Sex Slave Story
Chapter I - Two Weeks With My Master
by M

Intro - Desires of a sex slave

I know I will have to be spanked from time to time for being naughty but I will always try to please you I want to please you so much. And yes I would like to be with Teddi but only if it pleases you too and you tell me what to do at first. I really have no idea what it is like to be with a dog and I do have a wild desire to do such things, but you would have to teach me. Will you tie me up for hours and tease me and then hopefully you would finally fuck me or have someone else fuck me while you watched us, you know I like to be watched. Oh that you would tie me up so that I was fully exposedto you my wet pussy open to you to play with in all sorts of ways.To let you explore my entire body every inch with your fingers, tongue, cock and your many toys.

You know I am an exhibitionist and you would make me dress very naughty and go out in public and do little naughty things., I would like bend over in font of some man while wearing no panties, maybe suck your cock while driving down the street and then sit up and lick my lips off while smiling at the next car over from us.

To let you watch me flirt with a stranger and bring him home and fuck him crazy while you watched us secretly and then when he left you could spank me or call me names and then push me down and fuck me real hard. To do what ever you want sexually I am all yours body and soul forever, I want only to please you and be your sex slave and it pleases me to be your sex slave.

I am so wet from wanting you and so naughty I will have to go to bed now and play with myself quietly so as not to wake up my husband but I hope you can feel my desire for you.

My heart longs for you as much as my body and I do crave your strong arms to do what they want with me.

I long to be you loving sex slave and you my loving master

Love sexslave

My heart is pounding as I drive to his house. I will be spending the next to weeks with my master and I want to make sure that everything is perfect and that I please him. I realise as the cool breeze from the car window hits me that I am not wearing a bra, shit I hope he does not mind. He likes for me to wear sexy underwear. Well I know I look real nice in my tight jeans and very high heels and the shirt does look good with my very erect nipples showing through the fabric.

I pull into his driveway I am so excited I can hardly get the car into park. I take a deep breath and head for the door. The butler answers the door and lets me in. I am told to wait in the sitting room it seems I sit there for an hour and then suddenly he is there. I stand up and move toward him not knowing what to expect. He pulls me to him and kisses me deeply on the lips. "You are mine for the next two weeks" he says smiling as he takes my hand and heads for the door. I hold on as he almost drags me up the stairs to his room.

I love his bedroom it smells like him and he has this very large bed which he has just pushed me down on. He roughly starts undressing me and when he has me completely nude he stands back and looks at me. He does not usually act like this and it is cold in his room and I start shivering. "Oh you are cold" and pulls the covers up over me. I pull the covers up to my chin and look up into his eyes as he stands there looking at me. "I am going to make passionate love to you and then I have a surprise for you. My heart is racing and my breathing is quick as I watch him undress and climb into bed with me. His arms are around me and he is kissing me deeply as he covers me with his body. Then he spreads my legs wide and slips his fingers into my very wet pussy, a little moan escapes my lips. I love his fingers the way he plays with me, I close my eyes feeling them going in out slowly and then I feel his tongue.

He plays with my pussy like this, fingering me and licking me driving me to the edge and then stopping and just holding his hand cupping me until I calm down keeping me from cumming. He knows me and my body well. Then he raises my legs up high and spreads them wide, sliding his fingers over my pussy down to my very tight ass and slides a finger into me slowly moving it in and out. I do not think I can stand much more I am so very close to cumming. I feel his tongue as he licks my ass hole and then continues to finger it. I arch up into him grabbing his arms and just entering that state of complete abandon. He stops suddenly and sits up smiling at me, his cock is so hard I can't help but reach out and touch it running my hand up and down. I want it real bad and I move to him and he lets me lick it. I look up into his eyes and I see that he likes what I am doing. Kissing and licking at the head of his cock I slowly suck it into my mouth.

Playing with it, but I want it in me so I slide my mouth over and down pulling him into me. My tongues moving up and down as I pull more of his cock in. I love sucking on his cock, feeling his hardness and silky smoothness as I go down deeper trying to get all of him in my mouth. His cock is very wide and it takes me a while to get it all in but I want it. I can feel it hitting the back of my throat as I start going up and down sucking on it. I am holding the base of his cock in my hand as I start sucking harder, I can feel his breathing getting quicker and I can tell he is close to cumming. As he grabs my head and entangles his fingers in my hair I feel him tense as he cums in me shooting it down my throat and pulling me down further on him. I almost gag from all the cum but I swallow hard as he shoots more in me. This causes me to go wild swallowing as much as I can and then pulling back licking his cock off. I feel his hands lifting me up to him and pulling me close he kisses me hard on the lips tasting his cum on my lips. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm you smell nice he whispers and smiles as he climbs out of bed. Leaving me panting and still hot with desire. I lick my lips and reach down between my legs to my still very wet and now throbbing crotch.

He notices this and he grabs my hand and pulls me out of bed and into the bathroom. I have changed my mind I am not going to fuck you yet". "We have plans today and we must get going" he says as runs a bath for me and tells me to get cleaned up. When I get finish I climb out of the bath wrapping a towel around me and looking for my clothes I notice that they are missing. He comes back dries my hair and combs it and then puts my collar around my neck kissing me on the shoulders and neck as he does this. I notice that he has changed clothes and is wearing what looks to be a riding outfit, he looks very handsome in it and I get that warm feeling down between my legs as I am still so very excited from his teasing me. He picks me up and carries me down stairs still nude, my nipples getting very hard and erect, feeling the air on them. My heart was starting to pound from excitement and not knowing what he was going to do.

He carried me out to the stables and tied my hands together. Then one of his handlers brought out his horse. The man looked at me with a very appreciative look but did not let his gaze linger and he smiled as he turned away. My master picked me up and sat me on his horse and then swung up in the saddle behind me. I could feel the closeness of him and he wrapped one arm around me. Grabbing the reins he spurred his horse into a run. Between the saddle rubbing my crotch, the feel of him behind me and the air as it hit my bare flesh I was awash with all kinds of emotions and excited desires. We must look quite a site this nude woman her hair flying back and this well dressed man holding her as we rode through the forest to some destination unknown to me...

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