tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife on Display at Hotel

Wife on Display at Hotel


My wife and I took a quick trip out of town for the weekend. We arrived at the hotel to check in and it wasn't until we looked at the room key to realize we had a ground floor room.

Usually these aren't to our liking since you catch lobby noise at all hours, traffic, and of course the floor above you. We realized the room was at the far end of the hotel which is bordered by trees, thus no outside annoyances and it was as far as one could go from the lobby.

Once inside, I opened the curtains on all of the windows to see the view which was just about 10 ft of grass and trees as far as one could see. Perfect for a voyeur, I thought. We changed for dinner and left, but not before closing the curtains, so as to not display our belongings and the fact we were not in the room.

We returned later after a night of fun and I was very horny. And my wife knew it. I showered and then she got in. While she was in the shower, I thought to myself, "If anyone comes to the end of the hotel, hoping for a view, I'm going to make sure they get it!"

With that, I opened the curtains completely. It was dark as could be outside at the windows. T would be impossible to see anything, especially with the reflection of the lights in the room. Then it hit me. Why "hope" that someone comes by? Invite them! So I quickly composed a post to Craigslist inviting any interested Peeping Toms to stop by and wait for the show.

Just the thought of showing my wife's naked body to complete strangers was a major turn on. She got out of the shower, and came from the bathroom which is in plain view from the window closest to the bed. Much to my surprise, she made no mention of the curtains being open, and she freely dried her naked body just 10 feet from the open window.

She then dressed and laid on the bed. I was anxious to get her to stay naked and in the mood. I offered to massage her body from head to toe. (I was willing to do anything to get her naked.) I was expecting guests after all. She finally was ready for her massage and I made her take off her clothes and lay with her feet facing the window. This prevented her from seeing anyone that may get to close to the window, and also offered them a great view of her pussy.

She laid on her stomach and I started by massaging legs. With each stroke, I would spread her legs further, to have that beautiful shaved pussy exposed for all to see. I rubbed her butt and regularly spread her ass cheeks to play with her butthole. This always gets her hot. I rubber her back to relax her once more. I was leaking precum pretty good at this point knowing we were probably being watched. I had her turn over and rubbed her front side in the same fashion.

That is when I caught a glimpse of our first guest. He was likely in his 20s and seemed to be enjoying the show. I stood up off the bed at her head so that I could rub her tits without blocking our friend's view. I then put my cock on her face so that she would know what was next in my mind. She did not disappoint. She opened her mouth and sucked on my cock while I played with her tits. I told her to bend her knees and spread her legs. My guest voyeur was taking it all in. I motioned for him to come closer. My wife kept sucking my cock, unaware that she was on display.

I then turned her around lengthwise in the bed, so that I could lick her pussy. I pulled on her nipples while I devoured her sweet pussy. I made her cum with my tongue on her clit in just a few moments. I then pulled out her favorite dildo and starting fucking her with it. My voyeur was joined by another at this point and they had stepped back so as not to be easily seen. I fucked my wife's pussy with her favorite dildo until she came again. She pulled me on top of her and kissed me passionately. She knows I love to have her taste her pussy on my tongue and mouth. She loves to suck on my tongue and kiss me for several minutes after I perform oral on her. She begged me for my cock. She stroked my cock on her clit and then pulled me f***efully onto her so that I could fuck her. I drove my cock hard in her pussy, and she just moaned. After several minutes of heavy thrusting, I noticed she kept looking at the window. With passion taking over, I told her that it would be such a turn on if someone was to walk by and see us fucking. She just moaned again. I told her that they would see her big D cup tits bouncing all around with every thrust of my cock in her pussy.

Then, she picked up her leg and put it on my shoulder. She loves when I go balls deep in her. She was really getting into it now. So I kept talking to her about the thought of a voyeur watching her. I said that "I'll bet they'd pull their cocks out and start stroking to the sight of her being fucked. They'd like nothing more than to shoot their load all over her big beautiful tits." I asked her if she'd liked that. She again moaned and said "Yeah". All of the talk of the voyeurs and the knowledge that they were actually right there watching, pushed me over the edge as I came deep inside her pussy. I made sure we gave the guests a chance to finish themselves, so I kept fondling my wife's tits and playing with her pussy with my cock.

Judging from all of the responses I received via email, and in person...although this was the first time we did this, it will not be the last!! I can't wait for the next time.

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by Anonymous

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by yanknc12/18/18

Doubting anonymous fool

Last comment left by someone so foolish to doubt this they don’t even have the guts to identify themselves. Poor soul. You are the only one not enjoying this as much as you should, knowing this is fact,more...

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by Anonymous12/10/18

Post on Craigslist and there are people showing up that quick? Yeah, Right

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