tagLoving WivesTom's Revenge

Tom's Revenge

byJust Plain Bob©

A story by Just Plain Bob

It took me some time before I could make it happen, but I had promised myself that one day I would get back at the bitch and that night the stars aligned themselves just right. Laurie looked good, but then she always did. Five foot four, blond hair and 145 pounds distributed to make her 36C/25/37 body truly mouth watering. At thirty-seven she looked more like she was in her late twenties and I could see all of the male eyes in the place linger on her.

I hadn't known that this would be the night, but I was ready. I kept myself ready as I haunted the places I knew she would be likely to go to. Was I stalking her? Yes, I guess I was. I was watching her and looking for an opening I could take advantage of. I was looking for some payback. Payback for a miserable marriage. Laurie was my ex-wife and as far as I was concerned she had fucked over me and she had to pay. I wouldn't be able to get on with my life until I somehow got back at her for what she had done.


She was sitting at a table with some other girls from the bank where she worked as a loan officer. She rarely went out drinking with the girls, but she did have a drink or two with them when they went out for dinner together and this was one of those dinner nights. It was a Tuesday and that was the night they usually stopped at Mario's so I was already there sitting at the bar when they came in.

The place had a dance floor and although they usually had a band it was about two hours before the band usually set up so the music was being furnished by a juke box. That didn't slow down the stream of guys who made the trip to the table to see if one of the girls would dance with them. Some of the women got up to dance, but I wasn't surprised that Laurie wasn't one of them. Then their meal arrived and the dancing stopped.

I had just about decided that the night was a lost cause when the Gods smiled down on me and in a way that I couldn't have scripted any better if I had tried. Laurie got up from the table and came up to the bar to get another drink and while the bartender was building it she looked around the bar and saw me sitting at the end of the bar. As soon as she saw me I looked away knowing full well that she wouldn't let me get away with pretending I didn't see her. She got her new drink and walked it down to my end of the bar.

"You following me Tom?"

"Not hardly Laurie. I was sitting here working on my third beer when you and your friends walked in. You can check with the bar-keep on that. As soon as I finish this beer I'll be leaving."

"No need to rush off on my account Tom."

"Why not? You want me sitting here so you can point me out to your friends? I can see it now. "Don't look now girls, but see that pervert at the end of the bar? That's my ex."

"You are never going to forget that are you?"

"Why should I? It is what you were thinking when you said it."

"Oh come on Tom; you know I didn't mean it that way. I have to go potty. Watch my drink till I get back and then I'll take you over to the table and introduce you. Two of the girls are single and who knows, you might hit it off."

She left her drink sitting on the bar and went to the ladies room. I wanted to jump up from my seat, pump my fist in the air and yell out, "YES!" As soon as she was out of sight I made sure that no one was looking my way and I took an envelope out of my pocket and dumped the contents into her drink and watched it dissolve. I again made sure no one was looking and I stirred it real good and then waited for Laurie's return.

When she came back she picked up her drink and took a sip and then said, "Come on over to the table with me Tom."

"I don't want to intrude Laurie."

"Don't worry about it. Dinner is over and the married ones will be leaving. That will leave you, me, Gail and Donna."

"I don't think so Laurie. Given what we've gone through it would be way too awkward."

"So I won't tell them you are my ex. I'll say that we went to school together."

I didn't want to argue too hard against it because sitting at her table is where I wanted to be so I let her talk me into it. I was introduced to the women at the table as someone that Laurie had known at college and after some small talk the married women started leaving. The band arrived and set up and as soon as the music started Gail and Donna were asked to dance and that left me and Laurie alone at the table.

"What's the matter Tom? Why didn't you ask one of them to dance?"

"No thanks Laurie. They work with you and if were to get interested in one of them I would always have to worry about what you would be telling them at work. Hearing from my ex that I was a disgusting pervert would not help any relationship that I developed."

"I wouldn't do that to you Tom."

"Why not? You already did it once."

"Yes Tom, I did, and you know in what context that I said it."

While we talked I was watching her and waiting for what I knew was coming. In about twenty minutes her words began to slur. She went to take a sip of her drink and spilled it. I saw her shake her head as if to clear it and I asked her if she was okay.

"I just felt a little dizzy there for a second."

"Come on: let's get you outside where you can get some fresh air."

I helped her up and grabbed her purse and walked her outside. On the way I took out my cell phone and hit a pre-set. When the call was answered I asked:

"Are you available?"

I got a yes and I said, "Okay, I'm on the way."

By then Laurie was disoriented and stumbling and I led her to my car and helped her in. She leaned against the door, head rolling from side to side, until I pulled up at an old house on the outskirts of town. Phil had been watching for me and when he saw my lights pull into his drive he and two other men came out and pulled Laurie out of the car. I handed him an envelope.

"There are two tabs of Ecstasy in there case you don't have any of your own and the address where I want her dropped when you are done. Have fun."

As I backed out of the drive I saw them carrying Laurie into the house and I smiled.


I met Laurie when I went to the bank to set up a line of credit. I was attracted to her right away. She worked with me setting up the line and by the time we were done I had worked up the courage to ask her to have dinner with me. I was both pleased and surprised when she said yes. We had an enjoyable evening and so I asked her out again and pretty soon I guess you could say that we were going steady.

Laurie let me know on our fourth date, when I tried to play with her tits, that she didn't "do that" and that she was saving herself for marriage. After dating for six months I proposed and Laurie accepted and we were married. The honeymoon is where it all started to go to hell for me. Until that first night on Maui I had no idea what a prize I had in Laurie. I mean I knew she was a beautiful woman, but I had never seen her in anything but conservative clothes; long skirts and dresses that always fell way below the knees and dresses, blouses and jackets buttoned to the top. The first time I saw her naked I was stunned. She had an awesome body - simply dynamite!

And then came the rude awakening. She put on a long flannel night gown, turned out the light and crawled into bed and waited for me to follow. I climbed into bed and attempted to get at her tits, but she pushed my hands away. I slid down and lifted the night gown and attempted to lick her pussy and she told me to, "Stop that disgusting nonsense and make love to me." I tried to explain that need for foreplay to get her wet so the act itself wouldn't start out uncomfortable and she finally agreed to let me finger her. When I felt moisture I moved into position and started sliding my cock into her.

She was the virgin she claimed to be and she was slow getting into it, but pretty soon she had her legs clamped tight on me and she was pushing up at me as I drove down into her. She had an explosive orgasm about a minute before I climaxed and then we rested a while before doing it again. We made love three times that night and it was obvious that Laurie liked sex. But she wouldn't let me go down on her, wouldn't let me play with her tits, would not get in bed naked and she would not have the lights on. That pretty much set the pattern for the next eight years. Night gowns, no lights and nothing but plain sex. I could not even get her to try a position other than the missionary.

At first, Laurie took to sex like a duck to water. Two or three times a night and three or four nights a week. I never "just" accepted her attitude and I constantly worked on her to loosen up. I urged her to try different positions and do different things. I worked and worked on her to let me go down on her at least once so she could see what she was missing, but she never relented. I was able, after two years of trying, to finally get my hands and mouth on her tits. She seemed to like it, but she also seemed embarrassed by the fact that she liked it.

Along with trying to get her to loosen up sexually I also tried to get her to dress differently. I wanted her to show off that magnificent body. I wanted everyone to see what a lucky guy I was, but she was having no part of that either.

I didn't notice it right away, but our sex life started to slack off. Looking back on it, it seemed like the more I pushed for Laurie to loosen up the less interested in sex she became. By the eighth year of our marriage our love life was down to nothing. It didn't matter what I did or tried to do Laurie just wasn't interested any more. I kept pushing and trying and one night she screamed at me.

"Get away from me and leave me alone you pervert!"

"Me? I'm a pervert? Just because I want what every other married man in the world has I'm a pervert?"

"Yes damn it, a pervert! All the time it is sex, sex, sex. Laurie let me eat you. Laurie let's try this position. Come on Laurie wear this low cut blouse, wear this short skirt, put on these sexy high heels. On and on and on. That's all you think about, all you talk about and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of listening to your voice and I'm sick to death of your one track mind."

That pissed me off and I fired back at her that she was a frigid prude and I said a few other things that in retrospect I shouldn't have. She grabbed her night gown and headed for the spare bedroom. She wouldn't even talk to me for the next five days and on the sixth day a man walked up to me and asked me if I was Tom Walsh and when I said I was he handed me some papers and told me that I had been served. Laurie was suing me for divorce.

Our state was a no fault state so Laurie didn't have to specify a reason. It didn't make sense to me. We didn't have any major problems. The only thing we ever argued about was sex. The divorce was bitter and expensive. I loved Laurie and I didn't want a divorce and I fought it every way I could. My lawyer warned me that I was wasting time and money and that the divorce was going to eventually happen, but I was convinced that if I fought it long enough Laurie would come around and we would get back together.

My lawyer filed motion after motion and it went on like that for almost nine months and then one day I got an envelope in the mail and when I opened it I found a picture of Laurie. She was naked and staring into the camera and there was a man between her legs eating her pussy. It was the clearest "Fuck you!" that I had ever received and I stepped back and let the divorce happen.


I spent the next year feeling sorry for myself and crying in my beer. It got to be where no one wanted to be around me. One day I woke up and realized that I needed to get my head out of my ass and I also realized I would never be able to get on with my life until I paid Laurie back for what she had done. And I wasn't just talking about what I had come to see as a poor marriage - I was thinking of that picture she had sent me. She had to pay for that and she had to pay big time.

Over the next six months I thought of dozens of things that I could do or would like to do, but they were all flights of fancy; either too unrealistic or too expensive. One day at work I was on my computer reading a memo from our Detroit office. It was from the regional manager and he was talking about the problems he was having and in the memo he said:

"I forgot the KISS principal - Keep it simple stupid."

It immediately registered on me that none of my plans for getting back at Laurie were workable because they were all too complicated. I needed to keep it simple. I was drinking one night with a close friend. Phil knew what Laurie had done to me, including the photo, and he made the statement that since sex was what caused the problem in the first place that sex should be the answer. I asked him what he meant and he said:

"Get her drunk and then get her gangbanged and take pictures of it and then make sure that everyone gets to see them."

The more I thought about what he said the more I decided that he was right and I asked him if he had any idea of how I could go about making it happen.

"Get some date rape drug in her drink some night."

"Yeah, but how do you set up a gangbang?"

"You dope her drink and then call me and I'll take care of the rest."

"Who do we know who can get some date rape drugs?"

"I know some people who I can ask. I'll look into it."

So there it was - a plan.


It seemed simple enough, but it turned out that simple is not necessarily easy. First I had to do something that was going to be very hard for me to do. I had to get some sort of relationship going with Laurie that would allow me to be around her when she was drinking and I would need to be close enough to her to be able to take control of her when the drug took effect.

I still did business at the bank where she worked and she was there every time I went there, but I had always averted my eyes from her. We had a lot of friends in common who invited me to parties that I never went to because Laurie might be there. I was going to have to use those two facts to get close to her.

I started making eye contact with her when I went into the bank. It was hard at first. I had to fight to keep my facial expression neutral when our eyes met, but I somehow managed. The look on her face was non-committal, the kind of look any customer in the bank might get if she met their eyes, but then one day she smiled when our eyes met. It caught me by surprise, but I was able to force a smile of my own. From then on whenever our eyes met we would smile and nod at each other. We never talked, just smiled and acknowledged each other.

I started going to parties, dinners and other social gatherings I was invited to and I saw Laurie at about two-thirds of them. We were at a birthday party one night and Laurie came up to me.

"Hello Tom. How have you been?"

"Okay Laurie; I've been better, but I'm okay. How about you?"

"I'm fine Tom. We seem to be going to a lot of the same affairs these days."

"I've noticed."

"Have you also noticed that there are some who watch us to see if we will attack each other?"

"No I haven't. I guess I haven't paid that much attention."

"Are you going to attack me some night?"

"Good Lord no Laurie. Why would you even think that?"

"We didn't part on the best of terms."

"I'm over that Laurie. I'm moving on with my life."

After that we spoke to each other every time we were at the same affair. I had several opportunities where I could have doped her drinks, but none where I could be in a position to get her out of the place and turn her over to Phil. And then Laurie complicated things for me. She went and re-married. From then on every time we were someplace together he was with her.

Another six months went by with no opportunities being presented and I was almost at the point of giving up the idea of revenge as a lost cause when I remembered something. When we were married a couple of times a month Laurie would have dinner and drinks with the women she worked with. I started watching her to see if she still did that and I found that she did. It was usually on a Tuesday night and always at Mario's which was right down the block from the bank.

For the next two months I stopped in at Mario's two or three nights a week to establish a presence as a regular customer. I made it a point to be there on Tuesday, but Laurie never noticed me sitting in the dark at the end of the bar and I did nothing to call attention to myself. I needed for Laurie to 'naturally' notice me and to initiate the conversation. And then fate smiled on me. It was a Thursday, a day I didn't expect to see Laurie, and I was sitting at the end of the bar talking to the bartender when Laurie and her co-workers came in. My luck held. Phil was home and he was available. If he hadn't been I would have gone to Plan B which was to take Laurie down to 12th Street, find some guys to take her off my hands and then drive off and leave her there. I wouldn't have gotten video and pictures out of Plan B, but it still would have satisfied my need for revenge. But Phil was home and was available so I drove to his place with a smile on my face.


I called in sick to work on Friday. I wanted to be at home when Phil got in touch with me. The call came at nine-thirty.

"I've got some killer pictures for you and three hours of video."

"I take that things went well?"

"Could not have gone better. I'll be over in fifteen."

Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang and I let Phil in. "Can't stay" he said as he handed me a bulky envelope, "But I want to give you a quick run down before you see the pictures and watch the video."

"All I need to know is that it happened."

"Maybe so, but I still wanted you to know about what happened. I was able to get two guys over between the time you called me and the time you got there. I got hold of another three, but they didn't get there until about an hour after you left. We kept her there until two in the morning and then dropped her off where you wanted. You didn't specify how you wanted her dropped, but I knew it was all about revenge so we put her out of the car naked. The only thing she had was her purse. What was the place we dropped her at, her parents house?"

"No, it was her place. I wanted her to walk in the front door and have her new husband see that she had been thoroughly fucked."

"If that's the case you are going to love what happened. I couldn't get it on tape, but just knowing should warm the cockles of your heart. To cause her some embarrassment and maybe some humiliation I laid on the horn when we put her out and as we were driving away the porch light came on and a man walked out onto the porch. She was standing in the yard, clutching her purse, and looking up at the man on the porch. What he saw was cum running down her legs, cum in her hair, cum on her tits and hickeys and bite marks all over her body. I don't know if he even let her in the house. Anyway, you got back at the bitch. I got to run. Enjoy the tape and the pictures."

I walked him to the door, thanked him again for helping me and when he was gone I went back into the living room, sat down and took out the photos. You can do marvelous things with a good digital camera and an ink-jet printer and Phil had taken fifty-seven extremely good pictures of Laurie and the guys he had invited over. I looked at them all and then set them aside for later. I would scan them into my computer and then later I would decide who to send them too.

I put the tape in the VCR, turned on the TV and started watching. It started out slow with Laurie obviously being "out of it" but as the date rape drug wore off and the tabs of Ecstasy kicked in she got quite active. An hour into the tape and she was in a sexual frenzy and once I even heard her call out, "Next" when a man pulled out of her pussy. They used her one, two and three at a time and once she had three in her and she was jacking off a fourth. When the tape ran out I sat there staring at an empty screen.

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