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Dogging the Wife


Coming back in the wee hours of the morning from a party East of Ilford, we stopped at a large supermarket to get milk & bread -- the boring things of life, or so I thought. Driving into the huge car park I chose to drive down the side of the supermarket near a small group of cars in an otherwise deserted tarmac wasteland, and switched off the lights.

My wife, in her mid thirties & very prim & proper was about to get out when I stopped her as I'd seen some scurrying movements by the cars as we'd pulled in. As our eyes grew accustomed to the dark we were amazed to see not thirty feet away a woman half in, half out of a car bending forwards so her head was in the vehicle. My wife being much quicker than I muttered ' Oh, my god she's giving the driver a blow job'. Not being quick and unable to actually see into the car I was about to laugh at her when a black guy came around from behind the same car, dropped his tracksuit pants and shoved a large dick up her from behind. It was only then I realised the woman was totally naked. We watched as he fucked her for a good five minutes before [ presumably having cum ] he pulled up his tracksuit bottoms and walked off. To our disbelief within two minutes a black youth appeared and positioning himself behind her stuck his dick into what must have been a well lubricated hole.

By now peering into the gloom I could see vague sexual activity around at least two other cars. I was about to start the engine when my wife stopped me and without a word just kept watching for the five minutes or so that the youth pumped away. When he pulled out I swear I could see cum run out of the woman and drip to the floor, though it was probably my overactive imagination. Again -- in a very few minutes another youth appeared. At this point the wife told me to drive away & park in front of the stores entrance which I did.

Having got our milk & bread we were heading for the exit when the other half saw a security guard. Calling him over she asked if he knew what was going on in the car park. In a very matter of fact manner he told her that it happened most Friday & Saturday nights. It transpired that the guards watched on close circuit cameras as it helped to ' pass the night'. It was we were told an activity called 'dogging'.

I didn't notice the difference in my wife until we got home and had climbed into bed. She immediately grabbed my dick, climbed on top [ something she rarely did ] and over the next hour made me fuck her three times. I woke up next morning with my dick in her mouth [ she always hated oral ] and had to ball her again but from behind. I had never experienced her so horny in our twelve years together. She made no pretence of the fact watching another woman being balled by total strangers had really turned her on.. Later that afternoon and with a few beers inside me - as throw-away line I asked her if she actually had the nerve to go dogging, her response was to free my tackle and give me a complete blow job on the spot. I naturally took that as a yes! I admit that despite myself, I was as excited at the prospect as she was, and she was!

In her head she'd obviously already planned it. The following Friday night saw us booked into a local motel near the supermarket. We had a dinner and then spent the rest of the evening in our room waiting for the early hours of the morning. I had butterflies about the whole thing, but if she did they didn't show. Dressing for the event in my case meant little, the wife however bathed and prepared herself meticulously, she'd even bought new underwear. With long legs, a tight - shapely bum, good sized and firm boobs she was always a cracking looking woman. Squeezed into a powder blue bra', matching skimpy panties, suspenders & blue stocking she looked fabulous. This she topped with a boob tube and very short skirt -- both designed to be easily removed.

At 12.30am we drew up in the same car park but this time closer to the little knot of cars we had so innocently observed the week before. Seeing my apprehension she squeezed my crotch and told me to go with the flow but not to interfere unless there was any real problem. In short she was in control. As we'd seen the week before we opened our car doors but instead of waiting inside as I'd expected she got out. Facing towards the grass verge & bordering car park bushes, she proceeded to pull off her boob tube and remove her 'bra. Next she pulled down and stepped out of her skirt and knickers. Then leaning back on the car she stood with her legs open with her tits and cunt on full show to whom ever was watching. Within sixty seconds a shape detached itself from the darkness of the verge and walked towards our car.

Sitting in the car it all happened so quick. All I could see was her ass and suspenders framed in the top of the door and a little of the car park through the gap in her legs. Then I saw another pair of legs in jeans, heard a gasp, watched the gap between her legs widen, before the tips of two black fingers curled round her crutch searching for her hole. They quickly found her slit, travelled almost its entire length a couple of time before her bum jerked back a little as they found entered inside her. The owner of the digits frigged her for 90 seconds before they slipped out. He must have turned her around because her head and upper body appeared in the car facing me. Her hands groped onto the passenger seat to supporting her whilst her tits swung free inches from my face.

She gave me a nervous smile which disappeared as she felt the guys prick find her hole and then gave a grunt as it obviously buried itself to the hilt up her snatch. Her tits soon began to swing as his length drove in and out. Her legs were wide open and framed by her crutch I could catch glimpses of his black balls slapping the underside of her ass. Her eyes closed - the rest of her face was a picture of concentration and frowns as she worked up to a heightened state of ecstasy. It wasn't long before she was biting her lip, giving small moans of pleasure whilst her tits were swinging frantically underneath her rocking body. Then she suddenly came to an immediate halt. All she said was ' My God, he's really letting go in me'. There was no ceremony, no moans, groans, he merely held her still for15 seconds or so and then pulled out. I distinctly heard the 'pop' and a smear of cum appear at the top of her cunt.

Before she or I could respond to the event I saw the head of a black dick momentarily appear between her legs before flashing into her open cunt. The first thrust took her head almost into my lap. As she steadied herself with her arms she muttered that this prick was 'big' and I told her it was also black. Whether it was this information or the fact that the first guy had 'warmed' her up she clearly started to enjoy it. Instead of just taking the action my wife pushed back, striking up a rhythm, which soon had her making little whimpering sounds. Quickly an orgasm built then broke leaving her shaking and moaning as the pounding of her butt went on.

It had to be three or four minutes before her moaning stopped. She muttered to me that the guys prick was swelling inside of her and then her eyes opened wide as his seed obviously started spunking deep into her womb. Later she told me it had been like somebody putting a hosepipe up her fanny and turning it on in spurts. The amount he left became obvious to me. After he pulled out she pushed her body out the car and stood up. Now I could only see the top of her right inside leg and pubic mound framed in the door way. Down the inside of her thigh I found myself watching a long trail of thick white spunk. It was trickling copiously down - pushed forward by the sperm leaking from deep within the womb. Despite being fascinated by this I did eventually manage to tear my eyes away, and having opened my door also got out.

It was quite a sight. My wife leaning against the car was surrounded by five men, all with their dicks out, more than one of them also trying to feel her up. She then spoke out in a loud and authoritative voice that if they wanted to fuck her then we would all have to come with her over to the grassy bank at the edge of the car park. As bold as brass she then walked off, completely nude, [ except for her suspenders & stockings ] across the tarmac. Reaching the edge we followed her in behind the bushes to a flat section of grass. This site was eerily lit by an orange street lamp which was casting in its light from high up and some thirty feet away on the main road. With a show of odd chivalry one of the men even put down his coat for her to lay on. My wife obliged and laying down opened her legs waiting for the first to get enough of his kit off to get down on her.

A dumpy and very hairy guy was on and up her in seconds. We all watched as his hairy ass pumped her. His prick was not big and he was not a stayer. Within a couple of minutes he pulled his dick out and finished off by wanking it until he quickly shot blobs of spunk all over her bell. Equally as quickly his trousers were pulled up and he was heading back through the bushes. I could see that she wasn't all that impressed by this performance and stepping forward I used a paper towel to clean her belly off.

With four and me left she decided to take control. Ordering us all to strip our lower bodies she surveyed the prospects with a wanton eye I didn't have she'd possessed. She picked the guy with the fattest dick and opened her legs once again. This time she had a man who clearly could stay. In fact he fucked her none stop for a good ten minutes making her cum at least twice before I watched his balls performing gymnastics as they pumped his spunk into her. Having finished he patted her thigh pulled up his duds and also walked off.

Her last fuck had raised her into quite a sweat and as she got up I saw that it had also left her inner thighs running with a sizeable rivers of spunk. Using somebody's underpants she wiped herself off and instructed the remaining black guy [ who easily had a nine inch prick ] to lay down where she had been.. She then straddled him and eased his prick head up into her cunt. Once it was in she sank to the bottom of it before indicating to a short, weedy looking white guy to come round and put his dick into her mouth. She then got me and the other guy to the left and right of her so she could hold our dicks in each of her hands. My wife then slid up and down on the black rod filling her hole whilst sucking off the prick in her mouth and wanking our erections. I say wanking she was more pulling on them to give herself a good up and down leverage!

It really was an incredible site to see her with a rosy pink, if slightly sweaty sheen, sucking, fucking, wanking and working on all four guys at once. Eventually she let go of the pricks in her hands and grabbed the hips of the man who had the prick in her mouth and used these to lever herself up and down. I moved round the back to watch her ass and pussy sliding up and down the huge black pole she was riding. As the shaft went in and out a froth of white spunk, which had been whipped up inside her, slowly exited her hole. I watched fascinated as it moved down the black guys prick until it eventually gathered into a small mound on top of his balls.

The guy in her mouth was showing sign of coming and presumably because she did not want to swallow his efforts my wife took his shaft out of her mouth and wanking it watched it send arching, white sprays of globular cum into her face, hair, neck and chest. Whether it was normal for him or just the excitement of the occasion he had to have pulsed eight or nine separate sprays over her before he pulled away. Without a word she next concentrated on the guy beneath. Putting both hands on his chest she rode him hard and within a few minutes his grunting informed us he was also dumping his load into my wife's by now full womb. As she raised her ass off him he used his elbows to propel himself from between her legs and stopped when his dick reached her tits. Reaching down he used her cleavage and breasts to clean off the spunk which had accumulated on the outside of his shaft. From behind I had the strangely exciting sight of my wife's fanny surrounded by a ring of other men's frothy cum. Her hole which was very pink, also had a constant stream of think spunk oozing out.

Now she just had the two of us left. The last stranger, an Asian youth took it upon himself to get down and slide under her with the obvious intention of her repeating the former performance but with his prick up her. He was clearly very inexperienced and fascinated by her free swinging tits. My wife, to her credit, took time with him, stopping to encourage him to suck and play with her tits, and eventually came herself in grand style. In all she took a good twenty five minutes to fuck him and when finished her tits were covered in red marks from the exuberant sucking and handling they'd received.

With all the men gone and being hidden from the car park we were left alone. I made to fuck her myself but she was having none of it indicating I'd have to wait until we were back in the motel. Giving in - we made a dash for the car only to be stopped by two men with their dicks out who were very anxious to enjoy her. With calmness and great authority she stopped, smiled at them and simply said, 'sorry guys I'm full up, maybe another time'!

In the car she slipped on the top and the short skirt she'd been wearing and we drove. back to the motel. Here she brazenly walked through the lobby, bits of straw like grass clinging to her and clearly showing a mass of dried white stains down the insides of her legs. Once in the room she stripped off and lay on the bed. The little vixen then deliberately opened her legs to give me sight of her very pink and enlarged hole, which still contained a large white ball of cum in an entrance surrounded by numerous layers of dried, matted spunk.

It was an erotic sight. My prick could not refuse the invitation. It soon slid into that well filled pussy, I swear it was solid with the creamy, soft spunk through which my dick slid back and forth. If you have never followed into your woman after another bloke its hard to describe the feeling. It's like have your prick sliding in and out of a soft, stuffed, velvet glove, it is so erotic. As I was fucking her I stopped and asked which bloke she had enjoyed the most. To my surprise she plumped for the last, the Asian youth. The sneaky little bugger had fucked her three times! He'd apparently cum within seconds of getting up her, played with her tits, got hard again, cum again, played with her tits some more, and grown hard and fucked again until she'd cum with him as he'd dumped into her for a third time. Needless to say having listened to this I was also soon dumping a huge load of my own. In fact so much was already in her cunt that each spurt resulted in a tidal wave rolling up the outside of my own six inches.

Though exhausted and quickly asleep I have to admit to waking her up at least three times before dawn to shove my prick back up her velvet fanny and dump another load in it. Since this first time we have occasionally repeated this experience in other places with each one bringing its own new experiences. If you haven't yet been 'dogging' -- I'd seriously advise you to give it a go!

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