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This is a continuation of # 13 in my first series of Guild stories. And, yes, if anyone is confused, Voluptuary_Manque and voluptuary_manque2 are the same author. I just had some computer issues and...

More Tales from the Guilds Ch. 02 by voluptuary_manque2

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~~Beatrice~~ She slipped on her boots and stepped out of her alcove, her little cave in a cave. "Going out?" Aaron said. "Yeah, just to hang with Julias's childe." "Right right, making...

My Little Ventrue Pt. 03 Ch. 12 by NovusAnimus

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Copyright (c) 2019 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved. This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright. ------------------ This is one of a series of stories...

A Journey Never Begun Pt. 10 by JamesMiehoff

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.More Tales from the Guilds Ch. 02
An Angel Appears. by voluptuary_manque2 (03/16/19)
4.97 (34)
2.SexGames Ch. 05
John wonders if Mikayla wants more than an affair. by TallMarriedMan (02/27/19)
4.92 (853)
3.My Little Ventrue Pt. 03 Ch. 12
Oh, THAT'S why people are so interested in the tunnels. by NovusAnimus (03/13/19)
4.92 (109)
4.A Journey Never Begun Pt. 10
Daniell and Muddle find Lenore at the appointed place. by JamesMiehoff (03/09/19)
4.91 (151)
5.A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 69: Maturity
Althaia and Tsabdrin enjoy the forest together. by DrowsDilemma (02/24/19)
4.91 (53)
6.Three Square Meals Ch. 117
Progenitor ascendant... by Tefler (03/15/19)
4.90 (934)
7.A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 70: Decisions
The party plans the next steps. by DrowsDilemma (03/03/19)
4.90 (48)
8.Pinwheel Remastered
A recruit and an alien must learn to cooperate. by Snekguy (03/04/19)
4.89 (220)
9.The Eighth God Ch. 06
The autumn festival banquet is underway! by Chiriko (03/01/19)
4.87 (30)
10.Wings of Fire Ch. 02
Amidst unexpected changes, an ally emerges... by SwirlingJedi (03/05/19)
4.86 (72)
11.Best Laid Plans of Dragons and Men
A sorcerer's neat plan is accidentally messed up by a dragon. by Oridian (02/19/19)
4.86 (151)
12.A New Beginning Ch. 08
Jessica and the desperate flee. by Fliccy_sub (02/23/19)
4.86 (93)
13.Three Square Meals Ch. 116
Choosing to make a fresh start in life... by Tefler (03/06/19)
4.86 (1130)
14.A Gnomish Dilemma Ch. 05
More Action at Gertie's Place For Shannon Knocksprocket. by S3lwyncd0g (02/19/19)
4.86 (14)
15.Sex-Cubed Ch. 04: Dick Dimension
Krista and Amari reach some conclusions. by tentacruelest (03/12/19)
4.86 (7)
16.Harrow's Wife Ch. 03
Gwen and Harrow on the run. Harrow meets an old friend. by Koot (02/22/19)
4.85 (34)
17.Blasphemia II: Deus Vult Pt. 03
Corruption spreads, and the horror grows... by NathanRavenwood (02/22/19)
4.85 (27)
18.A Dragon's Tale Ch. 05
You are cordially invited to... an ambush. by Antiproton (03/15/19)
4.85 (155)
19.A New Beginning Ch. 09
A look at what happened on Heaven five. by Fliccy_sub (03/08/19)
4.84 (64)
20.Carson Evolved Ch. 03
Boy meets girl. Boy knocks girl up. Boy hears voices. by Minstrel_Blue (03/18/19)
4.84 (150)
21.Life Review Ch. 06
Blood spilled on the battlefield. by Grizzly_Fiction (03/12/19)
4.84 (56)
22.Life Review Ch. 05
Goal set, Mission start. by Grizzly_Fiction (03/08/19)
4.84 (62)
23.Divine Job Benefits
Chosen as Aphrodite's new servant. by wastelandwriter (03/13/19)
4.83 (312)
24.Divine Job Benefits Ch. 02
The boss checks in after the first day on the job. by wastelandwriter (03/20/19)
4.83 (107)
25.A Virtual Temptress Ch. 05
Dan gets some answers, but his resistance is slipping away. by QuietElegance (03/01/19)
4.83 (71)
26.A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 71: Rusalka
Caleldir visits the underground guards again. by DrowsDilemma (03/10/19)
4.83 (47)
27.The Amazon's Pledge Ch. 03
Jorem and Kaseya continue exploring their magical bond. by SarahHawke (02/19/19)
4.82 (85)
28.Halfbreed Ch. 05
A Smuggler and his new lover make an escape attempt. by HookedonPhoenix (03/08/19)
4.82 (125)
29.Twin Suns of Atlantis: Dorgon
Gladiator and princess team up to topple an evil empire. by Blind_Justice (02/19/19)
4.80 (70)
30.Carson Evolved Ch. 02
Three times the fun! And that's not all! by Minstrel_Blue (02/25/19)
4.79 (189)
31.For The Whored: Beyond Ch. 22
Katie meets Ryan. by Thatawfulwowporno (03/01/19)
4.79 (33)
32.The Eighth God Ch. 07
Things are heating up after the festival... by Chiriko (03/08/19)
4.79 (28)
33.The Dragon's Whored
Delivery man discovers a dragongirl's secret fetish. by dreadknots (03/03/19)
4.78 (186)
34.Knight Squadron - The Last Flight
The Reich was depending on her... She wouldn't fail now... by venomlegions (03/10/19)
4.78 (60)
35.Potions and Herbs Ch. 01
A healer spends a fun evening with Dark Elves. by Sylvana_Thornton (02/28/19)
4.78 (23)
36.JAA Ch. 05: R E R U N
How many lives will John burn through now? by Zeb_Carter (03/13/19)
4.78 (87)
37.Goblins' Rise Ch. 06
Dirty work for the Magistrate, and a Goblin war. by SatinSlip (02/19/19)
4.78 (58)
38.Mines of Sonhadra - Stage 04
Level 2 of a gender swapped action/adventure sci-fi LitRPG. by KarinaMacoy (02/22/19)
4.78 (58)
39.Iona Online Ch. 06
Michael heads out looking for trainers. by Cathetel (03/19/19)
4.78 (49)
40.Growing Needs Ch. 11
Experiencing Another Threesome. by sexgundam666 (02/22/19)
4.77 (31)
41.A Platonic Relationship Ch. 04
PLATO cries out to Marcella and Richard for help. by The_Technician (03/15/19)
4.77 (35)
42.Incubus Ch. 04
Will Estries be able to rescue Lilly? by charmscale (03/09/19)
4.77 (26)
43.Beyond Sight Ch. 04
With knowledge comes enilightenment, but for whom? by SwirlingJedi (02/22/19)
4.77 (86)
44.Yesterday's Tomorrow
Homeless Vietnam Vet trapped in an all-woman survival cult. by Nathan_Wolf (03/01/19)
4.77 (266)
45.Iona Online Ch. 07
Michael travels and learns to hunt. by Cathetel (03/20/19)
4.76 (17)
46.Winds of Change
Who would have thought, such intrigue would popup In N.D. by Zeb_Carter (02/27/19)
4.76 (275)
47.A Wolf and a Vampire Ch. 02
A continuation of our not so normal couple's story. by Cici321 (03/19/19)
4.75 (28)
48.The Destiny Seeker Ch. 06
Wendy's story, part two. by charliewilder (03/15/19)
4.75 (8)
49.A Catian's Dream Ch. 01
A Human Diplomat and his Catian Lover join her Pryde. by HookedonPhoenix (03/09/19)
4.74 (160)
50.JAA Ch. 02: Time and Again
John is at it again. Trying to fix things via time travel. by Zeb_Carter (03/08/19)
4.74 (102)
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