tagIncest/TabooThe Christmas Portrait

The Christmas Portrait


Special thanks to Excitedmind for providing the initial inspiration for this story.


John woke to the loud buzzing of his parents' coffee grinder, a sure sign that they were awake and starting their day. His mom, Susan, liked to get up early and drink a cup of brew before waking him and his sister. Hearing that buzz was a pleasant reminder that he would have to get out of bed soon, but not before he had the chance to close his eyes and snooze a bit more.

It was Christmas morning, though, and he had no intention of sleeping in. He jumped out of bed and pulled on a pair of boxer briefs, which only partially covered the length of his morning erection. Checking to make sure no one was coming, he dashed across the hall to the safety of the bathroom.

After relieving his full bladder, he hopped in the shower. He'd been home from school for about a week, and he'd gotten in the habit of jerking off in the shower when he woke up. It was Christmas morning, though, so he decided to forego that ritual. Even at 19, the allure of Christmas presents still filled him with a sense of excitement and urgency.

His dad, Bill, was a professor at the local university, and had made more than enough money to let his wife stay home and raise their son and daughter. His parents didn't skimp when it came to Christmas gifts. It wasn't uncommon for him to receive nearly everything on his list, and he hoped this year wouldn't be any different. He bounded down the stairs in excitement before screeching to a halt as he remembered the other part of the Hamilton family Christmas tradition.

Presents were exciting, but they came with a painful price. Each year, his parents insisted that they pose for a family portrait in front of the tree. John didn't mind posing for a picture, but it was never that simple.

The tradition started when John and his younger sister, Emma were toddlers. Their parents traded Christmas portraits every year with Susan's brother, Craig, and his wife, Sally. Over time, the portraits became a kind of competition to see who could come up with the most garish, over the top sweaters, decorations, and costumes they could think of. When they were younger, John and Emma had enjoyed dressing up each Christmas morning, but at the ages of nineteen and eighteen, they found the ritual intensely humiliating.

As he made his way to the kitchen, John wondered what kind of tacky matching outfits his parents would be dressed in this year. He was surprised when he turned the corner and found them sitting at the kitchen table, stirring their coffee in simple, plain white robes.

"What gives?" he asked. "Are we not doing the family portrait this year?" He knew the odds were slim, but it was worth a shot.

"Well, good morning to you, too!" his mom replied, ignoring his question. She sleepily covered up a yawn and then flashed him a warm, if slightly sarcastic, smile.

It struck John as strange that they were wearing robes instead of regular clothes. He couldn't remember them ever dressing so casually around the house.

"I mean... Merry Christmas!" he said, recovering slightly.

"Merry Christmas," they replied in turn, smiling up at him as he poured himself a cup of coffee. As his mom stood to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, she inadvertently exposed the pale, freckled skin of her upper chest to his gaze. John couldn't help it--his eyes flicked down before guiltily flicking back up to her smiling face. She didn't seem to notice his transgression. As she pulled him into the hug, he found himself wondering what she was wearing underneath. Before he had time to let his imagination run away with him, however, she withdrew and sat back down at the table with his dad.

"To answer your earlier question," Bill said, taking another sip of his coffee and granting both John and Susan a subdued smile, "Yes. We are still doing the family portrait this year, but you might find that you enjoy the experience quite a bit more this year than you have in the past." They'd made this claim before, but it was never true. John mentally braced himself for an earnest explanation of how much fun it would be to dress up as Santa's elves or some other, even worse indignity.

"Sure, I bet," he said, not even trying to hide his disbelief. "So, should I go put on my robe as well?" They chuckled nervously and exchanged meaningful glances. They clearly had something they wanted to say, but neither wanted to be the one to say it.

Susan cleared her throat. "Wait until Emma comes down for breakfast, and we'll talk about it," she said.

Sensing that no more answers would be forthcoming, he decided to take a seat. For several long minutes, they sat, sipped their coffee, and waited. Susan and Bill continued to steal glances at each other, and at their son as well. His mom seemed to have a perpetual blush, and his dad tapped his feet continuously while keeping his eyes laser focused on the stairs.

What are they so nervous about? he asked himself. While his parents did take the Christmas portrait seriously, it was also always something they'd always done for fun. This year seemed different though. Maybe we won't have to do it this year, he thought, allowing himself the smallest ember of hope.

As he waited and tried to figure out what was going on, his eyes were drawn to his mother. She sat in front of him with her legs crossed, exposing quite a bit of her smooth inner thigh. Higher up, the opening of her robe revealed a slight hint of cleavage, just enough for John to wonder whether she was naked underneath. It suddenly struck him that she really was quite sexy.

Susan was a red-head with the pale, freckled skin to match. She'd just celebrated her fiftieth birthday, but didn't seem over the hill by any means. She still kept herself fit through daily walks around the neighborhood and a well-used gym membership. Although she didn't have the body of a twenty-year-old anymore, she still managed to turn a lot of heads.

Jesus, what's wrong with me? he asked himself, suddenly feeling guilty for ogling his mother like she was a co-ed in one of his classes at school.

His train of thought was interrupted by the sound of Emma's feet banging down the stairs. She was so excited that she almost slipped on the hardwood flooring, just managing to catch herself on the counter. Pulling her disheveled hair away from her face, she flashed a goofy wide-eyed smile that was entirely free of embarrassment.

"Wow, that was a close one!" she said. Emma's carefree attitude was one of the many things John loved about his sister.

The family had moved around a lot in their younger years. As a result, John and Emma were closer than many siblings their age. Even though John was a freshman at college, and Emma was still in high-school, they considered each other best friends and talked almost every day.

Emma had been a late bloomer and a bit of a tomboy. She hated all things girly and tended to imitate her brother's fashion choices, preferring jeans and t-shirts over skirts and blouses. Unlike John, who was quiet and reserved, Emma was outgoing and excitable. Whenever the two of them got in trouble for doing something wrong, it was usually the end result of one of Emma's ideas.

Emma was her mother's daughter, and they shared the same green eyes, vibrant smile, and slim build. Unlike her mom, though, Emma's freckles were limited to a small patch on the bridge of her nose, and her hair was a rich honey blonde. Her pixie-like features inevitably lead strangers to assume that she was much younger than her eighteen years, something that she'd always tried to counter with her brash, outgoing personality.

Despite her near wipeout, she'd managed to break the tension in the room, much to her parents' relief.

"Hey, what's the deal with the robes?" she asked as she took note of her parents' unusual state of dress. "Are we doing something different for the portrait this year?"

"Yeah guys, spill it! Tell us what's going on," John added, glad to have Emma backing him up. "What's up with the robes, and when can we get the portrait out of the way and open presents?"

"Hold your horses," Susan said with a knowing chuckle. Emma's mere presence seemed to have lightened the mood in the room considerably. "I promise we'll get to presents, but first I want us all to sit down and look at your Uncle Craig and Aunt Sally's family Christmas portrait."

John and Emma let out dramatic groans of disappointment. "Can't you just show us later?" Emma begged.

"Not a chance. Who knows, you two might even enjoy it this year," Susan replied with an enigmatic smile.

Resigned to their fate, John and Emma followed their parents into the living room and situated themselves in front of the TV. Before joining the rest of them on the couch, Bill connected his laptop to one of the display ports on their television and loaded up the portrait.

The TV screen lit up with an image of Susan's brother, Craig, and his wife, Sally, standing behind their kneeling children, Jenny and Steve, all four of them smiling radiantly. Unlike the portraits from previous years, though, they were wearing robes, just like Susan and Bill.

"Great... more bath-wear," Emma said, clearly unimpressed.

"Keep watching. There's more," Bill said.

The next slide showed just Sally and her twenty-year-old daughter, Jenny. They were facing the camera in their robes. Like the last photo, this one seemed like a normal mother-daughter portrait, but there was something unusual in their smiles that John couldn't quite place.

With a click of the mouse, Bill turned to the next slide. The image that greeted them was like nothing John or Emma had ever seen. Their Aunt Sally's robe was opened to her waist, fully exposing her large, hanging breasts to the camera. Jenny was bent over next to her mother, sucking greedily on one of her thick brown nipples. Sally's other breast hung loosely on her chest. At the age of 51, gravity had started to take its toll on their aunt's large tits, but that didn't seem to matter to her daughter, who seemed to be having the time of her life.

John's heart skipped a beat, and it took him a moment to absorb what he was seeing. He heard his sister gasp in surprise next to him, but he couldn't manage to tear his eyes away from the screen to see her reaction. The image of his cousin sucking ravenously on her mother's naked breast was easily the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. The fact that these two women were related to him excited him in ways he couldn't understand or explain. Before he knew it, his cock was straining painfully against the leg of his pants.

The mouse clicked again, and that image was replaced by a new one. This one featured all four family members. Both women were again facing the camera, this time fully naked. John's cousin, Steve, and his Uncle Craig stood behind them. The women were leaning back against the men behind them, spreading their legs for the camera. Steve was using both hands to spread his mother's furry outer lips, exposing the wet, pink of her gash to the camera. Craig was doing the same thing to his daughter, using one hand to spread her for the camera and the other to squeeze her large, round breasts. They weren't quite as big as Sally's, but were still more than a handful each.

John was immediately envious of the two men on screen. His sexual experience up to that point was limited to making out with a few girls at school and lonely late-night sessions watching porno on his computer. This was much hotter than anything he'd pulled up on the internet, though. The pressure building in the crotch of his pants was getting unbearable. He did his best to ignore it, knowing that the slightest touch or provocation would set him off.

After several long minutes of staring, John started to realize how strange it was that his parents were showing something like this to him and his sister. He looked around the room to gauge their reactions. The first thing he noticed was that his mom wasn't paying attention to the slide-show at all. Her eyes were laser focused on the sizeable tent in his jeans. Sensing his gaze, she glanced up and realized that she'd been caught. Blushing profusely, she looked back up at the TV screen, unwilling or unable to make eye contact with him.

Emma was also staring intently at the screen, her expression blank and unreadable. "How long has this been going on?" she asked in a surprisingly impartial tone of voice.

"They've been fucking Jenny and Steve for around two years," Bill replied. John did a double-take at his dad's use of language. He'd heard Bill curse a number of times, but never like this.

Susan picked up where her husband left off. "Your aunt and uncle have been involved in incest for quite a bit longer, though. I don't know all of the details, but your Aunt Sally has been involved in a sexual relationship with her parents and siblings for most of her adult life, and when she married your uncle, he joined in as well. Once your cousins were both eighteen, Sally and Craig told them the truth, and... well, you can see how things turned out," she said, pointing with her eyes at the lewd image still splayed across their television screen.

John's head reeled at these revelations. It was hard to imagine his aunt and uncle, who he'd known his entire life, doing something so depraved. But he didn't have to imagine it. The proof was right there on the TV screen.

"Why are you showing us this?" Emma asked.

Susan hesitated awkwardly, taking a deep breath and setting her face in determination. "There's no delicate way to put this, so I'll just say it. Your aunt and uncle have invited us to join them in their incestuous lifestyle. And when I say us -- I mean all of us."

Both siblings merely stared back at their mother with dumbfounded expressions, completely unable to process what she'd said. For once, even Emma didn't know what to say.

"We had just about the same reaction when they told us," Bill said, noting the shocked looks on his children's faces. "At first, we were shocked, but when your mother and I talked it over in private, we both admitted that the idea of joining them really turned us on."

"We haven't given them an answer yet, though," Susan said. "This was a decision we wanted to make as a family. Your father and I want to see where this takes us, but there's absolutely no pressure on either of you to do anything you're not comfortable with. If you aren't interested, just say the word. We won't bring it up again, and everything will go back to the way it was before." Bill nodded in agreement as his wife spoke.

"Well, I think I have a pretty good idea how John feels about it," Emma said, sniggering as she pointed to the outline of her brother's cock pressing against his pant leg. Blushing profusely, John put his hands in his lap and tried to squirm away from his family's view.

"Your brother has nothing to be ashamed of," Susan said, giving her son a reassuring smile, followed by a stern glare at her daughter. "It's a natural reaction that anyone would have after seeing those pictures."

"You're right, Mom," Emma replied. "Sorry, bro. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

Emma immediately felt guilty for picking on him. The truth was, she was harboring a secret as well. Despite numerous advances from classmates, both male and female, Emma hadn't gone on a single date throughout her entire high-school career. She told her friends and family that none of the boys at school appealed to her, which was true. The part she left out was that she'd always harbored a hidden crush on her older brother.

She was always happiest when John was at her side. He was quiet, caring, and always seemed to understand her, even on the frequent occasions where she put her foot in her mouth. John was tall and skinny, with their mother's sharp, angular features and his father's blue eyes and straw colored hair. She thought he was devastatingly handsome, and could never understand why he seemed to be perpetually single. She'd long ago resigned herself to the fact that her fantasies about him would never be fulfilled, but her parents' announcement made her wonder if there was still a sliver of hope after all. She hoped she hadn't ruined everything with her stupid joke.

"It's okay," John replied. Despite his initial embarrassment, he decided to just accepting the fact that his erection wasn't going anywhere. As soon as his parents announced their intentions, he knew wouldn't turn them down. The thought of having the chance to fuck his aunt and cousin, and maybe even his mom and sister was too exciting to pass up. He did have some questions, though.

"As weird as it is to say out loud, Emma's right. I'm definitely interested," he admitted, noticing his mom perk up and smile at him. "What will this mean for the four of us, though?"

"Whatever we want it to mean," Bill replied. "As far as your mom and I are concerned, this house is sexually open. If you want to do something with someone, anyone, just ask. If they agree, then feel free to enjoy yourself. We've talked about this a lot, and the idea of fucking, and getting fucked, by the two of you is the biggest turn-on imaginable for both of us."

John cast a questioning glance at his mother to confirm that she really agreed with all of this. She smiled at him and nodded. "Your father's right. You can do anything you want with me, son. All you have to do is ask." Susan squirmed against her chair as she spoke, trying to put stimulate her overheated pussy. The forbidden thrill of offering her body to her own son was making her incredibly hot. It was only her daughter's silence that kept her from opening her robe and using her fingers to give herself some relief.

John's heart hammered wildly in his chest. He couldn't remember ever being this turned on. His mom was propositioning him for sex, and his dad not only knew about it, but was encouraging her to do so. "You're really okay with this, Dad?" he asked, turning back to his father, still not quite believing that any of this was possible.

"Absolutely," Bill replied with conviction, smiling at his son's obvious excitement. "In fact, if you're willing, one of your mom's biggest fantasies is to have both of us fuck her at once." John's heart skipped a beat as he formed the mental image of his naked mother sandwiched between him and his father. "As long as we're all open and honest about what's going on, I see no reason to be jealous. Besides, it's not like she's going to leave me for you or Emma."

At the mention of his sister, John realized that Emma hadn't said anything for a while. She had a dazed, contemplative look on her face as she tried to absorb everything that had transpired.

He couldn't help but admire her beauty. Emma's petite build, small, upturned nose and slightly crooked smile, lent her a naturally young and innocent look that stood in stark contrast to her boisterous personality. Much to her chagrin, people often thought she was much younger than her eighteen years.

John loved his sister more than anyone. He wasn't sure which way she was leaning, but he knew that despite his overwhelming arousal, he wouldn't be able to take up his parents' offer unless Emma did as well. He couldn't stand the idea of making her feel left out.

"So what do you think, sis?" he asked.

Emma was suddenly uncomfortable now that it was her turn in the hot seat. "I think this all sounds really exciting too. I'm nervous, though..." After a moment's hesitation, she said, "I know I talk big, but I've never really done anything like this before."

"Neither have I," John reluctantly admitted.

"Your dad and I would love to teach you," Susan said, smiling seductively at them. Addressing her daughter directly, she said, "Your father was my first, and it was amazing. Trust me when I say he's only gotten better with age."

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