tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEmma Goes to the Gyno Ch. 01

Emma Goes to the Gyno Ch. 01


Chapter 1

Emma's foot tapped nervously on the floor, echoing in the waiting room. She was going to submit to a full exam at the gyno. Recently turned 18, this was going to be her first as an adult. Her mother Madison had accompanied her, and was sitting to her left. They were the only ones in the waiting room ; it was late, and this would be Doctor Jenkins' last examination for today.

Knowing this was Emma's first full exam, he had agreed with Madison to take her last so he would have time to answer any questions Emma could have. Madison knew her daughter wasn't sexually active, and that she had never had a boyfriend. These were some of the reasons Emma was so anxious about this exam.

The door finally opened, and a tall man in his forties appeared. He was wearing rectangular glasses and a white lab coat. Madison stood up, followed by her daughter.

"Hello, doctor Jenkins."

"Hello, Mrs Stillman. Hello, Emma. Your mother told me this was your first appointment at the gynecologist."


"I know you must feel a bit nervous right now. Don't worry, this is perfectly normal. You are my last appointment today, so there's no need to rush anything. Also, if you want to ask anything, feel free to do so."


The young woman had trouble looking at the doctor in the eyes. Whatever he said, she knew he was going to make her spread her legs and look at her intimacy, which she had never shown to anyone...

"Now, Emma, tell me if you want your mother to come with us or not."

This was embarrassing enough, she surely didn't want her mother to be a part of it.

"Um, I'll go alone, I think."

"Alright. Mrs Stillman, if you'll excuse us..."

As he finished his sentence, he opened the door, inviting his patient to follow him. He then closed the door and led her to his office at the end of a short corridor.

Once inside his office, he asked Emma to sit in front of his desk. He took her papers and began asking her questions :

"Now, Emma, I'm going to ask you some intimate questions. Please don't feel ashamed of anything, I'm used to all kinds of answers, and I'm not here to judge you. Of course, nothing you tell me will leave this room."

"'Kay..." timidly replied the young woman.

"First, I need to know about your sexual activity. Have you ever been intimate with a boy?"

"I've kissed a couple of boys, but it's never gone farther than that..."

The experienced doctor knew she was hiding something :

"Nothing more, really? Remember, you can tell me in absolute secrecy."

His tone was reassuring, and the patient admitted :

"Well, one guy fondled my breasts once... But really, nothing more than that..."

As she mentioned her breasts, the doctor took a sneak peek at them, quickly enough not to be noticed. While they were not large, they had a nice curve, and seemed pretty firm. Of course, it was difficult to tell through the young woman's clothes.

"Now, I know this is always en embarrassing question. Do you have any sexual activity on your own? When you're alone?"

"You mean..."

Emma blushed and looked down.

"I mean, do you masturbate?"


"And have you ever done it?"

"Um, no..."

"Okay, Emma. Relax, there's nothing wrong about it either way. Now, given what you've told me, I suppose you have never been naked in front of a man before?"

"That's right..."

She blushed again, knowing what was coming.

"I will need to examine your body now, so I'll ask you to make an effort for me, okay? Please, take off your clothes, you can keep your underwear for now."

The young woman nodded and stood up. The words "for now" echoed in her mind as she removed her black jacket, her white top and pulled down her jeans. Her fragile, vulnerable body was now standing before the doctor.

"Please, go sit on the side of the examination table."

She sat, and the doctor moved close to her. He admired her petite silhouette. She was slim but not skinny, and beneath her bra he could tell her breasts were as nice as he had imagined. He took out his stethoscope and applied it on Emma's chest, asking her to breathe deeply. When he was done, her took her temperature in her ear.

"Everything is okay so far. Are you feeling comfortable, Emma?"

"I'm fine, thanks."

"Good. Is it okay for me to ask you to remove your underwear, now?"

"I guess..."

The young woman stood up and unclasped her bra. She timidly removed them, revealing her perky nipples. She carefully avoided the doctor's eyes, and slid her thumbs beneath the sides of her white panties. Slowly, she pulled them down, bending forward as she did so. This gave doctor Jenkins a good view of her dangling breasts.

As she rose back up, he looked down and noticed her sex was shaven. Unusual, for a young woman who isn't active sexually, he thought.

"Thank you, Emma. May I ask, why do you shave your pubic hair? This is something women usually do to suit men's tastes..."

She blushed again.

"I, um... I think it's cleaner that way."

"You're right. Okay, now, I will ask you to sit there." He pointed his index toward the obstetric table. "I'll help you get in position."

The young woman gasped as she walked toward it. She sat as comfortably as she could, keeping her knees together. Doctor Jenkins moved toward her.

"I need you to move as close to the edge as you can."

She began adjusting herself, and gasped as she felt the doctor's hands on her hips. He delicately pulled her in the right position, then released her.

"Now, I'll help you get your feet in the footrests."

He gently grabbed her right leg, pulled it up, then placed it in the leg rest. He did the same with the other, helping Emma spread her legs. As the young woman looked down, she saw her sex was now clearly exposed to the doctor. She immediately looked away. She had never felt so exposed in her life.

"Good. I'll first check your breasts. Breasts cancer needs to be checked regularly. This is something you will have to go through many times in your lifetime."

Emma gasped as she felt the doctor's cold hands on her breasts. She was very sensitive, her nipples hardened immediately. She breathed nervously as doctor Jenkins groped and squeezed her breasts. A shiver ran through her spine when she felt his thumbs brush against her erect nipples. At that moment, her eyes crossed the doctor's. She felt very ill at ease.

"Everything is fine up here, Emma. Now, I will have to examine your intimate area."


She saw the doctor's face approaching her sex and blushed.

"Now, Emma, I'm going to touch your vulva."

The young woman twitched as she felt the gynecologist's cold fingers against her sensitive skin. She had never been touched there before. She felt her lips being parted.

"Okay so far? I will now insert a speculum inside your vagina. I will do it as gently as I can."

Emma saw the doctor bringing a long metallic object to the entrance of her sex. He delicately inserted it inside her. Slowly, the entrance to her vagina widened and she felt the device penetrating her. Her breath was becoming deeper.

"Now, I will open the speculum to inspect the inside of your vagina."

She felt the walls of her intimate cavity widen when the doctor opened the device. She could feel the cool air brushing against the inside of her sex. "Right now," she thought, "the doctor's looking inside my vagina... He can see everything," She gulped.

Doctor Jenkins pulled a small torchlight from his pocket and began inspecting Emma's sex. As he examined her, he noticed Emma was displaying signs of sexual response. Her clitoris was slowly growing, and he could see the first signs of lubrication appearing inside her cavity, glistening as they reflected the light from his small torch.

"How are you feeling, Emma?"

"Um, okay..."

"Emma, you told me earlier that you have never masturbated, right?"


"So I suppose you have never experienced an orgasm?"

She had trouble thinking, hearing the man who was touching her sex talking to her about orgasms.

"N-no, doctor..."

"Usually, young women experiment with their bodies as they grow up. If you've never experienced an orgasm, I need to check that your body responds correctly to sexual stimulation. Tell me, have you ever experienced lubrication?"

"I'm sorry doctor, I don't know much about sex... what are you talking about exactly?"

"When a female gets aroused, her vagina secretes a lubricating fluid, to help with penetration. Even if you don't engage in sexual activity, visual or auditory stimulation can make you lubricate."

"I guess I have experienced it..."

"Alright. Let me explain what I'm about to do. I will check your lubrication by stimulating your clitoris. With my index, I will delicately rub your clitoris to stimulate a sexual response. You will experience sexual arousal, and I will look inside your vagina to see if it lubricates properly. Okay?"

"Alright, doctor..."

Emma had spoken the truth, she had never touched herself. She didn't know sexual pleasure. The sensations she was about to discover would be entirely new for her.

She suddenly blocked her breathing as she felt the doctor's cold finger circling her little clitoris. Her heart began to race. She began moaning softly after a few seconds, discovering sexual pleasure for the first time. She felt another finger against her skin, but this time inside her. She felt it rub against the walls of her vagina. But it didn't hurt like the speculum. As the doctor delicately moved inside her, she realized he had inserted not one, but two fingers, which seemed to glide against her intimate area. The sensation was disturbing, but most pleasing.

"Emma, that's very good, you've started lubricating."

The young woman blushed and opened her eyes, meeting the doctor's. He smiled at her and pulled his fingers from her cavity. She could see them glistening.

The doctor stood up and extended his hand towards the young woman's blushing face. Looking at her, he parted his two fingers, showing his innocent patient the slightly thick fluid she had just produced.

"This fluid is the lubricant your body produces when you become aroused."

Emma shyly nodded, then the doctor asked :

"Are you feeling aroused, Emma?"

"I-I don't know, doctor... How does that feel exactly?"

Doctor Jenkins kept rubbing her clitoris as he answered :

"Well, to put it simple... is your body asking for further sexual stimulation?"

"I-I think so..."

"So you are responding correctly. I will now check your ability to reach an orgasm. Is that okay with you, Emma?"

"I... guess so. What are you going to do exactly?"

"I will keep stimulating your clitoris and your vagina until you reach sexual climax. Then I will check your body's response to the stimulation."


Emma was overwhelmed by the new sensations she was discovering. She didn't want it to stop. The doctor inserted back his two fingers and rubbed her intimate cavity faster and faster.

The young woman watched as the practitioner fingered her. Her pleasure was increasing steadily, and she could not hold her moans of release. Doctor Jenkins encouraged her :

"This is good, Emma, you're responding very well."

Suddenly, the young woman felt a powerful sensation growing in her intimate area. She clenched her fists and thought she was going to faint for a second, when her fragile body reached its first orgasm.

For the first time in her life, her brain let loose a surge of hormones, blocking out any other sensation. Emma closed her eyes, moaned loudly as she felt her sex contract uncontrollably against the metallic speculum inserted inside her. She almost feared she would crush it. Her legs trembled as an intense pleasure ran through her whole body, awakening her feminity.

Doctor Jenkins pulled the two fingers from inside her and picked up his torch, to get a better view of her pulsating intimacy. With his other hand, he kept rubbing her clitoris. He smile as he watched her cute anus contract in sync with her vagina. For the first few seconds, the girl was completely oblivious of the display of her sexuality, until she opened her eyes and saw she was rocking her crotch against the doctor's fingers.

She would have blushed if her face wasn't already scarlet. She moaned louder and louder, her eyes locked on the doctor's index stimulating her pulsating clitoris. Eventually, the sensations began to fade progressively, and the doctor slowed down his stimulation until it became a delicate, intimate caress on the young woman's sensitive spot.

The doctor rose up and made eye contact with his patient. Her body still twitched every few seconds, conducting the endorphins through all of her petite body. She exhaled loudly. Doctor Jenkins spoke :

"You just experienced your first orgasm, Emma. How was it?"

The young woman's cheeks were scarlet. She had no idea her body could do such a thing, and felt immensely embarrassed to have displayed her intimacy in such a way to a perfect stranger, be it a doctor.

"I was... good..."

"Great, Emma. Well, there is nothing wrong with you it seems. Everything works just a it should. Let met remove the speculum, now."

He delicately closed the speculum and pulled it out, along with elongated drops of his patient's juices.

"Now, Emma, it is up to you, but I encourage you to try it for yourself when you have the chance."

"Okay, doctor... Thanks."

Doctor Jenkins helped his young patient up, invited her to put her clothes back on and called her to his desk. When he finished the consultation, he reminded her she could take an appointment whenever she liked, and that if she wished to remain discreet, she didn't have to come with her mother.

Chapter 2

A month later, doctor Jenkins received a phone call at his office. On the other side of the line, was a feminine voice he quickly recognized.

"Hello doctor, this is Emma Stillman. I'd like to take an appointment with you as as soon as possible."

"Is there anything wrong, Miss Stillman?"

"No, doctor, I'd just like to... have another check-up, if that's possible."

"Sure, miss Stillman. I'm available..." He ran his finger through his agenda. "Tomorrow, 7pm. Is that fine?"

"Fine, doctor. Thank you, goodbye."

"See you tomorrow, miss Stillman."

The doctor was booked full for at least two weeks, but he didn't want to wait for Emma. He was ready to take an appointment past his normal working hours to see her. He didn't have many young and attractive patients. Besides, Emma seemed very willing to play along with his unprofessional behavior. She hadn't said a word to her mother or anyone else about what happened during the previous consultation.

The next day, Emma came alone. Once again, there was no one else in the waiting room. When the last patient left the office, doctor Jenkins called for the young woman.

As she sat before him, he asked :

"So, Emma, what can I do for you today?"

"First, thank you for seeing me so soon, doctor. I thought I was going to wait for at least three weeks."

"You were lucky, someone unbooked just before you called," he lied.

"Oh, I see. Well, I wanted to tell you that I have thought about what you told me." She blushed. "I mean, about trying... things... myself."

"I see, Emma. And how has it been?"

"Pretty good. I have no one else to ask, and I wanted to know... if I was doing it right. I'm embarrassed to talk about this to anyone else."

"I see. Is that the reason for your visit today?"

"Yes, doctor."

"Alright. So, tell me about how you do it, Emma. Tell me how you masturbate."

This was better than the doctor could have dreamed. He kept his composure, but deep down he couldn't believe he was saying that to one of his patients. Emma blushed as she began to speak :

"I, um... I try to do it like you did it. I rub my clitoris with my index."

"Do you also insert your fingers inside your vagina?"


"And, have you managed to reach an orgasm on your own?"

"Yes, I have. I wanted to ask you... How often am I supposed to do it?"

"As often as you feel like it. It's your body, Emma. How often have you been doing it?"

"About, um... every other day."

In fact, she had been doing it several times a day since the doctor had awakened her feminity a month earlier. Her body craved release all the time. At university, she would go the the toilets to relieve her raging desires. She needed to come at least twice a day to satisfy her lust.

"Actually, doctor, there's something I wanted to ask you, but I'm not sure I can..."

"Tell me, Emma. Anything. Don't be afraid."

The fact that doctor Jenkins had opened her eyes to this world of pleasure, made her feel like she had a special connection to him. She wanted to experience to experience something intimate with him again. She looked down and spoke with a low voice :

"I wanted to know if you would... watch me while I... do it." She suddenly became afraid to come off as some kind of pervert, and quickly added : "You know, to correct me if I'm doing it wrong..."

Doctor Jenkins couldn't believe his ears, but remained composed.

"Of course, Emma. I can do this for you."

He paused for a moment, looking at her. The young woman eventually said :

"So, shall I...?"

"Yes, Emma. Please, undress, and get on the table."

"Yes, doctor."

Less then two minutes later, the young woman was completely naked and in position on the obstetric table, her legs spread and her vulva on display.

"So, Emma, do you use only your fingers, or have you tried with an object?"

"Just... with my fingers."

"Alright. Whenever you're ready."

"Yes, doctor."

With her left hand, she cupped her left breast and began squeezing it, softly pinching her already hard nipple between her phalanges. This time, she didn't evade the doctor's eyes. She looked directly into them as she drove her right hand between her legs. She rubbed her fingers against her vulva at a progressive pace, until they were covered in her juices. Then, with the tip of her middle finger, she began rubbing her fully erect clitoris.

The doctor looked at her, thankful that his ample blouse was hiding his painful erection.

"That's very good, Emma, you have a very... elegant way of masturbating."

"Thank you, doctor..." she replied between soft moans, kneading her moist vulva and moving her hips in a slow, undulating motion.

"Do you achieve orgasm every time, Emma?"

"Yes, doctor..."

"Are you going to do it this time, too?"


She let go of her breasts and drove her fingers towards the dripping entrance to her vagina. Her eyes still locked on the doctor, she bit her lower lip and inserted one finger. She moved it in and out at a slow, lustful pace, and quickly added a second finger.

"Doctor, there's something I need to tell you..."

"What is it, Emma?"

"Sometimes, something happens when I reach orgasm... I don't know if it's supposed to."

"Tell me about it."

"Well, there's a... transparent fluid that escapes my... sex... It flow abundantly for several seconds..."

"Oh, I see, Emma. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with this. Some women experience this when they come, it's called female ejaculation. Some call it... squirting."

"I see..."

It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to speak. Her pleasure was growing, and she raised the speed of her movements.

Her pace was increasing rapidly. She had stiffened her wrist, and kept rubbing her sensitive clitoris by moving her forearm at a blurring speed. Her left index and middle finger moved in and out of her at an equally high rate. Her breathing was becoming erratic, she knew she was soon going to experience the now familiar sensation of orgasmic release.

Seconds later, before the doctor's watchful eyes, she reached a powerful orgasm. She kept stimulating her clitoris as her vagina pulsed with pleasure and squeezed her fingers. Her feminine cries of pleasure filled the room. Suddenly, she removed her fingers from inside her vagina, and Doctor Jenkins watched as a stream of transparent fluid pushed apart the young woman's labia and fell directly to the floor beneath her crotch.

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