tagFirst TimeA Thrill for the Computer Geek

A Thrill for the Computer Geek


My boyfriend and I are both college athletes. He is an outfielder on the baseball team, while I am a swimmer. Joey is 6'2" of muscle, with a well-chiseled physique. I am 5'9", with broad shoulders, a small waist, and muscular legs. My breasts blossomed my senior year of high school, so I am a bit busty for a swimmer, but I still hold my own in meets.

Our freshman year, we both lived in the dorms. My roommate was a friend from high school, and we got along great. Joey opted for a random roommate assignment, and his computer-geek roommate was named Stephen. Stephen was the stereotypical nerd that loved electronic things more than anything else. He was 18 but acted much younger. He showered every few days, wore black glasses, had greasy hair, always appeared disheveled, and struggled to hold a conversation about anything non-techy.

Both of our roommates spent a crazy amount of time hanging out in our rooms. Joey and I had to be very discreet with our petting when our roommates were around, and we also had to find times for quick sex during the day when our roommates were in class.

One night, Joey and I returned late from a party. You guessed it - Stephen was engrossed in a video game on the couch. Joey and I scampered up to the top bunk. We were both pretty drunk and horny, and our inhibitions were gone as we practically tore each other's clothes off. Joey playfully tossed my panties to the floor below, totally unnoticed by Stephen.

Very quickly, Joey and I moved to the 69 position. He skillfully ate my pussy while I gave him the best blow job that I could. His cock is a little small for his body type, and I could easily take his full 5" into my mouth. He came very quickly, and I swallowed every drop like I always do. Joey's pussy licking stopped soon thereafter, leaving me without an orgasm (like he usually does).

I glanced down at Stephen to see if he had noticed us. He was still watching the TV, but his game controller was on the couch. Instead, he had one hand over his mouth and nose, and another hand inside his sweat pants. On closer look, I saw that he was holding my panties to his face and was sniffing them. Eeeww! I assumed that he must be stroking himself, too.

I was about to call him out, when I suddenly realized that my nipples were standing straight out. I was a little turned on by what I was seeing! I just laid there, watching Stephen sniff and rub, as Joey fell asleep behind me. Soon, I really had to pee, and I decided to throw caution to the wind and just jump down without getting dressed. I hurried into the bathroom, did my business, and walked back into the room. My panties were on the floor again, Stephen was playing his video game, and Joey was snoring.

I was still a little drunk and randy, so I laid down on Stephen's bed, completely naked. I noticed that Stephen had a huge tent in his sweat pants. He looked at me a couple of times out of the corner of his eye, then went back to his game. He was obviously uncomfortable and trying his best to ignore a naked woman on his bed.

I decided to push the matter a little. I said "Oh - there are my panties!" and stood up to put them on. I bent over, aiming my shapely, toned butt right at Stephen, and slowly slid the panties up my legs. Stephen could not look away any longer. He watched every move, then stared at me while I turned around to face him directly.

"Do you like what you see, Stephen?" He blushed again, and slowly nodded his head. His gaze alternated from my big brown nipples to my long legs. Finally, he was interested in something other than video games, I thought.

"Is this the first time you have seen a naked woman in the flesh?" Again, a blush and a nod. That turned me on, and I could feel my panties getting a little wet.

Joey was fast asleep in a drunken state, so I decided to really push the envelope. I walked over to Stephen and shook my tits in his face. He smelled, like bad body odor. I told him that if he wanted to see or touch anything more, then he would first have to shower. I had never seen him move as fast as he did as he rushed to the bathroom. He almost pushed me over in his haste.

Once I knew he was in the shower, I opened the bathroom door and stepped inside. I peeled off my panties, looked at my athletic body in the mirror, and prepared myself to give the geek a thrill. I slid back the shower curtain, and my mouth dropped as I laid eyes on the biggest cock I had ever seen. He was busy stroking it, and fully hard it was 10" long and very thick! He smiled widely as he saw my reaction to his size.

I climbed into the shower with him, and immediately grabbed that huge cock in my hand. I could not fit one hand around it - I needed two hands to stroke it properly. I soaped it up and gave it a good washing while I stroked. I was soon on my knees, trying to fit his massive manhood in my mouth. I could get the tip in, but not much more. I ran my hands along the shaft and bobbed my head on the tip.

Stephen put his hands behind my head and slowly started moving his cock in and out of my mouth. We reached a pretty good rhythm, and he was stretching the limits of my cheeks and jaw muscles. Soon, he grunted, but not one of his usual grunts. He was cumming, and he filled my mouth with his spunk. I swallowed most of it, but seductively let some drip out of the corner of my mouth and down onto my breasts.

I stood up and kissed Stephen. He didn't know what to do. When his lips parted and my tongue entered his mouth, he was tasting his own juices. He was rough and sloppy at first, but with a little coaching his kissing improved dramatically. After a few minutes of kissing, we soaped each other up and showered together. His hands lingered a little longer in all of the right places. He was certainly a quick learner!

We got out of the shower and toweled each other off. Much to my delight, his cock was starting to come to life again. Before I took his cock into my hands, I placed one of his hands on my right breast and one on my pussy. Again, he was rough and uncoordinated, but I coached him to touch me in ways that I like. Soon, my pussy was soaked and my nipples were at full attention and very sensitive.

Surprisingly, he then took control of the situation. He lifted me up onto the counter and kissed and licked my nipples as he drove a couple of fingers into my sopping pussy. He placed my legs on top of his shoulders, positioned his huge cock at my love hole, and started pushing. I told him to be careful, because I had never taken a cock so huge.

He responded by thrusting faster. Each thrust got deeper. I winced each time, with a mixture of slight pain and intense pleasure. In a few minutes, he was buried deep inside of me, and I was being stretched out in ways I had never been before. Wave over wave of an orgasm came over me, and I started moaning and screaming. Stephen put his hand over my mouth to try and quiet me down.

Just then, the door to the bathroom flew open, and there stood my boyfriend, Joey...

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by Anonymous

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by catamite04/16/19

Well Done

You got me hooked. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

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by Anonymous04/16/19


Great start. You could go many directions from where you left off. My mind is drifting into Cuckoldsville. Boyfriend is so pussywhipped he agrees to let the nerd be her main man, while he gets leftovers.more...

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by Averygoodlay04/15/19


first story needs chapter two

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by SG173735104/15/19

Great first story

I can't wait to find out what the slutty swimmer gets herself into next

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by maddict04/15/19

Holding her own meat

What a lucky find, no I mean her not Stephen. A shower is always a good first plan.
Sorry Joey, your hand is going to be your friend now. Guess who's room we're going to use

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