tagInterracial LoveMy Sexy Latina Luisa

My Sexy Latina Luisa


It all started with some innocent conversation between myself and the Accounting Department's secretary, Luisa, at my home office.

She was a dark haired beauty and I would guess she was 5'3", and was very buxom in a sexy Latin way. Luisa was 27 and she had the sexy lips and smile I had ever seen. She grew up in Juarez, Mexico, she had lived most of her life in El Paso. We had been flirting back and forth for quite sometime, we then moved on to writing emails and text messages on My Space back and forth. What was once joking was becoming increasingly passionate and both of us knew we were headed down a road we had not discussed before.

Just as things were starting to come to a boil her and her husband (who also worked for the same company) decided to leave the company and move to California. I figured we would still chat online occasionally, but for the most part this was the end.

On her last day, we had a little "Going Away" bash for her after work. We talked occasionally at the party, but because her husband was there, we stayed apart for most of the evening. When we finally hugged to say good as her husband was in the restroom, Luisa pulled me aside and said she needed to know something before she left.

She asked if I would have "gotten together with her"....

I was a little taken aback at first, but with the aide of Liquid Courage (Coors's Light), I replied was I still trying to figure out how to make that happen before she left for good! Luisa giggled and quickly kissed me and promised to write to me at work.

A few weeks after her departure I receive her first message on My Space telling me about how things were going and Yada, yada, yada. We began to write back and forth, the letters become more and more sexy. We soon settle into a pattern of writing suggestive comments and eventually after a dare from Luisa, we started to write stories about what we would do if we were ever together. Since I have the occasion to travel on business I began to look for a way to travel to her city, the fantasies around this possibility consumed numerous emails by both her and me. We even started calling each others cell phones when we had the chance. I knew she was not happy with her husband, because he ran around on her all the time and she was left alone quite often. She would not divorce him, but she said she knew it was around the corner because he was gone most of the time now. I had divorced for 3 years and knew the pain and anguish that this was and I told her to keep her head up. I always told her she deserved more than Latin prick!

6 months after we had last seen each other at her going away party, I finally arranged to travel to San Diego for a convention. During our months of mail and phone calls I knew everything about her and what turned her on and I'd developed a detailed plan to make everything perfect!

We agreed that we would meet at my hotel during her lunch. I flew in to San Diego and after picking up my rental car, I swung by a grocery store to pick up some supplies for my rendezvous with Luisa. I picked up chilled champagne, fresh strawberries, and a Plumeria scented candle. These were three things that Luisa said really feel romantic. Next, drove to the hotel to check in. Once I checked in there, I called her to tell her that everything was all set for her arrival. Luisa asked what I meant by that, and I just told her she would have to wait and find out.

I unpacked and took a refreshing shower and then I proceeded to ready everything for Luisa's arrival. The candles were lit and placed on the night stands around the bed. After waiting for about an hour I heard a tap on the door. I open the door there Luisa stood in a beautiful peach colored sun dress that showed over her wonderful breasts. Without a word, We embraced and kissed tentatively at first. Soon are tongues were probing deeply into each others mouths, and I could feel her breasts pushed up against my chest.

We finally, reluctantly broke the embrace and moved to the couch. Luisa sat down as I poured us each a glass of chilled champagne. She saw the basket of strawberries and commented on the effort I put into everything. I was a bit tentative about how things should proceed and I did not want to rush Luisa into anything, so we just sat on the couch eating, drinking and talking.

She told me about her preparations for today. First, the bubble bath, giving herself a good shave and then painting her finger and toe nails a very sexy red. She apologized that she couldn't wear the sexy little dress I used to joke with her about when she was in El Paso, but she said she was too fat to wear it. I responded that I had never seen her look better and it was true. She had wonderful curves and a sexy small little waist. I told Luisa I was just so thrilled that she there with me that I would not have cared if she showed up in a parka and snow boots.

Luisa giggled and stood and walked over to the king-sized bed. Without a word, she turned and slipped off her dress without a word. This gorgeous Latin beauty stood before me only wearing a sexy black thong and motioned to me with her finger. Meanwhile I nearly tripped when I stood and I eagerly started ripping my clothes off. We embraced and my hands caressed her beautiful body. Luisa finally broke the seductive kiss laid on the bed.

I crawled across the bed to where she was laying and we again embraced Our hormones were going full tilt. When I broke our kiss, I started to kiss my way slowly down her neck until I reached her breasts. I began to kiss and massage her tits.

Luisa quietly whispered me to "Suck those nipples".

I gladly obliged my goddess and began sucking and nibbling on them. She had a creamy complexion with compact dark nipples that stiffened under my fingers and tongue. After a few minutes of this I began to kiss my way south, stopping at her bellybutton to lavish some love there with my mouth. I reached down slowly and began caressing her pubic mound through her lace panties. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her panties and she lifted her butt and I slip of her now soaked panties off. I raised my head and I stared for a moment at the beautiful woman laying before me, in total awe and passion. It had been so long in the making that I wanted to relish the moment.

I was brought back to reality by her caresses on my face. I smiled seductively at her and kissed my way from her belly south. I kissed my way down to her knees and then I started to slowly kiss my way her thigh. As I worked my way to her pussy, I spread her legs apart with my hand and slowly started to caress her small black patch of pubic hair.

Once I kissed my way to her sexy pussy, I used my fingers and parted her moist lips and begin to lick her hidden clit. Soon, I was licking and sucking her pussy as I alternated these actions with my tongue into her moist opening. I moved up to her now fully hardened clit and sucked on it gently at first. I used my thumbs to pull aside the hood and expose her engorged clit and I clamped my mouth down on it and sucked harder. Luisa was in Heaven by the moans coming out of her. She was whispering things to me in English and Spanish and it was the sexiest sounds I had ever heard. I sensed her ever growing excitement, so I sucked harder and soon she shuddering with the waves of an orgasm. I greedily lapped up her juices.

As Luisa's orgasm subsided, she told me it was my turn. I kissed my way back up to her luscious breasts and then to her lips. We kissed passionately for a few minutes and then she broke the kiss and said she was going to give me what I gave her and more!

She pushed me off of her and onto my back. Luisa began to kiss her way down my chest to my raging hard-on. She did not even wait for any torture as she pulled by briefs down and she fully engulfed my cock with her sexy mouth. Soon her head was bobbing up and down at a furious pace, on the down stoke she engulfed most of my rock hard cock and on the up stroke, just the tip of the head remained in her moist mouth.

Luisa had once told me in one of our many letters that she liked giving head and that she was good at it. Well I was now able to attest to her skill and enthusiasm. Thank God the champagne had taken the edge off or I would have shot a hot load into her hungry mouth very quickly. It was so sexy just to watch her work on my cock and occasionally look up at me with her soulful and seductive brown eyes. I could see the saliva glistening on my hard shaft from the candlelight every time she released her mouth from me.

After a while she lifted her head up and proclaimed that she's got to have it in her pussy for my first orgasm with her. Luisa proceeded to crawl up the bead and straddle my thighs. She slowly lowered her soaking wet pussy over my shaft. She leaned forward so I could lick and suck her succulent breasts. Luisa's hard erect nipples stood out proudly awaiting my attention. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and held on has she set a brisk pace. My cock thrusting in and out of her well lubricated hole. Her pussy gripped my shaft and every nerve ending in my cock was receiving a workout. I told her that it was time for a position change or I would be exploding any moment.

I wanted my orgasm to hold off as long as possible and I asked her to get to the doggy position (her second favorite position after the one we've just sampled). Luisa got up and rolled around in the opposite direction on the bed and got on all fours.

She turned back to me and smiled at me with her gorgeous mouth and shook her sweet ass and said, "Come and get it!"

I leaped off my back as I rose to take my position behind her and slip my cock into her womanly depths. With my hands grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks, I began to pump in and out like a machine. I told her to reach down and stroke her clit as I fucked her because I wanted us both to cum together. She did and she really started to moan and talk in her sexy Spanglish. It was amazing as I could feel her hand brushing against my balls on the in-stroke and soon I could hold off any more. I released a torrent of hot cum into her inviting pussy just as she started bucking hard against me in another orgasm. It felt as if I'd never stop cumming.

When we finally stopped I pulled my stick wet cock out of her incredible pussy and lay back on the pillows. Luisa turned around and cuddled up on my chest. We laid in each others embrace as my cock went limp. She was slowly caressing it and telling me how amazing this was for her. We lay holding each other basking in the afterglow for awhile.

We still had not had enough yet as our slow kisses became once again very passionate. I kissed her breasts again and worked my way down to her pussy. Again I begin to eat her pussy like it's my last meal on earth. Our juices tasted incredible together! Luisa started to really respond, then she pushed my head away as she sat up, I begrudgingly give way as she reminds me that we both have responsibilities this afternoon. Our long lunch is over and now it is time to go back to work.

We cleaned ourselves up and instead of putting her panties back on, she lays them out on the pillow and said she would be back later to pick them up. Luisa kissed me good-bye and left the room. On the way out the door, she said that she was going to pick up some whipped cream for her return trip that evening and I better be ready for her.

She blew me a kiss as she closed the door.


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