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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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"A Raging Inferno In Phoenix"

 — A sensual kind of trans erotica. by Supergirl7701/31/154.20

"Sissified": 12 Days of Sissy-mas

 — Straight man is turned into a submissive sissy by... by silkstockingslover12/22/184.76HOT

"Waiting" on Fantasy

 — As an exclusive waitress, he services rich clients fantasies. by Delvesdeep02/10/154.50HOT

"Waiting" on Fantasy Pt. 02

 — I find myself enjoying fulfilling the clients fantasies. by Delvesdeep02/18/154.68HOT

"What Does She See in Him?"

 — A high school boy finds the girl of his dreams is a bit more. by KuroshioX04/20/164.69HOT

"What Does She See in Him?" Ch. 02

 — After being away for weeks, Laura rewards Andy. by KuroshioX04/30/164.76HOT

"What Does She See in Him?" Ch. 03

 — Andy and Laura on the beach. by KuroshioX08/05/164.77HOT

"Witch" Hitter

 — At a Halloween party he gets more than he bargained for. by walterio10/13/134.43

'Jenny' & 'Mike': A Day Out

 — A shopping trip, pegging at home...and at the movie theater. by hfernandez198308/11/164.67HOT

'Jenny' & 'Mike': Date Night

 — Beginning of a role reversal weekend for a loving couple. by hfernandez198307/20/164.56HOT

'Jenny' & 'Mike': Fantasy Sunday

 — More gender reversal pegging with fantasy play. by hfernandez198310/10/164.68HOT

'Jenny' & 'Mike': Romance & Threesomes

 — More pegging in public and a fun threesome to end the night. by hfernandez198302/09/174.62HOT

(Cross) Dressing for a Latex Party Pt. 01

 — Latex, corset, penis sheath, high heels and more! by latexlegs03/04/154.20

(Cross) Dressing for a Latex Party Pt. 02

 — Encased in Rubber, I was everybody's plaything. by latexlegs03/05/154.41

(Don't Have to) Make Me Grow

 — When your potion is far more effective than you guessed... by mistyfdfa04/14/174.47

(Don't Have to) Twist My Arm

 — When one's partners both love what your new potion does... by mistyfdfa04/14/174.45

(Don't Have to) Worship Me

 — When growing becomes a dominating obsession... by mistyfdfa07/12/174.64HOT

*Ding Dong* Hurry Up!

 — The guests are comming! by f1dude_lotus11/05/124.20

00075 NuDistrict Ch. 01

 — In a naturist communit, Leo is helped becoming a futanari. by Tarbut02/14/173.53

00075 NuDistrict Ch. 02

 — Leah starts lactating and pops her lesbian mother's cherry, by Tarbut02/20/173.60

01, 01: A Big Celebration

 — Sometimes your friends will surprise you. by Callidora01/02/084.45

01, 02: Good Morning

 — The night has gotten away from us. by Callidora02/14/084.45

01, 03: We Are Adults

 — A new relationship brings new mysteries. by Callidora04/23/084.40

10 Types of People

 — He cheats on his wife and recieves virtual payback. by fyremei01/22/093.56

1st Transsexual Affair

 — Paul is erotically surprised. by writedoctor07/03/114.53HOT

28-year-old Bisexual Stepfather Ch. 11

 — Dustin learns about Ronnie's secret, another first for him. by walterio03/10/184.55HOT

3 More Logs for the Fire

 — Femme Fatale Futas roughly use a willing sub. by SizeQueenSupreme07/28/164.63HOT


 — Romance between two x-dressers. by G-String08/08/114.37

3rd Chromosome - Art Pt. 01

 — A young futanari struggles to find herself. by Grobnar09/04/184.22

3rd Chromosome - Art Pt. 02

 — A young futanari struggles to find herself. by Grobnar01/05/194.15

5-Step Plan

 — A night time jog turns into a night of torture. by thank3109/29/163.72

50 Shades Of Pale Pink Sissy

 — A girly boy finds her submissive place in life. by davine06/03/134.40

50 Shades Of Pale Pink Sissy Ch. 02

 — The ongoing story of the girly boy. by davine07/26/134.50HOT

50 Shades Of Pale Pink Sissy Ch. 03

 — The story continues. by davine12/06/134.57HOT

6th Period Statistics

 — A teenage trans girl fantasizes about her crush. by awpbmn07/25/184.16

A "Girl" for Kelly

 — When a girl meets her new co-worker and they have some fun. by mitch9988703/23/134.39

A Bachelor Party

 — The entertainment at the party has something extra. by ruwild01/24/064.61HOT

A Beautiful Teacher

 — A cross dresser runs into his sexy teacher. by PANTY_FAN01/09/194.71HOT

A Bend in the Road Ch. 03

 — Cliff comes home from a business trip to find Tad changed. by Oldguy4504/26/154.51HOT

A Bend in the Road Pt. 02

 — The transition continues. by Writer_FM08/21/184.69HOT

A Bet is Maid

 — I lose a bet that ends me up on the other side. by jerrycross10/26/124.51HOT

A Big Side Effect

 — A girl's medicine causes a strange...growth. And urges. by YKN494905/29/124.71HOT

A Big Side Effect Ch. 02

 — Mina goes to a convention for patients with...growths. by YKN494903/10/134.76HOT

A Birthday on Camera

 — Zoey is about to have the best birthday ever. by mistyfdfa04/15/174.41

A Birthday To Remember Ch. 01

 — My cousin Sam visits me on my birthday week. by majorpayne_134202/05/184.09

A Birthday To Remember Ch. 02

 — Sam surprises David with an unexpected gift. by majorpayne_134202/08/184.38

A Birthday to Remember!

 — A Gift of Humiliation. by searic03/02/103.51

A Birthday to Remember! Ch. 02

 — Subby Spouse moves further into his birthday weekend. by searic03/09/103.80

A Birthday to Remember! Ch. 03

 — Ongoing story about subbie husband's birthday. by searic04/02/103.78

A Birthday to Remember! Ch. 04

 — A sissy submissive's birthday present form his Wife/Mistress. by searic04/24/103.91

A Birthday to Remember! Ch. 05

 — The sissies are further clued in on details of their weekend. by searic06/03/104.04

A Bit of a Kiss and Cuddle

 — A crossdressers first time, explored. by Svejk02/21/084.12

A Black Businessman in Ottawa

 — The adventures of a bisexual Haitian businessman. by Samuelx04/12/133.30

A Black Cock Slut

 — Dana gets a black daddy. by frezrevup08/19/104.51HOT

A Black Tranny Fantasy

 — A white boy fulfils his fantasy with a black transsexual. by tsfantasy02/06/114.45

A Block at the Net

 — A contemporary tale of office romance. by Fred19066607/29/174.72HOT

A Boiled Frog Pt. 01

 — Wife slowly brings husband into feminine lifestyle. by noobdude03/01/174.77HOT

A Boiled Frog Pt. 02

 — Simmering in Las Vegas. by noobdude03/10/174.86HOT

A Boiled Frog Pt. 03

 — The pot roils over. by noobdude05/02/174.83HOT

A Boiled Frog Pt. 04

 — Turning down the heat. by noobdude05/19/174.82HOT

A Boiled Frog Pt. 05

 — Season with sea salt. by noobdude09/08/174.84HOT

A Boiled Frog Pt. 06

 — Add in a dash of milk. by noobdude10/27/174.81HOT

A Boiled Frog Pt. 07

 — Forget the dash, let's make it a splash. by noobdude11/20/174.82HOT

A Bond Between Twins

 — A sister helps her brother recognize his true sexual desires. by Stormgod5907/28/184.41

A Brief History of Tina

 — Uncle had been kind to me, but things had to change. by BethanyJ12/26/114.65HOT

A Butterfly Emerges

 — A tale of metamorphisis. by DashAmpersand05/07/034.17

A Caged Bird Sings

 — TS Odessa is sentenced to 15 years in an all T-girl prison. by YKN494910/25/124.64HOT

A Caged Bird Sings Ch. 02

 — TS Odessa has a group prison shower and a gang initiation. by YKN494911/03/124.68HOT

A Caged Bird Sings Ch. 03

 — Odessa pays a prison debt and more. by YKN494902/20/134.76HOT

A Certain Perception

 — Kyra makes Michael's dream come true - with a vengeance. by AngelCherysse06/12/054.44

A Change Of Luck Ch. 01

 — His luck changes when he meets her. by KremnaPita03/10/044.32

A Change Of Luck Ch. 02

 — His luck continues to improve. by KremnaPita07/30/044.54HOT

A Change of Management

 — Tommy's sex slavery in the Land of Genies takes a big turn. by alwaysreadyfryou07/12/144.52HOT

A Change of Scenery Pt. 01

 — A high school boy struggles at his new school. by f1dude_lotus01/08/174.28

A Change of Scenery Pt. 02

 — The struggle continues, but it works out in the end. by f1dude_lotus01/17/174.63HOT

A Change with Sam

 — Being kind leads to surprising and desired moments. by JRLover02/15/134.62HOT

A Change with Sam Ch. 02

 — Brett and Sam spend more time together. by JRLover02/21/134.66HOT

A Change With Sam Ch. 03

 — Sam and Brett become a better couple. by JRLover03/26/134.64HOT

A Change with Sam Ch. 04

 — An awkward dinner, and a good night. by JRLover05/25/134.71HOT

A Christmas Surprise

 — My wife finds my secret and embraces it for the holidays. by jerrycross04/03/184.62HOT

A Christmas Tail Ch. 03

 — Wife feminizes hubby for Xmas party. by Angelscuck12/25/114.03

A Christmas Tail Ch. 04

 — Husband's humiliation continues at the Christmas party. by Angelscuck12/26/114.08

A Christmiss Story

 — What will Miss Anne find in her Christmas stockings? by thrillerauthor12/06/044.38

A Circular Solution

 — A couple finds a creative solution to their fertility issues. by mistyfdfa07/06/174.47

A Clean Shirt

 — Dressed like a boy on the train, I'm picked up by a Daddy. by Allyourbase05/08/124.64HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 01

 — The Phoenix. by AwkwardMD10/19/144.65HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 02

 — Experimentation. by AwkwardMD10/31/144.66HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 03

 — Unexpected. by AwkwardMD11/14/144.57HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 04

 — Stepping Out. by AwkwardMD12/03/144.71HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 05

 — Alpha Interlude. by AwkwardMD12/14/144.47

A Clockwork Green Ch. 06

 — A good stretch of the legs. by AwkwardMD01/06/154.55HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 07

 — What Happens When You Pull On Thread. by AwkwardMD01/11/154.73HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 08

 — The first inch is the hardest. by AwkwardMD01/16/154.67HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 09

 — The Tangible and the Intangible. by AwkwardMD01/22/154.71HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 10

 — It Only Hurts For A Minute. by AwkwardMD01/26/154.79HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 11

 — Gut. by AwkwardMD02/04/154.69HOT

A Clockwork Green Ch. 12

 — The Cyclical Nature of Things. by AwkwardMD02/06/154.79HOT

A Close Encounter of the...

 — Two guys hook up with transsexual. by Art03/27/024.49

A Cock Loving Slut

 — Jake is forced to become a cock-loving slut. by BoredIndividual12/07/094.10

A Cold Drink for my Mistress

 — Rachel finds out how sadistic her Mistress can be. by doctordc10/30/073.31

A College Sissy Ch. 01

 — Freshman is feminized, used by male roommate and girl. by nat_rose07/04/154.43

A College Sissy Ch. 02

 — Alex is publicly feminized before being pimped out to dorm. by nat_rose07/09/154.54HOT

A College Sissy Ch. 03

 — Ali is humiliated by a sorority.. and fraternity. by nat_rose12/20/154.51HOT

A Conversation with a Lady

 — A short sissy fantasy inspired by Gemsissy's shopping trips. by OpenMouth10/12/174.34

A Couple and a Shemale Encounter

 — Shemale pornstar Vennessa has a hot encounter with a couple. by Vennessa08/07/084.41

A Couple and Me

 — Marlene the transvestite parties with a couple by Marlene12/20/024.20

A Cross Dressers First Time

 — A middle aged cross dresser has sex with a man. by webbyhose11/06/134.32

A Cross Dressing Suck Off Fantasy...

 — Man on business meets sexy cross dresser. by available26902/08/084.38

A Crossdresser Gets Fitted

 — A CD gets it from trans pornstar in a fitting room. by Vennessa05/11/044.29

A Cumslut is Born Ch. 01

 — Married hetero male enters the world of cocksucking. by Julian068207/28/124.27

A Cumslut is Born Ch. 02

 — The cocksucking continues, with bondage and a guest. by Julian068207/29/124.39

A Cumslut is Born Ch. 03

 — Julian learns the art of deep-throating. by Julian068208/02/124.50HOT

A Cyber-Awakening

 — Online chat with mysterious lady leads to unexpected desire. by fyredreams03/28/054.55HOT

A Damsel in Distress Ch. 01

 — A knight will do anything to get his sword back. . . anything. by TheSissySir04/28/173.90

A Damsel in Distress Ch. 02

 — A fair maiden emerges from the knight. by TheSissySir04/29/174.49

A Damsel in Distress Ch. 03

 — Cedric learns his duties. by TheSissySir05/31/174.57HOT

A Damsel in Distress Ch. 04

 — Cedric joins in on some family fun. by TheSissySir07/06/174.00

A Dare Gone Right

 — Dildo shopping in a thin summer dress. by sammicon01/08/124.26

A Date with Destiny

 — Middle-aged transgender realizes her destiny. by StarrOftheNite08/15/184.54HOT

A Day at the Beach

 — A trip to the beach has great consequences. by maidashley7005/08/094.39

A Day at the Beach

 — Some exhibitionist fun at a public beach. by lorenqt05/22/124.22

A Day at the Beach

 — Danielle's day at the beach leads to "her" first time. by Danielle98701/16/164.01

A Day Driving in the Country

 — Dealing with the Highway Patrol. by barbie_jo_6901/25/084.31

A Day to Forget

 — A bad day leads to a strange encounter. by ufpe04/28/033.61

A Day with Ron as My Master

 — Ordered to give blowjobs for humiliation. by Cynthia_D09/13/134.56HOT

A Debt Left Unpaid Ch. 01

 — Steffie is taken to Vito's house. by diamonddbb03/02/073.96

A Debt Left Unpaid Ch. 02

 — Steffie meets Vito for dinner and more. by diamonddbb03/18/074.32

A Debt to be Paid

 — Chris comes up short on the rent. by AutumnKnight5511/15/174.62HOT

A Decision to Make

 — A CD man is magically changed into a woman... has 48hrs. by butterflyjamie8406/20/154.57HOT

A Delicious Drug Deal

 — Mischievous t-girl drug dealer tricks buyer into analingus. by SugarandSalt05/11/184.79HOT

A Dickgirl

 — A girl with a big dick is discovered. by ursnafu03/20/084.39

A Dickgirl Ch. 02

 — A girl with a big dick finds release. by ursnafu04/03/084.69HOT

A Dickgirl's Birthday Present

 — A futa's girlfriend gets her a "little" present. by sajukno08/19/134.35

A Different Kind Of Lust

 — A man gets lucky late at nite. by sexybbw2609/14/083.69

A Different Kind of Massage

 — A dysfunctional couple get massaged by a pair of dickgirls. by Cilantra09/10/174.49

A Different Kind of Thief

 — She got much more than what she wanted... by RandomStorywriter0190407/18/134.16

A Different Kind of Weather

 — A little bit of this, a little of that - and shake it all up. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/27/17

A Dirty TASK Needs Doing Pt. 01

 — Kimberly Woods is not your average high school senior... by DragonCobolt03/15/184.59HOT

A Dirty TASK Needs Doing Pt. 02

 — Kimberly goes on her first mission! by DragonCobolt03/22/184.69HOT

A Dirty TASK Needs Doing Pt. 03

 — Kimberly heads to Venice, the city of romance...and ninjas!? by DragonCobolt03/28/184.74HOT

A Dirty TASK Needs Doing Pt. 04

 — Kimmy discovers a shocking truth about her origins. by DragonCobolt04/06/184.77HOT

A Dirty TASK Needs Doing Pt. 05

 — Kimmy is a captive of Lady Chaos. Will she want to escape! by DragonCobolt04/11/184.76HOT

A Dirty TASK Needs Doing Pt. 06

 — Kimmy and Dr. Chaos square off in a final confrontation! by DragonCobolt04/18/184.70HOT

A Downtown Moment

 — Greg finds an old friend willing to allow him to be Georgia. by Sheermistress11/10/114.64HOT

A Dream Come True Ch. 01

 — Sissy's kidnapping into a slave world. by severomi01/15/174.18

A Dream Comes True

 —  Dale experiences dream in arms of a girlfriend. by dalespeer12/12/044.11

A Dream?

 — Succubus. by njcaptionlover02/29/16

A Drive in the Country

 — Cross dresser meeting. by tonyatll09/06/094.31

A Failed Escape

 — Tommy tries to escape from the Land of Genies. by alwaysreadyfryou04/04/134.52HOT

A Fair Trade

 — A young trade makes a bad deal with a shemale giantess... by XtinaSmith201702/17/174.54HOT

A Fantasy

 — A letter to a lover. by luvcurious01/07/044.43

A Fantasy

 — He has a fantasy of submission. by ksopen103/30/064.36

A Fantasy

 — Trans man wants to be worshipped. by Sittingwiththedevil18912/06/173.56

A Fantasy in Pantyhose

 — First time with a man in pantyhose. by jonezn4ph12/24/124.53HOT

A Fateful Trip Pt. 01

 — A trip to buy shoes leads to being stuck in them. by TTM8603/09/183.75

A Fateful Trip Pt. 02

 — A bad decision leads to more of the same. by TTM8603/10/184.18

A Fateful Trip Pt. 03

 — The blackmail gets worse as I fall into my new routine. by TTM8603/12/184.23

A Fateful Trip Pt. 04

 — The blackmail worsens. by TTM8603/13/184.38

A Favor for My Best Friend Ch. 02

 — Sick of my fuck buddy, I offer my sex to my new best friend. by Verysecret9307/18/134.56HOT

A Favour

 — Matt helps Oliver do a favour for a sorority president. by emari11/18/144.02

A Few Yen More

 — A private lesson. by bleepblorper10/09/184.54HOT

A Fine Summer's Day

 — Secrt meets Karen and Rick. by scrtplsrs04/05/054.01

A First Encounter

 — Caught with my panty emerging from the edge of the jeans. by vandavontiessen05/29/184.36

A First Time for "Hannah"

 — A sexy first time date for Hannah and friend! by HannahUndercover12/18/104.13

A First Time for Both

 — Very sexy woman with a secret. by xinspire09/06/164.36

A First Time For Everything

 — A married t-girl's first time. by sasham72104/24/143.92

A First Time Out

 — A surprising first night out dressed as a girl. by atreligis01/29/114.20

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait

 — A day of many firsts promises a future as Jane. by stickygirl01/08/124.37

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 02

 — Jane narrowly avoids disappointing her man by stickygirl01/19/124.55HOT

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 03

 — Jane finds the road to lust can be bumpy. by stickygirl01/31/124.50HOT

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 04

 — Jane gets a helping hand from her sister. by stickygirl02/10/124.48

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 05

 — Jane and Paul make up the old fashioned way: with sex. by stickygirl02/18/124.76HOT

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 06

 — Coming Clean. by stickygirl03/07/124.60HOT

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 07

 — Jane is leaving home, but needs her man. by stickygirl03/26/124.62HOT

A Fishing Trip, But I'm The Bait Ch. 08

 — Jane gets attacked but her landlord saves the day. by stickygirl04/14/124.62HOT

A Flash of Lace

 — His dark secret is discovered by his beautiful sister. by cdandy01/27/064.72HOT

A Flatmate's First Time

 — Closet CD discovered by flatmate who has fun with him. by CdJade03/05/124.18

A Flying Fuck

 — Single mom fesses up to her love of transsexuals. by lalaloveya09/12/034.16

A Forgotten Place

 — Woman wakes up, having forgotten everything. by configerror04/08/10

A Forgotten Place Ch. 02

 — A hot night in town ... and a new friend? by configerror05/20/103.97

A Fortunate Encounter

 — A man experiences something new with a special kind of girl. by PenguinEmperor02/03/174.80HOT

A Fresh Start

 — Lonely Tgirl finds her way into the life of a lewd Librarian. by XtinaSmith201702/21/174.69HOT

A Friend Catches Me

 — Caught by a friend dressed in lingerie. by PinkPanties4me02/05/174.37

A Friend Catches Me Ch. 02

 — This is the second part to my story, enjoy! by PinkPanties4me04/10/174.35

A Friend in Need

 — A day of beer needs to an awakening. by tsipper10/27/064.16

A Fuck a Day Keeps Stress Away

 — He destresses with bisexual liasons. by alexcarr07/14/104.01

A Full Day for a CD Wife

 — A CD plays a pregnant wife for her man. by pushinme03/06/154.02

A Fun Afternoon In The Park

 — Karyn has a lucky encounter. by BlondeKaryn10/20/094.27

A Futa Slave and Seven Maids

 — Abducted and transformed for a billionaire's harem. by AlinaX11/24/184.67HOT

A Game of Basketball

 — Star Basketball player loses his anal virginity to new girl. by phoenixcinders01/16/194.63HOT

A Game of Basketball Pt. 02

 — First game of the year & second time Nicole fucks Dave's ass. by phoenixcinders02/01/194.76HOT

A Game of Basketball Pt. 03

 — A video pops up at school and hot shower sex! by phoenixcinders02/08/194.73HOT

A Game of Basketball Pt. 04

 — The team goes on a road trip! Dave gives road head and more! by phoenixcinders02/14/194.80HOTNEW

A Game within a Game Ch. 01

 — A cross dresser is being set up, but takes revenge. by doberinca12/08/114.60HOT

A Game within a Game Ch. 02A

 — Meeting Dr. Kim. by doberinca02/19/124.55HOT

A Game within a Game Ch. 02B

 — Marion: a new beginning. by doberinca02/24/124.75HOT

A Game within a Game Ch. 02C

 — Dr. Cathy - a visit to a psychiatrist. by doberinca02/25/124.57HOT

A Game within a Game Ch. 02D

 — New games - but not at all funny. by doberinca02/26/124.67HOT

A Game within a Game Ch. 03A

 — A new friend. by doberinca03/05/124.62HOT

A Game within a Game Ch. 03B

 — A kidnap - a healing by doberinca03/06/124.71HOT

A Game within a Game Ch. 03C

 — A cure - new sensations: subspace. by doberinca03/07/124.68HOT

A Gift From the Empress

 — A girl receives the greatest gift possible from her Empress by Dutch_Erotica01/11/174.51HOT

A Girl And Her Sissy

 — A girl recounting the feminization of her boyfriend. by TollWard07/25/164.36

A Girl Like Victoria

 — A first date with a special girl, they get what they want by smithjon191905/21/144.54HOT

A Girl's Best Friend

 — How could she be attracted to a cross-dresser? by KarennaC03/08/094.46

A Glory Hole for Tranny G

 — Hot night at a bi/tg swingers party. by Creamyirish11/30/10

A Goddess on Earth

 — A T-girl fan meets her idol, a T-girl singer, backstage. by YKN494905/20/134.62HOT

A Good Little Male Slut

 — He dresses up for night on the town. by CyberBitch07/13/034.11

A Good Shower

 — She calls and he gets ready. by nokids11/27/074.10

A Gooner's Tale

 — The sissyfication and bimbofication of her lover. by changoparati06/23/163.33

A Great Day Off Work

 — Another Craigslist hookup on a day off from work. by Lovinhose09/27/134.03

A Great Trip To The Shops

 — Surprised in my panties. by Joie_de_Vivre04/02/094.27

A Guy Story Ch. 01

 — Mark gets used by a TV & her brother. by Marlene12/26/034.46

A Guy Story Ch. 02

 — Mark is so very used up. by Marlene12/27/034.52HOT

A Guy Story Ch. 03

 — Couple are used by a TV and her friends. by Marlene05/11/054.74HOT

A Halloween to Remember

 — An erotic moonlit rendezvous, a painful moment, an epiphany. by sherylwaters10/01/114.59HOT

A Halloween Weekend

 — Tim, as Tiffany, accompanies Philip to a comic themed party. by TiffyKitty9310/27/174.61HOT

A Handy Surprise Ch. 01

 — A gurl has the house all to herself, or does she? by SissyTrixy03/10/184.38

A Handy Surprise Ch. 02

 — An unexpected person complicated things further. by SissyTrixy03/15/184.62HOT

A Handy Surprise Ch. 03

 — Dylan fixes a relationship. by SissyTrixy03/29/184.67HOT

A Happy Ending

 — A bully changes my life. by luk7706/20/174.40

A Happy Medium Ch. 01

 — Two moms, two daughters. Two cis, two trans. The moms bond. by YKN494912/18/184.66HOT

A Happy Medium Ch. 02

 — Tessa and Madison, away from their moms, re-enact prom night. by YKN494912/21/184.72HOT

A Happy Medium Ch. 03

 — Cis and Trans mothers and daughters come together. by YKN494912/26/184.62HOT

A Hard Days Shopping

 — Therapy fun after retail therapy. by spinder01/30/144.36

A Harlequin Ravishment

 — A GirlyBoy's first real boyfriend. by Clintdear11/09/074.45

A Harmless Fantasy?

 — A guy thinks about what it would be like to be a sissy slut. by Ginatheslut04/15/114.15

A Harmless Favor

 — A young wife assists her young husband to become a sissy. by SissyJon09/17/174.65HOT

A Healthy Adolescent Sex Drive

 — A young dickgirl finally admits her love for her best friend. by RaistlinMajere01/03/194.72HOT

A Helping Hand

 — An offer to help leads to an unexpected transformation. by centrum100003/31/114.68HOT

A Hero's Earning

 — Being a hero does have its rewards. by gentle50407/10/174.25

A Highland Holiday Pt. 01

 — A invite to the highlands takes an unexpected turn. by MissYellowPanties07/04/174.70HOT

A Highland Holiday Pt. 02

 — Fiona and Josie discover more of the highlands & themselves. by MissYellowPanties07/29/174.58HOT

A Highland Holiday Pt. 03

 — Josie plans to take things to the next level. by MissYellowPanties08/28/174.55HOT

A Highland Holiday Pt. 04

 — Highland Games. by MissYellowPanties09/22/174.69HOT

A Holiday Job

 — Suitcase mix-up means Paul must become Anne. by Misslexia01/15/034.32

A Holiday Job Ch. 02

 — Paul's holiday adventure as Anne continues. by Misslexia07/17/034.38

A Horny T-Girl Story

 — From voyeur to participant. by SugarandSalt09/03/124.63HOT

A Hot Time with Sheila

 — She's more than he bargained for. by xman197804/29/053.54

A Hotel Date

 — A crossdresser makes a date and gets treated like a whore. by The_Good_Doctor01/07/184.22

A Houseboy for Mali Ch. 01

 — A good deed gets an unexpected reward. by gmikeisbad07/17/114.30

A Husband Changes

 — Wife helps husband discover his feminine side. by Britguy4510/29/074.03

A Husband Named Cathy

 — A husband's dream comes true. He becomes Cathy. by cathynylons03/06/174.39

A Husband Named Cathy Ch. 02

 — Cathy begins to think about her recent shameless behavior. by cathynylons04/26/174.52HOT

A Husband Named Cathy Ch. 03

 — Cathy begins to make progress under the tutelage of Toni. by cathynylons02/18/18

A is for Andrea

 — Sisters are doing it for themselves. by BethanyJ01/18/124.57HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 01

 — The Beginning. by BothWorld05/28/094.15

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 02

 — Becoming a woman. by BothWorld06/05/094.38

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 03

 — The Delivery Man. by BothWorld06/14/094.55HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 04

 — Day One with the cast. by BothWorld06/17/094.60HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 05

 — Day two with the cast... by BothWorld06/20/094.53HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 06

 — A date with real men. by BothWorld06/26/094.72HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 07

 — The Discovery. by BothWorld07/01/094.76HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 08

 — The day after with Sarah. by BothWorld07/07/094.67HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 09

 — Sarah's Surprise. by BothWorld07/14/094.68HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 10

 — A seductress is born. by BothWorld07/24/094.75HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 11

 — The show opens. by BothWorld08/26/094.69HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 12

 — A special trip. by BothWorld08/31/094.69HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 13

 — Seeing Sarah. by BothWorld09/18/094.67HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 14

 — Playing with the boys… by BothWorld09/22/094.61HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 15

 — Doing Darrin. by BothWorld09/26/094.69HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 16

 — Dominant, hard to decide. by BothWorld10/01/094.62HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 17

 — Poker night with the boys. by BothWorld10/04/094.69HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 18

 — When Gary met Billy. by BothWorld02/25/104.57HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 19

 — How Roxy became a chauffeur. by BothWorld03/03/104.55HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 20

 — Gary becomes Gayla. by BothWorld03/09/104.76HOT

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 21

 — Roxy does Ted. by BothWorld03/18/104.55HOT

A Jones for Reene

 — A straight thug has a gay sub/Dom sexual encounter. by GabrielShelly12/10/164.34

A Journey to Womanhood

 — A young man starts his journey from boy to woman. by brendachaplin200011/10/154.34

A Journey to Womanhood Pt. 02

 — John takes the new step towards exploring life as Sam. by brendachaplin200012/01/154.44

A Journey to Womanhood Pt. 03

 — A long weekend gives John the much needed time as Sam. by brendachaplin200012/20/154.51HOT

A Journey to Womanhood Pt. 04

 — Sam's long weekend continues. by brendachaplin200004/26/164.47

A Journey to Womanhood Pt. 05

 — Sam comes out to her family and pays Chris a visit. by brendachaplin200007/30/164.51HOT

A Knight's Quest

 — Killing the monstrous wizard may be harder than he thought. by theilluminaughty12/16/143.80

A Knight's Quest Ch. 02

 — Sam's new quest to become the wizard's mistress continues. by theilluminaughty06/23/154.21

A Knight's Quest Ch. 03

 — The relationship between Sam and Victor David deepens. by theilluminaughty07/21/153.85

A Lady's First Time

 — Transgendered female has first sexual experience with a man. by texblondie05/07/104.33

A Last Unveiling Ch. 01

 — Two lonely souls meet. by Selbryth04/15/06HOT

A Last Unveiling Ch. 02

 — And yet he still looked at her. by Selbryth04/16/06HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 01

 — Going to college sometimes reveals more than you would like. by Joscelyn2tg06/14/134.41

A Learning Experience Ch. 02

 — Flying high before the storm - Jack & friends join the Mile. by Joscelyn2tg06/22/134.53HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 03

 — Jack or Joscelyn? We meet the Doc and find out. by Joscelyn2tg06/26/134.65HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 04

 — Becoming Joscelyn, with bondage and heartache in the mix. by Joscelyn2tg07/19/134.67HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 05

 — Getting the kinks out while learning something new. by Joscelyn2tg09/12/134.56HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 06

 — Josie loses her family and goes sightseeing in hell. by Joscelyn2tg07/24/144.55HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 07

 — A story of redemption & a rescue from hell. by Joscelyn2tg09/09/144.70HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 08

 — Discovering sometimes your true family, picks you. by Joscelyn2tg06/10/154.82HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 09

 — Josie transforms. The young caterpillar becomes a dragonfly. by Joscelyn2tg06/21/154.78HOT

A Learning Experience Ch. 10

 — Completing the Journey. Le Fin. by Joscelyn2tg07/07/154.75HOT

A Letter to my Master

 — Crossdressing is fun for my new master. by Chriszinner511/06/084.24

A Letter to Our Pantyhose-Sissy

 — Sissy is invited to watch as Mistress fucks her wife. by Sheermistress02/11/144.07

A Libidinous Dream

 — Unexpected lust with an old friend. by slavejoanna04/29/043.40

A Little Bit of Give and Take

 — A stale sexlife is revitalised when they trade fantasies. by Mareus07/05/074.57HOT

A Little Theater To Play In

 — I love a fun theater. by margobicd07/20/134.49

A Long Friday Night

 — Dating a TS Japanese Domme. by iser2109/11/034.42

A Long Hard Night

 — Forced anal. by analasis05/27/154.11

A Long List of Firsts

 — A man helps a lady in distress, a unique lady. by Drakon6604/12/174.69HOT

A Long Night Out

 — A sweet meeting that will last forever. by Neorotoxin04/22/084.15

A Look in the Mirror Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1: Friends. by zankiluna03/09/144.04

A Lost Bet Ch. 01

 — Jo bets it all and loses so much more. by amarasfantasy08/10/064.34

A Lost Bet Ch. 02

 — Jo loses again and the stakes get higher. by amarasfantasy08/17/064.38

A Lost Bet Ch. 03

 — Jo's ski trip starts taking unexpected turns. by amarasfantasy08/26/064.48

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