Naked Outside


My name's Shannon. As a long-time reader of Lit, I have to say that the stories of exhibitionism make me really hot.

My partner, Ron, and I both read the stories here together. We're both into exhibitionism...but, usually I'm the one going naked while he watches and encourages me.

Sometimes, he joins me, but he prefers to watch me. I've been doing this since we've been together, about 5 years now. Actually, I was doing it before then, but he has really brought the exhibitionist out of me.

I love being naked outside or even in public where people can see me. To me there's nothing more thrilling than walking along naked and being seen.

I particularly love showing myself to couples.

I've been naked so many places that I can't really remember them all: gas stations, movie theaters, parking lots, parks, you name it.

But it never gets old.

I wanted to begin relating my experiences with the first time I went nude outside in my neighborhood with Ron.

We were sitting on the couch getting stoned in the living room late at night. I was already naked because I rarely wear clothes at home.

Suddenly, Ron smiled and said he had an idea.

I asked him what it was, and he just sorta laughed...but I kept pressing him. Finally, he took a hit and blew it out. Then he looked at me and said we should take a walk.

Well, I didn't think too much of taking a walk that late...but then he said I should be naked.

At first, I was kind of shocked. But the thought excited me. My nipples stiffened at the thought of being totally naked outside.

Like I said, I'd been naked outside before meeting Ron, but I'd not actually walked naked through my neighborhood.

As I thought it over, I imagined how would it feel to walk on the sidewalk in front of all the houses with my breasts and vagina completely exposed.

It made me wet.

But, I didn't want to get in trouble. I figured we'd at least bring along something for me to wear just in case...but Ron had other ideas.

Wouldn't it be so hot, he said, if I didn't have anything at all to cover up with...if anyone saw me, I'd have to be naked.

My clitoris pulled at that and I rubbed myself lightly in front of Ron.

I think it was the mixture of being stoned, and the picture of myself being naked out in the neighborhood...along with the pulling in my wet pussy that convinced me.

"Okay," I said, "I'll try it."

Ron knew that I'd shown off before, but he also knew that I'd never gone that far.

I asked him if I could at least wear shoes, but he said that would defeat the purpose.

I was still rubbing myself and growing more excited by the minute...but I also realized that if we were going to do it, we would have to go right then or I would chicken out.

Standing up, I headed for the door as Ron followed.

I opened the door and peeked outside. It was after midnight and the street was dark and deserted.

My nipples hardened severely at the thought of what I was about to do...and I almost changed my mind, but my pussy was so wet, and my clitoris throbbed.

I stepped onto the porch while Ron closed the door.

The cool night air felt good on my skin and it raised goose bumps all over me.

Ron offered his hand and I took it, walking with him across the front lawn to the sidewalk.

I was completely nude in front of the house. It was scary, but so exciting to be naked outside.

I felt the sidewalk with my bare feet as we walked, and every step reminded me that I was naked.

The houses on the street were dark. But I wondered if anyone was watching me through a window.

We started walking, getting farther and farther from the house. Nobody was on the street. We passed under several streetlights, and I looked down at myself.

I was naked and the streetlights made me glow. I thought that someone would be able to see me from far away, even though I wouldn't see them...that was very exciting.

We got about a block from the house and Ron asked if I wanted to go back. He said he didn't think I would really do it.

I was so excited by that time though, and I felt braver, so I said we should keep going.

We crossed the street at a corner and turned left towards the park.

All of the houses were still dark on the street, and I began to really relax and enjoy it. My nipples were throbbing, my pussy was throbbing...I could barely stand it.

Ron rubbed my ass as we walked. That's something that always turns me on, and being outside naked...I was already very aroused. That was just making it worse.

All of sudden, we heard a man coughing. I froze up, but Ron squeezed my hand and said we should keep going.

As we passed a house on our right, I saw the light of cigarette. There was a man sitting on his porch, smoking.

We walked right by and the man said good evening.

I had no way to hide, so I just said good evening back and kept walking.

I could almost feel his eyes on my naked made me so hot that I could hardly breathe, to know that he was seeing all of me...right on the sidewalk.

Ron smiled at me and asked if that had turned me on.

I was so wet that my thighs were sliding together, and I touched myself lightly as we walked, pushing my fingers on my clitoris.

We got to the park without anyone else seeing me, and there was nobody else around.

There was a picnic table in the middle of the park, and we walked up to it...I sat on the table while Ron sat on the bench in front of me.

I was so hot.

We were at least 5 blocks from our house, in the middle of the park and I didn't have anything to wear if I got caught.

My pussy dripped and I started playing with myself right on the picnic table.

Ron grabbed me, and buried his face between my legs. He started tonguing my clit and sucking on it, while I played with my nipples, pinching and pulling on them.

The whole experience...being totally nude, and Ron eating my pussy right in the park made me hornier than I'd ever been.

Suddenly, a couple appeared out of nowhere.

I grabbed Ron's head and pulled him away, and tried to cover myself.

The couple was on the path about 10 feet away from the picnic table, and when they saw us they stopped.

The man asked if I was okay.

I didn't know what to say. I was scared to death but I was also incredibly excited.

Ron didn't say a word, but started tonguing me again right in front of the people.

I looked at them as Ron ate me on the picnic table. At first they seemed shocked, but then, they just stood there.

I didn't know what to do. All I knew was that I was so turned on that I couldn't think.

As Ron touched my clit with his tongue, I started moaning, looking right at the couple. I couldn't stop myself.

Finally, I just gave myself over to it.

Ron sucked and tongued my pussy, licking my clit and running his tongue over my lips. I was shaking and moaning. I didn't care that the couple were watching.

I started moaning louder, jamming Ron's head between my legs, humping my pussy at him.

The couple moved closer until they were right next to the picnic table.

I couldn't believe this was happening, but Ron's tongue on my pussy was going to make me cum.

The woman put her hand on the man's crotch, and started rubbing it as I neared orgasm.

Ron tongued my clit faster as I watched the couple.

Finally, the man unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He was hard, and the woman started stroking him quickly.

I was almost there, as Ron ate me...swirling his tongue around my clit.

"Oh god...Ron," I said, and grabbed his head and jammed his face into me.

I came, holding his face between my legs, while watching the woman stroke the man.

She pumped his cock fast and hard, while they watched me cum.

I came very hard, humping my pussy at Ron's mouth and pulling his head to my crotch, wrapping my legs around his head.

He flicked his tongue over my clit, then, he actually sucked it into his mouth...sending me totally over the edge.

I was moaning so loudly that I was almost screaming as I came...I'm sure that if there was anyone else in the park they would have heard me, but I didn't care.

All of a sudden the man groaned and came, as the woman pumped him. He shot his cum all over the ground, moaning and jerking his hips...fucking the woman's hand.

That made me cum again.

By this time, Ron had pulled his head away. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit hard and fast, masturbating through another orgasm as everyone watched.

I came hard the second time sitting on the picnic table while the couple looked on. The man's dick was still hanging out of his pants.

Finally, after I came the second time, we all kind of stared at each other. Nobody really knew what to say.

Then the woman spoke up and asked if we did that a lot.

I told her it was the first time.

She said it was so hot, and the man agreed.

Then, the man asked if we wanted to meet in the park again sometime.

I looked at Ron to see what he was thinking, and he nodded, so I told them sure, why not?

After all, it had been the most exciting thing of my life.

Then the couple said they had to get going...and we did too.

We didn't exchange names, but we made plans to meet there again on the same night, same time, a week later.

After they left, Ron and I headed home again.

We walked back through the neighborhood holding hands.

Even though I came twice in the park, I was getting excited again.

When we passed the house where the man had been on the porch, we saw that he was still there.

As we went by, he said "nice night for a walk huh?"

I agreed and said it he watched me go by.

My nipples stiffened again as he looked at me.

We walked back the way we had come. The street was still deserted, and I don't think anyone else saw me, but I don't know for sure.

By the time we reached house, I was hot again, and I rubbed Ron's cock through his pants as we walked.

Finally, when we got back inside, we fucked on the living room floor...pretending that we were still in the park and the couple was watching us.

While we did go back to the park at the time we had agreed on, and I walked naked the whole way...the couple never showed up.

We fucked on the picnic table, waiting for them, but finally, we had to go back home.

The man on the porch wasn't there either.

While that was very exciting for walk naked through the neighborhood again, I was kind of disappointed.

But, anyway, our walk to the park, and being seen by the couple and that guy was the first time we did something like that.

Since then, I've gotten much bolder...we go out and I walk around naked in the daytime a lot now...I even masturbate in front of people. Sometimes Ron fucks me while people watch.

But, I'll relate those experiences another time if anyone wants to hear about them.


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by DMBFFF06/12/18

a nice little CMNF story

By using the CMNF tag, I soon got to JoandJ's favourites, which lead me to this delightful story.

I love CMNF, especially when the female nudity also includes them being barefoot.
(I wonder if a womanmore...

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