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Transgender & Crossdressers Stories

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Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 02

 — Dare from Master Jake. by PorscheKaru08/22/094.05

Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 03

 — A few dares rolled into one story. by PorscheKaru05/24/104.21

Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 04

 — Dare me series continues w/ man from my town. by PorscheKaru09/11/114.27

Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 05

 — Couple from Australia makes me perform for them on web cam. by PorscheKaru05/14/144.37


 — What happens between the afterglow and the morning light. by JustineDuMonde02/28/143.74

Interlude with a Shemale

 — John watches and pleases his transexual lover. by Jenna264106/29/104.28


 — Alone time hijinks ended abruptly but well... in the end. by grgy5602/07/144.26


 — Fiance is humiliated by fiancee in front of her friends. by Angelscuck09/27/093.84

Intimate Wear

 — A young man learns the appeal of lingerie. by DennyDriehoek08/07/164.69HOT

Into The Chains Ch. 00 - Prelude

 — Every Halloween, the Mothers gather to collect their prey... by DamienDeath2012/04/184.31

Into The Chains Ch. 01

 — Pain and pleasure rule here, welcome to the chains... by DamienDeath2012/05/184.46

Intro to a Dream Made Real

 — Realizing his dream, his TS dom shows him the ropes. by Phallicphun01/18/133.61

Introduced to Black Dick

 — A young sissy gets gangbanged by young black studs. by Phantom8JMF05/18/174.35

Introducing Virginia Holton

 — Development of a lovely shemale. by JonathanStone11/07/074.51HOT

Introduction to Miss Amy

 — My Mistress organises a mystery session with a 3rd party! by I_Am_No_One03/27/184.57HOT

Introduction to Miss Amy - Finale

 — Meeting Miss Emily marks the final member of ACHE. The end? by I_Am_No_One06/19/184.59HOT

Introduction to Miss Amy - Phase 02

 — An introduction to ACHE, following meeting Miss Amy! by I_Am_No_One04/06/184.33


 — Maddy turns Jack into a sissy slut. by edibles12303/27/154.30


 — Jimmy's tale of finding himself. by Sissy_Sammi_06/15/184.69HOT

Intruded and Blackmailed

 — Secret inexperienced sissy gets caught and blackmailed. by hosiery_cumslut02/23/163.97

Invited to Interview

 — Sissy faces an interview with a new master and mistress. by Vramborne06/13/164.19

Irene's Photoshoot Ch. 01

 — Cute Tgirl agrees to a photoshoot with consequences. by Nymanirene07/14/163.84

Irene's Photoshoot Ch. 02

 — Cute Tgirl gets more than she asked for. by Nymanirene07/18/163.81

Is he a He or a She

 — Different types get shagged. by uksnowy08/03/172.07


 — A man's first encounter with the other sex. by Kary_M01/03/034.54HOT

Island for Dickgirls: Cheer Squad

 — Three dickgirl cheerleaders prepare for competition. by YKN494907/04/124.56HOT

Island for Dickgirls: Health Class

 — A new dickgirl teacher and her five horny dickgirl students. by YKN494906/24/124.58HOT

Island for Dickgirls: Lost Aunt

 — Kendal's seductive Aunt Aynsley cums to visit. by YKN494909/04/124.59HOT

Island for Dickgirls: Miller Family

 — Dickgirl mother and daughter bridge a gap. by YKN494906/20/124.60HOT


 — A wild night in Amsterdam. by jjcole05/25/034.46


 — A sissy fuckdoll used as a toy in a public sex festival. by theonewhowas09/23/174.26

It All Started Innocently Enough

 — Lingerie shopping leads to some personal growth. by centrum100006/30/134.28

It All Started When...

 — A night at a Halloween fancy dress party leads to sex... by crashmatt10/10/184.67HOT

It All Started With

 — My transformation journey. by Adanaliyik08/09/174.42

It All Started... Ch. 01

 — He gets caught crossdressed for sex. by trixie38cd11/12/064.57HOT

It All Started... Ch. 02

 — Trixie gets help from wife. by trixie38cd11/17/064.47

It Had Been Far Too Long

 — CD has a date after many years. by lynntg044411/21/184.35

It Happened in the Panty Aisle

 — A chance encounter turns him into a cock worshipping sissy. by centrum100005/07/164.46

It Happened One Halloween...

 — Halloween know the rest. by Lovinhose04/27/154.33

It Started As A Golfing Debt

 — Dee uses Tom's bet to turn him into a maid. by StryWrter709/23/034.65HOT

It Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 02

 — He serves his erotic neighbors. by StryWrter710/06/034.65HOT

It Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 03

 — Karen's Dad is the neighbors maid & slut. by StryWrter710/14/034.61HOT

It Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 04

 — Karen objects to Chris resuming his male role. by StryWrter710/31/034.44

It Started As A Golfing Debt Ch. 05

 — Karen's friend Sara finds out who wears panties. by StryWrter712/24/034.47

It Started With A Date

 — Crossdressing Terry is transformed into Terri. by ArtyGee08/15/164.62HOT

It Started with a Prom Date

 — The prom leads to marriage. by chaele05/27/173.81

It Started with a Prom Date Ch. 02

 — After finding out my fetish Wendy goes all out. by chaele05/31/173.96

It Starts at the Airport

 — Mistress has fun with a sissy. by CDBeatrix08/08/154.29

It was Supposed to be a Quickie

 — She found an unlikely soulmate. by lovers106/07/134.64HOT

It's a Beautiful Day

 — A young cross-dresser emerges from his isolation. by BabyPink05/11/104.41

It's A Girl's Life Ch. 01

 — The night I lost my cherry. by Pepperpuppy07/03/114.13

It's A Girl's Life Ch. 02

 — The aftermath from the rape, that led to a new life. by Pepperpuppy07/06/114.31

It's A Girl's Life Ch. 03

 — Lunch fun with BGF Cathy one Sunday afternoon. by Pepperpuppy07/09/114.56HOT

It's A Job

 — A man finally begins to enjoy his prostitution job. by Laurielle08/02/103.92

It's a Trap!

 — Encountering love in a university bar. by Genghis_Rees04/14/174.22

It's a Weird Life

 — Ken and Julie share an unfinished transition. by marybethf10/21/064.43

It's a Wonderful New Life

 — Male chauvinist pickup hound gets liberated to a sissy slut. by alexyzia02/20/154.26

It's A Wrap Ch. 01

 — Alex is tricked into being a girly porn star by mate Jack. by Tomsparty12/22/034.14

It's A Wrap Ch. 02

 — New porn star is dressed to impress. by Tomsparty12/24/034.39

It's A Wrap Ch. 03

 — Alex goes for a drive. by Tomsparty12/24/034.41

It's All About Communication

 — A couple helps each other fulfill their fantasies. by manyquestions12/31/084.25

It's All About the Panties

 — No Penis Envy. by wellworn03/02/184.32

It's For Charity

 — Will she persuade you to wear the party dress? by Tomsparty05/29/063.94

It's Not Like Porn

 — Brian learns about his two best friends' sexualities by mykaltrent01/24/103.81

It's Only Money

 — He needs a job and the boss needs sex. by tamol11/06/034.35

It's the Law

 — He liked woman's panties. by BlueEyed5ftAngel09/12/043.93

It?s Either Break Up Or Make Up

 — Transformation and sexual punishment. by felicia_rene04/27/094.13

Ivana Pushing Sissy's Limits

 — Wearing a dress to a Christmas Party wasn't enough. by frezrevup03/14/134.06


 — Young white man force-feminized by black gang. by FellatiaViper08/23/134.23

Izzy and Emily Ch. 01: Two Redheads

 — An unexpected night. by inkstand10/24/184.59HOT

J is for Josie

 — Like Mother, like Son. by BethanyJ03/11/124.68HOT

Jack to Jacqui

 — Suddenly alone, Jack discovers his true self. by MarkThyme10/06/034.30

Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood

 — A crossdresser's journey into be a full-fledged sissy. by jacki69712/17/144.52HOT

Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 02

 — Jacki meets Laura and is given an interesting proposal. by jacki69712/18/144.74HOT

Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 03

 — Jacki's relationship with Laura and Steve begins. by jacki69712/21/144.66HOT

Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 04

 — Jacki makes new friends as they get ready for a party. by jacki69712/22/144.63HOT

Jacki's Journey into Sissyhood Pt. 05

 — Jacki's cumming out party. by jacki69712/23/144.72HOT

Jackie Becomes a Wife

 — A second take on Jackie learning to be a wife. by Sissy_Sammi_03/07/184.40

Jackie Begins her Transition

 — Jackie begins her transition to womanhood. by Sissy_Sammi_02/03/184.47

Jackie Meets Her Sister

 — Jackie's sister comes home and offers Jackie a new life. by Sissy_Sammi_02/27/184.46

Jackie Pt. 01

 — Aman becomes involved with a strong-willed woman. by Scribler12/30/064.71HOT

Jackie Pt. 02

 — Changes begin. by Scribler12/31/064.71HOT

Jackie Pt. 03

 — Their relationship grows and marriage is proposed. by Scribler01/01/074.68HOT

Jackie Pt. 04

 — Marriage and the full extent of infidelity is realized. by Scribler01/02/073.69

Jackie Pt. 04: Alternative Ending

 — A non-demeaning, trans-supportive rewrite. by Purple_Raihne02/17/124.39


 — Larry hit the lotto and gets a white pussyboi in bed. by puzziboi11/05/114.00


 — A trans man is dominated by his Master. by jamesrose09/27/164.62HOT

Jaclyn and Her Bitch Go Out

 — A lady and her sissy boy have a night out. by lusty Vamp04/28/094.23

Jaclyn and Her Bitch Host Poker

 — The further humilation of a sissy boy. by lusty Vamp08/07/094.29

Jaclyn's Bitch Receives a Gift

 — The sissy boy receives his annual gift. by lusty Vamp03/11/103.99


 — A wife's surprising reaction to her hubby in her clothes. by MarkThyme11/30/034.27

Jacqui Steps Out

 — He becomes her and reaps the reward. by MarkThyme06/23/054.43


 — Finding happiness as the man she was born to be. by wife2hotblk06/07/094.03

Jail Time

 — Shemale in prison. by spitzharder11/15/184.36

Jaime and Mike Pt. 01

 — A man meets his fantasy woman, his ultimate fantasy. by LadyMelodyDarkheart11/10/184.58HOT

Jaime and Mike Pt. 02

 — Jaime and Mike explore their relationship and love blooms. by LadyMelodyDarkheart11/15/184.75HOT

Jaime and Mike Pt. 03

 — Jaime and Mikeooooen their restaurant and meet an old friend. by LadyMelodyDarkheart11/20/184.55HOT

Jaime's Journey

 — Young man is led to become a woman. by jackie_em04/06/174.57HOT

Jamaican Bisexuality: Ottawa

 — Black transsexual diva rescues a handsome gangster. by Samuelx02/13/191.77NEW

James' Story Ch. 01

 — Follow James on his story from average loser to sissy god. by Besissyb03/11/163.92

James's Favorite Plaything

 — Matthew has another run-in with James, and it's rough. by That_Anonymous_Author04/10/184.52HOT


 — Straight older man discovers the joys of sex with girlyboy. by acuriousguy6009/08/134.61HOT

Jamie and Chris

 — Chris returns to Jamie before she leaves town. by Sissyhalo03/03/184.42

Jamie Cruises a Highway Rest Stop

 — Jamie services strangers again. by jr077705/27/064.53HOT

Jamie Gets Nailed in a Club

 — Sexy Gurl meets a stranger in a club. by Tonisshy11/10/174.41

Jamie the Gloryhole Slut

 — He loves sucking gloryhole cock. by jr077710/05/054.38

Jamie the Gloryhole Slut Ch. 02

 — Jamie gets the urge after a business dinner to suck cock. by jr077711/12/054.54HOT

Jamie the Gloryhole Slut Ch. 03

 — Jamie visits the gloryhole again. by jr077712/08/054.58HOT

Jamie's Descent Pt. 01

 — James is an intern and takes an online quiz - bad move! by nikkiesilk06/18/164.59HOT

Jamie's Descent Pt. 02

 — Jamie slips further under Vanessa's control. by nikkiesilk06/20/164.61HOT

Jamie's Descent Pt. 03

 — Jamie continues on his new path. by nikkiesilk06/24/164.65HOT

Jamie's Descent Pt. 04

 — Jamie discovers what submission is. by nikkiesilk07/01/164.64HOT

Jamie's Descent Pt. 05

 — Jamie falls further under the control of Fiona. by nikkiesilk08/21/164.68HOT

Jamie's Grate Change

 — Jamie decides he will be more social as a she. by sosofine09/19/073.68

Jane and the Garage

 — Jane's day the lead to the Garage. by kenny69va09/15/094.16

Jane's Afternoon With Andrew

 — A TV meets Andrew for a steamy afternoon. by filthykat07/17/124.12

Janet Owns Me Now Ch. 01-02

 — Domme trains lover to be Her submissive wife. by trissy105/23/054.34

Janet Owns Me Now Ch. 03

 — 'Training Panties' and the hairbrush. by trissy106/07/054.43

Janet Owns Me Now Ch. 04

 — Take it like a big girl, slip up & panties down. by trissy106/07/054.34

Janet Owns Me Now Ch. 05

 — Public spanking at the beach. by trissy106/08/054.22

Janet's Night Out

 — A drink after work turns into much more. by JanetHarper06/04/174.48


 — Sexy lady gives him the surprise of his life. by Jakey06/09/014.39

Janice Ch. 02

 — The relationship takes an erotic turn. by Jakey02/14/054.44

Janice Falls in Love

 — Janice finds her true love at work. by Cexylady02/25/164.12

Janie's Got a Dildo

 — Sister abuses her cross-dressing step-brother. by StephanieSeymour12/04/064.17

Jared and the Witch

 — Man goes to a brothel for humiliation and gets more. by bad_boy_good_girl07/30/124.38

Jasmin wears the pants

 — A woman wears the pants and her man the opposite by Gretatv05/12/104.28

Jasmin wears the pants Ch. 02

 — Gary goes shopping with Jasmin. by Gretatv05/16/104.54HOT

Jasmine Fucks My Wife

 — He could never have imagined it. by cuntenslaver08/23/124.03

Jasmine's Slutty Weekend

 — A sissy submits to her Master. by sissyslutjasmine06/13/143.52

Jason Becomes Jazmine Ch. 01

 — A guy goes through a dramatic change. by Charish05/17/073.93

Jason Becomes Jazmine Ch. 02

 — Jason loses himself in his new femininity. by Charish05/18/074.38

Jason Becomes Jazmine Ch. 03

 — Jazmine and her roomie explore her femininity. by Charish05/26/074.58HOT

Jason, the IT Guy

 — Sarah seduces and fucks Jason. by becca198302/17/174.62HOT

Jay Cross

 — Jay enjoys his pantyhose secret. by JayCross06/27/104.21

Jay Crossed and Mr. Johnson

 — Jay finally has someone to tease in his pantyhose. by JayCross07/09/104.40

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 01

 — Jay's friend introduces him to a whole new world of fun. by WhiskeyIsGood12/08/134.66HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 02

 — Jay has some fun with Holly, than hangs out with Lisa again. by WhiskeyIsGood12/16/134.69HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 03

 — Jay has more fun with Holly and Lisa. by WhiskeyIsGood12/19/134.61HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 04

 — Lisa helps Jay broaden his horizons. by WhiskeyIsGood01/08/144.76HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 05

 — Jay has some more fun with Annie. by WhiskeyIsGood01/11/144.70HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 06

 — Jay gives in to temptation by WhiskeyIsGood01/12/144.73HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 07

 — Jay and Jen have sex, and then Jay goes to a party. by WhiskeyIsGood01/18/144.66HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 08

 — Jay learns a new trick from a new girl. by WhiskeyIsGood01/28/144.70HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 09

 — Lessons from Christy. by WhiskeyIsGood02/01/144.74HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 10

 — More fun with Kendra and a threesome with Lisa and Holly. by WhiskeyIsGood02/05/144.73HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 11

 — Christmas party. by WhiskeyIsGood02/15/144.67HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 12

 — New Year's Eve. by WhiskeyIsGood03/04/144.57HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 13

 — Jay deals with Lisa leaving. by WhiskeyIsGood04/03/144.70HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 14

 — Jay helps Holly through her depression. by WhiskeyIsGood04/26/144.68HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 15

 — Jay and Kendra have some fun. by WhiskeyIsGood04/29/144.68HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 16

 — Another round of Kendra. by WhiskeyIsGood05/11/144.67HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 17

 — A loss in the family. by WhiskeyIsGood05/18/144.62HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 18

 — Jay and Christina. by WhiskeyIsGood06/13/144.75HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 19

 — Threesome, and a decision that needs to be made. by WhiskeyIsGood08/28/144.67HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 20

 — Jay makes his decision. by WhiskeyIsGood09/13/144.77HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 21

 — The continuation, of Jay's Sex Club Adventures. by WhiskeyIsGood04/21/174.75HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 22

 — Jay, Holly and Kendra have some fun and the planning begins. by WhiskeyIsGood05/04/174.78HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 23

 — Lisa gains Jay and Holly's trust again. by WhiskeyIsGood05/12/174.72HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 24

 — The Bachelor Party. by WhiskeyIsGood05/22/174.67HOT

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 25

 — The big day has arrived. by WhiskeyIsGood06/21/174.60HOT


 — She tricks identical twin's wife and gets bigger trick. by YKN494902/20/124.48

Jeff and Marlenes Adventure

 — Marlene and her friend Jeff do very bad things. by Marlene02/21/034.39

Jeff Crossdresses More & More

 — Jeff is encouraged to dress more in the run-up to Halloween by TurningintoCD05/06/134.51HOT

Jemima's Tale Pt. 01

 — A crossdresser's first real taste of her secret desires... by jemimaheart05/24/144.72HOT

Jemima's Tale Pt. 02

 — Jemima waits excitedly for her dream lover to return... by jemimaheart06/13/144.82HOT

Jemima's Tale Pt. 03

 — Jemima learns how to submit to her new boyfriend's will... by jemimaheart07/12/144.60HOT

Jemima's Tale Pt. 04

 — Jemima and Steve ...and Emma makes three? by jemimaheart08/02/144.71HOT

Jemima's Tale Pt. 05

 — Can a new boyfriend for Jemima be out there on the web? by jemimaheart08/23/144.67HOT

Jemima's Tale Pt. 06

 — Being naughty puts Jemima in a very precarious position... by jemimaheart10/21/144.85HOT

Jen and a Friend

 — A one-night-stand turns into a MTF threesome. by jon22707/05/154.44

Jen and Me

 — An older woman cultivates a younger man's inner woman. by barry_nine03/06/084.55HOT


 — Jenna always gets what she wants. by WhiskeyIsGood11/05/154.74HOT

Jenna & Stephen Ch. 02

 — Jenna's fantasy of threesome with a shemale comes true. by Naf_Noparts08/26/094.59HOT


 — A young man seduces his former step-mother. by WhiskeyIsGood07/07/174.67HOT

Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies Ch. 01

 — Sissy Debbie's night of submission begins (Sasha & Jennifer). by corduroysissy12/22/174.23

Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies Ch. 02

 — Debbie's night of submission continues (Janice & Lesley). by corduroysissy01/06/184.08

Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies Ch. 03

 — Debbie's night of submission continues (Marsha & Patty). by corduroysissy01/17/184.38

Jennifer's Surprise

 — On Vacation, Jennifer meets a woman with something extra. by Ann Douglas08/17/174.66HOT


 — He tries experimental weed that changes him. by Lycandope07/08/133.73

Jenny & Steve Reach A Crescendo

 — A new relationship blossoms. by alexcarr03/18/103.79

Jenny - Epilogue

 — Dave finds that karma is alive and well and quite fickle. by Lycandope01/19/144.19

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls

 — Jimmy gets invited to play volleyball - the catch -as a girl. by Johnboy909/30/094.20

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 02

 — Jimmy gets invited to play volleyball - the catch -as a girl. by Johnboy910/08/094.43

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 05

 — Jimmy gets an unexpected changeover - and how! by Johnboy910/16/094.47

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 06

 — Jimmy gets made up as Jenny for the big game. by Johnboy910/19/094.39

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 08

 — Jimmy gets ready to greet the world as Jenny. by Johnboy910/26/094.53HOT

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 09

 — Cindi proposes to Jimmy - the catch - he must stay as Jenny. by Johnboy911/06/094.48

Jenny Plays with the Big Girls Ch. 10

 — Jimmy pays the theater manager back - as Jenny. by Johnboy903/16/104.51HOT

jenny Trains Her 'Slut-sis'

 — Pain-sluts explore. by slutty_jannelle06/28/104.47

Jenny's Education Ch. 01

 — T-girl attends a S & M school. by slutty_jannelle05/27/103.92

Jenny's Journey

 — TG pain-slut finds her dream Master. by slutty_jannelle05/14/094.35

Jenny's Total Service

 — T-girl learns new depths of submission. by slutty_jannelle05/03/094.43

Jeremy's School Bully

 — Jeremy has a T-Girl bullying him. by ruwild08/23/094.50HOT

Jeremy's School Bully: The Ending

 — Jeremy finds a way to deal with his bully. by ruwild11/29/144.77HOT

Jerry is Transformed into Geri

 — A boss arranges a transformation for his gay assistant. by walterio01/05/164.38

Jesse and Hector

 — Trans man, cis man, and their slightly kinky encounters. by Seir03/17/144.28

Jesse's Dream Job

 — Jesse is working under Angel's desk. by ruwild07/11/114.73HOT

Jesse's Dream Job - The First Day

 — Jesse has a very busy first day. by ruwild04/23/124.76HOT

Jesse's Forfeit

 — Jesse gets punished for losing. Part 2. by sexy_jessie04/11/034.42

Jessica Find Her Way To "The Gym"

 — A cd's adventure at a bathhouse. by DCJessicaCD06/21/074.54HOT

Jessica Loses Her Virginity

 — A crossdresser's coming of age. by DCJessicaCD04/16/074.47

Jessica Meets the World!!

 — Jessica gets a surprise! by slimwun8111/28/124.49

Jessica Trailer Park Whore

 — Jessica the trailer park whore. by JessicaTV09/26/094.01


 — Is she a man? Is he a woman? by i_would02/14/163.73

Jijaji Transformed Into a Girl

 — Sister-in-law dresses sister's husband into female clothes. by michelleblair197512/27/142.82

Jill & David & Me: A Threesome

 — A beautiful TS takes on two men. by Boxlicker10107/06/044.39

Jill & Me Together

 — Making love, just me and a beautiful TS. by Boxlicker10103/12/054.46

Jill and Uncle Roger

 — Jill discovers her uncle Roger's crossdressing secret. by fantasyboy11/18/094.16

Jill's Date with Deshawn

 — White CD's date with married Black man. by leggyjill03/14/104.49

Jill's Secret

 — Jill has a big surprise for Jerry. by meatgrinder50007010/26/144.62HOT

Jill's Secret Ch. 02

 — Jill claims her prize. by meatgrinder50007011/12/144.55HOT

Jill's Secret Ch. 03

 — Life with Jill. by meatgrinder50007004/26/183.16

Jillian & Tessa

 — Jillian's best friend has a secret... or two by bigblueboy01/31/074.59HOT

Jim Becomes Bi-curious Ch. 03

 — Jim meets the ladyboy Lee. by walterio09/20/094.50HOT


 — Life as a police officer is not simple. Ever. by cometnotail07/14/154.65HOT

Jinnis and Wishes and Tits, Oh My?!

 — An archeologist matches wits with a genie; he wins, he loses. by NewAgeScheherazade12/14/024.35

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