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Incest/Taboo Stories

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Cousins In Heat Ch. 1

 — His favorite summer begins with a beach trip. by CMD01/13/014.32

Cousins in Love and Lust

 — Cousins fall in love. All in one. by PaulEllie11/24/174.55HOT

Cousins Long Lost

 — Family reunion prompts flashback of love and guilt. by drscar09/21/094.60HOT

Cousins Oral Sex

 — A short story of cousins having oral sex. by PaulEllie11/27/184.08

Cousins Reunion Ch. 01

 — Cousins with previous history of intimacy reunite. by jou_ahn09/16/084.39

Cousins Reunion Ch. 02

 — Escalation of the cousins sexual interaction. by jou_ahn09/19/084.53HOT

Cousins Reunion Ch. 03

 — Night out: relationship expands, becomes more intense. by jou_ahn09/21/084.48

Cousins Reunion Ch. 04

 — Kay is wild. Exhibitionism, anal, public sex. by jou_ahn09/25/084.51HOT

Cousins Reunion Ch. 05

 — Surprise. Parker masturbates. Jay tongue fucks Kay's ass. by jou_ahn09/30/084.47

Cousins Reunion Ch. 06

 — Kay introduces Jay to her best friend Mira. by jou_ahn10/09/084.51HOT

Cousins Reunion Ch. 07

 — Mira's Turn. by jou_ahn10/18/084.63HOT

Cousins Reunion Ch. 08

 — Wild threeway between Kay, Mira and Jay. by jou_ahn11/14/084.58HOT

Cousins Reunite

 — They remember, talk and finish what they once started. by Libertine05/19/124.57HOT

Cousins Revealed

 — After a long time true feelings among cousins are revealed. by daddysgirl1906/17/124.21

Cousins with Benefits

 — Mark's wife's cousins have benefits. It's complicated. by JBEdwards05/18/184.39

Cousins with Benefits Ch. 01

 — Because Futbol. by TheMadSonneteer07/26/144.49

Cousins With Mutual Feelings

 — They find how much they love each other. by eatpus4ever06/11/034.58HOT

Cousins With Mutual Feelings Ch. 02

 — Cousins continue their affair. by eatpus4ever06/20/034.58HOT

Cousins' Love Runs Deep Pt. 01

 — You've never loved till you've loved a cousin. by Anonymous_sixty_nine6901/30/194.30

Cousins' Lust

 — Story of him & his beautiful cousin. by jason_dancer02/05/044.05

Cousins, Snowed In

 — A Yuletide blizzard turns winter break sexy. by Thedemonfox11/20/174.47

Cousins: Adam & Veronica Pt. 01

 — Two cousins discover feelings and passion for one another. by Nerdy197910/28/154.19

Cowboy's Delight

 — A country boy gets down on the farm when his stepsister come. by j.v. junkins02/10/054.26

Cowboys & Indians

 — Aunt Samantha learns not to lose in this game anymore. by Hollow_Eyes05/16/084.49

Crab Island

 — Family fun on their own private island. by book_man_0307/02/044.57HOT

Crab Island Ch. 02

 — The family fun continues. by book_man_0307/03/044.66HOTContest Winner

Crack of Dawn Dewy at Son's Rise

 — He's stiff in the morning; she gets oily early as well! by oediplex09/28/164.14


 — Daughter finally gives something in return. by badbaddad03/14/053.93

Crack-Head Ch. 02

 — Dad invites addicted daughter back for more fun. by badbaddad09/13/053.90

Craig And The Virgin Twins

 — Craig deflowers identical twins. by deepemerald05/11/044.49

Cramming for Finals

 — A college student helps her dad through a rough time. by barista80801/29/124.17

Cramped in the Closet

 — Siblings have no choice while waiting to surprise their Dad. by AmpersandAndMe09/25/164.61HOT

Cramped in the Closet Ch. 02

 — Nate and Rachel deal with what happens next. by AmpersandAndMe07/06/174.63HOT

Cramped in the Closet Ch. 03

 — Their no funny business agreement is put to the test. by AmpersandAndMe07/11/174.64HOT


 — Family at black crews' mercy after crash. by hammertime03/06/044.53HOT

Crash Course Sex: Lesson 01

 — A mother comes to her son's aid during a crisis. by oediplus03/05/134.49

Crash Course Sex: Lesson 02

 — Kyle returns from school. by oediplus05/05/134.62HOT

Crash Course Sex: Lesson 03

 — Kyle receives some nightly tutoring. by oediplus08/13/134.61HOT

Crash Course Sex: Lesson 04

 — Kyle receives his final lesson. by oediplus05/15/144.69HOT

Crash Into Me

 — Two sisters find love after tragedy. by Areala-chan09/16/164.83HOT

Crash-n-Burn Ch. 01

 — Cole's bad crash will change his life. by Homerotic08/20/184.62HOT

Crash-n-Burn Ch. 02

 — Cole & Estelle become closer. by Homerotic08/21/184.68HOT

Crash-n-Burn Ch. 03

 — Winter camping trip leads to unexpected events. by Homerotic08/24/184.72HOT

Crash-n-Burn Ch. 04

 — Cole and his mother explore their new relationship. by Homerotic08/29/184.75HOT

Crash-n-Burn Ch. 05

 — Estelle decides it is time. by Homerotic09/01/184.69HOT

Crash-n-Burn Ch. 06

 — Cole learns Estelle's history. by Homerotic09/06/184.65HOT

Crashed Ch. 1

 — Dad and his daughter find love. by L.A. Wicker08/11/014.10

Crashed Ch. 2

 — Dad & daughter are stranded together. by L.A. Wicker08/12/014.34

Crashed Ch. 3

 — Dad and daughter find love far away from everyone. by L.A. Wicker08/13/014.31

Crashed Ch. 4

 — Stranded dad & daughter are rescued. by L.A. Wicker08/14/014.51HOT

Craving Cole

 — Cousins play on the way to fish. by inkquisitive07/10/144.20

Craving Cole Ch. 02

 — At the campground. by inkquisitive04/14/154.06

Craving Cole Ch. 03

 — This is the third installment in the Craving Cole series. by inkquisitive05/15/173.97

Craving for My Brother's Cum

 — A sister craves to smell and taste his brother's manhood. by NaughtyBlush05/14/174.16

Craving Her Mother's Sweat

 — A frustrated daughter finds sexual release in her mother. by The_British_Master08/04/174.29

Craving More Sugar

 — Another Sugar fix. by Sosino03/09/074.29

Craving Sugar

 — He's craving his Sugar fix. by Sosino02/12/074.42

Crazy Cassie

 — My fat daughter and my fat cock conspire against me. by ShinaRyun08/22/154.25

Crazy Cassie Ch. 02

 — We clean up, and invariably make another mess. by ShinaRyun08/25/154.58HOT

Crazy Cassie Ch. 03

 — My plan to fuck my daughter goes awry. by ShinaRyun10/25/154.26

Crazy Chicks in Dumbtown

 — Father daughter incest, from Tina's perspective.. by Andrew196803/06/174.30

Crazy Day

 — Dawn's day went from strange to crazy with son's help. by scorpio0015509/04/014.46

Crazy from the Heat Ch. 01

 — Mom's discovery leads her awakend needs to seek relief. by appleweed04/13/134.34

Crazy from the Heat Ch. 02

 — Mom and son turn up the heat! by appleweed04/21/134.50HOT

Crazy from the Heat Ch. 03

 — Mom schemes to bring Lori into their fun! by appleweed05/01/134.61HOT

Crazy Girls

 — Video crew unleashes mother-daughter lust. by YKN494902/28/124.35

Crazy Insane Glory Hole Surprise

 — Sabrina accidentally sucks her brother's dick and likes it. by TechnoCarwash01/04/104.49

Crazy Insane Lesbian Threesome

 — Tracy, her sister Suzy, & Sandy have a sexy sleepover. by TechnoCarwash01/05/104.42

Crazy Night With Dad

 — Fueled lust. by fyrbush07/31/103.80

Crazy Summer Ch. 01

 — There Goes the Summer: brother and sister set out on a trip. by tankrabbit10/02/124.63HOT

Crazy Summer Ch. 02

 — On the Road Again and to Aunts house. by tankrabbit10/18/124.68HOT

Crazy Summer Ch. 03

 — Cindy learns a lesson. by tankrabbit11/07/124.55HOT

Crazy Together

 — A brother and sister's passion helps battle their demons. by TheWorldSpins01/09/144.60HOT

Cream and Lace Ch. 01

 — Know what the Bible says about nailing your sister, right? by KittyCoffin01/19/123.88

Cream for My Mom

 — Son gives Mom a gift. by standingstones03/11/164.34

Cream-Filled Mother-in-Law

 — A couple and the woman's mother are stranded for the night. by rmdexter07/08/164.69HOT

Creamed Toes

 — Brother enjoys his sister & her friend's feet. by kimberlykitten03/02/054.23

Creaming Her Breasts

 — Daughter starts cum treatments on her sagging breasts. by hot_couple28702/25/084.09

Creampie For Suzie

 — My sister wanted more than a kiss. by standingstones09/18/174.20

Creampie Girl

 — Brother comes in sister's pussy. by marteekakarland03/25/094.02

Creampie Girl Ch. 02

 — Dad adds his cum to Rose's pussy. by marteekakarland03/29/094.19

Creampie Revenge

 — Wife takes son, punishes cheating husband. by whatnow22101/05/104.44

Creamy Mother and Daughter

 — An old high school crush and her daughter. by mistermidnight202703/28/174.69HOT

Creamy Mother and Daughter - Athena

 — Troubled times and meeting Athena. by mistermidnight202706/21/174.73HOT

Creamy Mother and Daughter - Vacation

 — The trio go on vacation. by mistermidnight202704/04/194.54HOT

Creative Juices Ch. 01

 — It's hard being an interior decorator? by missCuteNvoluptous10/21/153.88

Creative Juices Ch. 02

 — George learns a lot about his daughter. by missCuteNvoluptous12/23/154.19

Creative Juices Ch. 03

 — Tit for tat? by missCuteNvoluptous09/22/164.30

Creeper Pass: A Cure for Depression

 — A sister makes a bold decision to try and save her brother. by QSQuinn02/26/194.79HOT

Cries from a Desperate Man

 — A man uses his sister to try and change his girlfriend. by kingregal05/01/153.27

Crime and Punishment

 — Hot mom teaches son a lesson to remember. by darkkrayvn09/01/154.11

Crimes & Punishments

 — MILF is punished by teen son for years of bad behavior. by IdeeFixee07/22/144.24

Crimes & Punishments Ch. 02

 — Son and boyfriend team up to bind and discipline bad MILF. by IdeeFixee07/24/144.38

Crimes & Punishments Ch. 03

 — Son and boyfriend use more B&D on errant mother/girlfriend. by IdeeFixee07/27/144.28

Crimson Tide (The Crying Woman)

 — A fiancé deals with his future wife's religious father. by Nils Huim05/08/182.70

Crissy's Weirdest Summer

 — Crissy and her father. by CrimsonKnight10/07/154.12


 — Siblings try each other out. by Sylvan07/09/044.26

Cristina and Nicola Love Cock

 — Mother and daughter surprise. by DurtyWriter03/13/184.08

Cristina's Visit with Dad

 — College student has fun with dad and her professor. by Erica_Gasca04/02/084.40

Critical 20 Ch. 01

 — Daniel decides to play a D&D campaign with his sister. by 3raser05/02/163.92

Croatian Dreams

 — Swingers delights, with a twist. by alsgal09/08/062.75

Cross Country Ch. 01

 — Sebastian struggles with his feelings for his twin sister. by VentureV11/02/094.32

Cross Country Ch. 02

 — Lisa pops Sebastian's cherry in the dunes. by VentureV11/06/094.51HOT

Cross Country Ch. 03

 — Car troubles lead to a sticky situation. by VentureV11/07/094.57HOT

Cross Country Ch. 04

 — A highway incident brings the twins together. by VentureV12/11/094.71HOT

Cross Country Ch. 05

 — The twins' older sister is drawn into their fun. by VentureV03/04/104.75HOT

Cross Country Ch. 06

 — Three's a crowd, but four is amazing! by VentureV04/17/104.81HOT

Cross Country Taboo Ch. 01

 — Mother and son give in to their desires while dad drives. by richman311/17/164.63HOT

Cross Country Taboo Ch. 02

 — Sister tells her side of the story. by richman302/28/174.56HOT

Cross Country Taboo Ch. 03

 — Jason and his mother take things to the next level. by richman307/22/174.68HOT

Cross Country Taboo Ch. 04

 — Jason and Liz have more fun in the backseat. by richman309/09/174.64HOT

Cross Training

 — Carter Coaches Trish; Ruth Gets A Make-Up Lesson. by MishaPearl208/31/164.59HOT

Cross Words

 — Grandad discovers Emma's secret. by daddy195005/18/164.31

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 05

 — They do things big in Texas. by MrFalkirk08/12/044.39

Cross-Country Whore Ch. 01

 — Emily's fantasies about stepbrother may finally come true. by Denorange04/05/134.10

Cross-Country with My Uncle Ch. 14

 — It's one hot, all-male foursome. by John Hill05/19/034.57HOT

Cross-Country with My Uncle Ch. 15

 — A nephew's travels come to an end. by John Hill05/20/034.61HOT

Crossdressing Brother

 — Sister catches her brother dressed in her underwear. by Nomansland6908/04/064.39

Crossdressing Brother Ch. 02

 — Greg has a little fun with her & her best friend. by Nomansland6911/30/064.46

Crossdressing Brother Ch. 03

 — Claire bathes her brother, then dresses him. by Nomansland6905/13/074.36

Crossed Wires

 — He finds out her lover in the family. by doniv69109/29/073.78

Crossing a Line

 — Some lines should not be crossed... Or should they. by Random_fun09/26/15

Crossing Boundaries with Kat

 — Crossing the line with my Daughter-in-Law. by literalvirgin01/16/184.31

Crossing Boundaries with Kat Ch. 02

 — Kat is eager to return the favor. by literalvirgin06/20/184.49

Crossing The Border

 — Trip to Berlin brings Mom closer to me, her son. by happenstance03/25/134.30

Crossing the Line

 — Cousins cross the line into erotic exploration. by Martins08/28/084.57HOT

Crossing the Line

 — Sometimes things go further then expected! by Deathbloom10/21/104.20

Crossing the Line

 — Mum and Son discover how much they love each other. by MattDreign01/24/123.60

Crossing the Line

 — Would I actually do it? by ianarm03/09/123.77

Crossing The Line

 — Fraternal twins share a story that changed their lives. by AnonymousPerv03/20/184.52HOT

Crossing the Line - ONE SHOT

 — Half-siblings find love in each other. by Inkysquid71801/18/184.67HOT

Crossing the Line Again

 — Cousins continue their passion, but are in for a surprise. by Martins08/30/084.44

Crossing the Line Ch. 01-02

 — A mother is faced with crossing the line with her son. by soppingwetpanties06/08/184.40

Crossing the Line Ch. 02

 — Was I ready to cross that last line? by ianarm03/18/124.21

Crossing the Line Ch. 03

 — Would I do it again? by ianarm03/22/124.32

Crosslands Ch. 1

 — time flies when you're having fun. by jazz9902/01/024.43

Crosslands Ch. 2

 — Nikky's driving lesson. by jazz9904/21/024.57HOT

Crosslands Ch. 3

 — Practice makes perfect. by jazz9901/06/034.64HOT

Crossroads Ch. 02

 — John's twin sister shows up. by beaverhunt04/09/194.25

Crossroads Ch. 03

 — Her younger brother falls victim to her darkness. by beaverhunt04/12/194.17

Crossroads Ch. 04

 — Threesome with her boyfriend and his sister. by beaverhunt04/20/194.09

Crossword Puzzles

 — Mum has the questions, Gary has all the answers. by CharleneBarr10/27/154.66HOT

Crowded Cabin Ch. 01

 — Lilly & Angela didn't feel a family bond until... by perstruo10/15/044.29

Crowded House Ch. 01

 — The first chapter of Jonas' experiences at home. by blanketstate01/16/054.35

Cruel Intentions Ch. 01

 — Step siblings getting to know each other. by slipfreak4608/15/054.33

Cruel Intentions Ch. 02

 — Step Sister slips it to him in a movie. by slipfreak4611/05/054.34

Cruel Intentions Ch. 03

 — Step Mom discovers his fetish. by slipfreak4611/06/054.40

Cruel Intentions Ch. 04

 — Nikkie has a sister. by slipfreak4611/10/054.45

Cruel Intentions Ch. 05

 — His new girlfriend likes his step sister better. by slipfreak4602/27/064.60HOT

Cruel Intentions Ch. 06

 — Bonnie's and Ken's first blow job. by slipfreak4603/10/064.51HOT

Cruise Doubledate With My Sister

 — Our dates dump us and we turn to each other for consolation. by 8letters04/29/154.73HOT

Cruise to Alaska Day 05

 — Tom & Linda change daughter's negative views about sex. by LaPatitMort08/29/064.68HOT

Cruise with My Sister

 — A family cruise turns into more. by xxxxbigonesxxxx04/01/094.04

Cruisin' for Sex Pt. 03

 — Last installment of this story of a slut looking for NSA sex by kristendixon7910/21/144.35

Cruising the Bahamas

 — Life abroad with daughter's visit gets exciting. by Airagone07/13/02

Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 01

 — A happy son with a troubled past tries to fix his family. by BigMadStork11/21/184.59HOT

Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 02

 — With three women, John has a busy few days on ship. by BigMadStork11/23/184.65HOT

Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 03

 — Now on land, John is bad and they add another woman. by BigMadStork11/27/184.71HOT

Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 04

 — John makes camping exciting for his sister and mother. by BigMadStork11/30/184.60HOT

Cruising with Lesbian Sister and Mad Mom Pt. 05

 — Dinner is interesting, night at a hotel is a blast. by BigMadStork12/04/184.56HOT

Cruising with My Sister and Friends

 — My sister and two of her friends have to make it worth my while. by bigiebigie2109/20/164.33

Cruising with T

 — Family fun on a vacation cruise. by N2TsAss09/15/064.63HOT

Crumbling Boundaries

 — Daughter lets dad get closer & closer. by youbadboy10/24/024.55HOT

Crumbling Boundaries: The Deal

 — Daughter uses her body as motivator for dad. by youbadboy11/06/024.71HOT


 — At fourteen he had crush on his brother's wife; at eighteen... by hammertime09/19/114.52HOT

Crying "Uncle"

 — She finally makes her break to visit Uncle Pete by ProfessorMarshall12/16/114.38

Crying Mom

 — Son consoles his mother. by standingstones07/24/074.27

Crying Mom Ch. 02

 — Further adventures of a Son and his Mom. by standingstones07/31/134.09

Crying Uncle

 — A bashful niece is slowly seduced. by komrad115602/04/164.49

Cryopreservation Ch. 02

 — On chemo, he gets help from his nurse cousin. by ChibiNeku02/17/094.42

Crystal and Nicole Ch. 01

 — The twins welcome home their older brother. by sfdude8406/04/134.62HOT

Crystal and Nicole Ch. 02

 — Two friends join the siblings, a challenge is proposed. by sfdude8409/14/134.61HOT

Crystal and Nicole Ch. 04

 — The twins have fun on the road trip. by sfdude8402/25/144.28

Crystal and Nicole Ch. 05

 — The twins make a new friend at the hotel. by sfdude8402/27/144.72HOT

Crystal Clear

 — Young man discovers a way to seduce his mother, or is she seducing him? by JakeZ07/13/124.34

Crystal Lake

 — Mother, her son, & a secluded cabin -- debauchery ensues. by epiphany6506/09/074.70HOT

Crystal's Birthday Bashes

 — Crystal has two erotic birthday celebrations in one weekend. by BrettJ12/16/124.43

Crystal's Diagnosis Pt. 01 - The Doctor

 — Doctor earns his patient's trust... with sex. by SubtleDeviance01/07/184.34

Crystal's Diagnosis Pt. 02

 — Crystal seeks love from her mother and stepfather. by SubtleDeviance01/28/184.46

Crystal's Diagnosis Pt. 03

 — Crystal seeks love from her mom and step dad. by SubtleDeviance11/04/184.38

Cuban Incest 01

 — My New Wifes Daughters by kanatawolf04/15/144.02

Cuban Incest 02

 — With my wife's daughters. by kanatawolf04/26/144.09

Cuban Incest 03

 — I come together with my oldest stepdaughter. by kanatawolf06/13/144.24

Cuck Father

 — Home on summer vacation, a son makes a cuckold of his father. by SatinSlip10/21/174.31

Cuck Son Gets Help

 — Cuck wannabe son gets encouragement from parents. by Adam_4_u_1905/30/163.83

Cucked by My Daughter

 — Cucked by my daughter. by pauli7101/31/153.22

Cuckold Dad

 — Dad convinces his wife to cuckold him their son. by mommysboy104/19/174.38

Cuckold Dad Ch. 02

 — Mother and son continue to share their forbidden love. by mommysboy101/06/184.29

Cuckold Exposed By Wife Ch. 02

 — Daughter becomes more involved with dad's control. by SlaveToHer03/28/154.55HOT

Cuckold Father and Son

 — He gets his mom with his father right there. by ADOM07/12/134.37

Cuckold Father and Son Ch. 02

 — Mom, Female Cuckold or Pimp? by ADOM07/30/134.54HOT

Cuckold Husband and Father Ch. 01

 — Daughter discovers the truth about her daddy. by BethB08/04/094.45

Cuckold Husband and Father Ch. 02

 — He is prepared for daughter’s strap-on. by BethB08/11/094.51HOT

Cuckold in the Family

 — Cuckolded by entire family. by swmichcuck11/26/133.45

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 02

 — Ex and daughter continue to cuckold me. by swmichcuck12/03/133.90

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 03

 — Daughter takes a new lover by swmichcuck12/03/134.07

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 04

 — I snapped. by swmichcuck12/11/133.93

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 05

 — The Cuckold Becomes the Master. by swmichcuck05/14/144.29

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 06

 — Daughters whored out. by swmichcuck05/15/143.99

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 07

 — Back to my roots, kind of. by swmichcuck05/16/144.18

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 08

 — The cuckolding continues but for who? by swmichcuck05/19/144.07

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 09

 — The contract. by swmichcuck05/20/144.13

Cuckold in the Family Ch. 10

 — Reverse Cuckold Begins to Serve. by swmichcuck05/21/144.01

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 05

 — Fyr's mother dominates her while she fucks her husband... by AmethystMare03/15/184.61HOT

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 06

 — The cuckold wife must be put in her place... by AmethystMare03/16/184.27

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 07

 — The cuckold wife reaches her breaking point... by AmethystMare03/17/184.42

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 08

 — A spa treatment goes awry when the MILF takes advantage... by AmethystMare03/18/184.05

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 09

 — Between a MILF and her lover, things get rough... by AmethystMare03/19/184.12

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 10

 — Valentine's Day is not for the cuckold wife... by AmethystMare03/20/183.53

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 11

 — The cuckold wife steals time with her husband... by AmethystMare07/17/182.22

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 12

 — A new face appears in the life of a cuckold wife... by AmethystMare07/18/184.38

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 15

 — The competition ramps up as she is used... by AmethystMare07/21/183.33

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 16

 — It has come time for a dragon to lay... by AmethystMare07/22/182.83

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 17

 — Fyr's attention strays from her husband and his lover... by AmethystMare08/02/184.50HOT

Cuckolded by Her Mother Ch. 20

 — Fyr's life gets more complicated as the cuckold wife... by AmethystMare11/05/183.86

Cuckolded By My Son

 — Sissy watches as his son screws his wife. by britneyfan02/20/084.28

Cuckolding Mom and Dad Ch. 01

 — A son discovers his parents' secret. by PhillyGuy8808/30/184.39

Cuckolding Mom and Dad Ch. 02

 — I start seeing just how far my parents will go. by PhillyGuy8809/11/184.39

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 01

 — The affair with Mom begins. by D.C. Roi05/05/034.38

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 02

 — How the seduction of my mother began. by D.C. Roi05/06/034.36

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 03

 — Jonelle has second thoughts about the affair. by D.C. Roi05/07/034.56HOT

Cuckolding My Father Ch. 04

 — He introduces Mom to pornography. by D.C. Roi05/09/034.25

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