tagMind ControlAn Absolute Made Sub and Cuckold

An Absolute Made Sub and Cuckold


A foolish man paid the price of his actions, then found himself after being shown the way by his beautiful blond wife and her black lovers.

I was sat in my chair completely dumbstruck; I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I had no idea where the DVD I was watching had been made. But in my heart of hearts I could guess why, she knew I had been unfaithful, the perfume, a brush of lipstick, it had all added up, and the interrogation by my wife had nailed me.

But this, this was too much, this was unfair, there was no reason to behave in this manner. Yes I had been naughty the weekend I had been away, but there is revenge, and there is revenge! The note that had accompanied the delivery of the DVD was plain and concise.

"Hope you die in agony you cheating bustard, I may return home sometime, I may not. It will all depend on your reaction to this. And your non negotiable promise that you will obey me forever; you will be my cuckold husband for good. That I am the Queen of our home, and you will be nothing. If this isn't agreeable then you can fuck off and you'll never see me again, got it? Oh, but there will be more DVDs until you give up and do things my way from now on!"

There was a mail box address for me to reply to, no phone number, no way of contacting her until I replied by letter, and that was it. I read and re read the note, hoping the words might change to something else, but they never did no matter how many times I read it.

I pressed the rewind button and watched it again, this must have been the hundredth time I had seen it. But the thing that stuck in my throat, and split my heart in two was, I had a constant hard on watching her. My head was in bits, my heart was breaking up, but my prick loved what my eyes were seeing and transmitting to it.

There on the screen of my brand new 50" top of the range TV was my beautiful blond wife. She is an absolute stunner, 5ft 6" full bodied, green eyes, perfect tits, narrow waist and legs that went on for ever. But it was her face which could capture a runaway train and stop it dead on its tracks. Hauntingly beautiful, so angelic, cherub like, innocent, you name it Shelly had a pose for it.

So why had I been unfaithful you ask, I had been on a convention weekend, well it was a five day thing actually. I do travel a bit in my job, this particular weekend a secretary had gone along too, and for some reason I found her amenable, pliable and very willing, she was married to a colleague who hadn't been there for one reason or another.

We fucked like rabbits every night we were there, every spare moment was spent in either her bed or mine. Of course people guessed or knew, and one of the bastards had told her husband, who gave me a good thumping, he also rang and told my wife. Hence here I am in deeper shit than I have ever been, I nearly lost my job because of it, but fortunately the other husband had given in his notice as he had been offered another job and his wife was going with him, so I was spared the chop.

I can only thank my good luck that she doesn't know about the other two transgressions I have had, but that's another story. And now I was going to have to pay the price she was demanding, or lose her. I had been stupid; I had begged forgiveness but this? This was too much, how could I accede to her these orders, these unreasonable demands. I made the mistake of ignoring the note, and three days later another DVD was delivered, with the terse message.

"Last chance saloon slut boy, my way or the highway, no reply now and I'm gone for good!"

And that was it, I watched the new DVD and I was even more shocked, but my hard on came back too, and I jacked off over it for the millionth time! I was glued to the screen, there she was in all her naked glory, her long blond hair up in a loose pony tail and streaming down her back as her head was tilted upwards.

Why was it tilted upwards? It was because there was a big black cock in it, and she was sucking and slurping it as hard as she good. She was up on her knees on a bed, and enjoying what she was doing, even I could see that. And that gleam in her eyes as she sucked and glanced at the camera? I knew that gleam so well; I had seen it many times when she had sucked me off.

She also had her hands tied behind her back with wrists crossed she was being willingly face fucked by a strapping muscular black guy in front of her. I could see his body but not his face, not yet. He had a hand in her hair and was pulling her on and off his thick black prick. The first DVD had been of her on her hands and knees, well, elbows and knees really and being fucked from behind by him, but this new one was the full unedited version of that I was sure.

Also on the screen was a beautiful long haired black girl, she was kneeling naked behind Shelley, but turned slightly toward the camera, her fabulous body on full view to me. She was smiling at the camera too. I could see they were all posing but also they were deep in the throes of what they were doing. The black girl had her left arm around my wife; her fingers were tweaking, twisting and pulling on her nipples each in turn. Both of them were rock hard, my wife's nipples are very sensitive things, so I knew what she was going through.

Her right hand was at her pussy, the fingers were blurred as the drove up and down Shelley clit and dipped into her pussy regularly. She was also kissing her neck and shoulder, while her brilliantly white even teeth were intermittently biting her. I could see Shelley's eyes open and close in her arousal.

She might have been torturing me like this but she wasn't being forced, she was right into this, and it was that which cut me. I stared at the screen, prick in hand and tossing myself off watching her. The reason I was so erect over it was, this was a scenario we had concocted over the last couple of years as an addition to our love lives.

Shelley being the ultimate beautiful young blonde wife that she was attracted males of all calibres, especially black men. So slowly we had brought it into our bedroom and we would have fantastic sex sessions as we related stories about her being totally seduced. Sometimes forcibly taken, gang banged, older knowing men, younger studs, black men and boys with big thick black cocks who would over power her and fuck her half to death. Willingly or forcibly, me watching, me tricking her into it, you name it we talked about it.

I had even invented the scene I was now watching on my screen, it had been me who brought up the idea of her being forced into submission to a powerful black stud and a beautiful black female whom would have their way with her, consented or not. I watched on fascinating horror as my wonderful beautiful sexy blond wife got it on with her two partners, and there was no doubt who was running the show, and it wasn't Shelley.

I saw the black man shoot his load, I could tell from the sudden jerking of his hips he was going to cum. Then Shelley's determination to swallow it, her cheeks bulged, she got wide eyed, her lips glistened as his spunk tried to get out, but Shelley was having none of it, she took it all and gleefully.

When the man pulled away his accomplice pulled Shelley backwards and down on to the bed on her back, the she leaned over her. She kissed her which my wife accepted fully, I could sees her toying with Shelley's nipples, her mouth opened and closed in arousal. Some how I hadn't noticed she was wearing a strap on dildo, a big black one. She climbed over her and sank it deep into Shelley's gaping white hot soaking pussy and drove it home.

I saw her scream in surprise, her eyes were like saucers as the woman fucked her with utter ferocity and power. I saw her cum, her legs shot dead straight out, then bend at the knee, her feet rose into the air and she hooked her heels over the woman's calves and held on. The woman was up on her elbows and hands hooked under my wife's shoulders as she powered her way to victory. Shelley came time after time, I know my wife when she cums, and she came and came under the black beauty on top of her.

I saw her go limp then, breathing heavily, her eyes still closed as she sank into the abyss created by her beautiful black female lover. But more was to come in a few moments. Shelley started coming round, moving, hunching her body as the chills rumbled through her from her climaxes. The black girl rolled away and stood up, it was difficult to tell but she looked about 4 or 5" taller than Shell, and at least 10 or 12lbs heavier.

She really was a stunner, her skin glowed, it was as satin smooth, and looked like liquid chocolate, her eyes were as bright as the stars in the evening sky. Her body was to die for, she had everything Shelley had but it was all in black. Her sprouting nipples were stood out like dark acorns; she flowed in and out in all the right places like only a beautiful woman does.

Shelley lay there in full camera shot, her body was still on fire even I could see that from my chair, I was also stroking my cock over her. Then the man appeared in shot, he climbed on to the far side of the bed enabling the camera to pick up on her fully. Her hands were still tied behind her, she was still their captive willing or not, my prick jumped once more.

He moved in on her readying himself to fuck her, make love to her, use her, take her, and I suppose if he wanted to do, abuse her. I could see he was a good looking guy, but he was black, that was the main thing. We didn't have any black friends so where had these two appeared from, where had she met them, got them into this?

He was obviously tall too, very masculine in movement, strongly built, big arms, flat chest, and powerfully muscular legs. And he had the cock, it was bigger than mine, even I could see that, I felt a big pang of jealousy. But the most telling feature was, he had a mop of black unruly hair that stuck out at all angles. And he had a Mexican type moustache, right over his top lip and down the sides of his mouth to finish just above his chin. And this was the man Shelley and I had imagined her sexy black lover would be, would look like, and he was, it was him!

He began teasing her nipples, the sucking them into his mouth first one then the other, he never stopped I could see Shelley squirming. His fingers sought her pussy, her knees jumped up, then spread, then closed, then her legs straightened up again, he had her all over the place.

Shelley wasn't play acting for my benefit, this was real I know my Mrs, she was up the rigging and being made to jump and dance to his tune. I saw her mouth the word 'please' then again and again, 'please, please,' he smiled, then I noticed his cock was getting bigger.

Shelley begged again. "Please fuck me, I need you to do me, please oh please?" He never wasted one moment, it hadn't been too long since he had shot his load into her mouth but he was on her and banging her in an instant. I watched as his hips left and reconnected with hers, and his thick black weapon leaving and redrilling her well hole. She was slumped under him, but I could tell she was alive with vitality, energy, needing this to be done to her.

She was getting a fucking I had never achieved, and that hurt me badly. But it didn't stop me from following her every movement as she came, then cum again and again. Just as I did watching him fuck my wife into next week. I realised I had the hardest hard on I had ever had and I was more excited than I had ever been. I shot my own load all over myself; it hit me in the mouth and splashed up my front.

Shelley was agog under him, her eyes were open now but seemed to be glazed over, though they also seemed to be locked on him on top of her. I saw him smile down at her and speak, I wasn't sure because he was sideways on, but it looked to me something like "you are a black cock loving slut," but as I say I couldn't be sure.

Mt beautiful sexy wife nodded her head to him, and definitely mouthed the words, "Yes (name) I am." He looked sideways and nodded his head, the black beauty reappeared, he spoke but I didn't get that, he propped himself up from Shelley but left his long black tool in her.

The female black goddess, for that was how I was thinking of her now, got on the bed. And it was then I got the biggest shock of today's shocks I had ever had. She had removed the strap on and climbed over Shelley facing her and sat on her face. The man took Shelley's feet and hoisted them on to his shoulders and he started to fuck her again.

The woman on top of her began sliding backwards and forwards over my wife delectable face; she was making her eat her out. The man was poking her very hard, the woman was fucking her face and she had Shelley's nipples in her fingers as she slid about. I couldn't see Shelley's face for clues as to whether she was up for this or not, but judging by what had been happening a few minutes ago she fucking well had to be didn't she!

They continued for a while, I saw the woman orgasm on Shelley, her body jerked and twitched, she ground her hips down on to my wife and I knew she had come on her, and in her mouth. Then the man came, but he didn't cum in her, he pulled out thankfully and shot a humongous load all over my wife, she was covered in huge globs of it. He drew back, let her feet down and the woman got off her too. Then tantalisingly and so bloody irritatingly the film faded to black, very appropriate hey?

A second later it came back on, they were all fully dressed, my wife was in the centre looking very happy and satisfied, even though you could tell she had been shagged and banged to within an inch of her life. She was smiling for the camera, a huge happy smile. And in her hands was a sheet of paper, and written on it were the words.

A letter from you by tomorrow or this is the last time you will see me, except on a DVD when we send you one!

The film faded away to nothing and I sat there, I just sat there, would you believe it, me, Jack the lad had been driven into the ground, nailed and routed, there was no question in my mind who was the winner here, and who was the defeated.

I wrote the letter begging forgiveness, begging her to come back, start anew, I promised her the earth, anything she wanted, I would be her slave, I would do everything she ever told me to do. I didn't care what she wanted, I would be it. As I realised I was giving my life away, I had been cuckolded completely.

What a transformation, Jack the lad to Billy no mates in one easy lesson. I was a slobbering wreck of a man simply because too late I realised how much I loved her., how much I needed her, how desperate I was not to lose her. But what stuck more in my throat was the arousal of seeing her with these two black sex machines, him continually on her and in her, gave me a hard on like I ain't ever had an erection.

And seeing that black beauty tame Shelley, take her to the cleaners, literally. The way she had dominated her sexually, forcing her over the edge time after time. She had simply devoured her. And I would bet the fucking house on the fact that she wouldn't have to have her tied up to do it as and when it suited her.

The next night I received a reply, I never even saw or heard anyone pushing the envelope through the door it was just there. What I read wasn't what I was expecting. I had just supposed she would say.

"Okay I'll be home by seven. HAH! Oh no it was a little more concise that that.

Tomorrow night at 6pm you will carry one of the carver chairs, the ones with the big wide arms, into the front sitting room and you will tie yourself into it, and you will do it like this. You will fasten each ankle to the leg, you will tie a rope around your waist and around the chair back. You will then tie a wrist to one arm, and then using noose type knows you will fasten the other.

You will leave a crack in the drapes for me to see through to check, and before I even think of entering my home. My home? It had always been our home. If you try and trick me by not tying yourself as so described you will regret it very very much. And one last thing, you will be naked! The above will be carried out as my instructions, you are about to learn the error of your ways, and you will be taught to obey me, clear?

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, and I'm not sure I would have disobeyed her instructions anyway, but I was to about to get the biggest shock of my life. And anyway, reading the letter, letting my mind run wild with lewd sexy thoughts of her dominating me got the better of my reasoning.

The following night after a great deal of thought, I did as I was told. I got the chair, left a small gap in the drapes and tied myself in as instructed, pulling the last slip knot tight cemented my position, and I waited. It was 6.45pm, and I waited, and I waited, I looked at the clock it had got to 8.10, then 9.00 what was going on. I had tied myself up too well and I couldn't get free, I began to worry.

Then the sitting room door opened, I hadn't heard the front door, and in walked Shelley, and behind her was the black goddess, and behind her was the black guy who I had so fervently watch fuck my wife long and hard. They walked into my line of sight, they all smiled.

"Well," Shelley said, "what do you think Emile, Leila, do you think we have a real live cuckold here, a real live sex slave and toy for our use and enjoyment?" I must have looked a real picture, it took me an age to find my voice. They checked my bonds and adjusted here and there, if there had been a chance of escape for me it was now gone.

"Shelley, this wasn't part of the agreement," I told her.

"And what agreement was that then shit head?" she growled.

"I agreed to do what you will tell me to do, and you would come home, you never mentioned these two," I said.

"You agreed to do what I told you to do, that was what we agreed, and that's what you will do, or shall I leave right now, come on yes or no!"

She had me by the balls again; I didn't want to lose her. I was terrified she would go, and I knew Shelley, if she said something, she meant it, I nodded my head.

"Did I hear something there fuck toy?" she taunted me.

"Yes," I replied, I was like a small child, begging for mummy's love.

"Good, so just to get you on your way to your new life," Shelley gloated, "I'm taking Emile up to my bed and stay there with him until the morning, and Leila will look after you, goodnight cuckold, our new slut boy!" I watched as they sauntered out of the room, he was stroking Shelley's ass. I was alone with Leila and I was suddenly very afraid.

"Well now slut boy," she said to me, "you have fucked up haven't you, Shelley belongs to me and Emile now, and so do you. That's unless you want to be shipped out of her life forever that is." Before I could answer she slapped me hard across the face, both sides got it, my head spun. I cried out in shock and a lot of pain, my ears were ringing.

Suddenly a ball gag was stuffed into my mouth and that was me done for good and proper. Leila stood in front of me, and despite the dizziness and blurred vision she was a beautiful stunning black beauty, there was no question of that. She squatted down in front of me and picked up my prick, she rolled it in her palms, boy did that feel good, she got me hard in no time.

"Like that do we slut boy?" she said breathily, huskily. The answer was right there in her hands, yes I did. She crushed it so hard I thought the head of it was going to burst. I screamed silently through the gag.

"When I ask you a question slut, you will answer it, do you understand?" she said while continuing to squeeze.

I nearly broke my neck nodding to her, she smiled, "that also goes for when Shelley, or Emile asks you something, and a word of warning here slut fuck, don't fuck with him, you will hate the response okay?" More neck break nodding from me. She toyed with my prick again, it soon forgot its pain and grew once more in her hands.

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