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Graduation Day

 — Widower beds woman & niece at impromptu sex party. by regularguy1306/21/094.53HOT

Graduation Day

 — Daughter's shameful lust for daddy begins. by doloroushaze07/08/163.77

Graduation Day Ch. 01

 — Son's only wish from Mom. by Harry Twist12/01/024.41

Graduation Day Ch. 02

 — He unwraps his gift from mom. by Harry Twist12/02/024.55HOT

Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 01

 — His aunt gives him the best graduation gift ever. by starlifter9905/05/064.43

Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 02

 — That same night and the next day before the concert. by starlifter9905/13/064.42

Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 03

 — The concert and back to her place. by starlifter9905/20/064.50HOT

Graduation Gift From My Aunt Ch. 04

 — From the living room to her bedroom. by starlifter9908/24/064.55HOT

Graduation Masturbation

 — Caught masturbating and the aftermath. by lilemma201911/12/184.23

Graduation Party

 — Cheerleader teen provides entertainment for family. by Tarrzan03/07/014.48

Graduation Party

 — A sister pretends to be his girlfriend for his revenge. by SciFurz05/26/164.48

Graduation Present

 — Mother and aunt give college grad special award. by Bryant Layne04/15/044.48

Graduation Present

 — College grad gets an unexpected gift from his aunt. by bluknight01/27/074.31

Graduation Presents

 — Mothers give their sons a present to remember. by Slickman04/29/074.66HOT

Graduation Weekend Ecstasy

 — Afters years of longing, two cousins realize a dream. by infinitetim909/08/134.39

Gram Came To Visit

 — They all become one big happy family. by WildaRaven12/28/054.55HOT

Gram Connie

 — Matt helps Gram with her aching knees. by anon5621200107/30/014.49

Gram, Tish and Me

 — She has Gram for a wife and Tish for a snack. by HoHos01/06/043.75

Gramma and Wife Let Loose

 — Husband comes home to horny wife & grandmother. by hornyman1201/28/054.51HOT

Grammy's Boy

 — Young college boy consoles Great-Grandmother over Christmas. by teddy2horse12/25/124.44

Grammy's Boy

 — Grandmother introduces shy grandson to sex. by thecarolinadreamer08/25/134.48

Grammy's Boy Ch. 02

 — Grandmother helps young man expand his horizions. by thecarolinadreamer09/29/134.59HOT

Grammy's Boy Ch. 03

 — Grammy continues Grandson's sex education. by thecarolinadreamer11/22/134.55HOT

Grammy's Boy Ch. 04

 — Learn the "rest of Grammy and Ricky's story". by thecarolinadreamer12/25/134.69HOT

Grammy's Surprise

 — He has sex with his grandmother. by espeteroh03/26/074.55HOT

Grampa and Evie

 — A pregnant woman returns home. by blue_zephyr18708/23/144.66HOT

Grampa Cums to America Ch. 01

 — Grampa finds his new family. by Erica_Gasca09/18/074.44

Grampa Cums to America Ch. 02

 — Grampa finds friendly granddaughter. by Erica_Gasca09/19/074.29

Grampa Cums to America Ch. 03

 — Granddaughter takes Grampa to the dance. by Erica_Gasca09/20/074.37

Grampa Cums to America Ch. 04

 — Daughter-in-law begs grampa. by Erica_Gasca09/21/074.38

Grampa Teaches Jolee How

 — She learns how to finish what she's started. by ann_hills1908/23/024.25

Grampa's Gal Friday

 — Granddaughter becomes Grampa's toy. by Pornprincesst06/13/094.42


 — Sex with Gramps. by Suburb07/05/184.52HOT

Gramps' Legacy Ch. 01

 — He promised grandpa he'd take care of family women. by julybear701/29/134.56HOT

Gramps' Legacy Ch. 02

 — He promised grandpa he'd take care of family women. by julybear702/23/134.64HOT

Gramps' Legacy Ch. 03

 — Will fucks his bewitching cousins. by julybear703/14/134.68HOT

Gramps' Legacy Ch. 04

 — Will meets his half sister. by julybear704/10/134.71HOT

Grampy's Present

 — Adult grandkid makes a surprise visit. by brenda4909/25/044.22


 — Grams takes on grandson & Ike. by 80niner08/11/034.33

Gran and Her Boys

 — Allan to the rescue. by Jena12106/13/084.37

Gran and Her Boys Ch. 02

 — A continuation of Gran, Allan and Tim. by Jena12106/20/084.45

Gran and Her Boys Ch. 03

 — Tim learns his lessons well. by Jena12106/29/084.48

Gran Cums to Visit

 — A visit by Gran. by nkdmann02/03/164.21

Gran Meets Me Halfway

 — I surprise my half naked grandmother. by nectar7609/30/134.57HOT

Gran Meets My Needs

 — They both wanted but it was still a surprise. by nectar7603/07/154.32

Gran's Sexual Awakening

 — An old lady discovers what she's missed. by daddy195011/29/154.46

Gran's Story

 — A tale of a boy and his grandmother. by Jena12103/22/084.20

Gran's Story Ch. 02

 — Continuation of a tale of a boy and his Gran. by Jena12104/02/084.39

Gran's Story Ch. 03

 — An affair with his Aunt. by Jena12104/25/084.44

Gran's Story Ch. 04

 — An evening with Fran and Gran. by Jena12105/13/084.42

Grand Dad Ch. 01

 — After breaking an ankle, granddaughter gives me a great hand. by iser2102/18/114.27

Grand Plans

 — Grandparents take care of Katie, by sunburycd08/06/174.45

Granddad and Anja - Arrivée

 — Granddad and Anja arrive at the village. by WirdSmiff07/05/184.20

Granddad and Anja - Route du soleil

 — Granddad and Anja head to the South of France. by WirdSmiff06/26/184.48

Granddad Still Has It

 — She makes a visit to grandfather. by standingstones10/05/154.40

Granddad's Discovery

 — A granddad discovers his granddaughter. by standingstones12/01/074.41

Granddad's Farm

 — He's sent to his Granddad's for being naughty. by Sexloc08/22/064.36

Granddad's Farm Ch. 02

 — What happens next with Evan and Gramps. by Sexloc08/28/064.54HOT

Granddad's Large Cock

 — Granddaughter gets a sample. by standingstones12/09/164.32

Granddad's Love

 — Grandfather finds romance. by standingstones08/04/074.46

Granddad's Love Returns

 — Granddaughter returns to a needy man. by standingstones08/10/074.52HOT

Granddaddy Knows Best

 — granddaddy breaks in his bratty granddaughter by bossegirlbad01/25/114.30

Granddaughter and Storms

 — A thunder storm moves through bringing out a deep love. by HankWilliams195608/05/164.30

Granddaughter Has Her Fun With Me

 — Granddaughter takes me with her strap-on by iser2101/18/094.34

Granddaughter Loves to Tease

 — She learns there are consequences to her teasing. by samslam04/28/084.79HOT

Granddaughter Seduces Grandpa

 — Horny 18-year-old flirts with Grandpa. by George VI06/28/044.29

Granddaughter Seduces Grandparents

 — She plots to have her grandparents. by Lovely_Emma_2101/03/034.16

Granddaughter's Massage Ch. 01

 — Granddaughter gives a great massage and more. by iser2109/21/114.34

Granddaughter's Massage Ch. 02

 — Went back to get another massage from my granddaughter. by iser2110/15/114.22

Granddaughter's Questions

 — Granddaughter's sleepovers change after grandma dies by samslam08/07/124.82HOT

Granddaughter's Treatment

 — He will do anything to cure her of her affliction. by oolala10/07/094.25

Granddaughter's Virginity

 — How I seduced my granddaughter. by daddy195001/03/154.25

Granddaughter's Visit

 — Grandpa initiates sexy coed granddaughter. by Prairie_Dreamer12/25/014.34

Grandfather and His Whip

 — A horny granddaughter finally gets what she wants...pain. by Darksider102907/30/124.07

Grandfather's Busty Intern Ch. 01

 — Stacked Shannon interns for her well-endowed grandfather. by rmdexter10/23/154.70HOT

Grandfather's Busty Intern Ch. 02

 — Shannon starts to serve her well-endowed grandfather. by rmdexter11/06/154.70HOT

Grandfather's Busty Intern Ch. 03

 — Shannon's parents sample some young stuff too. by rmdexter12/04/154.66HOT

Grandfather's Busty Intern Ch. 04

 — Grandpa Ted gives Shannon the fucking of her life. by rmdexter12/26/154.79HOT

Grandfather's Loving

 — She learns about Grandad's lust. by standingstones11/24/134.32

Grandma & Me

 — He's turned on by fit, buxom grandmother. by Camilio10/09/004.25

Grandma & Me Again

 — Too much alcohol. by JhMcKn05/08/173.58

Grandma & Me Again Pt. 02

 — Grandmother Agnes has become my charge. by JhMcKn05/26/173.95

Grandma & Me Again Pt. 03

 — Grandma continues to think she needs to drink, but I have her. by JhMcKn08/17/183.81

Grandma & Me Again Pt. 04

 — A weekend of playing with my maternal grandmother. by JhMcKn01/09/193.69

Grandma and Father Ch. 03

 — Daddy fucking Grandma. by JhMcKn01/23/103.93

Grandma and Jack

 — She blamed it all on old demon alcohol. by MisterReason11/30/124.00

Grandma and Jack: The Whole Story

 — Grandma blamed it all on old demon alcohol. by MisterReason12/09/124.36

Grandma and Me

 — Sexy is Grandma's middle name. by MichelleMcFarland01/31/144.20

Grandma and Me Ch. 01

 — A Weekend Orgy. by JhMcKn05/16/153.65

Grandma and Physical Therapy

 — I help rehab grandma. by johnthome769005/10/164.37

Grandma and the Birthday Present

 — She thought Bradley wanted cash. by MisterReason12/12/124.47

Grandma and the Dust Bunnies

 — Whacky Granny collides with slacker Grandson. by blaster66612/04/144.56HOT

Grandma and the Sunshine Girls Club

 — Grandson enjoys Grandma and her nudist club. by blaster66606/28/184.81HOT

Grandma Cheryl

 — A young guy helps around the house for his BBW grandma. by Spider109/14/124.34

Grandma Cheryl Ch. 02

 — Grandma, Aunt and Nephew bring the house down by Spider101/01/154.55HOT

Grandma Ellie

 — Ingenuous young man meets experienced older woman. by eidetic07/21/174.48

Grandma Enjoys a Drink

 — He gives her a little something extra. by grandson08/30/024.26

Grandma Fran Keeps Her Promise

 — A grandmother bonds with her grandson, and son-in-law. by Cellulitelover12/29/174.51HOT

Grandma Fran Keeps Her Promise Ch. 02

 — Fran meets Josh's friend, has a campout. by Cellulitelover01/04/184.36

Grandma Get's Love

 — Simon pleases his mature Grandma. by spunkybubble01/25/104.23

Grandma Gives It Up

 — Grandson takes good care of his busty grandmother. by J07/10/014.44

Grandma Gloria

 — Bobby moves to Grandma's. by bobluccha02/06/084.21

Grandma Gloria Ch. 02

 — Grandma turns it on. by bobluccha02/09/084.39

Grandma Gloria Ch. 03

 — Gloria finally gets her hands on Bobby. by bobluccha02/12/084.57HOT

Grandma Gloria Ch. 04

 — Bobby gets what's cumming. by bobluccha02/18/084.55HOT

Grandma Gloria Ch. 05

 — The girls come to visit. by bobluccha03/06/084.62HOT

Grandma Gloria Ch. 06

 — Gloria has visitors. by bobluccha07/07/084.55HOT

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 01

 — Hunky college guy shows grandma the pleasures of biking. by earlbrowder10/27/054.61HOT

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 02

 — Grandson and grandmom take it deeper and further. by earlbrowder10/28/054.51HOT

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 03

 — Chopper-riding grandson & grandmom get kinkier. by earlbrowder10/29/054.49

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 04

 — Grandma and grandson get kinky under dad's nose. by earlbrowder11/11/054.57HOT

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 05

 — Grandson dominates dad's girlfriend. by earlbrowder11/12/054.60HOT

Grandma Goes Hog Wild Ch. 06

 — Grandson collars dad's girlfriend. by earlbrowder11/13/054.61HOT

Grandma Had Been A Porn Star

 — A grandmother & grandson story. by Momstheboss06/23/134.25

Grandma I'm Home Ch. 01

 — A young man with a sick mind stays with his grandmother. by akilfinch08/08/133.34

Grandma I'm Home Ch. 02

 — A young man with a sick mind extends his stay. by akilfinch08/09/133.50

Grandma I'm Home Ch. 03

 — A young man with a sick mind has fun in grandma's kitchen by akilfinch11/13/134.04

Grandma I'm Home Ch. 04

 — A young man with a sick mind goes back to grandma's bedroom. by akilfinch04/24/143.97

Grandma I'm Home Ch. 05

 — A young man fails in his manipulation, and seeks revenge. by akilfinch05/05/153.84

Grandma Knows Best

 — You grow up fast on the farm by radioman212/22/174.60HOT

Grandma Likes It

 — Old women can still do it. by retired0407/20/094.35

Grandma Lula

 — Grandma comes to stay after mom dies. by scentto01/17/024.52HOT

Grandma Patty Teaches Grandson

 — Virgin College boy stays with grandmother. by Someyummy12/22/114.26

Grandma Plays Matchmaker

 — She sets her grandson up with a neighbor girl. by MisterReason02/09/164.42

Grandma Receives a Visitor

 — Grandma & Grandson relationship. by Momstheboss04/22/114.52HOT

Grandma Shares with a Friend

 — Lily couldn't believe what she did with her grandson. by MisterReason05/01/164.38

Grandma Sits on My Lap in the Car

 — David shares a car seat with his grandma on a long journey. by chris9999907/07/184.47

Grandma Sits on My Lap in the Car Ch. 02

 — Another day another journey. by chris9999908/15/184.51HOT

Grandma was a Teacher

 — A grandma/grandson story. by Momstheboss03/07/134.41

Grandma was Confused

 — A traumatic incident leaves Grandma confused. by royhoffman11/09/124.62HOT

Grandma's Big Tits

 — She knows he's been checking out her breasts... by geronimo_appleby01/05/144.46

Grandma's Boarder Ch. 01

 — Dont kiss and tell by FEELINGLUCKYPUNK12/25/154.31

Grandma's Boy Toy

 — Grandmother and grandson enjoy a car wash. by earlbrowder05/03/054.42

Grandma's Breast Massages

 — Grandma and grandson follow doctor's orders. by TabooScribbler05/06/164.53HOT

Grandma's Cottage

 — He discovers something disturbing. by geronimo_appleby04/12/124.50HOT

Grandma's Deck

 — She remembers past loves with her visiting grandson. by IsabellaSims05/16/084.27

Grandma's Dirty Movies

 — Watching them with her was only the beginning. by MisterReason03/09/114.47

Grandma's Farm

 — Johnny learns the difference between making love and fucking. by JSipes10/11/184.54HOT

Grandma's Gift

 — A graduation gift that, unexpectedly gives back. by Telemmedic037110/12/164.51HOT

Grandma's Gift Ch. 02

 — Graduation gift that gets better. by Telemmedic037110/20/164.54HOT

Grandma's Gift Ch. 03

 — The family fun goes international. by Telemmedic037110/30/164.47

Grandma's Gift Ch. 04

 — Bridgette and Ro Explore New Depths. by Telemmedic037111/20/164.52HOT

Grandma's Hand

 — ...and what Billy did with it in the Summer of 67'. by MisterReason04/26/114.47

Grandma's House

 — He moves into grandmother's house--and bed. by SmithCommaJohn07/11/034.64HOT

Grandma's Incentive

 — Sylvia offers an incentive for excellence. by Helen195411/22/124.53HOT

Grandma's Little Helper

 — Robbie was always ready to assist his Grandma. by MisterReason08/11/104.32

Grandma's Ma

 — I get to bed my great grandmother. by TarheelYankee11/25/154.00

Grandma's New Year's Resolution

 — Her vow to end the immoral trysts with her grandson fails. by MisterReason01/04/154.41

Grandma's Pool

 — The pool wasn't the only thing that got wet. by taliesin200002/15/023.99

Grandma's Remedy

 — She has the cure for a heartbroken teen. by MisterReason01/21/124.42

Grandma's Rituals

 — Mother takes son to his Grandma's abode. by sirajahmed1002/25/114.71HOT

Grandma's Secret Admirer

 — At 64 Emily thought she no longer appealed to men. by MisterReason07/05/124.41

Grandma's Secret Ch. 01

 — Grandmother and grandson give in to passion. by Jakey05/20/124.42

Grandma's Story

 — Kevin's Grandmother tells her side of the story. by writesformary12/27/154.27

Grandma's Surprise Ch. 01

 — Elaine gets a surprise when visiting her son Todd. by BossySon21a03/24/094.26

Grandma's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Elaine learns some things about her family. by BossySon21a04/03/094.10

Grandma's Valentine(s)

 — Steamy, descriptive incest story. Enjoy. by anonymousdood02/23/184.09

Grandma's Visit

 — Big grandmother & grandson fall for each other. by billspeak10/02/024.13

Grandma, Mom & Aunty Ch. 1

 — Divorced son moves back into family's welcoming arms. by Justin_Thyme12/28/014.47

Grandma, Mom & Aunty Ch. 2

 — Sister joins the group at Mom's place. by Justin_Thyme01/21/024.60HOT

Grandma’s Helping Hand

 — Sexy GILF always willing to lend a hand to her grandkids. by milfleglover06/25/134.30

Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 02

 — Sexy granny lends more than hand to grandson. by milfleglover07/11/134.42

Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 05

 — Sexy granny helps out horny twins. by milfleglover09/26/154.41

Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 06

 — Sexy Erica lends a hand - and more - to the wrestling team! by milfleglover10/22/154.47

Grandma’s Helping Hand Ch. 07

 — Showing granddaughter the BJ ropes – with grandson! by milfleglover01/19/164.56HOT

Grandma’s Pantyhose Power

 — He likes smelling my pantyhose? I’ll give him pantyhose! by milfleglover01/22/143.61

Grandmom's Secret Eroticism

 — A glimpse in the hot tub leads to an afternoon of love. by grayshade11/15/124.53HOT

Grandmother and Favorite Grandson Ch. 01

 — There's no need to be embarrassed. by CoffeeRules04/18/084.36

Grandmother and Favorite Grandson Ch. 02

 — There's no need to hold back.. by CoffeeRules05/03/084.47

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