirty little surprise. by neha_d_angel12/31/133.91

Part Time Lover Ch. 01

 — Cousin catches her masturbating. by chan6907/26/043.86


 — Siblings about to lose each other take a big step. by Bob Clark Jr.07/20/034.51HOT

Parting With Jess

 — His last night in the country, and his sister will miss him. by Lustration10/10/044.54HOT

Partner Swap; with a Twist

 — Two couples change things up. by patdown07/11/173.48

Partners in Crime Ch. 01

 — Father gives in to daughter's seduction ploy. by Uncle Meat10/21/034.47

Partners in Crime Ch. 02

 — Sparks fly after he falls into bed with daughter. by Uncle Meat10/23/034.58HOT

Partners in Seduction

 — Two young sisters seduce their mom. by sweettalk4u10/25/184.47


 — I realized my girlfriend was just going through the motions. by Algonquin Twit09/13/103.96

Party 911

 — Little sister turns in big sister, with unexpected results. by Athena_e1907/17/094.06

Party at the In-Laws

 — Couple invites her brother-in-law to sex party. by mustanger7up04/12/034.38

Party Favor for Sister

 — Andy has to pretend to be his sister's boyfriend. by Grillytilly03/26/164.68HOT

Party Fun with My Brother Ch. 01

 — Brother and sister find love through lust. by mistrifella03/13/194.60HOT

Party Fun with My Brother Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of Steve and Julia's lustful journey. by mistrifella03/21/194.37

Party Fun with My Brother Ch. 03

 — Final part of Steve & Julia's journey of love through lust. by mistrifella03/29/194.25

Party Fun with My Brother Ch. 04

 — A brother and sisters journey of lust and love. by mistrifella05/07/194.36NEW

Party Girl

 — Drunk 18-year-old Dacia shows daddy her gratitude. by Daddys_Temptress01/02/024.45

Party Girl Ch. 2

 — Dacia's mom calls while daddy has his mouth full. by Daddys_Temptress01/06/024.53HOT

Party Line

 — Fucking, sucking, sex and sleaze - it's a party. by bill_p9905/15/074.01

Party Mom Ch. 03

 — Mom stars in a new porn movie. by PurpleMonkeyDishwash01/30/124.04

Party Mom Ch. 04

 — Mom and crew take mysterious trip. (No need to have read 1-3) by PurpleMonkeyDishwash06/03/124.26

Party of Five Ch. 01

 — Josh lives with mom & three sisters. by VertigoJ06/12/044.27

Party of Five Ch. 02

 — Meet Dawn & witness an embarassing scene. by VertigoJ07/20/044.41

Party of Five Ch. 03

 — Josh unwraps his presents. by VertigoJ08/03/044.60HOT

Party of Five Ch. 04

 — Josh and Dawn fight. by VertigoJ08/10/044.53HOT

Party of Five Ch. 05

 — Josh has another encounter with Jacquie. by VertigoJ08/23/044.66HOT

Party of Five Ch. 06

 — Josh gets a surprise suggestion from Jacquie. by VertigoJ08/27/044.63HOT

Party of Five Ch. 07

 — Josh makes a choice. by VertigoJ09/03/044.71HOT

Party of Five Ch. 08

 — Josh has encore with Jacquie. by VertigoJ09/11/044.80HOT

Party of Five Ch. 09

 — Josh feels the strain of pleasing two women. by VertigoJ09/17/044.64HOT

Party of Five Ch. 10

 — Valerie reconsiders & Josh argues with Dawn. by VertigoJ09/18/044.65HOT

Party of Five Ch. 11

 — Josh has a nighttime encounter with Dawn. by VertigoJ09/23/044.80HOT

Party of Five Ch. 12

 — Jacquie discovers something shocking. by VertigoJ10/04/044.71HOT

Party of Five Ch. 13

 — Josh wants to slow things down, but will Dawn let him? by VertigoJ10/18/044.71HOT

Party of Five Ch. 14

 — New experience for Josh & a shocking revelation. by VertigoJ11/02/044.77HOT

Party of Five Ch. 15

 — Josh spends some (more) quality time with Dawn by VertigoJ11/02/044.68HOT

Party of Five Ch. 16

 — Two torrid romps & quality time with Alice. by VertigoJ11/06/044.79HOT

Party of Five Ch. 17

 — Josh is home alone with Alice. by VertigoJ11/14/044.81HOT

Party of Five Ch. 18

 — Josh and Alice receive their answer. by VertigoJ11/25/044.74HOT

Party of Five Ch. 19

 — Valerie meets the sisters. by VertigoJ12/11/044.71HOT

Party of Five Ch. 20

 — Josh and Dawn make love. by VertigoJ01/23/054.76HOT

Party of Five Ch. 21

 — Dawn finally knows about Alice & Josh - and loves it. by ink_fox06/19/094.54HOT

Party Slut Sara

 — The first time I fucked my step daughters tight cunt. by Rifraff12303/26/133.97

Party Store

 — Son and Mom find Dad's porn. by 36FF_Tiki05/22/154.51HOT

Party Surprise

 — He attends an orgy held by sister's husband. by scorpio0015501/20/014.44

Party Time

 — Dad picks up daughter after a party and they party together. by bassguitarbubba04/27/174.39

Party with Daddy

 — Tease of a daughter at a party. by 100willie04/08/114.01

Party with Sister

 — Indian brother-sister sex story. by saagar_manthan12/21/084.02

Partying At 3040

 — Parents' club welcomes members' son. by gentlemom06/29/084.48

Partying Too Hard

 — I learn to love my daughter in a different way. by dkm2543312/03/113.94

Partying with Mom

 — A party brings mom and son closer. by nasty_dan07/30/074.43

Partying with My Sister

 — Siblings do the horizontal mambo - and like it. by Art09/24/054.48

Passing English

 — Mary & Kim's secret makes passing English hard. by darkbeast07/20/024.07

Passing Trig

 — Jeremy does some extra credit so he can pass the class by crazygirl1803/07/143.15

Passion Finally Takes Hold

 — Jilted daddy & daughter get a little closer. by gothic_Swimmer_199006/04/064.20

Passion for Dad Ch. 01

 — She found the camera hidden behind a grate. by Sowmya09/11/074.35

Passion for Dad Ch. 02

 — Mom joins in their passion. by Sowmya09/12/074.57HOT

Passion for Dad Ch. 03

 — Getting it along. by Sowmya09/13/074.62HOT

Passion for Dad Ch. 04

 — A perfect home cumming. by Sowmya09/14/074.55HOT

Passion for Dad Ch. 05

 — We have become a family. by Sowmya09/20/074.67HOT

Passion in the Dark

 — Young woman fucks her grandad. by coolswastika09/04/123.62

Passionate Aggressive Behavior

 — More than a summer internship with Aunt peg. by walterio08/05/174.55HOT

Passionate Girl's Night

 — Two sisters have a girl's night. by cutiechantal06/17/034.44

Passionate Homecoming

 — Father and daughter discover each other after college. by sweetexpression05/25/034.50HOT

Passions Ignited

 — A brother takes control, both give into secret desires. by darkphoenix110/16/054.16

Passions Of Sin Erupt In Mother Ch. 01

 — She fights her feelings for her son. by sexyramlo12/13/044.57HOT

Passions Of Sin Erupt In Mother Ch. 02

 — Mother & son are in love. by sexyramlo01/14/054.69HOT

Passions Of Sin Erupt In Mother Ch. 03

 — Sandra finds some extra time to spend with her son. by sexyramlo03/21/114.56HOT

Passions Unleashed Ch. 01

 — Teddy spies his mom in intimate situation. by The Devils Advocate03/02/014.00

Passions Unleashed Ch. 02

 — Mother discovers son's secret writing. by The Devils Advocate03/03/014.05

Passions Unleashed Ch. 03

 — Mom & David have close encounter. by The Devils Advocate03/04/014.41

Passions Unleashed Ch. 04

 — Who REALLY left the story for Mom to find? by The Devils Advocate03/05/014.42

Passions Unleashed Ch. 05

 — Susan's rejuvenated by incestuous affair. by The Devils Advocate03/07/014.28

Passions Unleashed Ch. 06

 — Father's new desires strain the family. by The Devils Advocate03/08/014.12

Passions Unleashed Ch. 07

 — Ted comes home to a new surprise. by The Devils Advocate03/09/014.28

Passions Unleashed Ch. 08

 — Susan plans a wild night out. by The Devils Advocate03/10/014.13

Passions Unleashed Ch. 09

 — Susan's gangbang is arranged. by The Devils Advocate03/11/013.97

Passions Unleashed Ch. 12

 — David confronts his mother. by The Devils Advocate03/15/014.09

Passions Unleashed, Pt 10

 — Susan takes on son's friends. by The Devils Advocate03/13/014.14

Passions Unleashed, Pt. 11

 — Dave yearns to be with Mom. by The Devils Advocate03/14/014.14

Passport to Shelly

 — Daddy wasn't looking for a passport. by -Sadie26-01/26/044.35

Past And Present Ch. 01

 — Mother and son. by lizzie118106/17/074.15

Past Becomes Prologue

 — Two sons reignite desire in their father. by datura4812/08/174.76HOT

Past Life of Mary Alice

 — Josh discovers his mother once did porn. A lot of porn. by EloraDay09/18/084.23

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