tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHusband's Boss Ch. 01

Husband's Boss Ch. 01


Bobby and Heather Abbott got married right after college and have been married 17 years. Bobby has a slight build at 165 lbs and 5'-9". He works out regularly and keeps himself in top shape. He has an average penis of 5 inches. His job is a high-level operations auditor for a large construction firm; he hobnobs with top management at HQ but also travels a lot to various company locations.

Heather is a trim 120 lbs and 5'-5". She too works out and has maintained the same striking body she had in college. She has high cheekbones, long flowing auburn hair and deep green eyes. Her waist is a svelte 23 inches with 34-inch hips atop long shapely legs. Her breasts are a prominent 36D. Her 38 years easily pass for 23. While her overall look draws much attention, her breasts draw stares and drools. She modeled some in earlier years and now stays active in local volunteer groups and raising her high school senior daughter.

They are very much in love. The sex may have tapered off slightly but that is from 10-12 times a week when the first were married. Bobby still goes gaga seeing his luscious wife and she in turn loves being ravished by her virile husband. He helps all he can around the house and working with their daughter, a striking auburn-haired girl in her own right. Heather never complains about his work and in fact supports him and his career every way she can. This will soon lead to trouble.

School had just let out for the summer and the Abbotts were busy setting up the long-planned trip for their graduate daughter, Shawn. She would be spending most of the summer with her grandparents at the shore, and was very excited about it. Bobby and Heather were looking forward to a house all to themselves where they could lose all inhibitions and do whatever, wherever, whenever they wanted. They put Shawn in a cab to take her to the airport, waved lovingly as she drove away, and went back inside where Bobby threw Heather on the kitchen table, raised her short skirt, ripped off her bikini panties and laid his 5-1/2-inch dick into her with no fanfare like a man possessed. She responded, "Oooo, Bobby. Give it to me. Give it to me, baby," followed by, "Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" in time with his thrusts.

He pounded her for 10 minutes. He came just as she had her second orgasm. "This is the start of a very fine summer," he cooed. She enthusiastically nodded agreement. Maybe because of the newness of the situation, but, uncharacteristically, after the first lay on the table they got naked, and between Shawn's 2pm departure and bedtime that day Heather gave him two blowjobs and they screwed two more times. They drank their dinner. They fell asleep in a spoon with his hand on a tit and her hand wrapped around his dick.

Bobby's company was having a summer dinner for management this Saturday. It was not a formal affair but good dress was called for. The company rented a country club clubhouse for the evening. There would be a few short speeches but mostly it would be many hours of good food, drink, music, billiards, swimming for some, conversation, and dancing into the next morning.

Heather looked fantastic. She wore her tight little black mini dress cut seven inches above the knee, a plunging neckline with a red pushup bra that showed off her ample breasts. She had little makeup (she didn't need much), her hair flowed, her eyes sparkled, and she flowed like water as she strode in her five-inch red heels. She was easily the most striking woman in the clubhouse, and the thirty or so men extended their obligatory greeting with Bobby many times over, engaging both Bobby and Heather in animated conversation. Bobby was very pleased and Heather was happy she was doing all she could to help her husband's career. She was not bothered in the least if some of that "help" involved her breasts being ogled. In fact she rather liked the attention.

The dinner party was alive. Bobby and Heather freely mingled and conversed. They danced with each other and with others. Heather played a game of pool with Bobby's boss, the president of the company, Mike. She danced shoeless but wore her heels at pool and was quite a sight to behold bending far over the table to set up a shot, her skirt rising near her buttocks and exposing her red bikini panties, and the top of her breasts pretty much out in the open. Everyone made sure Heather's glass was never empty. As the party wore on Bobby mingled and Heather entertained a group of panting men that surrounded her everywhere.

Boss Mike invited her to play some more pool. It was approaching 2am when he asked her again. "Why, Mike? I've beat you twice already," she asked in a coquettish voice.

"Win or lose, you're such a pleasure to watch, my dear," he answered. "And I think Bobby would approve of my looking."

She finished her fifth extra dry martini and giggled, "Probably," and lollopped unsteady in her heels to the billiards room, Mike right behind enjoying the view.

Mike's shots seldom found the pocket but the queue ball ended up in the middle of the table. Almost every shot Heather took required her to stretch her body unnaturally across the table. Once, as she was stretched out and ready to shoot, Mike whispered in her ear, "Yes. You are really fun to watch. Ya know that?" She again giggled and finished the shot. When the game was over they checked the club.

It was now 3am and only a third of the partygoers remained, mostly feeling no pain. Some husband and wife couples were dancing slow and close with active hands, others doing some heavy kissing. Some men were getting quite friendly with other guys' wives. Some wives got their skirts quietly raised almost to their waist as they talked in hushed tones. Bobby was blotto with his head resting on the table.

Thirty minutes earlier Mike gave Heather her sixth martini; surprisingly she seemed awake and lively despite her trouble standing up. Mike challenged her to down her sixth martini and to another round of pool. Her fifth martini was working its magic. "You jes wanna watch me stretch on the table," she slurred.

"Yes, but you stretch so good," the still mostly sober Mike replied. "And watching you hold a cue out at arm's length gives me naughty ideas," he replied with a wink.

"Yur a dirty ole man," she chuckled. "Gimme a cue stick."

'Coming right up, cunt,' he thought to himself but said, "You got it. Babe!" They played another game of eight ball. "Wanna place a little bet?" he asked. She had no reaction. She wasn't even completely aware that instead of trying to leave the cue ball after a shot he brazenly just moved it to the center of the table. "Watching you stretch that super body makes me real glad Bobby works for me." She mumbled an assent. She was doing all she could to even strike the ball. "Bobby is lucky to have someone like you for his wife."


"I mean you're gorgeous and you support your husband's work and career better than anybody. He's told me how supportive you are." A smile crossed her lips. "He said you'd do almost anything to help his career, isn't that right?"

"Uhh hhuuhh,"

"I know! How would you like to see the next big project he's going to be doing for me? There's a demo in one of the conference rooms."

"Uhh hhuuhh," she robotically replied.

"C'mon. Follow me," he said nicely and took her by the arm and led her down a long dark hallway to a conference room. They were in eerie silence far from the crowd. They entered the pitch-black room. He locked the door.

"I cand see anithin," she feebly protested.

He whispered, "It's not a project you see, it's one you feel." He stood behind her, reached around and grabbed both tits and jammed his groin into her ass. She started to screech. He handily pulled a ball gag from his pocket and put it in her mouth forcing it wide open but emitting no sound. "You don't see it, and you don't talk about it. But you know it well. The next project I expect your husband to do is you." She squirmed and tried to squeal. "That's right. It's you Heather. You and you body are my next project." She squirmed more. "You want to support you husband's career, don't' you? You want him to keep his job, don't you?"

A quiet mournful, "uuuuuummmm," escaped her lips. He slapped her lightly on the side of her head.

"I knew you do. Let's start keeping Bobby employed by looking at these wonderful tits." While he kept her pinned against a conference table his hands easily pulled both breasts out. Her hands shot up to fight. He grabbed one wrist and slapped cuffs on it, and in a flash pulled both arms behind her back and cuffed them together. "Now I can leisurely play with these." Both hands again worked on her tits, squeezing, rubbing nipples, pinching nipples, twisting nipples. He worked them over for five minutes whispering what great tits she had. She squirmed and hummed. "Tell ya what," he added. "So your tits don't get lonely one of my hands will keep them company while the other checks out your sweet cunt." If she could've squirmed more forcefully she would, but she couldn't. She couldn't do much as his hand lifted the hem of her dress, pulled her panties down to her knees, then snaked around in front under her ass and covered her pussy lips. "Oooooo! I knew you would have a perfect cunt. I used to watch you and say to myself, 'there's a perfect cunt,'" His middle finger entered went fully in her pussy. She wiggled her torso in revulsion. "That's right. You just rotate your cunt around in circles on my finger." She stopped in protest. Two fingers began to finger fuck her. She froze. "That's right, cunt. Just stand still and enjoy my fingers in your cunt while you think about hubby keeping his job."

She was still, bent over the table, a hand stretching a nipple and another finger fucking her at a steady pace. She began to realize in her stupor that she hadn't a choice and let the fingers, now three, do what they wanted in her pussy. This went on for five minutes and she tried to focus on anything else. Then the fingers came out, rubbed her clit, and rammed back in. She started to breathe heavier. Soon she was gasping with each thrust of his fingers. Another five minutes and, beyond her control, her pelvis started fucking back. Moans were added to her gasps. "I knew a hot slut like you would help her husband in his career. Am I right?" he whispered. There was a pause, and an ever so slight nod.

He turned her around and reinserted his fingers. "I thought I saw a nod but aren't sure. I want to see a big nod that you'll do whatever I want to help Bobby. Let me see it." She didn't move. He slapped her on the cheek. "That's what happens to sluts that don't help their husbands. Are you going to nod that you want to help Bobby now or do you want more persuasion?" She nodded strongly up and down. "That's good. Bobby will be pleased. And you'll have the satisfaction of helping him keep his job." His hand didn't return to her pussy but to his zipper, which he opened and fished out 8" of cock. "And the best way to help Bobby is fucking me."

"Uuuuuummmmmppphhh," she groaned through her gag. Four inches of cock entered her. "Uuuuuummmmmppphhh," she repeated.

"Now nod big that you want to fuck me to help Bobby." She froze. He slapped her hard. "Nod, cunt! Nod yes now. Quick. Before I slap you silly!" Wide- eyed her head gyrated in an exaggerated nod yes. "I'm going to love fuckin' your sweet cunt," he sneered. All 8" bottomed out.

"Aaaaaarrrrggghhh!" she mumbled through her gag. Then in slow full 8" strokes he began pistoning in her pussy. Within a couple of minutes her, "Uh, uh, uh, uh," kept time to his fucking and she was snorting in air through her nose. With her upper body laid out on the table and her feet on the floor, her pussy was protruding and vulnerable. His 2-1/2" inch-wide cock was putting heavy pressure on her clit.

He knew he would make her cum and started talking down and dirty. "Your cunt is made for this cock. You like my cock in you, huh? You love to get fucked, like the dirty slut you are. Make lame excuses like helping Bobby when all you want is some hard fucking. You want me to fuck your tight little cunt with my monster cock, don't ya? Nod your head yes, slut. Nod it big and I won't beat your sorry ass!" She nodded profusely. He fucked her profusely.

Soon her grunts turned to, "Um, um, um, um," and her bottom instinctively started humping back. After six minutes, horrified, she came like a rocket. She couldn't stop it. Her ass didn't stop humping for almost a minute.

He pulled his dick out. "You're as good as I thought. I love it. I knew you would give me your body to help your husband. I can tell a slut a mile away. Bobby can keep his job... at least for awhile." He pinched a nipple hard. "Don't you tell a living sole, if you know what's good for you. Ya hear?" She meekly nodded. He undid the cuffs, held her down on the table, put one of her hands on a tit, the other laying on her pussy, told her to hold her head up, and took three pictures with his smart phone. "If Bobby sees these he'll know you were totally willing," he snarled. "Now put yourself together and get both your sorry asses home." He put his dick back, zipped up, ran fingers through his hair and left.

Heather staggered out and down the darkened hall. Fortunately she passed a ladies room and was able to make herself halfway presentable. Thoughts formed. "What the hell happened? That sonofabitch actually raped me! And I can't do anything about it." Still half smashed she stumbled into the dining hall. It was near empty. There were two or three couples half out of it, half hanging on each other, and mostly undressed. She spotted one couple in a far corner fornicating on the floor. Bobby looked like a sack of potatoes strewn on the table, unconscious. "How would they get home," she muttered to herself. Then she saw Mike coming from the men's room and strutting to Bobby's table. "How can I face anybody? What a nightmare," she thought.

Mike was all the gentlemen. "Don't want you guys getting in trouble trying to drive home. I'll drive you home in your car and take a cab back for mine." He didn't let her respond but motioned for her to help pick up Bobby. They half carried, half drug Bobby to the car. Nary a word was spoken for the 20-minute trip though Mike seemed wide-awake. They got home and the two drug Bobby inside. Mike politely said, "I'll help you get him to bed so he can sleep it off." Heather didn't know how to agree or disagree and before she knew it they were in the bedroom with Bobby sprawled all over the bed. In total calmness Mike said, "I'll get the tops, you get the bottoms." He began removing Bobby's shirt; Heather automatically began removing shoes, socks, and pants. Bobby was out like a light, oblivious to anything.

"I have to call a cab," he whispered and added, "But first..." In a flash his dick was out and his hands were on her shoulders forcing her to her knees. She froze, horror-stricken. "First I need my cock sucked by my little slut while we watch my little slut's husband sleep it off. Now you don't want to wake him so let me hear only loving slurping on my cock."

"Oh! God! This is a goddamn nightmare!" she yelled quietly to herself. "But I thought..." she started to protest.

"You thought you would save Bobby's job by fucking me. You were right. But that was yesterday. If you want to save his job today get my cock down your throat and suck me off." She found herself dropping to the floor. Here eyes teared up as Mike's cock disappeared in her mouth. He grabbed a fistful of hair and face fucked her, not 12 inches from her husband's face. She gagged and coughed. "You don't have even five inches of cock in your throat yet." He forced his cock deeper.

"Aaaawwwwwwwkkk!" she gagged loudly.

"Good!" he sneered. "I'll try to wake Bobby by shoving my cock in your gullet. He'll be so proud of his cock suckin' wife. You try to keep him asleep by getting me off as fast as you can." She didn't hesitate. She grabbed his shaft with one hand, covered his cock with her mouth and put her ample sucking skills to work. She tightened her lips as she bobbed on the head and rim, licking the underside and his peehole on the backstroke and jacking the shaft in sync with her mouth. He was impressed and refrained from forcing all his 8 inches into her mouth. "Hhhmmmm. Good cock sucker," he cooed. Within four minutes she gagged slightly when four streams of cum hit the back of her throat. "Hold my cum so I can see it. Swirl it around and show me." She pushed his cum to her lips and looked up. He shoved his cock back in her mouth. She now had her head looking up with a monster cock stretching her mouth out of shape with cum spurting out the sides. That's when he snapped the picture. He spread his cum on her face and got a couple more good pics. He told her lick it clean, put it back in his pants, and said, "I'll call my own cab." He went downstairs to call, then outside to wait and have a deserved cigarette. Heather needed to cry out but knew she shouldn't. She gritted her teeth and shook uncontrollably. She couldn't believe she had just been raped the first time in her life, and then raped again by the same sonofabitch. She was mad and frustrated beyond belief but had no clue what she should do. She went downstairs and sobbed herself to sleep in the dark.

For the next three weeks things got almost back to normal. Heather was in a bit of a funk and barely accomplished one fuck a day, let alone four. But she was coming around and almost felt clean again. Her understanding husband let her be herself. That Friday Bobby got home from work and announced, "Babe, there's a really big project that's falling apart in Nashville and my boss says I have to go rescue it."

"When do you go?" she asked apprehensively.

"I leave Monday afternoon from the office. I'll be gone at least two weeks, possibly three, maybe four. It all depends." He noticed her abnormal reserve but said nothing. The next Monday Heather had the whole house to herself. She made sure everything was locked up whether she was there or not. She was anxious but the week progressed with nothing out of the ordinary or untoward. Bobby called every night and they had long talks, getting a little dirty at times. Heather's nightmare was diminishing.

Thursday she came home mid-afternoon from grocery shopping. She unlocked the door and carried in two bags of groceries. She came to a startled stop when she saw Mike sitting on the sofa smoking a big cigar and sipping a martini. "What are you doing here? How the hell did you get in?" she yelled without thinking.

"Is that any way to greet your husband's boss?" he laughed. "I suggested and Bobby agreed that my having a key might be helpful in emergencies while he's away. And why am I here you ask? I have a craving to eat some pussy... then fuck some pussy. And I'd say it's an emergency that you haven't had a cock in many days. Finish bringing in the groceries and then while you take your clothes off I'll fix you a big vodka tonic."

"You can't do this! You can't do this anymore! I'm calling the police!" she screamed.

"Oh, but I can dear Heather, my slut," he replied. "Two ready-to-go text messages say I can. The first one fires your husband. The next one sends him a great flash photo of your dreamy-eyed face looking into the camera with one hand on your tits and the other pleasantly massaging your well-fucked cunt. Both will be sent from me. Now, unless you want those sent, get your ass in gear 'cause I'm horny and want a big piece of it." She paused. "I'm being nice here. I'm letting you go out to the car and get the groceries and then take your clothes off. A couple of seconds from now you'll have to get naked first then head to the street, retrieving your groceries and putting on a show for our neighbors and then hoping I let your bare ass and tits back in."

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