tagSci-Fi & FantasyReclaimed, Remade (Scarlet Queen 01)

Reclaimed, Remade (Scarlet Queen 01)


The future is now. Space travel has long been commercialized, entire planets colonized. A number of societies have risen, as humans began to spread far and wide. In the realm of the Northern Planets, women reign supreme. Gifted with powers beyond any their male counterparts could imagine, a society composed of Queens has taken over.

Today, two such Queens, locked in a battle spanning generations, have finally come to a head. The Scarlet Queen, though the leader of the smaller army, has managed to capture a number of high ranking soldiers from The Merchant Queen, including her pet spymaster due to a mistakenly fired weapon that has activated latent body enhancement coding.

Now, with slave coding running rampant, and obedient to The Scarlet Queen's armies, she may just have what she needs to turn the tide of the war. If she can tame the Spymaster first, that is.

Solomon stood in center of The Scarlet Queen's private quarters and tried to remain still.

Absolutely, positively, still.

The Queen stood across from him, the women born to be his own (former?) Queen's equal in every way. Her movements were precise, her powers just as vast. This was a person who could end lives with a flick of her fingers, and shouldered the weight of that responsibility with long-practiced ease.

Her expression was soft though--tired, but determined.

Solomon didn't know what to make of it.

"General." Scarlet spoke softly, not moving from the spot she'd taken, just out of arms length. "You're safe. I promised you that when this started, and I will keep that promise now. You will not be executed--you will fulfill your function You will simply do everything you did before." For me was left unsaid.

Chills raced down Solomon's spine but he nodded anyway. It didn't matter how he felt. Only the slave coding mattered now--newly awakened, attached to The Scarlet Queen and demanding for Solomon to submit.

He'd been born with it, this coding. Inserted into the chips every human bore, for without them there was no way to live in today's universe. It was coded straight into his brain, allowing for everything from modifications to identification. It was his purpose--to be a highly ranked, absolutely loyal, personal slave. No room for anything but pure obedience. His mid-range telekinesis ability had been a curse that had gotten him booted from the family he'd been born to serve, and he'd wandered the gutters with the coding's shrieking, burning rage for years until he'd stumbled across his AI's, and the newly risen Merchant Queen after them.

They had given him a purpose. Modified and silenced the coding that controlled him. Who worked with him for years to erase all the damage the coding had done. Physical, mental, emotional.

Now, his AI's were gone (fled, as they'd been ordered) The Merchant Queen had likely marked him a traitor, and his slave coding was active, the seething pain already building under his skin.

Submit. It snarled, low in the back of his head. Worship your owner.

"I don't know how you got it off to begin with." Raina, The Scarlet Queen's infamous Chief Medical Officer had snarled at the start of it, her medbay over-flowing with soldiers from both sides suffering from all kinds of newly onlined coding. A hand ran down her face, staring in defeat at the quiet before her. "This is a complicated, highly unique program. Individual, probably passed down from a higher caste family. Best we can do is work with it until I can examine it further."

Unspoken was the fact that Raina didn't have the time to examine it now, because she still had others to attend to. Solomon wasn't the only enemy who'd ended up here, abandoned.

He wasn't the only one with slave coding, either.

Nor did he think The scarlet Queen would release him. He'd been shot by his own Lieutenant's experimental new weapon after The Merchant Queen had ordered her head scientist use it before it'd been properly tested. Which of course meant that, rather than doing what it was supposed to do, it'd gone completely haywire. Spinning and firing wildly, hitting everyone who'd been unfortunate enough to get in its way.

Solomon had gone down, blocking a hit meant for his Queen. She had ordered a retreat shortly after and as per Solomon's own protocols, his AI's retreated right with her.

Leaving The Scarlet Queen's soldiers to try and take down the weapon, and Solomon convulsing on the ground, as years of complicated overrides, deflections, and hacks were torn away. He'd finally passed out, only to come to with The Scarlet Queen herself staring him down. The first person he'd encountered since the coding had been activated.

Seconds later his implant chips dutifully informed him that made the women his Master.

Kneel. Submit. Give yourself over.

A flurry of things happened from there, mostly getting everyone up and back to the Ark--The Scarlet Queen's flagship-- captured Merchant soldiers in tow as those with less malicious coding tried to explain what the weapon supposedly did. Chaos had kept Solomon from panicking too hard, until the Queen's rounds had been finished and it appeared no more could be done.

Now two days in, Solomon had been removed from the medbay to make space, and placed in The Scarlet's own quarters.

Was staring down the women his body had betrayed him for.

This was the moment he'd truly dreaded, when he'd realized his former Queen wasn't coming for him. Their relationship had been--turbulent as of late, but even that hadn't prevented Solomon from believing he had been abandoned.

Not at first.

But when no offer or demand came for him after two days, he knew he had been cut loose. It took everything in him not to blame The Merchant Queen--his former Lady and Master, the women he was loyal to straight down to the core of his very being. Their history was so entangled that it was hard not to take this as personally. Even if things had been strained between them as of late.

She knew of his slave coding. She knew what her scientists weapon did.

She knew he was lost, and she made no efforts to try and find him again.

Solomon's only choice now was the one being forced on him. The breathe he sucked in was slight, so as to not be seen, but it steadied him. The coding allowed him no other choice, and it pestered him. Demanded his new Lady and Master verbally lay claim over him. Demand he put his forehead to the floor and let her do whatever she wished. Take whatever she wanted.

Solomon gave in. Knelt. Bowed his head though he kept it off the floor, black hair tickling the back of his neck. Both hands went behind his back, hands clasping to the opposite wrist.

An honorable offering--of his very self.

Solomon knew what he looked like. Tall, at times scarily so, and built like an endurance runner. His hair had grown slightly shaggy, just enough to nearly reach his eyes. His stubble had grown out to shadow his sharp jawline though he preferred to keep his face clean, and his uniform looking a touch rumbled itself as he'd had no other clothes to change into, and had refused any offered to him.

That was futile now--but he'd wanted to be taken as his rank entitled. His uniform helped present that, showed through small strips of ribbon and pressed enamel stars that he was the third in command.

That he was worthy.

"I Solomon Redd, former General of The Merchant Army, recognize and accept The Scarlet Queen as my Queen, Lady and Master." He said, the words dragged from his throat by the coding, before he was truly ready to speak. "Your whim is mine, your will is mine. I will follow your ever order." Perfect. Formal and polite, submissive without allowing the coding to gut his dignity.

Which of course, it took as a personal challenge.

Something squeezed him, contracting his muscles as though he'd taken a hit. Solomon wheezed in shock, unprepared for the lengths the coding could take. He made a small panicked whine, then a painful admittance, equally forced out. "I need orders."

He hadn't expected that either, how close he sounded to begging. Pleading. Laid low with the coding and thoroughly humiliated, he dropped his blue eyes to the floor.


"I'm aware." The Scarlet said, voice still so carefully calm, even as she stood over him. Looked down upon him. "What I don't know is what kind you need."

Solomon doubted that--The Scarlet already knew everything her medics had told her involving his coding. She knew it had tied itself to her, that it was wired directly into his brain. That it could punish and reward him, all based on her whims.

What she truly didn't know was the extent of her control. That was what she was looking for here, and that was what Solomon truly feared she'd find.

With the slave coding active, he was truly and inescapably, at her mercy. Something she would test to the fullest degree.

"Any." He said, voice steady even as his body trembled. He wouldn't make this easy. The coding fought him, demanded he tell his new Queen everything she desired before she knew she even wanted it, but he struggled. Withheld, even as it burned him. Red welts grew along his arms, a warning--but one his new Queen couldn't see. For that reason alone he kept up the charade.

He hadn't gotten as far as he had by being weak.

Unaware of his struggles--or more likely, aware and uncaring, The Scarlet Queen asked; "Does this coding have sexual requirements?"

Horror shot down Solomon's spine as a blush blasted across his cheeks.

"Yes." He said, quietly--quietly enough that the coding singed a reprimand for it. The damn thing had many ways to make him obey, of making his own body work against him. Everything from restraining limbs to cutting off air. It was frightening in its efficacy, and when used effectively--

Solomon took another breath.

There was no point thinking of that now.

She had not yet asked for information on the Merchant Queen. No doubt that would come later. Now, the focus was on claiming him.

He wasn't looking forward to it.

"Describe them." She ordered. She strode away for a moment, her heels clicking smartly on the concrete floor. She returned moments later, a chair rolling lazily in her wake, and she spun it to face him. Sat, so that her legs were uncomfortably close, and took up the majority of Solomon's vision.

"The coding requires I be physically claimed." He said, which was better than what the coding wanted him to say. "That I am pleasing you in every way possible."

"How often?"

'Never.' He wanted to say. The coding punched him, and he grit his teeth against the pain.

"Twice a week, at minimum." He choked out.

Her legs parted. He hadn't noticed at first that she'd removed her armor, his vision filled only with her smooth, bare legs. He did notice when her skirt rose, flashing her--equally bare--center.

Armor wasn't the only thing she'd removed.

He understood immediately what was about to happen--what she was doing. He was the third in command of the Merchant army. He was the head of Security, and a spymaster in his own right. Turning him--claiming him--would not only be a massive accomplishment, it would be a massive benefit, if done correctly.

This was a boon that had fallen into The Scarlet Queen's lap. Had the circumstances been flipped and someone with his talents and abilities fallen into his former Queen's grasp, he would have suggested she do the same thing.

Right down to insuring the claim stuck.

He took his third breath.

This wasn't as bad as he thought. The Scarlet Queen was beautiful--youthful and vibrant. Her blonde hair had been let loose, cascading down her back. Her Breasts were perky, large enough to fill a hand each. Where the Merchant Queen had been built like a blade, the Scarlet was created to show curves in any clothes she wore, and all were tailored specifically to leave little to the imagination. Sleeping with her, pleasing her, would be an easy task.

It was purely his own leftover loyalty that prevented him from giving in. His own pride, at his former station, at his own prowess, that refused to allow him to fully accept her.

He wondered if his struggles pleased her. If they reflected anything of his worth, the strength of his will.

He hoped so. Just as he hoped vaguely, that she enjoyed this--they both knew his struggle was purely for show.

She would win him, in the end.

"Does it require any specific act?" The Scarlet Queen was asking. Her voice was still rock steady, and remained that way even as her hand drifted down and under her skirt while she spoke.

Solomon watched her fingers as they traveled, looking up through his bangs.

"Whatever you believe is best, Your Majesty." He said.

The Scarlet Queen hummed an affirmative as she touched herself.

"So your coding equivalates you fucking me to be the same thing as me fucking you?" Her fingers stoked against plump, pink lips, running lazy circles before dipping in.

"Yes, your Majesty." Solomon answered, growing transfixed. He fought it, the instant arousal, but couldn't help the relief as the coding relaxed. It was happy that his new Queen felt fit to put on a show. It considered this a reward.

Solomon wasn't so sure--and was too well trained to be anything but cautious.

Her other hand joined the first, parting her pussy's wet lips. "Am I able to train it otherwise?" She asked, voice still so impassive, even while she entered herself, now with two fingers.

Solomon fought to hide his interest, to keep his voice equally even. "Of course."

"Let's do that then." Her fingers pumped, once, twice--then twisted easily within her as her arousal grew. She kept this up for a moment--the pumping and twisting, until Solomon knew he was meant to watch. He kept his head bowed throughout--he was too well trained to do otherwise.

She spread her legs wider, wiggled her hips to pull her skirt farther up.

Purposefully giving him a better view of the pussy resting mere inches from his face.

"So." She continued easily. "In review, that coding of yours has given me complete and utter control over you. My medic insists that it won't allow you to refuse any order from me, and that it is now impossible for you to serve The Merchant Queen." Her fingers popped out, completely wet, and went straight for her clit, this finally exciting a bit of a pleased hiss. "Is this correct?"

"Yes." Solomon said, voice growing husky with his own arousal. "Your Majesty." He added, because he was nothing if not formal. Especially now.

"I think it's time you gave me a demonstration." The Scarlet Queen said--suddenly and abruptly, commanding. "Stand and strip."

The tired, soft looks were gone--or at least, Solomon thought they were. The Queen's voice had gone hard, and he was up and moving before he'd even registered what he was supposed to be doing.

This--this level of command, the level of power she sunk into her voice--was what separated a Queen from the rest of humanity. He didn't need to feel that power through her voice to know it was there, but The Scarlet let him feel her anyway. Let him feel the weight of it and her abilities, of all the things she could do to him without ever needing to use the slave coding.

She was supreme. Better than him, better than anyone.

Better than the Merchant Queen, now that Solomon could taste The Scarlet's power up close.

Keeping his head down, Solomon hurried to obey. His movements were graceful, even as the coding rushed him along. Heat licked at him while he shed his clothes, his dick growing hard as he dropped his pants right after his shirt. It was at half mast by the time he'd completely undressed, Solomon ignoring it in favor of standing with his arms behind his back. Presenting himself, as he'd been trained.

The Scarlet Queen stared blatantly. Her eyes raked him, from top to bottom and back up again. All the while her hands moved as she shamelessly pleasured herself.

Her left hand left, instead holding onto the edge of her chair as her right hand pressed hard against her clit. Her hips pumped, lifting from the chair as her eyes slid partly shut in pleasure. Grinding against her hand, she increased her pace until a gasp was pulled from her mouth--signalling her own orgasm.

Solomon definitely was at full mast now.

His dick throbbed hard as The Scarlet Queen stood. She prowled around him, hips swinging as she did, eyes focusing on his ass, and then his cock. A hand reached out, tracing a messy line down his hip, marking Solomon with her own cum as she moved to stand in front of him.

She took a hold of his dick. Gave it a curiosity stroke.

The whine that came out of his throat couldn't be suppressed. Solomon didn't know why he bothered to try. Her eyes flicked to his, a smirk playing across his lips, as she gave him a few, slow strokes. All the way down to his balls and past and back, over to the tip of his slit.

The whine came again unbidden, and Solomon struggled to not toss his head back.

The strokes changed to faster ones, the Queen using her own wetness and cum as lube. She made sure to squeeze just slightly, rubbing a thumb over his head every single time she came near it. Solomon managed to remain stock still until she abruptly switched her focus, freezing her hand on the base of his head and rubbing up on the underside of it.

Watching him, closely, as Solomon sucked in a harsh breath, his body shaking, wanting desperately to bend to her grasp.

He managed to hide the hiss when she stopped.

"Get on the bed." And there was no denying that was an order. "Prove yourself to me."

Solomon stumbled to obey.

The Scarlet moved in the opposite direction, towards a trunk placed at the end of the bed. "Lay on your back and spread yourself wide." She demanded, unlocking it with practiced movements. Solomon didn't see what she pulled out, but heard the clicks of metal scrap against what he was certain was leather.

He could guess what those where.

Solomon had hardly had the thought when his mouth opened, the coding once again betraying him. "Restraints are unnecessary, your Majesty. I will stay in whatever position you place me."

She snorted, managing to make the sound graceful instead of ugly. "I'm not stupid enough to believe that, coding or no."

The sounds of chain being drawn through something else metal--no doubt an anchor point--filled the air, The Scarlet taking her time to make sure each restrain was secure. Solomon hadn't seen the anchor points, but he hadn't been looking--and it was easy to guess they were screwed into the bed.

He kept his gaze straight as she placed the first restraint around his ankle. A leather cuff, just as he guessed. The Scarlet pulled it tight, forcing his leg to be pulled taught as she did so. She duplicated her work on the opposite ankle, before moving to repeat the process with Solomon's wrists.

He let her.

He had no choice but to let her.

Unlike his ankles, The Scarlet locked one wrist in place. He heard the clink of the keys, along with something else. Fabric, rustling. Things dropping softly to the floor.


Solomon kept his eyes locked towards the ceiling, not daring to move his free wrist, and was thus reward to the view of The Scarlet's swinging, fully breasts as she leaned over him. She made an annoyed noise, the bed dipping under her knee as she reached for his free wrist. It was a bit of a stretch for her and she knelt down lower to do it, shoving both breasts directly into Solomon's face.

The urge to lick them struck him, and that he had to fight too.

Finally his last wrist was locked in place, leaving him spread eagle and bound to the bed. The chain's allowed little movement, the stretch elongating his spine, and the Queen's breasts finally rising so that she could swing her naked form to straddle his waist.

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