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Hi everyone! Sorry for the wait, and thanks for coming to read this chapter. Life sometimes gets busy and makes it hard to write, but I'm learning to make time for it. Thanks for being patient with...

The Society Ch. 06 by Midnight_owl21

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An announcement before starting! Firstly, my deepest apologies for the incredibly long gap between publishing. I haven't stopped writing, but I am beginning to realize just how much is left to tell...

Spellbound Ch. 09 by Shock_Tea

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Alright everyone, here it is. Again, I originally wrote what is currently posted as Chapter 05 and this chapter together as one entire chapter. I have to give props and another big thanks yet again...

Myka's Tail Ch. 06 by Magical_Kitten

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.The Society Ch. 06
Ethan tries to uncover his father's plans. by Midnight_owl21 (01/12/19)
5.00 (14)
2.Spellbound Ch. 09
A salacious priest must atone for his transgressions. by Shock_Tea (01/09/19)
5.00 (7)
3.Myka's Tail Ch. 06
Confessions of a Teenage Sex Kitten. by Magical_Kitten (12/27/18)
4.94 (77)
4.Torgan Wine Ch. 46
Rimathe joins the servants and a trip to the Temple. by Isemay (12/22/18)
4.93 (29)
5.A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 60: Aasimar
Ashyr goes on a run. by DrowsDilemma (12/23/18)
4.92 (49)
6.Project - Prometheus Ch. 09
As time passes, everything changes, even people... by SwirlingJedi (12/24/18)
4.89 (104)
7.Arcana Pt. 01: A Shapeshifter's Desire
Caroline is a young woman that can shapeshift. And fuck. by RaistlinMajere (01/04/19)
4.89 (91)
8.Alien Vacation Ch. 12
An ugly finish to the game, but with a gorgeous payoff. by wastelandwriter (01/15/19)
4.88 (101)
9.Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 07
What now? by Zeb_Carter (01/15/19)
4.88 (289)
10.A Journey Never Begun Pt. 07
Muddle continues his quest and telling his story to his frog. by JamesMiehoff (01/09/19)
4.87 (193)
11.My Little Ventrue Pt. 03 Ch. 06
Werewolves. Fuck. Werewolves. by NovusAnimus (12/27/18)
4.87 (114)
12.Three Square Meals Ch. 113
Home is where the heart is... by Tefler (01/08/19)
4.87 (1033)
13.Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 04
The FOP helps their new ally take back their home. by Zeb_Carter (01/12/19)
4.87 (284)
14.Mines of Sonhadra - Stage 03
Level 2 of a gender swapped sci-fi action adventure litRPG. by KarinaMacoy (01/04/19)
4.87 (52)
15.Double Helix Ch. 20
The group travels to Seattle to attempt a rescue. by FelHarper (01/08/19)
4.87 (89)
16.Torgan Wine Ch. 48
Deception, violence, and justice. by Isemay (01/04/19)
4.86 (36)
17.Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 06
The battle for Rigel concludes...what next? by Zeb_Carter (01/14/19)
4.86 (266)
18.Project - Prometheus Ch. 10
Over everything we see, the power of the mind is absolute... by SwirlingJedi (01/12/19)
4.86 (70)
19.Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 03
The Fleet continues its pursuit of the Gar. by Zeb_Carter (01/11/19)
4.86 (297)
20.To Save a World Ch. 02
What's inside the box? A daring escape. by Nyctophiliac (01/15/19)
4.85 (48)
21.A Journey Never Begun Pt. 05
Muddle describes the start of his quest to make his grimoire. by JamesMiehoff (12/22/18)
4.85 (162)
22.A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 61: A Way In
No adventure would be complete without the sewer level! by DrowsDilemma (12/30/18)
4.85 (54)
23.Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 05
The fight for the K'lar's home continues... by Zeb_Carter (01/13/19)
4.85 (276)
24.Post Human Ch. 03
Hurdles on the way into the academy and a strange experiment. by Kritzler (12/27/18)
4.84 (82)
25.When Angels Cum Ch. 11
Consequences of Righteous Fury. Threesome with Jie Er & Rebecca. by CapDragon121 (12/22/18)
4.84 (106)
26.Disposable Hero Ch. 04 Pt. 02 - The Truth
Henri and Zulvra learn the truth. by Bokhun (01/08/19)
4.84 (37)
27.A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 62: Deeper
The party searches for Ashyr. by DrowsDilemma (01/06/19)
4.84 (43)
28.Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 01
Man has finally made it to the stars... by Zeb_Carter (01/08/19)
4.83 (423)
29.Chains Willing Ch. 07
Liana's training, punishment, wedding, and war... by Radiantlies5 (12/19/18)
4.83 (6)
30.Trials of a Planeswalker Ch. 01: Rising
A young man's spark takes him off across the multiverse. by RaistlinMajere (01/16/19)
4.83 (6)
31.A Journey Never Begun Pt. 06
Muddle continues his tale. by JamesMiehoff (12/31/18)
4.83 (141)
32.Seed Ch. 08
Miss Larsson rescues Suzette from the storm. by GymTeacherYouDeserve (01/05/19)
4.82 (11)
33.Lost at Sea Bk. 02 Ch. 04
A sexy pirate fantasy adventure. by KingOfHalves (01/06/19)
4.82 (71)
34.Vampires Don't Sparkle - Legacy
Many years later, Ben & Emily's daughter struggles with love. by maestro84 (01/09/19)
4.82 (146)
35.Storm and Stone Ch. 04
The Battle for Lake Home! by TheLordWinter (01/12/19)
4.81 (117)
36.Double Helix Ch. 19
The group prepares for a daring rescue. by FelHarper (12/18/18)
4.81 (105)
37.The Magic Thief
Two thieves looking for forgotten magic find more than expect. by Abby_Hart (01/05/19)
4.81 (180)
38.Storm and Stone Ch. 02
The next day... by TheLordWinter (12/21/18)
4.80 (200)
39.Torgan Wine Ch. 50
Gifts, and an overdue chat with Lislora. by Isemay (01/12/19)
4.80 (25)
40.Drummer Boy - Back Into Hell Ch. 05
- Interlude - by Lady_Dysprosia (01/05/19)
4.80 (20)
41.A Monster Life Ch. 16-18
Party time is bad news for the bad guys. by SciFurz (01/08/19)
4.79 (120)
42.The Most Beautiful Eyes Ch. 22
The turn is taken. by DreamerByTheDiamonds (12/27/18)
4.79 (48)
43.Warrior One - Fleet Action Pt. 02
The interplanetary war continues. by Zeb_Carter (01/10/19)
4.79 (361)
44.Storm and Stone Ch. 03
The fun continues back at Lake Home... by TheLordWinter (12/22/18)
4.78 (210)
45.More Tales from the Guilds Ch. 01
Another Collection of Stories in Honor of Sir Terry Pratchet. by voluptuary_manque2 (12/22/18)
4.78 (36)
46.A Long Voyage through Space Ch. 02
Amanda's sexual health assessment continues. by quiettouch (01/15/19)
4.78 (9)
47.When Angels Cum Ch. 12
Duel with Siofra. Elyssa Returns. Prelude to Regnbage fest. by CapDragon121 (01/13/19)
4.78 (80)
48.A Healing Touch! Pt. 02
Magic sperm? Sexy Elves? Lots of sex? Yes please! by Xpoerotica (01/12/19)
4.77 (133)
49.Vanished Pt. 07
An unbreakable bond is formed. by foxer17 (01/13/19)
4.77 (69)
50.Torgan Wine Ch. 47
Isonei risks King Orgath's displeasure and Draeseth's. by Isemay (12/27/18)
4.77 (30)
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