Mirror Me


It was my girlfriend that brought home the old mirror. She said she inherited it from her grandmother, just another thing that wasn't in the will and no-one knew what to do with. Our bedroom ended up being its temporary home until we could get it appraised by someone who knew antiques.

It was one of the tall ones where you could stand in front of it and see your whole reflection looking back at you. I was alone and bored one day staring into it the first time the thing happened. First it was just my usual reflection, me standing there in my slacks as I buttoned up my shirt and got ready to drive into town.

I'm a tallish, lean kind of guy. I'm not really that muscular but I'm not really skin and bones either. I was looking at my hips and remembering a fantasy I'd had since I was a teenager, when suddenly the me on the other side of the mirror started to move. Normal reflections move obviously, but only as the things they are mirroring do. This time, the other me moved on its own, and it moved toward me.

I was startled at first, so much that I jumped backward and nearly tripped on my own feet. Shaken but curious I watched the me from the other side step through the glass and out of the mirror.

My heart was racing, I'd completely forgotten about the buttons at the bottom of my shirt and instead I was just staring in awe as I stood before myself, the other me looking just as confused as I was.

"You're me," he said, "and this is ..." he looked around at our bedroom trailing off. Questions overwhelmed me as I watched him.

"This is my ... this is our room," I said. My mind was already dredging up every sci-fi scenario I'd thought of in which there were multiple versions of myself.

"What's the first thing I would do if there were several of me?" I thought, and that's how my mind looped back to the fantasy I was having when he first stepped through the mirror.

I looked up at him and he looked back at me.

"You are thinking ..." we both said at once, "no you first ..."

We each paused at the same time to let the other speak. After a short silence he started walking slowly toward me. I sat down on the edge of the bed as he approached.

"Surely, he's thinking the same thing I am," I thought. "He's me and he's" My gaze drifted down toward his crotch and as I expected I could see the outline of his penis through his pants. He stood a foot away from me, smelling just like the shampoo and deodorant I had just used.

I felt my cock bulge with arousal as he put a hand on my shoulder and looked down at me. My hands shook as I reached out and unzipped his fly reaching into his pants and feeling the smooth skin of his shaft against my fingertips.

My heart was pounding and I could see his elbow quivering as I pulled his fully erect dick into view.

"Apparently it is possible to be nervous in front of yourself," I thought as I held his cock in my hand, the smell of it filling my nostrils as I stared at its veined surface. I pressed my lips to its tip and tasted salty precum.

I looked up at him as I got ready to suck, tonguing the head of his erection. His mouth was open and his chest rose and fell. He was breathing as heavily as I was as watched me, my hand moving up and down his shaft.

I wondered if this was what it was like for my girlfriend as I opened my lips and let his firm penis slide into my mouth. I heard him sigh as I bobbed my head, sliding my mouth along his length, coating his cock with my saliva, his precum flowing thicker and thicker until it coated the insides of my cheeks and stuck to my palette.

"Mmm," I hummed, feeling my dick begin to drool against my leg as his drooled along my tongue.

"Ohh, yeah," he gasped, beginning to rock his hips gently as I sucked. I let my lips slide down his slick shaft until they were nearly against his scrotum, his pubic hairs tickling my nose as I took him all the way into the back of my throat. He was so deep that when the tip of his erection throbbed I nearly gagged.

I backed away, holding the fat head of his penis in my mouth as I undid his belt, letting the strip of leather smack me lightly in the face while I moved my hands. As his pants fell exposing his, or rather our, hairy balls, I tried to think of what I might tell my girlfriend later.

We were a pretty experimental couple, and granted this might be my only chance I would get to have sex with myself she might understand. That's assuming she would actually believe me.

That's when he really started to fuck me. His balls bumped against my chin as he held me by the ears, thrusting, the same way I did with her. I tried to keep my lips tight around his shaft without gagging or letting my teeth touch him, the same way she did. I had never sucked a cock before and already I was learning how much skill was involved.

"I'll have to pay her more compliments from now on when we fuck," I thought. Then as he was thrusting in and out, salty, precum flavored drool running down his balls and covering my chin, a thought occurred.

"I wonder if he knows how badly I want him to take me in the ass?" I thought. In the fantasy I had been having I was always the one being fucked. I was the submissive version of me and he was the dominant one. It was a paradox that I was always aware of in my fantasy environment. Since we were both me we would need to take turns doing what we both liked.

I looked up at him with my lips around the stiff base of his cock, my whole mouth tasting like groin sweat and precum, the smell of his crotch filling my nose. I started undoing my belt and he lifted his shirt over his head, exposing his pale chest.

I think some things about the mirror me were truly like a reflection, in the sense that they were the reverse of how I actually was. It explains how he knew what to do when I pulled off my pants and crawled onto the bed before him.

He was the opposite of me sexually. He wanted to be dominant and I wanted to be fucked. He followed me onto the bed putting his hands on my naked hips. I felt him spread my butt cheeks with his thumbs and I shivered as he teased my asshole with his saliva slick cock.

My penis was painfully hard between my legs, a string of goo dangling from its tip, my balls ready to explode.

I felt my joints quiver as he wetted by butt crack with my own spittle, and then he stopped, placing both his hands on my hips with the fleshy tip of his erection between my cheeks. I arched my back, getting ready for the push, knowing it would be painful at first.

Then it came. Slowly my butthole spread around the head of his erection. I gripped the sheets and tried not to clench as he slid into me.

"Ooohh," he shuddered, pushing his entire length into my ass, his scrotum squishing between my butt cheeks and the hair at the base of his penis touching my tailbone. He drew it back slowly and then thrust it back into me a little faster, picking up pace with every eager but considerate push.

I tore at the sheets and grunted from a mix of discomfort and pleasure as he fucked me, my cock bouncing between my thighs, our balls bumping together each time he slid inside.

The pain eventually turned to a dull ache, and I began swaying on all fours, meeting his bare hips with my roundish ass and feeling my butt jiggle as he took me. We each began gasping and sweating as he dug his fingers into my hips, clinging to my pelvic bone, my asshole stretched tight around his rock hard dick.

I could feel him throb with pleasure inside me each time my butt hole slid around the hairy base of his erection, and each time he held me in that position I subtly hoped he would cum.

I started unbuttoning my shirt, sweating and curling my toes as I listened to the slap of his naked hips against my thighs, my dick bouncing between my legs as his slid into my ass. When I tossed my shirt aside I felt him lean into me, pressing his bare, sweat slick chest against my back.

He laid across me, pressing me into the bed with his penis angled, thrusting deep into my butt as I clung to the sheets and moaned.

"I'm pretty close," he said, rocking his hips sensually, his groin hair matted and wet against my tailbone as he fucked me.

"I know," I responded, feeling how stiff my own cock was, precum oozing from its tip, sticking to my stomach and soaking into the covers beneath me. His hands ran along my sides and eventually came to rest on my hips once more.

I could feel his heartbeat quicken at same pace as mine as he pushed his penis into me harder and sharper.

"Ahhh," I gasped, feeling a shock of intense pleasure radiate from inside my ass. "Yeah," I said, as he repeated the motion, sending another wave of ecstasy cascading up from within me. "Oh god, keep doing that," I sighed.

His fingers dug into my hips as he fucked my ass, shuddering and squirming the same as I was. I felt his cock throb hard between my butt cheeks and I knew he was cumming. The thought of it caused me to ejaculate uncontrollably into the sheets.

"Ahhh," he groaned as he came in my ass. I could feel every squirt of his climax by the way his penis bulged inside me, the tightness of my asshole around him the only thing keeping his load from spilling down my balls.

"Ooohh, damn," I shuddered, cum still flowing from the tip of my penis and pooling warmly between me and the bed.

We laid there together for about a minute after finishing, his cock still partially erect inside of me, my asshole numb around him, full of his jizz and laying in a sticky puddle of my own. When he slid out of me I felt his hot goo pour between my butt cheeks and run down my inner thighs.

We didn't say anything to each other after that, with each of us having an inherent understanding of the other we didn't really need to. We just cleaned up and got dressed. I watched him step into the mirror and return to his own world, still feeling euphoric and deeply satisfied from our encounter.

I still haven't told my girlfriend, being uncertain if I could even prove I wasn't making the whole thing up. In the end though could it really be considered cheating, or would it just be masturbation? What would she think? Who knows?

Since that day I have had a few other encounters with myself. Sometimes I just suck his cock and let him cum in my mouth. Other times he cums on my face, or he'll just tear my pants off and fuck me in the ass until I shoot my load on the carpet. In any case, we always know what the other of us wants because it's what we want. It seems the mirror is in our room to stay now. Oddly it wasn't my idea to keep it there, but hers.

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by Anonymous

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by LoquiSordidaAdMe06/08/18

I loved the subtle twist at the end. A setup for a foursome maybe? Of course now it's got me wondering what I would do if presented with a similar opportunity - and if I'd be the submissive or dominantmore...

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by weftandwarp06/05/18

Interesting concept, thank you. I have noticed the mirrors of today aren't as good as those in the past. The new mirrors seem to have a lot of wrinkles in them, they're not at all smooth and flat as theymore...

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by yowser06/03/18


"exposing his, or rather our, hairy balls, I tried to think of what I might tell my girlfriend later."

It is always the telling the girlfriend part that is the problem...

Intriguing notion, mirrors alwaysmore...

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by Etaski05/28/18

^_^ Fun concept, subtle ending

Have you ever heard of Michael Manning's Spider Web Garden? Or "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger? Both touch on this idea, and are about as direct (Manning gets explicit because it's anmore...

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by xelliebabex05/28/18

That was an interesting story. Short sharp and almost dreamlike. I kept expecting you to wake him up. Now I am wondering about the mirror its self and where it came from. Good job writing for Geek Pridemore...

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