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Wendy Gets Fucked


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Wendy went into her ex-boyfriend's apartment late afternoon. She knew he wouldn't be home and that suited her fine. She was going to collect the last of her stuff, never to return to his place again. She had had it with him. Only two days ago she ended their relationship. She hadn't seen him since. Wendy only had to pick up some clothes, some books and cd's and she'd be out of his life. She didn't exactly know where to go at this point, she was staying at her mom's for the time being. Still, who knew what the future would bring.

She closed the door and walked down the hall. She looked at herself in the mirror for a second. She looked a mess: her long blond hair stuck to her forehead because of all the heat. It was mid-summer after all, and the temperature went sky high this week. That's why she was wearing a light skirt and tight top. She didn't bother wearing a bra, since her top kept her C-cup breasts in the right place.

She hesitated going into the living room. She didn't want to be confronted with a lot of memories. Wendy couldn't even count the numerous times her ex and her had fucked on the couch, or the number of times she had blown his cock in the bedroom, or the toilet even. Wendy took a deep breath and opened the door.

She stopped in her tracks. The whole room was a mess: everything was turned upside down. Two men were sitting in the room: a black guy was sitting on the couch, smoking a cigar. In the chair in the corner sat a somewhat older man, dressed in an impeccable white suit. De door slammed shut behind her. Wendy turned around and saw a third man standing behind her, his hand on the door.

"What the..." Wendy gasped.

"Please relax," the black guy on the couch said.

"What the hell are you doing here? Who are you?" Wendy stammered. The man in the white suit nodded and the man behind Wendy got into action. He grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her onto the couch next to the black guy. Her heart pounded in her head. These guys looked like they meant serious business.

The black guy spoke in a calm voice: "Ms., we are associates of your boyfriend and we've come to collect some cash he owes us."

"Cash.. what are you talking...?" Wendy couldn't finish her sentence, because the black guy placed his big hand on her mouth. Wendy could taste the sweat on his hands rubbing against her full lips.

"Shhhh, don't speak, just listen," he said in a calm, but menacing tone. Wendy decided to shut up. "Now, your boyfriend we already interrogated, but he won't say where the money is. Maybe you could help us?"

He let go of her mouth. Wendy shook her head. "I don't know anything about money. Marc and I just broke up a couple of days ago... I'm here to collect some things..."


The black guy smacked her mouth hard. Blood started gushing down her nose. "That's not what I want to hear. Where is the fucking cash?!" he demanded. Wendy was shocked. How the fuck was she going to get out of this unharmed? The guy at the door stepped towards the couch. "Tell us bitch, or you'll regret it, I promise you!" Wendy noticed he was unshaven, had dark brown eyes and long black hair. He was handsome in a rough kind of way.

"I-I am sorry. I really don't know anything about the money. Please let me go...." she started sobbing. The black guy turned towards the man in the corner. He just nodded at him and remained relaxing in the comfy chair. The black guy put his cigar on the ashtray on the coffee table in front of the couch. Then he stood up, walked to the back of the couch and grabbed Wendy's hands. He pulled her hands above her head, towards her back. His hands felt very strong, she was never going to get out his grip. But she did try. She started to kick with her feet, trying to hit him. The guy with the long black hair grabbed her feet and pulled them apart. Her skirt ripped open.

"Now listen, you blond bitch!" he said. "My friend Jake here will hold you tight, while I will do with you as I please if you don't tell us where the money is. Ain't that right, Jake?" He looked at his black partner in crime. "That's right, Mike" Jake answered. The man in the white suit looked at her as if he didn't care. He lit up a cigar of his own.

Wendy tried one more time, she tried to get loose while she screamed: "But I don't know anything! Please, please let me go." Mike lost his grip on her ankles, but smacked her face repeatedly! Swack! This calmed Wendy somewhat.

Jake sighed. "Well, don't say that we haven't tried..."

Mike tore the skirt off her body. Her white panties were barely covering her cunt. They were wet, but not with her juices but with sweat, because of the sintering heat. Mike could see the outline of her cunt, and he could feel his cock grow inside his pants. He wanted to plant his hard dick right in her tight slit and fuck her silly. It seemed like he was going to get his wish.

"N-No... don't!" Wendy pleaded when Mike ripped open her top, exposing her breasts. Sweat was streaming down her cleavage. Her nipples were light brown, and Mike pinched them mischievously. "Look at those tits!" he exclaimed. Wendy kicked against Mike's arms, but when he responded by smacking her cheeks, she decided to stop struggling. Even if she could hurt Mike, there were two other men she had to deal with, and judging from the tight grip on her hands, this Jake was mighty strong. Mike let go of her breasts, and threw off her shoes. He looked approvingly at her painted red toenails. "Let's see how tight this vixen really is," he said. He took a small knife from his pocket and ripped open her panties. Wendy was afraid that he would cut her flesh, but fortunately for her, he didn't. Not yet anyway.

Wendy felt ashamed when her pussy was exposed to the two men. Her cunt wasn't hairless, but it was kept well. There was a pouch of hair above her slit, but it was cut in a nice square. She thought about shaving everything this morning and was glad she decided to wait. Now she wasn't totally naked. Mike and Jake didn't care about that though. Jake felt his cock grow in his pants when Wendy's cunt was uncovered. He knew he wanted to fuck the white bitch too and he would after Mike was done with her. Mike took his cock out of his trousers. His monster was about 10 ½ inches. Wendy gasped when she saw his uncut cock. Mike held his cock and pushed its head against her clit and labia. Wendy couldn't help but respond to his touching dick. Since Marc and she hadn't been on good terms for a while, they hadn't fucked in months. She was longing for cock, but couldn't have known that the first cock that would fuck her belonged to her rapist.

"Now, are you sure you don't know where the money is?" Mike asked giving her one last chance to redeem herself. Wendy shook her head, fully recognizing what her answer would mean. Mike held his cock with his right hand and pushed it against Wendy's labia. He slowly shoved his cock inside her snatch, enjoying every inch of the penetration. Wendy gasped for she hadn't felt so filled in a long time. Involuntarily she opened her legs wider, to give Mike access to her fuck-hole. "Aaaaaah...." she panted when she felt his balls hit her ass cheeks.

"Hmmmm," Mike gasped approvingly. "This bitch is fucking tight. I love this pussy." He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs even wider. Her feet on both sides of his face. He started thrusting in and out of her pussy, enjoying the view of his cock slipping in and out of her cunt. Wendy's labia started to drip. Not only with sweat, her cunt was also producing its juice. "Oooh – aah, oooh, aaah..." she panted with each movement of the thick cock inside her cunt.

Jake held her hands with one hand and opened his fly. His 6-inch cock sprung to life and he started to play with it with his free hand. In the corner, the man in the white suit looked at Wendy being fucked. He liked what he saw, judging by the bulge in his pants. He didn't move however. Just watched his employee fuck this girl.

Mike started to speed up, holding on to her ankles. "Yeah, take my cock bitch. I am going to fuck you silly and then Jake is gonna have some fun with that slutty cunt of yours!" Mike felt his balls contract, and knew he was on the brink of cumming.

Jake decided to join in and pressed his cock against Wendy's lips. She opened her mouth, knowing that resistance was futile. Jake's cock tasted like sweat. 'Thank god he isn't as big as his friend' she thought, so she could easily take his cock inside her mouth without choking. Jake pumped his cock in her mouth while Mike's cock seemed to go further and further inside her cunt. "I am gonna cum bitch!!!!"

Wendy panicked. He couldn't cum inside her cunt. She wasn't on the pill because she took antibiotics against a virus and those pills didn't mix well. She had been off the pill for more than a week and ran the risk of pregnancy. She turned her head so Jake's cock fell out of her mouth: "Please don't cum inside, I am not on the pill!" she cried. Mike liked the sound of that. He thrust his cock inside her one more time and then released his load of thick fertile cum inside this blond bitch. "Aaaaah, fuck yeah!" he screamed unloading what seemed like the biggest load Wendy ever had inside her. "N-nooooo!" she cried. But then something happened. Her body started to shiver with lust as her orgasm rushed from head to toe through her system. "AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhH!!!!!!" she came screaming, practically feeling her womb receiving Mike's cum.

"The bitch is coming!" Jake said. Mike withdrew his cock, which was covered with his own cum and her juices. He let go of her feet, and they fell on the floor. Wendy was exhausted and lay on the couch like a ragged doll. She felt Jake let go of her hands, but she was too tired to make a run for it. Jake walked around the couch and stood in front of her. "Now it is my turn," he said.

He grabbed Wendy by her waist turned her around and put her on her hands and knees. Her cunt and cute asshole pointed impudently at his face. Wendy knew what was coming, but since her orgasm, she didn't care anymore. Jake pointed his cock at her wet entrance and shoved his aching cock up her tight slit in one thrust. Although his cock was smaller than Mike's her cunt still felt tight because her pussy walls contracted as soon as he entered her. Jake held on to Wendy's tits while he fucked her furiously. "Take it! Take my cock bitch! Tell me you want this. Say it!" he yelled in her ear.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Please fuck me. Use me! Abuse my cunt!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaah!" she screamed while two small orgasms hit her. She didn't know why she was so excited, she was being raped, but somehow she enjoyed the abuse immensely.

"Look at that slut enjoying this!" Mike exclaimed. He was still rubbing his cock while he looked at Wendy's nice tight body being abused. It was an interesting sight to see her pale white skin contrasting with Jake's black body. Although Wendy was tanned by the sun, she was no match for Jake's dark black skin, making her seem as white as a piece of paper. Jake leaned a bit back and released her tits. Her tits were red by all the pinching they had to endure. Jake first held on to her sides, then he pressed his left thumb against her ass. Because it didn't want to slip in, Jake sucked his thumb for a couple of seconds, making it nice and wet. Then he pushed again and Wendy screamed when she felt his thumb penetrate her ass. His thumb slipped in to a hilt and he started to fuck her ass just as hard as her pussy.

The slurping and slapping noises filled the room, making everyone horny as hell. Wendy couldn't speak, she could only pant. Jake slipped his thumb out of her little shit hole, only to replace it with his hard cock. "Aaaahhh....that hurts!" Wendy cried.

"I believe we have an anal virgin on our hands!" Mike said coyly.

"Not for long!" Jake said while he hammered his cock in and out Wendy's virgin hole. Tears rolled down her cheek because of the pain of the ass fucking she had to endure. Marc had never fucked her ass. He thought it was nasty. Wendy now wished he had, so her ass would be used to the beating it got right now. Still, it felt kind of nice to have a cock inside her ass, although it still felt strange to her. Jake loved the sight of her ass being split open by his cock. He was on the verge of blasting his load and decided he wanted to cum inside her mouth. He withdrew his cock. Her asshole closed up immediately. Some blood slipped out of her ass. But there was no rest for the tortured Wendy. Jake grabbed her long hairs, and pointed her mouth towards his filthy cock.

Wendy wanted to say no, but as soon as she opened her mouth it got stuffed with Jake's cock. She could taste her pussy and ass on his cock and it almost made her vomit. Then she felt his cum spurt inside her mouth and it went straight down her throat into her warm belly. Jake unloaded his balls and then his cock deflated to its original size.

He withdrew his cock from her mouth. Cum and saliva was dripping from her lips. Wendy fell against the back of the couch. She was totally exhausted. Jake zipped up his cock and turned to the man in the white suit. "I guess she really doesn't know where the money is, sir."

The man nodded. Mike had also zipped up his cock. He looked at the well-used girl on the couch. Her pussy was dripping with his cum, her mouth was dirty with cum and stuff from her ass. Wendy saw the man in the white suit stand up. He walked towards her, grabbed her hair and moved her face towards his head. "Tell us where the money is girl..." he said. His voice sounded cold and harsh.

Wendy opened her mouth but could hardly speak. "I really don't know sir, please don't kill me. Let me go..."

The man in the white suit pushed her against the couch. He took his belt from his trousers and raised his hand. He started to smack her ass, making red streams on her soft flesh. "You people. I've had it with you! First we torture your boyfriend, but he won't tell where the hell my money is. We almost kill the bastard, but he won't tell. Then we waste our time on you!" Smack! smack! smack!

Although he hit her ass hard and although Wendy would never admit this, she was used to a good spanking. She remembered being spanked by her dad when she was naughty and how at a certain age this gave her a nice tingly feeling in her belly. Marc used to give her a good spanking every once in a while, but never like this.





"You Sure..."



SMACK!! Wendy gasped loudly, but tried to hide that she was getting aroused more and more with every slap on her ass.

"Don't know..."


"Where the fucking money...."

"Smack!!! Crack!!!!"


Her ass was red as a tomato, and her cheeks were burning hot. Still Wendy wouldn't relent. The man in the white suit stopped hitting her. Reluctantly he put on his belt. He was sweating from the punishment he gave her. "Oh well. What the hell. Lets torture Marc once more. Maybe he'll tell us where the money is if we let Gerald rape his ass...."

Wendy carefully rubbed her hands on her ass cheeks. Her cunt was soaking wet, but the men didn't notice.

"What are we going to do with her?" Mike asked. The man in the white suit tilted her head with his hands and looked straight in her eyes. "She's not going to tell anyone, are you bitch?" Wendy shook her head. Her eyes were full of fear. "Because is she does, we'll have to kill her. Let's go."

The three men left the living room, leaving Wendy broken on the couch. When she heard the door close however, she rubbed her clit with her hand and her orgasm ripped through her body in seconds.

She remained on the couch for over half an hour, regaining her strength. Then she slowly got up and took a shower. She washed out her cunt, but knew that she could have gotten pregnant. Her pussy felt sore and well fucked. Her ass burned inside and outside. Still, it was a relative small price to pay she discovered.

After she showered, she took the stuff she wanted to take with her and put everything in a suitcase. Before she went out of the bedroom, she turned her head once more to the bed. She saw her old teddy bear lying on the floor. She decided to take it with her. When Wendy looked at the bear closely, she saw some new stitches on it that weren't there before. It also felt a bit strange, like the stuffing had changed. When Wendy opened up the bear, she found 350,000 dollars hidden inside it. A short while later Wendy walked out of the house. She had collected all she needed.

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