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Hot Buttered


Torture is what it was. The hillbilly equivalent of hard labor, I thought, with a pitchfork in my hands. We'd only been settled into our new country house for a couple of weeks, when my dad suggested I take a job over at old Mr. Whitney's farm. I'd told him he was fucking crazy, but there I was, cleaning up horseshit on my third day of hell week.

"Ryan, c'mon boy, put your back into it," Hank told me.

Hank was Mr. Whitney's grandson, who at twenty-one was two years older than me and seemed to be in charge of the horse farm. Somehow, the perpetually fishing Mr. Whitney decided it was wise to leave Crazy Hank in charge.

Hank was everything you'd imagine honest to God rednecks to be and sported a belt buckle which was about the size of my Honda. He even wore tight jeans and cowboy boots. He talked endlessly about guns, knives, beer and pussy.

The only reason I bothered to keep showing up was Sadie. Sadie Whitney gave me an erection the first time I saw her serving ice cream cones at The Dairy Freeze in town. When I found out we were going to be neighbors, I nearly came all over myself, remembering her pouty pink lips and shiny honey-colored hair.

Every day, Sadie brought us lemonade or iced tea. It was the only time I saw her and I wasn't about to ask her out in front of Hank. It seemed as though they were very close and he might possibly bash in my skull for such a trespass as hitting on his younger sister.

I watched Hank strip off his T-shirt and use the ladle to pour cool water over his head. He had a physique guys like me only dreamed about, rippling abs and biceps, the kind you only get from lots of manual labor. Girls probably threw themselves at him.

It was noon and Sadie was walking across the manicured lawn to the barn. She carried two tall glasses of lemonade, but it wasn't the clinking ice cubes I watched. It was Sadie's round little tits, which bounced gently under the cherry print sun dress she wore.

I took the glass with a shaking hand and thanked her. She brushed my shaggy blond hair, which was falling into my eyes, away from my forehead and smiled at me.

"You're making him work too hard," she said, turning on Hank who shrugged gracefully.

"Hard work is good for ya, especially for city boys with girly soft hands."

I sighed and shook my head. Hank was probably right, the most strenuous activity I did back in Clayton was loading up the bong or taking out the trash.

Sadie grabbed hold of Hank's stubbly chin and then kissed his cheek sweetly.

"Behave yourself, big brother." Then she was gone. My sigh was probably audible.

Hank looked over at me and laughed, deep and throaty.

"You too, huh? That girl gives me some major wood."

I looked back at him with confusion. "She is your sister, right?"

"Of course she is, but she's still the hottest piece of ass in three Counties and I'm a man, I'd fuck any damn thing." Hank made a violent humping gesture with his hips.

I gave the horse in the stall next to me a sympathetic look and reeled in my own disbelief. Surely he had to be messing with me.

"I totally don't believe you," I told him.

"All right, look here," Hank said, then promptly whipped his dick out to show me. I wasn't about to look at that.

I had to admit to myself, it was mesmerizing, thick and huge and pulsing hard. I couldn't stop staring at it. The snake had charmed me. Hank stroked it a little, showing off his length and girth, until I turned away.

"Oh, come on now, don't tell me you've never seen a guy jerk off before," Hank laughed, still stroking himself.

"Sure, I, uh . . . " I stammered, trying to look everywhere but at him.

"Ain't nothing wrong with a little circle jerk, I figure," Hank said.

It was too weird, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from that monster cock of his. At the same time, I knew he wanted me to jerk off with him; I needed it desperately as Sadie's perfume still lingered in my nostrils.

Hank went up to the hayloft and I followed absently, thinking only of my hard dick. Once in the loft, Hank turned to me, there was only about two feet of distance between us.

"Okay, Slick, let's see your boner," he said, abruptly, while licking his full lips and flipping feathery sand colored hair out of his eyes.

Abandoning any remaining good sense, I unbuttoned my cargo shorts, pulled my boxers down and T-shirt up, revealing my cock to him.

"Well, look at that. Who woulda thought." He grinned, motioning to my thick, veiny cock. Then it was Hank who was fascinated.

I closed my eyes for a moment and stroked, the smell of hot dirt and motor oil permeated my senses. When I opened them again, Hank was grinning at me, slowly he beat off, watching me with his intense green eyes.

"You want to fuck my sister, huh?" he laughed. "Go ahead, she's a little whore, she loves it."

"Liar," I said.

Hank was so full of shit. Sadie exuded wholesome innocence. There was no way. He laughed, but didn't stop wanking. I couldn't seem to stop either, watching the wide head of his cock swell with desire and slip through his grubby fingers.

"Think so? The whole reason Sadie lives out here and not in town with our mom is because she got caught with the UPS man's big black dick in her ass after school one day."

I was pissed off at Hank's lies, yet turned on by the thought of Sadie with a big dick in her narrow little butt. Damn. I wanted to be the one to give it to her good and hard.

Hank licked his lips and his eyes swept over my dick. I pushed away any thoughts about how hot and wanton he looked like that. Thinking like that was just too gay.

"Goddamn, you're a big boy," he exclaimed.

He pulled his jeans and tight white undershorts down further, exposing his firm pink balls to me. Hank spread his legs and fondled them, rolling each one between his fingers. He had an allover tan and it made me wonder if he spent his days laying naked in the sun.

I mirrored him, letting my pants and boxers slide down all the way. Taking my meaty balls in my hand, I rubbed them as he watched intently.

"Damn, Hoss, I can't wait to see those nuts slapping my sister's ass." I made a face when he said that. Like he would get an invite if it ever did happen.

"Just Sunday morning, she was so fucking horny, I had to pull my truck over and bang her on the way to church. She went to worship the good lord with my jizz dripping down her thighs."

Oh, God. He was insane, but so horny and hot. Thinking about Hank fucking his sister's hot little pussy, I came all over the place. My load shot so hard and far, some splattered on Hank's belly. I expected him to at least be annoyed, but he only smiled and rubbed it into his flesh. With the hand he'd used to rub in my cum, he resumed jerking his big cock, lubing it with my cream.

My cock, still hard, twitched in my hand while Hank pounded his dick with frantic need. His other hand snaked up to pinch one of his hard brown nipples. I ignored the inclination to get down on my knees and suck him off. I was just horny and not thinking.

Hank bit his lower lip and hot pearly come erupted from his body. I had moved slightly closer with interest, so the goo showered my sticky bare dick and the T-shirt I wore. *** *** *** "Hey, I didn't say it was time to knock off for the day!" Hank yelled after me, as I exited the loft, while zipping my pants.

"Dude, I'm so out of here," I yelled back, hauling ass to my car.

Hopefully, he wasn't getting his gun, I thought. It was only a mile back to my house, but time enough to think about what had just happened. Did Hank think I was gay or something? Was he really fucking his sister? I didn't care to find out anything else. I was done at The Whitney's and would tell my dad I got fired.

Under the hot spray of the shower, I analyzed everything in my behavior that could possibly send the message I was gay. I came up with nothing. I wasn't big and burly or all that popular, but I'd had my share of girlfriends. That still didn't explain why Hank did what he did or even why Ethan Benson hit on me during the class ski trip earlier that year.

I remembered Ethan, with his lithe pale body and floppy brown hair. We'd spent the boring last night of the trip alone, talking about girls in our hotel room. Finally, he'd asked if he could suck me off and I let him. He'd wrapped his full red lips around my cock, going down on me with enthusiasm. When he pulled down his pants, offering me his tight little ass, I couldn't refuse.

I was getting hard again, just recalling it. Shutting off the shower, I went into my room and fell into bed. I listened to The Killers and tried to fall asleep. Soon, the phone was ringing and I reluctantly answered it.


"Hey Ryan." It was Sadie. My heart thudded in my chest. She'd never called me before, we'd barely had a conversation.

"Hi, what's up?"

"Hank said he pissed you off today and he's sorry. He wanted to know if you would like to come over and watch movies with us tonight."

"Why can't Hank call me himself?"

"He doesn't like to talk on the phone," she said and then laughed.

Her laugh was sweet and musical. Damn her. "I'll think about it," I said, annoyed.

"Please, for me."

I sighed. Hank was probably listening in, laughing.

"All right, I'll be there." My dick was already bursting from my shorts for her, I had no choice in the matter.

*** *** *** Sadie had told me to come anytime, so around 4:00 I headed over there. I didn't want Hank to be under the impression that I came rushing right over.

Truth was, I'd spent half an hour in front of the mirror, smoothing gel into my sun streaked blond hair, trying to get it just right. I even put on expensive cologne and an unwrinkled T-shirt.

Sadie, who seemed to be wearing less and less every time I saw her, answered the door. She wore a skimpy pink and white striped bikini top and short pink terrycloth shorts. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and she smelled of suntan lotion.

"Yay, you made it," she said, throwing her arms around me. She led me by the hand inside and down to the basement where we were supposed to watch movies.

Hank was sprawled out on the blue sectional sofa. He wore a pair of gray jogging shorts, a gold chain around his neck and he sipped from a can of Busch Light. Young Guns played on the old console television.

"Hey there Slick, no hard feelings?" he said, motioning for me to sit.

"It's cool," I said. It really wasn't, but I didn't feel like starting something in front of Sadie. I sat down, but quite a distance away from him. He reached into a red plastic cooler beside the sofa and then tossed me a beer.

"I'm gonna go get you guys some snacks," Sadie said, with cheer and departed. I wanted to beg her not to leave us alone, but it was too late.

"Thank you, darlin'," Hank said, as she left the room.

Hank turned to me, smiling. He had a seductive smile and a handsome face, for that matter. It didn't matter, because I wasn't some lovesick high school girl he could impress with a smile and a brand-new Chevy truck.

"You gonna hit that tonight?" he asked me, referring to his sister.

I shrugged.

"Oh, I think you are," Hank said forcefully.

I was about to tell him to fuck off when Sadie same back. She had the snacks, but her clothes were gone. I watched her cross the room with a bowl of potato chips and a bag of Snickers in her hands. I didn't know what to look at first, her high perky tits, nearly hairless pussy or her fleshy, heart-shaped ass.

As if simply being in the same room with her wasn't enough to split my pants, now she was prancing around naked. I hope she wasn't just teasing me for Hank's amusement.

She set the snacks down on the coffee table, giving us the full view of her delicious naked and tanned body.

"Do you want anything else, boys?" she asked.

"Yeah, why don't you forget about the Doritos, sweetheart, and suck our dicks for a while?" Hank said, while groping her ass a bit.

Sadie smiled, like the comment had made her day and for all I knew, it had. She got on her knees, in front of Hank, just like I'd imagined myself doing earlier and started sucking him. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen, but somehow it also seemed very natural with them at the same time.

"Move closer, Ryan, so I can suck you too," she said, then went back to blowing Hank.

I was surprised at the amount of that fat cock she could get into her petite mouth. I moved as close to Hank as I could without touching him, then unzipped my shorts and pulled them down.

Sadie moved onto the sofa, leaning over Hank to take my dick in her mouth.

"Hank was right, your dick is big and pretty," she murmured.

Shock came in knowing they had it all worked out before I ever got there. I was caught up in some sort bad Heehaw parody porno.

Her soft lips slipped down my pole, taking inch after inch. Hank jammed two fingers into her pussy from behind and Sadie moaned around my cock.

"This is the tightest pussy in the whole universe," Hank said, grinning at me. He took his slickened fingers from her hole and dipped them into his mouth.

"Mmm, pinch her titties, it gets her all hot," Hank advised.

I took one of her small thick nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pinched. Sadie moaned again and fucked her hips back against Hank's probing fingers. I grabbed the other nipple and pinched a little harder. Sadie quivered between us.

"More fingers!" she told Hank and went back to slurping on my cock.

"Baby girl, if you want it, I'll stick my whole arm up there," Hank chuckled. He shoved his fingers in and out of her wet snatch with one hand, then licked a finger from the other hand and jammed it into her asshole.

Sadie bucked and whimpered and sucked me even harder. I twisted her nipples between my fingers and she went down on my balls. The feeling of her tongue flicking against them, made my eyes roll back into my head. God, that girl was good. I looked over at Hank and we exchanged glances, masculine, but still so very full of the heat of things to come.

"Let's go upstairs," Sadie said, sitting up. No one wasted any time getting up to Sadie's room.

The room was like a little girl's room, with a big white canopy bed made up in pink and white gingham linens. On the wall was a poster with a unicorn on it.

"I'm changing decor soon," she said, pushing me down on the bed.

Hank stripped off his clothes while Sadie undressed me. She bit and sucked my nipples, teasing each one with her tongue. Then, she straddled me, sitting on my hard dick, taking it all in one swift movement.

"Oh, oh!" she gasped, coming down hard on me until my cock hit bottom.

Hank climbed onto the bed with us, as Sadie rocked the bed by bouncing up and down on my dick. She was so tight, I felt like a hand was squeezing me every time she moved.

I couldn't really tell what Hank was doing, which was a little disturbing. Then, Sadie leaned forward, moaning and writhing. Hank was eating her ass. I could see him spread her luscious cheeks apart and bury his face there.

Seconds later, I felt a hot tongue swipe my balls. I didn't have time to feel freaked out, because his probing tongue made me feel even better while my cock was sinking in and out of his sister's pussy.

"Can you move onto your hands and knees?" I asked Sadie.

"I'd love to," she said, then obliged me by sticking her ass out at me. I jammed my dick back inside and she seemed even more snug from that position.

I was able to reach around and play with her nipples, pinching them hard as I could without hurting her, but she wanted it harder.

Hank was behind me, I could feel him watching me as my balls slapped his sister's sexy ass. His tongue invaded me again and I slowed down my pace, opening to it this time.

He squeezed my ass, with both hands like he was picking out melons. He worked his tongue into me, prying open my clenched hole. I started to moan, right along with Sadie.

Hank's tongue was gone, replaced by his hard prick. He rubbed it into my asshole, up and down, painting my crack with creamy arousal.

Sadie turned around and smiled at me. "Ooh, let him stick it in you, it feels so good."

I considered it for a moment. After the excruciating pain, it probably would feel good. Still, his dick was giant economy sized and it was not going in my virgin asshole. I wasn't gay and that was that.

"Ouch, no thanks," I said. Hank just laughed and kept rubbing it against the wet hole.

"Big baby. Let me show you how good it feels," Sadie said. "I want both of you."

She put me on my back again and got on top of me. Hank opened a drawer at the bedside table and came back with a big blue bottle. He greased up his dick with the lube and stuffed it straight into his sister's tight little ass.

Sadie leaned over, face to face with me and I felt Hank stretching her through the thin layer of flesh that separated us. He started to move and I felt every thrust. Sadie went crazy, grinding her pussy into me while he did her from behind. I didn't know how her tiny body could take all that cock, but it did and she seemed to love it.

Pinching her nipple, I drew her down for kisses, dipping my tongue into her pretty mouth. Hands drifted across my body and I no longer knew who they belonged to. I didn't care so much. I rolled my hips underneath her, hitting her spot, making her clench on top of me.

Sadie shuddered and I thrust against the spot again and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth for a moment. She started to cry out and Hank and I slammed into her at the same time.

"Hard!" She demanded. Sadie's pussy gripped me so tight, I knew I could cum at any moment.

"Oh yeah, cum for us, baby," I whispered. She kept cumming, until I couldn't stand it anymore. Buried to the hilt in her dripping pussy, I came, splattering her deep inside.

Hank followed shortly after. I only knew when he groaned loudly and ceased his powerful thrusts.

Contented, Sadie rolled over to the side of the bed and promptly fell asleep. Hank moved over close to me while I covered Sadie with a sheet. It didn't feel as weird being naked next to him as I thought it would.

"Was that the best thing ever or what?" Hank said, resting his leg against mine.

"Yeah, dude. I'm sorry I called you a liar."

"It's pretty unbelievable, I know." He said.

"I'm curious, how the hell does this happen?"

It was the truth. Do you just wake up one day and decide to fuck your hot sister? The mind wandered when thinking of all the different scenarios of how it happened.

"Our parents are divorced, have been forever. Sadie lived with our mom in town and I lived out here with our dad for years. As you'd imagine, I wasn't ever suited for city living." As he spoke, his hand slipped down to stroke my sticky limp dick.

"Sadie was always a good girl, president of the honor society and all that. Her senior year, she got accepted to some big brain college on a full scholarship, she was doing real good for herself. Then about midway through her senior year, she started getting into a lot of trouble like I told you before, with boys and even older men." Hank sighed.

"That doesn't seem like something she would do," I said.

"It's not. She got caught a lot, with all kinds of guys. Some big city head shrinker told my mom that Sadie's a nymphomaniac and put her on some sort of medication. I don't need no fancy degree to tell me that Sadie's just a horny girl with too much pressure on her to do good in school."

"What happened?" I asked. Hank took my hand and caressed my palm, making circles on it with his thumb.

"My mom sent her out here to live and now she's going to community college in the fall. This was on the condition that I keep a close eye on her. When she started sneaking out at night, I took matters into my own hands."

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