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Potty Training


It was hard not to snicker as I lay in bed listening to him cursing and twisting the knob to the bathroom door. I touched the key that currently hung around my neck on a chain and was resting against my breast and smiled in the early morning light. After almost a year he still hadn't figured out that he need to remember to put the seat back down after he's done. I was pretty sure that after today he'd never forget again.

I got out of bed and stood in the doorway. "What's the problem?" I asked with feigned innocence.

"The damn door is locked!" He nearly yelled. He probably had to go pretty bad considering he had just got out of bed. I almost felt bad. ALMOST

"I know it's locked. It seems that someone forgot to put the seat back down after they used the toilet. Want to guess who got a very wet ass this morning at a very ungodly hour?" I said as I let the key dangle from my hand.

"Umm..." was all he said as he studied his feet.

"The bathroom is going to remain locked today. I have the only key so I'll be able to use it. You on the other hand... well let's just consider this your potty training" I told him and smiled as he shifted from foot to foot anxiously.

"Yes Ma'am." He said with dread.

"Now, time to begin. Follow me." I said and led him into the kitchen where two one gallon jugs of water sat on the table. Next to them there was a 20 ounce bottle also filled with water. I picked up the bottle and handed it to him. "Drink," I told him.

He obediently took a long drink from the bottle and offered me a weak smile. I made him drink from the bottle every half hour and by noon the first gallon was well over half way gone.

I made him sit in the living room and the discomfort was plain to see. He was now squirming almost constantly as he sat. His legs were crossing and uncrossing like clockwork and his forehead was damp with sweat. He reached down and grabbed himself like a little kid and gave me a pleading look.

"Please, may I use the bathroom?" He begged me.

"No, I told you. You're going in potty training right now, Mister. Now stop grabbing yourself." I chided and he let go of his crotch. "Into the kitchen, time for more water." I said cheerily after a glance at the clock.

"I can't hold it anymore, I really have to go!" He walked very slowly to the kitchen table and picked up the bottle. He squirmed and twisted shifted very nervously. He grabbed desperately at his crotch and drank.

"I should rinse these dishes while you're drinking that water," I said as I turned the water faucet on to a slow trickle. The water echoed tantalizingly in the stainless steel sink. I heard him whimper and glanced over my shoulder.

He stood there with his both hands covering his crotch, but the look on his face told the story. Even more telling was the dark spot that was spreading underneath them. His face grew redder as the wet spot spread down his leg and the urine puddle began to form at his feet. He didn't say a word as he stood there wetting his pants. Wordlessly I handed him a mop. He quickly cleaned up his mess and when he was done he started to unbutton his jeans.

"You aren't taking those pants off. Go get some plastic from underneath the sink to cover the couch when you sit down." He looked at me disbelievingly, but complied. He didn't know the treatment was only about to get worse.

The filled bottle of water was thrust into his hands and he was told to drink. He did and fifteen minutes later when he was given the refilled bottle he groaned. He drank it down though and after only ninety minutes he was squirming in cold, wet pants. About this time I noticed that my own bladder was feeling pretty full. I was unlocking the bathroom door when an idea struck me. I called him to the bathroom and the relief was visible when he saw me standing in front of the unlocked and open bathroom door.

He unbuttoned his jeans and was about to walk in when I shook my head. He looked at me and stared open mouthed when I unbuttoned my own jeans and slowly slid them over my hips. He was clutching himself in desperation and his eyes flicked back forth from me to the tempting commode.

"Take your jeans off," I said as he whimpered and shifted. He obeyed though and stood naked in front me with his legs crossed pressing his cock to prevent himself from pissing all over the bathroom. "Now go sit in the bathtub."

Turning his back to me he gingerly stepped into the bathtub and eased himself down. I took this moment to put some lube on my finger and when I reached down between his legs he sucked in his breath. My lubed finger teased his asshole gently. It slid in delicious circles and occasionally I'd nudge in just tiniest bit. His pretty little hole was quivering with the restraint that he was using to keep from peeing all over the place. I caressed his balls for a moment and when I finally stopped I climbed in the tub with him.

I turned my ass to him and carefully straddled him before lowering myself. When I was positioned so that his cock rested between my thighs I reached down and made sure that the head of cock rested against my rapidly swelling clit. I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him. "I need to pee too, dear."

I no sooner finished the statement when my bladder let loose. I was already turned on as hell and watching the warm urine gush from between my legs and over my husbands cock nearly had me cumming. My husband started squirming beneath me and the head teased my clit. I started grinding my hips and a let out a long low groan of pleasure. He squirmed more intensely and I knew I going to be cumming soon.

"I need to go potty. I can't hold it! Please, please let me pee! I won't leave the seat up anymore! Oh god, please!" He begged urgently even as small, warm squirts of urine began to escape from the tip and against my clit.

I climbed off him and leaned against the back of the tub. I spread my legs wide and pulled apart the lips of my now soaking pussy to better expose my clit. I rubbed and tapped it a few times stopping just before I came. I told him to kneel between my legs and put the tip of his cock over my clit. He was pinching his cock to keep from pissing but urine began spurting out despite his efforts.

"Let it all go baby, I give you permission." I said quickly. I had to cum so bad that I could barely speak.

He held the tip just above my clit and let it all go. The hot piss streaming against my aching clit sent me straight over the edge. My head fell back, my arched and my hips bucked and as he groaned his relief I groaned mine. When the orgasm subsided and we both had our relief we showered. I teased him with my soapy hands as I washed his cock. The response was immediate and he was rock hard in my hand before long.

We finished showering and went into the bedroom where we fucked furiously until we were both satisfied.

Occasionally he still forgets to put the seat down. When he does, I enjoy showing him the error of his ways.

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