Listed below are the stories entered in the 2018 Halloween Contest. The contest rules are . Thanks to all who participate - authors and readers!

* 2018 Halloween Contest Winners *

First Place ($150 Cash Prize Winner):
Woodland Creatures

by JodiHutchins

Second Place ($100 Cash Prize Winner):
Lez Awakening: Halloween Hijinks

by silkstockingslover

Third Place ($75 Cash Prize Winner):
Harrowing Halloween

by storyteller19

Contest Winners must
within 60 days of contest end to claim their prizes

2018 Halloween Submissions
Sister Genevieve's Angelleabravo
Escaping the LighthouseKeithD
A Halloween CarolRubenR
The Tinder DateJustADirtyOldMan
Maid to Servetomlitilia
One Night When the Moon was Blackmoreandmore
The Chairsecretsxywriter
Seductive Witch and a Young Knighttj_shades
Club UnicornKeithD
Don't Piss Off the Devilregularguy13
Ambrosia LeoneBeyondInfinity
The Realtor's Hidden CameraCS_Woodruff
Taking a Bite Out of Halloweenmoreandmore
Gargoyle Gang Bangwanting2bfreed
The Hard Choicehotprof1973
Tanya Blows HalloweenLitEroCat
The MonsterReckingBall
The House of Frightful DelightsLittleMousyKeys
The SummoningLadyNocturna
Lycan SubscribeCandiCame
How Hazel Became Oaktrobson808
Dinner Party Group-OrgasmHeyAll
Peel My Costume OffSoazoldman
Games Demons PlayVoboy
First Trick, Then TreatJenaus
The Ghost of Dixie Hwy, Halloween TThe_Technician
Wolf Bitesprinnavea
The Ghost of Mary Stevensmarquis06
The Promiseduxfacti
When You First Spoke to Me...MoodyFeline
Moving DayTarnishedPenny
Monumental Resurrectioninsatiableboi
Woodland CreaturesJodiHutchins
Batman... At The Barbustylibrarian
Relatives from Out of Town - A HallThe_Technician
Halloween in the CemeteryChloeTzang
Better Latebrainfade
Dinner Party Cum EatingHeyAll
Daddy's HandsChloeTzang
My Baby Sister’s Fear of HalloweenJBEdwards
Unnatural ThirstsLateStageInfernalism
Haunted House TickleJohnthomas1969
My Sister's PotionBuckyDuckman
AProudMaleFeminist gets Creamedmanyeyedhydra
Every Magician Needs an AssistantBray123
I Know What You Did Last HalloweenGeminine
The Queen of My Heartscipioparkins
The Witches' CommunionTamLin01
Room Service Suck DollHeyAll
Deal with a Horny Devil - A Halloween TaleThe_Technician
Samhain and the Wild HuntressTrueMort
Night of the Living DeadHadderity
Estara On Samhain Ch. 01JaxRhapsody
This Hallowed NightInMyHands
Newlyweds - A Halloween StoryThe_Technician
The Peculiar Tail of M. HydeMoodusSunset
Demon SeductionAlluringAli25
The ShortcutDawnShires
A Ghost StoryJustADirtyOldMan
Most Horrible Perverse Story Evererectus123
Halloween with My SistersBigMadStork
A Feast for a Dolldead_niinja
It was a Dark and Stormy Night...HalfAsleep
The Cat and... the Bat?auguy86
Accidental Nympho MomHeyAll
Trick or TreatLaurenNicole_91
A Night with Dr. Evilptbeast
The HauntingPKenny5860
Ancient ScandalKeithD
It Happened in MoonlightTheMadProfessor
Tricks...and Some More TricksDanielWilson
Tinkerbell Loses a Bet!Xpoerotica
Big Fat Cock: A Hot Mommy Seducedsilkstockingslover
What I Becameyembrose
Harrowing Halloweenstoryteller19
A Haunting on Water Garden IslandJjonest
The Tinder Date (Remake)JustADirtyOldMan
A Night of Sex and ReapingJulianDelacourt
Happy Halloweiner: A Twinning StoryGooeyBoooooy
Damned Dumb DemonSyleusSnow
The Angry ManLaBesse
Devil’s NightVJWild
Costume Party Switchjackie_em
Incubus Housewarming PartyDM1977
Sissy for a Daysilkstockingslover
Kiss Me, CharleneJimBob44
The Goblin HarvestJames Cody
Lez Awakening: Halloween Hijinkssilkstockingslover
The PGRXHalloween PartyJBEdwards
Candy Snatch Candy SnatchRedstones
A Magical Halloween Shopping Daywalterio
Vampire Seeks Subleabravo
Fertility Temple, Lactating SisterHeyAll
Beast WithinJade_12
Overcoming ReluctanceSoazoldman
Time On My HandsTxRad
Marriage to ZombiGrendelpuppy
Jack O' LanternsJimBob44
The Family Goes to Jamaicaflashgordon562006
Laying the Ghosts of Waroggbashan
The Ghastly GirlfriendMostodd07
My Angel SisterKethandra
Thomas HunterFredoberto
I Love You and Want You, MomMyMomChristinetheIncestWhore
Zach the Coven on All Hollows EveZachDocEight
Halloween is Fun for Everyoneredkissy
They Aren't Leprechauns - HalloweenThe_Technician
My Halloween CostumeJoe_Doe_Stories
The Past Will Always Haunt YouGentlytwisted
High School Jock Hauntingmarquis06
The Neighbours Halloween PartyHixxy00
The HitchhikerakaPeter
Halloween Prisonertekeelahsh0t
Dragoon Hall: Curse or Cure?KeithD
Trick or Treat, Styleflashgordon562006
Ghost Heelsoggbashan

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