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I quit my job. That was the first and the most pleasant thing I did. There is always a silver lining in every dark cloud that tries to fog you in. My bosses and co-workers were shocked. I gave no...

The Rehab by DreamCloud

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The late afternoon sun was coming through the narrow window of Liam's room, accenting the warmth of the late summer day. He turned to look at his sleeping wives, reflecting once more on how beautiful...

Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23 by RipperFish

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Gregory held his bruised flank whilst limping toward a large rock embedded in the earth. The clash of battle could be heard rising up throughout the clearing in which the rock sat. His left eye stung...

The Missing Dragon Ch. 05 by Lien_Geller

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1.Jack's True Calling
Jack's position is jeopardized when diplomacy turns deadly by BurntRedstone (04/22/18)
4.93 (1229)
2.Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 22
Cupcakes, an apron and the anointing of the Spatula Queen. by xtorch (05/13/19)
4.93 (183)
3.The Rehab
Following one's dreams. by DreamCloud (12/23/14)
4.92 (11127)
4.Upon a Savage Shore Ch. 23
The last chapter. by RipperFish (10/19/14)
4.92 (3194)
5.The Missing Dragon Ch. 05
The end of the beginning. by Lien_Geller (06/23/17)
4.92 (3011)
6.Three Square Meals Ch. 100
In war, there are no winners, only survivors... by Tefler (03/16/18)
4.92 (2739)
7.Endangered Ch. 06
Saving the species. by ltpc (07/28/17)
4.92 (1938)
8.Tristan's Tale Pt. 05
Tristan takes on Caer'Aton. by IncomingPornDuck (04/29/16)
4.92 (1868)
9.SexGames Ch. 03
The weekend's adventures come to an end with a bang. by TallMarriedMan (08/14/18)
4.92 (1809)
10.Three Square Meals Ch. 105
Sisters... share childhood memories and grownup dreams. by Tefler (07/04/18)
4.92 (1791)
11.The Link Pt. 02: The Hunted
A strange tale of the future of humankind. by DreamCloud (05/20/16)
4.92 (1660)
12.The Link Pt. 03: The Huntress
A strange tale of the future of humankind. by DreamCloud (10/08/16)
4.92 (1589)
13.SexGames Ch. 04
Find out what happens when John's wife suspects the affair. by TallMarriedMan (09/11/18)
4.92 (1521)
14.Halo Two - Five Ch. 02
I can feel your heart, Rick; it's beating ever so fast. by markelly (05/19/17)
4.92 (1501)
15.Endangered Ch. 09
A dragon's justice. by ltpc (05/25/18)
4.92 (1403)
16.Endangered Ch. 10
Over the Moon. by ltpc (08/11/18)
4.92 (1325)
17.Tristan's Tale Pt. 06
The Tournament. by IncomingPornDuck (09/28/16)
4.92 (1311)
18.Life as a New Hire Ch. 46
A Butterfly wants to kill the World? by FinalStand (07/28/16)
4.92 (1245)
19.SexGames Ch. 05
John wonders if Mikayla wants more than an affair. by TallMarriedMan (02/27/19)
4.92 (1145)
20.Dream Drive Ch. 10
Blood and snow and death. by Over_Red (10/05/15)
4.92 (1043)
21.Flying Blind Ch. 07
Heda will not leave well enough alone. by Evil Alpaca (06/28/09)
4.92 (988)
22.A Kiss is a Question
An alien race explores what it is to be human. by ShyChiWriter (03/12/18)
4.92 (863)
23.Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 08
The Journey Home. by Latenight_Pondering (11/10/17)
4.92 (448)
24.Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 07
An end to the waiting. by Latenight_Pondering (10/15/17)
4.92 (445)
25.Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 12
Halloween comes and it's time to dress up. by xtorch (12/23/18)
4.92 (392)
26.Sparrow & Tulip Pt. 12
No Path Home, Part 2. by Latenight_Pondering (08/28/18)
4.92 (288)
27.Danica Pt. 20
The choice between slavery to a madman, or confronting him. by Darkniciad (10/08/06)
4.92 (271)
28.Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 19
It seems anyone can give a gift, if they're honest about it. by xtorch (03/23/19)
4.92 (244)
29.Dream Drive: Yuri Ch. 01
Another tournament finalist enters the game. by sycksycko (04/03/17)
4.92 (229)
30.The Runesmith Chronicles Ch. 23
Meetings and Farewells. by BluDraygn (05/03/19)
4.92 (223)
31.Myka's Tail Ch. 04
Confessions of a Teenage Sex Kitten. by Magical_Kitten (06/15/18)
4.92 (219)
32.Return to Krell
Lena and Sleethe unravel the mysteries of the Brokers. by Snekguy (02/23/18)
4.92 (212)
33.The Naked Weapon Pt. 10
How will the team go on without Abby? by DragonCobolt (09/12/18)
4.92 (209)
34.Scales like Stars Pt. 11
Merton latches onto a desperate hope to save his son! by DragonCobolt (07/04/18)
4.92 (181)
35.Painting in Color
Page 2 of The Painting, more of the path back from Cancer. by JayDiver (04/03/17)
4.92 (170)
36.Medusa: Fate's Game Ch. 14
Never underestimate a man with nothing to lose. by NovusAnimus (09/12/18)
4.92 (158)
37.My Little Ventrue Pt. 03 Ch. 13
Skydiving. by NovusAnimus (03/21/19)
4.92 (155)
38.When Angels Cum Ch. 13
Regnbage Festival. Delegate's Meet. World-building. Trouble? by CapDragon121 (02/16/19)
4.92 (152)
39.Medusa: Fate's Game Ch. 12
What we need is a riot. by NovusAnimus (08/22/18)
4.92 (119)
40.Lilith's Emporium Pt. 06: Lilith Returns
Lilith returns to see Nessira, and answer a summoning. by maestro84 (06/17/18)
4.92 (100)
41.The Promise
Promises are meant to be kept. by DreamCloud (01/14/15)
4.91 (7823)
42.Save One Love
Adopted daughter helps wounded father find love. by Malraux (11/21/16)
4.91 (4225)
43.Jonas Agonistes
A veteran suffers into love. by Malraux (07/05/16)
4.91 (3430)
What has four paws and an old soul? by YouDidWhut (11/25/17)
4.91 (3374)
45.The Preacher Man
The world is ruled by a single, global theocracy. by hammingbyrd7 (02/02/07)
4.91 (3357)
46.SexGames Ch. 01
What would you do if you could do anything at all? by TallMarriedMan (07/13/18)
4.91 (2879)
47.Split Trails Ranch
A western romance. by qhml1 (07/17/18)
4.91 (2802)
48.Satyr Play
Young Stanley Garin's first job comes with a big secret. by BurntRedstone (03/27/17)
4.91 (2543)
49.SexGames Ch. 02
The machine causes fantasy and reality to collide. by TallMarriedMan (07/30/18)
4.91 (2274)
50.Tristan's Tale Pt. 04
The thrills and dangers of Tristan's new life. by IncomingPornDuck (08/19/15)
4.91 (2207)
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